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Jelen B. Ч Charts and Graphs for Microsoft
Jelen B. Ч Charts and Graphs for Microsoft

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Ќазвание: Charts and Graphs for Microsoft

јвтор: Jelen B.


It is easy to create a bad looking chart in Excel. This book teaches you how to unlock the beautiful formatting options available to make incredible looking charts. The first section will talk about how to decide which chart type to use. Subsequent chapters will walk through each chart type, how to create them, how to utilize them, and special options available for each chart. The book discusses themes, colors, creating metallic charts, shadows, transparency, etc. The book also handles anything graphical in Excel. It will show the new In-Cell Data Bar charts available in Excel 2007. A section will talk about creating business flowcharts with IGX Graphics and how to display product pictures in Excel, and a section on VBA will cover creating 100's of charts using the macro language.

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 480

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
%AppData% shortcut      35
.thmx file extension      35
100% stacked bar charts, when to use      83
100% stacked column charts      12 134Ч135
100% stacked column charts, when to use      82 127
1900, as leap year problem      88
1900, dates prior to      93Ч97
3-D 100% stacked column charts      12
3-D charts, elements of      40
3-D charts, lying with perspective      423Ч425
3-D charts, rotation, formatting      66Ч68
3-D charts, types of      11Ч12
3-D charts, walls/floor, formatting      65Ч66
3-D clustered column charts      11
3-D column charts      12
3-D Format settings, changing with VBA      390Ч397
3-D rotation settings, changing with VBA      386Ч390
3-D rotation settings, of surface charts      185
3-D stacked column charts      11
80/20 rule in pie charts      137Ч138
Accuracy of date-based axes      84
AddChart method      365Ч367
adding      See inserting
Adjusted Close column (stock charts) for stock splits      191Ч193
Alexander, Mike      434
Aligning icon sets with numbers      292
Alt+F1 shortcut      17
Analysis elements, list of      40Ч41
Apostrophe ('), VBA comments      364Ч365
ApplyLayout method      365 373
Area charts, drop lines, inserting      71
Area charts, when to use      82
array formulas      302Ч303
Array functions      172
Arrows, converting columns to      109Ч110
Assistants in organization charts, adding      330
Attiliis, Andy      436
AutoComplete      359
AutoShapes      See shapes
Axes, built-in options, depth axis      53
Axes, built-in options, horizontal axis      52Ч53
Axes, built-in options, vertical axis      53Ч54
Axes, date-based versus, text-based      55Ч56
Axes, logarithmic axis      54Ч55
Axes, scale, changing      56Ч59
Axes, secondary axis, inserting      74
Axes, time-based, creating      56
Axes, types of      51Ч52
Axis fields, filtering pivot tables      276Ч278
Axis titles, changing with VBA      380
Axis titles, formatting      44
Axis types, selecting      85
Axis values, hiding      196
AxisGroup property      401
Back wall (3-D charts)      40
Backward compatibility of VBA      357
Baker, Lisa      432
Balance layout (SmartArt)      334
Bar charts      See also data bars; paired bar charts
Bar charts, column charts versus      122
Bar charts, comparisons with      122Ч123
Bar charts, comparisons with, component emphasis with      125
Bar charts, comparisons with, sorting items      122Ч123
Bar charts, comparisons with, time comparison series      123Ч124
Bar charts, gap width, changing      398Ч400
Bar charts, when to use      82 121
Bar of pie charts      143
Bar of pie charts, changing settings in VBA      403Ч408
Bar of pie charts, when to use      127
Basic Cycle layout (SmartArt)      335
Beautiful Evidence (Tufte)      434
Benchmark charts, creating      260Ч261
Bernardo, Brett      264
Bevel settings, changing with VBA      390Ч393
BevelBottomType property      391
BevelTopDepth property      391
BevelTopInset property      391
BevelTopType property      391
Bins for frequency distribution, creating      173Ч174
Birthcer, Dan      167
Black-and-white      See monochromatic
Blank cells, filling with zeros      268
Blank cells, zeroed cells versus      426Ч427
Blank top-left cell      23Ч24
Blogs about charting      435
Break mode (VBA)      411
bubble charts      170Ч172
Bubble charts, changing settings in VBA      408Ч409
Bubble charts, when to use      147 157
BubbleScale property      409
Built-in layouts, applying with VBA      373
Built-in styles, applying with VBA      373Ч375
Bullet points in SmartArt      319
Bunzel, Tom      434
Business customers, mapping      315Ч316
Business diagrams      See SmartArt
Business presentations, SmartArt for      334
Business presentations, SmartArt for, Balance layout      334
Business presentations, SmartArt for, Basic Cycle layout      335
