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Konheim A.G. Ч Computer Security and Cryptography
Konheim A.G. Ч Computer Security and Cryptography

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Ќазвание: Computer Security and Cryptography

јвтор: Konheim A.G.


Gain the skills and knowledge needed to create effective data security systems

This book updates readers with all the tools, techniques, and concepts needed to understand and implement data security systems. It presents a wide range of topics for a thorough understanding of the factors that affect the efficiency of secrecy, authentication, and digital signature schema. Most importantly, readers gain hands-on experience in cryptanalysis and learn how to create effective cryptographic systems.

The author contributed to the design and analysis of the Data Encryption Standard (DES), a widely used symmetric-key encryption algorithm. His recommendations are based on firsthand experience of what does and does not work.

Thorough in its coverage, the book starts with a discussion of the history of cryptography, including a description of the basic encryption systems and many of the cipher systems used in the twentieth century. The author then discusses the theory of symmetric- and public-key cryptography. Readers not only discover what cryptography can do to protect sensitive data, but also learn the practical limitations of the technology. The book ends with two chapters that explore a wide range of cryptography applications.

Three basic types of chapters are featured to facilitate learning:
Chapters that develop technical skills
Chapters that describe a cryptosystem and present a method of analysis
Chapters that describe a cryptosystem, present a method of analysis, and provide problems to test your grasp of the material and your ability to implement practical solutions

With consumers becoming increasingly waryof identity theft and companies struggling to develop safe, secure systems, this book is essential reading for professionals in e-commerce and information technology. Written by a professor who teaches cryptography, it is also ideal for students.

