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Hogenson G., Lippman S. (Ed.) — C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET
Hogenson G., Lippman S. (Ed.) — C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET

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Название: C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET

Авторы: Hogenson G., Lippman S. (Ed.)


C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET introduces Microsoft's new extensions to the C++ syntax that allow you to target the common language runtime-the key to the heart of the .NET 3.0 platform. In 12 no-fluff chapters, Microsoft insider Gordon Hogenson takes you into the core of the C++/CLI language and explains both how the language elements work and how Microsoft intends them to be used. Compliable code samples illustrate the syntax as simply as possible, and more elaborate code samples show how the new syntax might typically be used.
The book is a beginner's guide, but it assumes a familiarity with programming basics. And it concentrates on explaining the aspects of C++/CLI that make it the most powerful and fun language on the .NET Framework 3.0. As such, this book is ideal if you're thinking of migrating to C++/CLI from another language. By the end of this book, you'll have a thorough grounding in the core language elements together with the confidence to explore further that comes from a solid understanding of a language's syntax and grammar.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 448

Добавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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Предметный указатель
! character, finalizers      161
% operator/symbol      52—53
% operator/symbol, C++/CLI stack semantics      68
% operator/symbol, creating handle to object using %      66
% operator/symbol, passing value types as handles      68
% operator/symbol, passing value types by reference      65
% operator/symbol, tracking references      55
& (address-of) operator      52
& (address-of) operator, passing by reference in C++      60
* operator      54
+ operator      79 80 205
+= operator      22 184 194
-= operator      22 184 185
.NET Developer Platform (NDP)      29—41
.NET Framework      5
.NET Framework, compilation modes available for      362
.NET Framework, container types      304
.NET languages, interoperating with other      319—322
.NET module      33
64-bit programming, processor architecture dependence      32
Abstract base classes, interface class compared      19
Abstract classes      219—220
Abstract classes, declaring abstract classes      219 220
Abstract classes, declaring any function abstract      219
Abstract classes, interfaces compared      220 235—236
Abstract classes, syntax      370
Abstract classes, using abstract and sealed keywords      221
abstract keyword      219 220 356
abstract methods      370
Access control, access levels for classes      156—157
Access control, interfaces      236
Access control, interfaces and access control      244
Access control, protected access control specifier      183
Accessibility modifiers      37 156 157
Accessibility modifiers, access modifier syntax      366
Accessor (add and remove) methods of events      191 193
Accessor (add and remove) methods of events, reserved names (add_E, remove_E)      203
Accessor (get and set) methods of properties      173—177
Accessor (get and set) methods of properties, applying virtual keyword      222 223
Accessor (get and set) methods of properties, different ways of defining properties      22
Accessor (get and set) methods of properties, interfaces with properties and events      240
Accessor (get and set) methods of properties, reserved names (get_P, set_P) for properties      203
Accessor (get and set) methods of properties, setting but not getting properties      183
Accessor (get and set) methods of properties, using virtual accessors      223
AccessViolationException      260
Activator class, CreateInstance method      280
Add method, event handlers, customizing      191 193 194
Add method, event handlers, declaring events and event handlers      193
Add method, event handlers, reserved names (add_E) for events      203
Add method, event handlers, using delegate unrelated to EventHandler      197
addition operator      79 80
Address-of operator for managed types      52
Address-of operator, interior pointers      339
Addressable entities      56
Addresses, arrays      93
AdjustPointTotals method, Scrabble game      137
Aggregate types      12—14
AL.EXE      see assembly linker
Alignment specifier      82
AllowMultiple property      279
AppDomain class      284
Application domains      283—284
Application domains, compilation modes available for      362
Application domains, multiple application domains      283
Architecture, processor architecture dependence      32
Argc arguments, main method      9
ArgumentException      260
ArgumentException, iterating over dictionary collection      309
ArgumentException, proliferation of exception types      269
Arguments, argument lists of variable length      107
Arguments, CLS compliant alternative to varargs      322
Arguments, command line arguments      9
ArithmeticException      260
Array class, Copy method      102
Array class, IList interface      103
Array class, managed array class members      103—106
Array class, methods      104
Array class, properties      103
ArrayList class      108—110 305—308
ArrayList class, iterating with for each and with index      30
ArrayList class, trapping invalid cast exception      306
ArrayList class, using generic list      110
ArrayList class, using weakly typed/nongeneric ArrayList      305
Arrays      92—110
Arrays for each traversing arrays      98
Arrays, array address      93
Arrays, array of handles in Scrabble game      127
arrays, ArrayList class      108—110
Arrays, arrays as parameters      101—102
Arrays, arrays in classes      108
arrays, associative array      308
Arrays, converting string to character array      78
arrays, copying      102—103
Arrays, creating one-dimensional arrays      96
Arrays, deletion and insertion of elements      108
