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Biafore B. Ч Visio 2007 Bible
Biafore B. Ч Visio 2007 Bible

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Ќазвание: Visio 2007 Bible

јвтор: Biafore B.


# Completely updated for Visio 2007 and Office 2007, this comprehensive book will get experienced Visio users up to speed fast on new features and enhancements and will serve as a jumpstart for beginning Visio users
# Aimed at professionals in engineering, architecture, project management, software project management, application development, database management, network design and management, and other disciplines
# Shows how Visio gives users the power not just to draw shapes, but to diagram the ways the objects represented by the shapes relate to each other
# Explains how to integrate Visio drawings with other applications and customize stencils, templates, and shapes
# Reviews the various Visio uses for office productivity (drawings, charts, flowcharts, business processes, project management), in IT (databases, UML, software development, network diagrams), and in architecture and engineering

язык: en

–убрика: –уководства по программному обеспечению/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 900

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
1-D shapes and Shape Operation commands      659Ч661
1-D shapes, behavior overview      637Ч639
1-D shapes, defined      636
1-D shapes, overview      52Ч53
2-D shapes, and Shape Operation commands      653Ч658
2-D shapes, behavior overview      637Ч639
2-D shapes, defined      636
2-D shapes, overview      53Ч54
3-D bar graphs      273 277Ч279
3-D block diagrams, adding Vanishing Points      266
3-D block diagrams, modifying perspective      265Ч266
3-D block diagrams, overview      265
3-D directional maps      548
3-D pyramids      284
Access (Microsoft), creating Visio connections to files      225
Access (Microsoft), linking Visio drawings to databases      203Ч205
Action toolbar      78
Actions section, ShapeSheet      685 686
Activating, layers      516
Activating, Visio      730Ч731
Activation shape      442
Active Directory Services      485Ч486
Active Directory Sites and Services stencil      486
Active Directory template      482 755
Active Directory, importing data by using Import Data Wizard      565
ActiveX controls and Trust Center      29
ActiveX controls, Drawing control as      720
Activity UML diagrams      424 437Ч438
Actor UML shape      437
add-ins      see УAdd-onsФ
Add-ons, Color By Values add-on      569
Add-ons, Convert CAD Drawings add-on      587Ч588 589
Add-ons, Export to Database add-on      222 231
Add-ons, Link to ODBC Database add-on, creating connections to data sources      224Ч225
Add-ons, Link to ODBC Database add-on, defined      222
Add-ons, Link to ODBC Database add-on, linking drawing shapes to database records      225Ч226
Add-ons, Link to ODBC Database add-on, synchronizing drawings and databases      229Ч230
Add-ons, Link to ODBC Database add-on, versus Database Wizard      225
Add-ons, Move Shapes add-on      81Ч82
Add-ons, Number Shapes add-on      488
Add-ons, publishing      716
Add-ons, writing      719
Administrative installation points      726
Alarm and Access Control stencil      543
Aligning shapes      79Ч80 652
Angles, dimensioning      505Ч506
Annotations for charts and graphs      284Ч285
Annotations for directional maps      548
Annotations in flowcharts      318
Annotations in Gantt charts      359
Annotations stencil      486 488 594 599 759
Annotations, callouts for      127Ч129
Annotations, creating      125Ч132
Annotations, legends for      130Ч132
Annotations, tables for      125Ч127
Annotations, title blocks for      129Ч130
Appointments, adding to Visio calendars      344Ч345
Arc Tangent shape      595
Arc tool      92Ч94 649
Architecture and engineering      see УEngineering drawingФ
Architecture and engineering, building services, adding electrical and telecom services      541Ч542
Architecture and engineering, building services, adding HVAC services      537Ч541
Architecture and engineering, building services, adding plumbing      542
Architecture and engineering, building services, adding security and access systems      543
Architecture and engineering, building services, creating plans      536Ч543
Architecture and engineering, building services, overview      536
Architecture and engineering, building services, templates      495 537 542 543
Architecture and engineering, building services, versus basic building      537
Architecture and engineering, cubicles, connecting modular furniture      534Ч535
Architecture and engineering, cubicles, laying out      533Ч534
Architecture and engineering, cubicles, modifying      535Ч536
Architecture and engineering, cubicles, Workstation shape      535
Architecture and engineering, facilities management, generating reports      572
Architecture and engineering, facilities management, overview      550
Architecture and engineering, facilities management, role of Visio space plans      563Ч571
Architecture and engineering, facilities management, Visio features      551
Architecture and engineering, large-scale application architecture      455
