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Roberts S. Ч Character Animation in 3D (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation Series)
Roberts S. Ч Character Animation in 3D (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation Series)

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Ќазвание: Character Animation in 3D (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation Series)

јвтор: Roberts S.


Based on 10 years of animation teaching experience, this comprehensive guide to key techniques will ensure your skills best fit the computer animation workplace. A complete understanding of the vital animation drawing skills will be achieved by learning the pitfalls in a 2D exercise then applying these skills when using 3D animation packages.

Providing a broad coverage this book will be relevant whatever 3D package you use, Softimage XSI, Maya, 3ds max or LightWave. Just knowing and being able to use a specific 3D software package does not make you an animator, but reading this book will!

The Free CD-ROM includes; how to animate exercises in each specific 3d animation program; short movies showing best practice; computer models so you can experiment and learn; a free demo copy and discount code for the best 2D animation software you can buy, DigiCel FlipBook.

www.characteranimationin3d.com, provides further resources about the world of animation, extensive list of links, how to get a job, build a lightbox, make an animated movie and much more!

* Improve your 3D animation by understanding the key 2D skills
* Inspiring coverage for all that is needed to produce original, humorous and exciting animation
* Free CD-ROM with short movies relating to each chapter plus the computer models so you can create as you follow the book's tutorials