Business presentations, SmartArt for, customizing layouts      338Ч339
Business presentations, SmartArt for, Diverging Radial layout      335Ч336
Business presentations, SmartArt for, hierarchy charts      337Ч338
Business presentations, SmartArt for, Table List layout      336
Business presentations, SmartArt for, Upward Arrow layout      334Ч335
Business presentations, SmartArt for, Venn diagrams      336Ч337
Calculations with dates      87Ч88
Candlestick charts      189
Candlestick charts, color in      210
Candlestick charts, competition and volume in      213Ч216
Candlestick charts, creating      209
Candlestick charts, volume in      210Ч211
Candlestick charts, volume in, creating manually      211Ч213
Caption property      380
Categories in secondary plots, determining      405Ч406
Categories switching with series      20Ч21
Cell contents, linking text in shapes to      339Ч341
Cell subsets, data bars for      286Ч287
Cells, blank cells      268
Cells, blank cells, filling with zeros      268
Cells, blank cells, zeroed cells versus      426Ч427
Cells, conditional formatting, creating charts via      293Ч296
cells, formatting      86Ч87
Chart area, defined      38
Chart area, formatting      65
Chart floor (3-D charts), defined      40
Chart floor (3-D charts), formatting      65Ч66
Chart Layouts gallery      13 25Ч26 373
Chart object      365
chart sheets      24
Chart Styles gallery      26Ч27. See also styles
Chart titles formatting, Format dialog      44
Chart titles formatting, Format ribbon      43Ч44
Chart titles formatting, Home ribbon      43
Chart titles formatting, mini toolbar      43
Chart titles, changing with VBA      380
Chart titles, defined      38
Chart titles, inserting      42
Chart titles, moving      42
Chart titles, resizing      43
Chart types, combining      223Ч224
Chart types, of pivot charts, changing      271Ч272
Chart types, selecting      9Ч10 81Ч83
Chart types, series settings      398
Chart types, specifying in VBA      369Ч370 372
Chart types, templates, specifying in VBA      372
Chart types, thumbnail icons      10Ч13
Chart walls (3-D charts), defined      40
Chart walls (3-D charts), formatting      65Ч66
ChartFormat object      365
ChartFormat object, Format method      380Ч381
ChartFormat object, Format method, 3-D rotation settings      386Ч390
ChartFormat object, Format method, bevel settings      390Ч393
ChartFormat object, Format method, fill options      381Ч383
ChartFormat object, Format method, glow settings      384
ChartFormat object, Format method, lighting settings      395Ч397
ChartFormat object, Format method, line settings      383Ч384
ChartFormat object, Format method, material settings      393Ч395
ChartFormat object, Format method, reflection settings      385
ChartFormat object, Format method, shadow settings      384
ChartFormat object, Format method, soft edge settings      385Ч386
Charting tutorials      434
ChartObject object      365
Charts      See also dynamic charts; pivot charts
Charts exporting as images      355Ч356 414
Charts exporting to webpages      355
Charts lying with deliberate lies      428Ч430
Charts lying with Excel rules      426Ч427
Charts lying with obscuring data      427Ч428
Charts lying with perspective      423Ч425
Charts lying with scale      426
Charts lying with shrinking charts      425
Charts moving      16Ч18
Charts moving, between worksheets      224Ч225
Charts moving, in VBA      367
Charts moving, to separate sheets      24Ч25
Charts moving, to top of dataset      19
Charts on maps      312Ч314
Charts resizing      16
Charts resizing, for dashboards      219Ч221
Charts saving as templates      79
Charts selecting type of      2Ч3
Charts top-left cell, leaving blank      23Ч24
Charts, 3-D charts, elements of      40
Charts, 3-D charts, lying with perspective      423Ч425
Charts, 3-D charts, rotation, formatting      66Ч68
Charts, 3-D charts, types of      11Ч12
Charts, 3-D charts, walls/floor, formatting      65Ч66
Charts, analysis elements      40Ч41
Charts, converting to XPS or PDF      356
Charts, copying to PowerPoint/Word      347Ч349
Charts, copying to PowerPoint/Word as linked object      352Ч353
Charts, copying to PowerPoint/Word as live chart linked to copy of workbook      350Ч351
Charts, copying to PowerPoint/Word as live chart linked to original workbook      349Ч350
Charts, copying to PowerPoint/Word as picture      351Ч352
charts, creating      14
Charts, creating, contiguous data, selecting      14
Charts, creating, in PowerPoint      353Ч354
Charts, creating, in VBA      366Ч367
Charts, creating, noncontiguous data, selecting      15
Charts, creating, steps for      3
Charts, creating, via conditional formatting      293Ч296
Charts, creating, via data visualizations      See data visualizations
Charts, creating, via REPT function      296Ч297
Charts, creating, via scrollbar controls      297Ч300
Charts, creating, with Insert ribbon      15Ч16
Charts, customizing      25