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–убрика: Computer science/

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»здание: 1st edition

√од издани€: 2006

 оличество страниц: 544

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
$\chi$-value      157Ч158
$\chi^2$-test of hypothesis      67
Absolute secrecy      17
Access control      2
Adelman, Len      340Ч341 378
ADFGVX encipherment      47 48
Alphabet      1
ANSI Standard X9.1Ч1980      489Ч491
ANSI Standard X9.1Ч1980, track 3 format of      490
ATM transaction(s)      489Ч490
ATM transaction(s), Atalla Technovations, implementation by      488Ч489
ATM transaction(s), ATM authentication protocol of      489
ATM transaction(s), Chubb Integrated Systems, ATM authentication protocol of      484Ч487
ATM transaction(s), Chubb Integrated Systems, implementation by      487 510Ч511
ATM transaction(s), IBM Liberty banking system, Bond Ч Zelinski, PIN attack by      488Ч489
ATM transaction(s), IBM Liberty banking system, common cryptographic architecture, program, IBM      487
ATM transaction(s), IBM Liberty banking system, decimalization table      487
ATM transaction(s), IBM Liberty banking system, implementation in      487
ATM transaction(s), PANЧPIN table      485
ATM transaction(s), personal identification number (PIN)      484Ч487
ATM transaction(s), personal identification number, PAN(User_ID), PIN(User_ID), PINOffset(User_ ID), U-PIN(User_ID)      487
ATM transaction(s), primary account number (PAN)      484
Authentication      2Ч3 464Ч466
Authentication in GSM      276
automated teller machine (ATM)      484
Automated teller machine (ATM), customer authentication at a      484Ч487
Automated teller machine (ATM), on/off-line operation of      486
Baby-step, giant-step algorithm (Shank's)      420
BART system: The Case of the Larcenous Laundry      484
BART system: Wattenberg, Dr. Bill      483
Baudot code      118
Baum, Leonard      78 81 85
Bent functions      327
Berlekamp's algorithm      399Ч400
Bezout's theorem      431
Birthday paradox      395
Block ciphers      283
Block ciphers, (a) class of      329Ч332
Block ciphers, IDEA      332
Block ciphers, nonlinearity of      326Ч327
Block ciphers, nonlinearity of, Nyberg's criteria for      327
Block ciphers, nonlinearity of, Pierpryzk's criteria for      326Ч327
Block ciphers, product      283Ч322
Block ciphers, secure      326Ч327
Block ciphers, which generate the symmetric group      327Ч329
Bombe (fr.)      8 166 168
Book cipher      11 116
Caesar's cipher (substitution)      65
Caesar's cipher (substitution), (affine) Caesar cipher (substitution)      65
Caesar's cipher (substitution), Caesar shift      65
Captain Midnight's decoding badge      64Ч65
Carmichael numbers      377 405
Carmichael numbers, properties of      405
Certicom      16 445
Certicom, challenge      445
certificates      341Ч342 495Ч499 502Ч505
Certificates, public key      495Ч497
Certificates, public key, certificate authority (CA), issuance by      496 503Ч505
Certificates, public key, certificate hierarchies      503Ч505
Certificates, public key, Certification Authorities (CA) (Level 3)      503Ч505
Certificates, public key, interaction of      503Ч505
Certificates, public key, Internet Policy Registration Authority (IPRA) (Level 1)      503Ч505
Certificates, public key, Policy Certification Authorities (PCA) (Level 2)      503Ч505
Certificates, public key, X.509      495Ч497
Certificates, public key, X.509, example of      497
Certificates, public key, X.509, structure of      496Ч497
Chinese remainder theorem      400Ч401
Chosen plaintext attack      6
Ciphertext      2
Ciphertext, alphabet(s)      153 218 223
Ciphertext, cryptanalysis with (ciphertext) only      6
Cocks, Clifford C.      342
Coincidence      124Ч126
Coincidence, estimating the period of periodic polyalphabetic substitution using      126Ч127
Columnar transposition encipherment      18
Columnar transposition encipherment, based on a grille      49 50
Columnar transposition encipherment, examples of      25
Columnar transposition encipherment, invertibility of      19
Columnar transposition encipherment, size of key space      20
Columnar transposition encipherment, testing possible widths      25
Communications Intelligence (COMINT)      9
Communications Security (COMSEC)      9
complexity      338
Composite number      405Ч407
Composite number, integer factorization, problem of      405 468
Computer Electronics Security Group (CESG)      342Ч343
Conjugacy      155
Conjugacy, characteristic property of      155
Continued fraction algorithm      365Ч366
Continued fraction algorithm, convergents of      365
Corresponding plain- and ciphertext attack      6
Counting k-grams (of text)      33
Counting k-grams (of text), jumping window      33
Counting k-grams (of text), sliding window      33
Crib      21
Crib, subcribs      21
Crib, subcribs, complete set of      24
Cribbing      21
Cribbing, examples of      25Ч30
Cribbing, using isomorphs for      66
Cryptanalysis      4 6
Cryptanalysis, Kerckhoffs' principles of      4
CRYPTO 'N      15 358
Cryptographic salt      480Ч481
Cryptographic system(s)      4 12
Cryptosystem      4
Cryptosystem, knapsack-like      371
Cryptosystem, weaknesses in a      136
Data Encryption Standard (DES)      288Ч311