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»здание: 1st edition

√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 245

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
3D Studio Max      206Ч207 220
Acting      see Animation acting
Acting out a scene      173Ч175
Action column      5Ч6
Alternating shots      214Ч15
Anal fins      143
Analysis of character      178
Anatomy      48Ч53 189 224
Anger      112 169 170 192Ч3
Angle of head      196
Animals: appendage follow-through      89Ч90
Animals: birds      151Ч158
Animals: cats      128Ч129
Animals: construction      122Ч125
Animals: dogs      126Ч128 133Ч138
Animals: elephants      130
Animals: fish      139Ч143 145Ч149
Animals: horses      122Ч123 129Ч130 131Ч132
Animals: running      130Ч133 135Ч137
Animals: snakes      143Ч145 149Ч150
Animals: walking      121Ч130 133Ч138
Animated radio      175Ч176
Animating straight ahead      13
Animation acting      159Ч183
Animation acting, acting out a scene      173Ч175
Animation acting, anticipation      81Ч87 200 201
Animation acting, consequence      161
Animation acting, emotions      162
Animation acting, facial expressions      184Ч208
Animation acting, full      176Ч177
Animation acting, limited      175Ч176
Animation acting, method acting      160Ч161
Animation acting, mime      177Ч178
Animation acting, pose-to-pose      176
Animation acting, theatrical acting      161
Animation acting, two or more characters      209Ч221
Animation curves      24 73
Animation Mixer (SoftImage XSI)      207Ч208
Animation paper      3 14
Anticipation      81Ч87 200 201
Arcs      53
ARMs      91Ч92 109Ч110 171Ч172
Attraction, staring      213
Back body postures      165
Background characters      216
Background level      36
balance      56 57Ч58 60Ч65
Ball bouncing exercise      19Ч24
Ball-and-socket joints      52
balloons      32Ч34 43Ч44
Balls: beach ball      42
Balls: bouncy ball      19Ч24 36Ч40 44Ч46
Balls: bowling ball      31Ч32 37Ч40
Balls: lift      60Ч65
Balls: ping-pong ball      43
Balls: soccer ball      32 40Ч42
Basic human character design      53Ч58
Beach ball      42
Birds      151Ч8
Blend Shapes (Maya)      206
Blinking      188
Blur      92 153Ч154
Body: body language      159Ч183
Body: facial movement      200Ч201
Body: human anatomy      48Ч53
Body: movement in walking      110Ч111
BodyControl      137 158
Bones      48Ч53 204
boredom      194 214
Bouncy ball      19Ч24 36Ч40 44Ч46
Bowling ball      31Ч2 37Ч40
Brain, left/right      59
Breakdown drawings      15 16 98 99 154 156Ч157
Burst swimmers (fish)      141
Butting in (conversation)      214
Camera column      8Ч9
Cantering      131Ч133
Cartoon four-legged walks      123Ч124
Cats      128Ч129
Catwalk model walk      113Ч114
Caudal fin      142
Cel      8
Centre of gravity      57
Characters: analysis      178
Characters: construction      47Ч77
Characters: design of basic human      53Ч58
Characters: groups      215Ч216
Characters: two characters      209Ч215
Children      211
Chinagraph pencils      46
close-ups      198
Closed body postures      164 168
Cloven feet      129
Colour for emphasis      216
Columns, x-sheets      4Ч9
Combative postures      168Ч169
Competitive stare      213
Complexity of characters      55
Concertina movement (snakes)      144
Condyloid joints      52Ч53
Consequence      161
Consonants      225 228 231 236
Construction process      30 122Ч125
Contempt      193
Cool walk      112Ч113
Correct four-legged animal construction      124Ч125
CouplesТ behaviour      212
Crossed arms      171Ч172
Crossed legs      172Ч173
Crossover key positions      108 115 126
Crotaline movement (snakes)      144
Cruisers (fish)      141
CURVES      24 73
Daily life observations      80
Deceit gestures      197
Defiant postures      169
Depressed mood      111 163Ч4 168
Determined walk      112
Dialogue      223Ч4 226Ч7
DigiCel Flipbook program      10 19 20 21
DigiCel Flipbook program, bowling ball animation      37 40
DigiCel Flipbook program, dialogue      223 224
Disgust      193
Dishonesty      170
Displeasure      172
Distress      194
Dive exercise      96Ч103
Dogs      126Ч128 133Ч138
Dorsal fins      143
Double bounce walk      113
Double takes      84
Doubles      see Two characters
Drag (fish)      140
Drawing skills      25Ч27
Dreamy walk      113
Drops of liquid      34Ч35
Eagerness      166 170
Early animation      232
Ears      90
Eight basic emotions      186
Elbows      110
Elephants      130
Emotions      162 185Ч187
Emphasis points in dialogue      226
Environment      29Ч30
Equipment      3Ч11
Erratic pose-to-pose movement      227
Evaluation gestures      197
Exercises: animation of acting      178Ч182
Exercises: bird flying on the spot      154 156Ч158
Exercises: bird flying through the air      155 158
Exercises: bird model      155Ч156