Architecture and engineering, laying out plans      523Ч548
Architecture and engineering, space plans, adding resources to      560Ч563
Architecture and engineering, space plans, color-coding      569Ч571
Architecture and engineering, space plans, creating by using shapes      557Ч558
Architecture and engineering, space plans, creating by using Space Plan Startup Wizard      552 555Ч557 563
Architecture and engineering, space plans, creating from facilities data      557
Architecture and engineering, space plans, finding and installing printers      572
Architecture and engineering, space plans, finding resources      571
Architecture and engineering, space plans, guidelines for importing data into      563Ч564
Architecture and engineering, space plans, labeling shapes      568Ч569
Architecture and engineering, space plans, moving resources      571Ч572
Architecture and engineering, space plans, overview      550
Architecture and engineering, space plans, refreshing data      568
Architecture and engineering, space plans, updating      568
Architecture and engineering, space plans, Visio tools for      550Ч551
Architecture and engineering, space plans, ways to create      555Ч560
Architecture and engineering, templates      756Ч758
Arcs, changing      93Ч94
Arcs, drawing freeform      94Ч95
Arcs, drawing with Pencil tool      96
Arcs, illustrated      93
Arcs, moving      93
Arcs, overview      92
Area, calculating      506Ч507
Arrange Subordinates command      289
Array Shapes dialog box      85Ч86
Arrows, block diagram      261Ч262
Asian languages      249
Asset category      560
Assistant shape      290
Association Line connector      367 372
Association shape      435Ч436
Attachments, e-mail, routing Visio drawings as      240Ч241
Attachments, e-mail, sending Visio drawings as      240
Audit Diagram template      313 334 754
AutoBalance control      185
AutoCAD file formats, AutoCAD Drawing, AutoCAD Interchange      24
AutoCAD file formats, DWG file format      182 579 580 586 589 590
AutoCAD file formats, DXF file format      182 579 580 590
AutoConnect feature and callout shapes      269
AutoConnect feature, defined      4 315 317
AutoConnect feature, overview      102Ч104
AutoConnect feature, versus Connector tool      316
Automatic Link Wizard      206Ч207
Automating Visio      716Ч721
Automation components      719
AutoRecover, saving information      26
Axis shapes      279Ч280
Background pages for flowcharts      318
Background pages, creating      35
Background pages, defined      35
Background pages, deleting      38
Background pages, printing      46
Background pages, protecting from modification      37
Background pages, versus headers and footers      116
Backgrounds stencil      143 759
Bar graphs, 2-D, creating      276Ч277
Bar graphs, 3-D, creating      277Ч279
Bar graphs, defined      273
Bar graphs, overview      275
Base Elevation shape data field      529
Basic Diagram template      754
Basic Electrical template      592 757
Basic Flowchart template      313 754
Basic Network Diagram template      480 482 755
Basic Shapes stencil      257Ч258
Bearings      594 596Ч597
Behavior, shape, changing      664Ч670
Behavior, shape, configuring placement      77Ч78
Behavior, shape, controlling by using layers      517Ч518
Behavior, shape, customizing      664Ч670
Behavior, shape, group-related, controlling      668Ч669
Behavior, shape, selecting options      634
Behavior, shape, switching between 1-D and 2-D      667
Bitmaps, Windows bitmap (BMP) file format      24 182
Blank drawings      19
Block Diagram template      255Ч259 754
Block Diagram with Perspective template      256 754
Block diagrams, 3-D      265Ч266
Block diagrams, creating      259Ч260
Block diagrams, defined      255
Block diagrams, emphasizing flow between shapes      262Ч263
Block diagrams, modifying arrows      261Ч262
Block diagrams, modifying boxes      261
Block diagrams, modifying shapes      260Ч261
Block diagrams, stencils, Basic Shapes stencil      257Ч258
Block diagrams, stencils, Blocks Raised stencil      258
Block diagrams, stencils, Blocks stencil      258
Block diagrams, stencils, Blocks with Perspective stencil      259
Block diagrams, templates      255Ч259
Block diagrams, ways to modify      260Ч263
Blocks Raised stencil      258
Blocks stencil, Concentric Layer shape      258 267Ч268 269 270
Blocks stencil, defined      258
Blocks stencil, list of shapes      258
Blocks stencil, Partial Layer shape      258 267 269 270
Blocks with Perspective stencil      259
Blogs      721 738Ч739
Blur control, for formatting imported graphics      186
BMP file format      24 182
Borders and Titles stencil      129 143 759
Borders, for Data Graphics      216
Boundary category      560
Boundary shape      552 557 558 559
Boxes, block diagram      261
Brainstorming diagrams, adding symbols to topics      376Ч377
Brainstorming diagrams, adding topics      368Ч370
Brainstorming diagrams, building from outlines      371
Brainstorming diagrams, changing brainstorming style      375
Brainstorming diagrams, changing layout style      374Ч375
Brainstorming diagrams, cleaning up      373Ч376