Data Encryption Standard (DES), chaining in      295Ч297
Data Encryption Standard (DES), components of initial permutation (IP)      292
Data Encryption Standard (DES), components of key schedule (PC-1, PC-3, KS)      292Ч293
Data Encryption Standard (DES), components of P-box      292
Data Encryption Standard (DES), components of S-box(es)      289Ч292
Data Encryption Standard (DES), cryptanalysis of      300Ч309
Data Encryption Standard (DES), DES-cracker      308Ч310
Data Encryption Standard (DES), DES-cracker, architecture of      309
Data Encryption Standard (DES), DES-cracker, key search algorithm of      309Ч310
Data Encryption Standard (DES), DES-cracker, operation of      310
Data Encryption Standard (DES), differential cryptanalysis of      302Ч309
Data Encryption Standard (DES), export of      309Ч311
Data Encryption Standard (DES), initial seed in      299
Data Encryption Standard (DES), Matsui's linear cryptanalysis of      302
Data Encryption Standard (DES), output-feedback mode (OFB) of      299Ч300
Data Encryption Standard (DES), randomness of      297Ч299
Data Encryption Standard (DES), sample encipherment of      296
Data Encryption Standard (DES), semi-weak keys of      294
Data Encryption Standard (DES), weak keys of      293Ч294
de Vigenere, Blaise (1523Ч1596)      117
Decipherment      2
decryption      2
Diagnosis      139Ч149
Diffie Ч Hellman key-exchange      448Ч450
Diffie Ч Hellman key-exchange, El Gamal's extension of      450Ч451
Diffie, Whittfield      334 337 339Ч340
Digital signature system(s)      467Ч470
Digital signature system(s), El Gamal's signature protocol      475
Digital signature system(s), MD5      471Ч473
Digital signature system(s), NIST's digital signature algorithm      474Ч475
Digital signature system(s), public key cryptography and      467Ч468
Digital signature system(s), Rabin's quadratic residue      468Ч470
Digital signature system(s), TRAnsactions in a SECure manner (TRASEC)      494Ч495
Digital signature system(s), TRAnsactions in a SECure manner (TRASEC), authentication scheme in      494
Digital signature(s) (SIG)      3 337 465Ч470
Digital signature(s) (SIG), desiderata of      466
Digital signature(s) (SIG), message digest      470Ч471
Digital signature(s) (SIG), using elliptic curve cryptosystems      444Ч445
Diophantine approximation      364
Diophantine approximation, simultaneous      366Ч370
Diophantine approximation, simultaneous, unusually good (UGSDA)      367Ч370
Diophantine equations      364
Diophantus of Alexandria (c. 200/214 Ч c. 284/298)      364
Dirichlet L-series      407
Discrete logarithm problem (DLP)      16 414Ч426
Discrete logarithm problem (DLP), Adelman's subexponential algorithm for      419
Discrete logarithm problem (DLP), current state of research on      428
Discrete logarithm problem (DLP), in a group      414 420Ч426
Discrete logarithm problem (DLP), modulo p      414Ч419
Discrete logarithm problem (DLP), Pohlig Ч Hellman's solution of      415Ч418
Discrete logarithm problem (DLP), solution by index-calculus method      422Ч424
Display of plain- and ciphertext, convention on      20
Division algorithm for integers      346
Division algorithm for polynomials      247Ч248
Doctrine of equitable estoppel      514
Electronic commerce (e-commerce)      334 336Ч337
Electronic purse (electronic wallet)      493
Elliptic curve cryptosystem(s)      443Ч445
Elliptic curve cryptosystem(s), digital signature system for      444Ч445
Elliptic curve cryptosystem(s), integrated encryption standard (ECIEC)      444
Elliptic curve cryptosystem(s), NSA's case for      445
Elliptic curve(s)      429
Elliptic curve(s), Bezout's Theorem for      431
Elliptic curve(s), chord-tangent group law of      431
Elliptic curve(s), Diffie Ч Hellman key exchange      442
Elliptic curve(s), discriminant of      429
Elliptic curve(s), Lenstra's factorization algorithm on      432
Elliptic curve(s), supersingular      441
Elliptic group over the $Z_p$      434Ч436
Elliptic group over the field $Z_{m      2}$ 436Ч437
Elliptic group over the reals      431Ч432
Elliptic group, computations in the elliptic group $Z_{m      2}(a b)$ 438Ч441
Ellis, James H.      342
Encipherment      2
Encryption      2
Engima machine      7 160Ч170
Engima machine, components of      160
Engima machine, cryptanalysis of Enigma by Rejewski, Marian (1903Ч1990)      166
Engima machine, cryptanalysis of Enigma by Rozycki, Jerzy (1909Ч1942)      166
Engima machine, cryptanalysis of Enigma by Welchman, Gordon (1906Ч1985)      166Ч167
Engima machine, cryptanalysis of Enigma by Zygalski, Henryzk (1906Ч1978)      166
Engima machine, cryptanalysis of Enigma ciphertext      166Ч170
Engima machine, cryptanalysis of Enigma ciphertext, by cribbing      167Ч170
Engima machine, cryptanalysis of Enigma ciphertext, using double-ended Enigmas      168Ч170
Engima machine, encipherment equation of the      165Ч166
Engima machine, key distribution protocol for the      163Ч164
Engima machine, message indicator, indicator setting, and discriminant of Enigma ciphertext      164Ч165
Engima machine, plugboard of the      162Ч163
Engima machine, reflecting rotor (stator)      161Ч163
Eratosthenes (276BC Ч 194BC)      390Ч391
Eratosthenes, measurement of earth's circumference      390Ч391