Exercises: bouncy ball      19Ч24 36
Exercises: dive      96Ч103
Exercises: dog walk cycle      133Ч138
Exercises: double acting      216Ч221
Exercises: facial expression      202Ч208
Exercises: fish      145Ч149
Exercises: lift      60Ч68
Exercises: lip-sync      232Ч236
Exercises: pull      74Ч77
Exercises: push      68Ч74
Exercises: snake      149Ч150
Exercises: string and stick      94Ч96
Exercises: walk or run cycle      117
Expressions      see Facial expressions
External influences on walking      114
Extreme close-ups      198
Eyebrows      204 205
Eyelash fluttering      188Ч189
eyes      187Ч189 212Ч213
Facial expressions      184Ч208
Facial expressions, anger      192Ч193
Facial expressions, animation acting      198Ч202
Facial expressions, bones method      204
Facial expressions, boredom      194
Facial expressions, combinations      195
Facial expressions, disgust/contempt      193
Facial expressions, exercises      202Ч208
Facial expressions, extreme close-ups      198
Facial expressions, eyes      187Ч189
Facial expressions, fear      192
Facial expressions, hand-to-face gestures      196Ч198
Facial expressions, happiness      189
Facial expressions, head angle      195 196
Facial expressions, interest      193Ч194
Facial expressions, pain      194
Facial expressions, sadness      190Ч191
Facial expressions, surprise      191Ч192
False expressions      186Ч187 190 191 192 194
familiarity      210Ч213
Fear      192
Feet      125 129Ч130
Field-guides      9
Finger pointing      93 169
Fins      142Ч143 146
First dates      212
FISH      139Ч143 145Ч149
Flat feet      130
Flatfish      142
Flicking      13 14Ч17
flipping      13Ч14
flying      151Ч158
Focus emphasis      216
Follow-through: animate objects      89Ч92
Follow-through: ears      90
Follow-through: hair      90
Follow-through: inanimate objects      88Ч89
Follow-through: limbs      91Ч92
force      30
Forward body postures      164 165Ч166 168
Four-legged animals: cats      128Ч129
Four-legged animals: construction      122Ч124
Four-legged animals: dogs      126Ч128 133Ч138
Four-legged animals: elephants      130
Four-legged animals: horses      122Ч123 129Ч130 131Ч132
Frame numbers column      6Ч8
frames per second      2
Frameslider      23
Fugitive postures      167Ч168
Full animation acting      176Ч177
Function Curves      24
Gallops      132Ч133
gestures      169Ч173 196Ч198
Graphic nature of characters      55Ч56
Gravity      56Ч57
Groups of characters      215Ч216
Hair      90 93
Hand gestures      170Ч171
Hand-to-face gestures      196Ч198
Handholding      212
Happiness      112 189Ч190
Head angle      196
Head movement      93
headphones      216Ч219
hierarchies      44Ч45
Hinge joints      52
Hips      107 126 127
Hooves      129Ч130
Horses      122Ч123 129Ч130 131Ч132
How this book works      19
Human anatomy      48Ч53
Hummingbirds      153Ч154
In-betweens      63Ч65 71Ч72 74 76 175
Inanimate objects      28Ч46
Inanimate objects (contd), ping-pong ball      43
Inanimate objects (contd), soccer balls      32 40Ч42
Inanimate objects (contd), water-filled balloons      33Ч34 43Ч44
Inanimate objects, balloons      32Ч34 43Ч44
Inanimate objects, beach ball      42
Inanimate objects, bouncy ball      19Ч24 36Ч40 44Ч46
Inanimate objects, bowling ball      31Ч32 37Ч40
Inanimate objects, definition      29Ч30
Inanimate objects, follow-through      88Ч89
Inanimate objects, liquids      34Ч36
Insects      153Ч154
Interest      193Ч194
Jaw movement      225
Joints      51Ч53
Jumping      81 83 93
Key positions: bouncy ball      45Ч46
Key positions: bowling ball animation      38
Key positions: dive      97Ч99 100Ч102
Key positions: dog walk      126
Key positions: facial expressions      199
Key positions: fish swimming      147
Key positions: flying birds      152
Key positions: good timing      79
Key positions: human running      115
Key positions: lift      61Ч63 67
Key positions: pantomime horse      122
Key positions: pull      75Ч76
Key positions: push      68Ч71 73
Key positions: scene animations      174Ч175
Key positions: string and stick      95Ч96
Key-to-key animation      11Ч12
Large groups of characters      215Ч216
Left-hand side of brain      59
legs      125 172Ч173
Levels column      8
Life drawing      26
Lift      60Ч68
Light boxes      4
Lighting emphasis      216
LightWave      208 220Ч201
Limbs      91Ч92 104Ч120 125 171Ч173
Limited animation      175Ч176
Line testers      9Ч10 18Ч19 55
Line thickness      198
Lip laziness      225
Lip-sync      222Ч236
Lip-sync, acting with dialogue      226Ч227
Lip-sync, exercises      232Ч236
Lip-sync, how we speak      224Ч225
Lip-sync, mouth shapes      228Ч232
Liquids      33Ч36 43Ч44
listening      166 169 171 214
Looking at each other      212Ч213
Love, eyes      212Ч213
Lying      163 186 197
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