Charts, customizing, Chart Layouts gallery      25Ч26
Charts, customizing, Chart Styles gallery      26Ч27
Charts, customizing, themes, changing      27Ч28
Charts, customizing, themes, creating      28Ч35
Charts, default chart, changing      17
Charts, elements of      38Ч39
Charts, new features      7Ч8
Charts, referencing in VBA      365Ч369
Charts.Add command      366
ChartStyle property      374
ChartType property      369Ч370 372 401
Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog      321
Choosing, axis types      85
Choosing, chart layouts      25Ч26
Choosing, chart types      2Ч3 9Ч10 81Ч83
Choosing, color schemes      26Ч27
Choosing, colors for custom themes      32Ч33
Choosing, contiguous data for charts      14
Choosing, effects for custom themes      29Ч30
Choosing, fonts for custom themes      33Ч34
Choosing, forecast methods for trendlines      70Ч71
Choosing, layouts for SmartArt      333
Choosing, map types      312
Choosing, noncontiguous data for charts      15
Circles on maps, coloring      312Ч314
ClearToMatchStyle method      375
Clip art, as data markers      77Ч78
Closing stock prices on line charts, creating      193Ч194
clustered column charts      11
Code      See VBA
Code Window      359
Color scales      281 288
Color scales, converting to monochromatic      288Ч289
Color scales, data bars versus      285
Color scales, troubleshooting      290
Color schemes, changing with themes      27Ч28
Color schemes, selecting      26Ч27
Coloring map circles      312Ч314
Colors dialog      32
Colors for fill options, applying with VBA      382
Colors in candlestick charts      210
Colors, complementary colors, finding for custom themes      31Ч32
Colors, extrusion color      393
Colors, gradients for plot area      62Ч63
Colors, highlighting columns      108Ч109
Colors, highlighting pie chart slices      134
Colors, in SmartArt, changing      322
Colors, RGB values      30
Colors, RGB values, converting from hexadecimal      30Ч31
Colors, selecting for custom themes      32Ч33
Column charts, bar charts versus      122
Column charts, gap width, changing      398Ч400
Column charts, volume (of stocks traded) in, adding to line charts      194Ч197
Column charts, when to use      81
Column depth (3-D charts)      40
Column sequences for stock charts      191
Columns, converting to arrows      109Ч110
Columns, final column, jumping to      362
Columns, floating      227Ч230
columns, formatting      86Ч87
Columns, gap between, resizing      175
Columns, highlighting      108Ч109
Columns, switching with rows      20Ч21
Comments (VBA)      364Ч365
Communication with charts      104
Communication with charts, columns converting to arrows      109Ч110
Communication with charts, highlighting      108Ч109
Communication with charts, line types, changing      111Ч113
Communication with charts, long titles, creating      104Ч108
Communication with charts, sections of charts, highlighting      110Ч111
Communication with comparing variables      See relationships with charts
Communication with comparisons with charts      100% stacked column charts 134Ч135
Communication with comparisons with charts, bar charts      122Ч123
Communication with comparisons with charts, bar charts, component comparison charts      126 128
Communication with comparisons with charts, bar charts, component emphasis with      125
Communication with comparisons with charts, bar charts, doughnut charts      135Ч136
Communication with comparisons with charts, bar charts, sorting items      122Ч123
Communication with comparisons with charts, bar charts, time comparison series      123Ч124
Communication with comparisons with charts, bar of pie charts      143
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts      80/20 rule 137Ч138
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts, creating      128Ч129
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts, exploding      132Ч133
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts, highlighting slices      134
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts, labeling      129Ч130
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts, moving labels      131Ч132
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts, rotating      131
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie charts, summary slices      138
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie of pie charts      138Ч139
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie of pie charts, creating      142Ч143
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie of pie charts, gap settings      139Ч141
Communication with comparisons with charts, pie of pie charts, splitting series      141Ч142
Communication with comparisons with charts, stacked column charts      117Ч118
Communication with comparisons with charts, waterfall charts      144
Communication with comparisons with charts, waterfall charts, creating      144Ч146
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