Brainstorming diagrams, connecting topics      371Ч372
Brainstorming diagrams, creating      368Ч372
Brainstorming diagrams, creating legends for      376Ч377
Brainstorming diagrams, exporting topics      372Ч373
Brainstorming diagrams, importing topics      373
Brainstorming diagrams, moving topics      373Ч374
Brainstorming diagrams, reordering topics      373Ч374
Brainstorming diagrams, resizing pages to fit      375Ч376
Brainstorming menu      367
Brainstorming Shapes stencil, Association Line connector      367 372
Brainstorming Shapes stencil, Dynamic connector      367 372
Brainstorming Shapes stencil, Main Topic shape      367 368
Brainstorming Shapes stencil, Multiple Topics shape      367 369
Brainstorming Shapes stencil, Topic shape      367 368Ч369
Brainstorming template      314 365Ч368 754
Brainstorming toolbar      367
Brightness control, for formatting imported graphics      185
Building services, adding electrical and telecom services      541Ч542
Building services, adding HVAC services      537Ч541
Building services, adding plumbing      542
Building services, adding security and access systems      543
Building services, creating plans      536Ч543
Building services, creating reflected ceiling plans      541
Building services, documenting HVAC control logic      539Ч540
Building services, drawing HVAC plans      537Ч538
Building services, overview      536
Building services, templates, HVAC Plan template      495 537
Building services, templates, Plumbing and Piping Plan template      542
Building services, templates, Security and Access Plan template      543
Building services, versus basic building      537
Bulleted lists, creating in shapes      149Ч150
CAD drawings, converting symbol libraries      577 589
CAD drawings, converting to Visio shapes      576 587Ч589
CAD drawings, disadvantages of converting to Visio format      586
CAD drawings, displaying in Visio      578Ч581
CAD drawings, displaying layers in Visio      580Ч581
CAD drawings, editing in Visio      586Ч589
CAD drawings, exporting Visio drawings in CAD format      577 590
CAD drawings, feature comparison with Visio drawings      577Ч578
CAD drawings, importing into Visio      576
CAD drawings, inserted, cropping      584
CAD drawings, inserted, modifying      581Ч586
CAD drawings, inserted, positioning      584Ч586
CAD drawings, inserted, protecting      583
CAD drawings, inserted, resizing      584Ч586
CAD drawings, inserted, unlocking      583
CAD drawings, inserting into Visio      510Ч511 579Ч580
CAD drawings, invisible      584
CAD drawings, layers in      514 578
CAD drawings, multiple, converting to Visio shapes      589
CAD drawings, opening directly in Visio      579
CAD drawings, references to external files      581
CAD drawings, reviewing in Visio      579
Calendar template      340Ч347 755
Calendars, adding appointments      344Ч345
Calendars, adding events      344Ч345
Calendars, consolidating schedules      346
Calendars, daily, creating      341Ч342
Calendars, date formats      341
Calendars, formatting      344
Calendars, importing Outlook data into Visio      186Ч187 346Ч347
Calendars, language options      341
Calendars, modifying      344
Calendars, monthly, creating      342Ч343
Calendars, weekly, creating      342
Calendars, yearly, creating      343
Callout shape      608Ч609
Callouts for rack diagrams      486
Callouts stencil      127 759
Callouts, adding to drawings      128
Callouts, Color By Value criteria      211 220Ч221
Callouts, creating      215
Callouts, data bar      211 217Ч219
Callouts, defined      211
Callouts, deleting      216
Callouts, displaying properties in      128Ч129
Callouts, editing      212Ч213 215
Callouts, icon set callouts      211 219Ч220
Callouts, overview      211Ч212
Callouts, rearranging      216
Callouts, specifying common settings      216Ч217
Callouts, text      211 218
Caps, for lines      146
Cardinality notation      416
Categories for tables      408Ч410
Categories, assigning to resources      561Ч563
Categories, overview      408
Categories, space plan      560 561Ч563
Category Explorer window      553Ч554 563 571
Cause and Effect Diagram template      313 331Ч332 754
CdS      727
Centering printing of drawings      48
Charting Shapes stencil, annotation shapes      274
Charting Shapes stencil, bar graphs      273 276Ч279
Charting Shapes stencil, creating tables      125Ч126
Charting Shapes stencil, distribution curves      274
Charting Shapes stencil, divided bars      274
Charting Shapes stencil, exponential curves      274
Charting Shapes stencil, feature comparison charts      274 282
Charting Shapes stencil, grids      274
Charting Shapes stencil, line graphs      274 279Ч280
Charting Shapes stencil, overview      272Ц274
Charting Shapes stencil, pie charts      273Ч274 280Ч282
Charting Shapes stencil, tabular charts      274
Charting Shapes stencil, Word Balloon shape      284Ч285
Charts and Graphs template      272 754
Check category      413
checking spelling      123
Chinese language      249
Circle Tangent shape      595
Circle-spoke Diagram shape      283
Circuits and Logic template      592 757
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