Eratosthenes, sieve of      390Ч393
Euclidean algorithm      348Ч350
Euclidean algorithm for polynomials      398Ч399
Euler totient function f(n)      350
Euler's theorem      378
Expectation method (EM)      81
Extension field      421 426Ч428
Facility keyed-access cards (IBM Series/1)      491
Facility keyed-access cards (IBM Series/1), cryptographic algorithm for      329Ч330 491
Factorization of integers      339 391 393Ч394
Factorization of integers, Pollard's r-algorithm for      394Ч396
Feedback shift register (FSR)      245
Feige, Uriel      477
Feistel, Horst (1915Ч1990)      283
Fermat witness      405
Fermat's little theorem      377 397
Fermat's primality test      405
Fiat Ч Shamir identification scheme      477Ч478
Fiat Ч Shamir signature scheme      476Ч477
Fiat, Amos      476Ч478
Field      10 347 414
Floyd's cycle detecting algorithm      395Ч396 424
Floyd, Robert W. (1936Ч2001)      395Ч396 424
Friedman, William F. (1891Ч1969)      10 11 63 126Ч127
Future Advanced Data Encryption Standard      312
Future Advanced Data Encryption Standard, requirements of      312
Gardner, Martin      16 408
Gardner, Meredith (1912Ч2002)      130
Gary Miller's theorem      407
Gaussian elimination      91Ч111
Gaussian elimination for factorization      402Ч403 408
Gaussian elimination, elementary row and column matrix-transformations      103Ч106
Gaussian elimination, over the integers modulo m      109
Gaussian elimination, used to solve an overdetermined system      108
Global system for mobile communication (GSM)      274Ч278
Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), A5 algorithms in      276Ч278
Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), A5 algorithms in, cryptanalysis of      278
Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), authentication in      275
Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), secrecy in      276Ч278
Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)      342
Greatest common divisor gcd      347Ч348 377Ч378
Greatest common divisor gcd, Euclidean algorithm      348Ч350 378
Half-rotor      191Ч193
Half-rotor, slip ring(s) of      192
Hash function(s)      470Ч474
Hash function(s), collision-resistant      470
Hash function(s), MD5      471Ч473
Hash function(s), one-way hash      470
Hash function(s), secure hash algorithm, NIST's      473Ч474
Hashing      480
Hebern, Edward H. (1869Ч1952)      153Ч155
Hellman, Martin      334 337 339Ч340
Hidden Markov model (HMM)      78Ч90
Hidden Markov model (HMM), Expectation method for the parameters of a      81
Hidden Markov model (HMM), forward-backward recursions (of HMMs)      80
Hidden Markov model (HMM), parameter re-estimation (in the HMM)      80Ч89
Hidden Markov model (HMM), parameter re-estimation (in the HMM), critical point conditions for      81Ч89
Hidden Markov model (HMM), parameter re-estimation (in the HMM), Q-function in the      85
Hidden Markov model (HMM), scaling (in the HMM)      89Ч90
Hill encipherment      90Ч100
Hill encipherment, cribbing Hill ciphertext      100Ч102
Hill encipherment, finding the Hill matrix; plain- and ciphertext known      91Ч100
Hill, Lester (1891Ч1961)      90
IBM 2984 (Cashing Issuing Terminal)      284Ч287
IBM 2984 (Cashing Issuing Terminal), encipherment steps in      284
IBM 2984 (Cashing Issuing Terminal), nibbles in      285Ч286
IBM 2984 (Cashing Issuing Terminal), round transformation T      284Ч285
IBM Research's DES-Group, Adler, Roy L.      284
IBM Research's DES-Group, Coppersmith, Don      284
IBM Research's DES-Group, Grossman, Edna      284
IBM Research's DES-Group, Hoffman, Alan J.      284
IBM Research's DES-Group, Tuckerman, Bryant (1915Ч2002)      284
IDEA block cipher      328 332
IEEE 802.11b      280Ч281
Independent and identically distributed trials (chance experiments)      31
Index-calculus algorithm      422Ч424
Index-calculus method      420Ч421
Index-calculus method for $Z_{m      2}$ 422Ч424
Index-calculus method, factor base in      422
Inequality of the arithmetic and geometric means      41
Infringement      509
Integer factorization, problem of      390 468
International Standards Organization (ISO)      492 497
International Standards Organization (ISO), open systems interconnection model of      497
International Standards Organization (ISO), open systems interconnection model of, computer network architectures (SNA, DNA)      497
International Telegraph Union (ITU)      496
International Telegraph Union (ITU), Comite Consultatif Internationale de Telegraphique et Telephonique (CCITT)      496
Invertible $N\times N$ matrices, number of      100
Isomorphs      66
Isomorphs, pruning from a table of      68Ч73
Jacobi symbol      384
Jacobi symbol, properties of      384
Japanese PURPLE Machine      210Ч243
Japanese PURPLE Machine, components of      211Ч212
Japanese PURPLE Machine, components of, C-steppers      212Ч216
Japanese PURPLE Machine, components of, consonant banks of      212Ч214
Japanese PURPLE Machine, components of, stepping switches (steppers)      211
Japanese PURPLE Machine, components of, V-stepper      211Ч212
Japanese PURPLE Machine, components of, wiper (blade)      211
Japanese PURPLE Machine, cribbing PURPLE, determining the Vowel/Consonant subdivision      220
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