Arrays, equality of      106—107
Arrays, generic array as parameter      287
Arrays, going past the end of      100
Arrays, indexed properties      177
arrays, initializing      93—95
Arrays, initializing array elements with constructors      95
Arrays, initializing part of      96
Arrays, interior pointers traversing arrays      99
Arrays, iterators traversing arrays      97
Arrays, Length property      95
Arrays, managed array class members      103—106
Arrays, managed arrays      9 92—110
Arrays, managed arrays, accessing elements      93
Arrays, managed arrays, declaring      92
Arrays, managed arrays, using      14
Arrays, native and managed arrays compared      100—101
Arrays, navigating      97—100
arrays, parameter arrays      107—108
Arrays, passing array of inconsistent size      101
Arrays, passing by reference      102
Arrays, pitfalls treating object on heap as if on stack      51
Arrays, rank      93
Arrays, self-knowledge      95
Arrays, sorting and searching      105
Arrays, sparse array      26
Arrays, zero-based indices      93
AsReadOnly method, Array class      104
Assemblies, assembly linker      33
Assemblies, assembly using template type in public interface      311
Assemblies, compilation modes available for      362
Assemblies, controlling access      39
Assemblies, friend assemblies      39
Assemblies, intra-assembly code      312
Assemblies, introduction      33
Assemblies, linking object files of different modes      318
Assemblies, loading assembly and reflecting on types      280
Assemblies, metadata      33
Assemblies, mixing managed/native classes/types      318
Assemblies, modules      33
Assemblies, multifile assemblies      41
Assemblies, passing template class types over assembly boundary      311
Assemblies, referencing      37 39
Assemblies, reflection writing tools giving information on      282
Assemblies, resources and      41
Assemblies, signed assemblies      41
Assemblies, using template from another assembly      314
Assemblies, using template in another assembly      312
Assemblies, using wrapper from C# assembly      337
Assembly attributes      276—277
Assembly attributes, friend assemblies      39
Assembly attributes, introduction      40
Assembly boundaries, managed templates and generics compared      316
Assembly class, GetTypes method      279
Assembly class, interfaces and dynamically loaded types      255 257
Assembly class, LoadFrom method      279
Assembly class, reflection calling methods      284
Assembly linker      40 41
Assembly manifest      33—37
Assembly manifest, viewing metadata with ILDasm.exe      34—37
ASSEMBLYRESOURCE command-line option      41
Assignment behavior, reference and value types compared      118
Assignment operator (=), object semantics for reference types      43
assignment statements      56
associative array      308
AsyncCallback class      189
Asynchronous delegates      188—190
Asynchronous delegates, checking function completion      189
AsyncResult class      189
As_friend modifier      39
ATL (Active Template Library), clr:pure mode      31
ATL (Active Template Library), compilation modes for      362
Atomic number      12
Attribute class      271
Attribute class, creating custom attributes      277—279
Attribute class, GetCustomAttribute method      279
Attribute classes/constructors/parameters      271
Attribute properties      279
Attribute suffix, omitting      271
Attributes      270—279
Attributes, assembly attributes      40 276—277
Attributes, attribute target      270
Attributes, AttributeUsageAttribute      279
Attributes, creating custom attributes      277—279
Attributes, DllImport attribute      322
Attributes, how attributes work      270
attributes, inheritance      271
Attributes, initializing attribute with properties      278
Attributes, MarshalAs attribute      328
Attributes, metadata      270
Attributes, module attributes      276—277
Attributes, NonSerialized attribute      273
attributes, Obsolete attribute      271—272
attributes, Out attribute      272—273
Attributes, querying object attributes at runtime      279
Attributes, Serializable attribute      273
Attributes, serialization attributes      273—275
attributes, syntax      372
AttributeTargets property      279
AttributeUsageAttribute      279
Auto_gcroot template      159
Auto_gcroot template, destructor      160
Auto_gcroot template, gcroot and auto_gcroot compared      342
Auto_gcroot template, syntax      375
Auto_handle template      58—60 374
Bag list, Scrabble game      131
Base classes, calling base class constructor      226
Base classes, explicitly specifying implicit base classes      237
Base classes, name collisions in inheritance hierarchies      212
Base classes, order of initialization      227 228
Base classes, using virtual functions in constructor      229
Based keyword      363
BCL (Base Class Library)      5
BeginInvoke method, Delegate class      188 189
BinarySearch method, Array class      104 105
Boolean type      11
Boxed value types      321
Boxing generic collection classes      290
Boxing integer types      45
Boxing literal values      46
Boxing performance      46
Boxing value type converted to object      46
Boxing value type inheritance      212
Boxing value types      44
Boxing, implicit boxing and unboxing      45—47
Boxing, unboxing Object to integer      46
Byte type      11
C code, compilation modes available for      362
C tag, XML documentation      359
C#, consuming wrapped global function in      320
C++, aggregate types      12
C++, creating interface in C++      320
C++, interop using C++ source code      318
C++, interop with C++ exceptions      352—354
C++, use of “classic C++” in this book      2
C++, using native libraries without P/Invoke      329
C++, “Hello World” program      5
C++/CLI, classes and structures compared      9
C++/CLI, enabling standard extensions      3
C++/CLI, interoperability      317
C++/CLI, standard C++ functionality      1
C++/CLI, “Hello World” program      6
C-style casts      208 209 366
CalculateScore method, Scrabble game      148
Calling conventions, cdecl      327
Calling conventions, clrcall      347
Calling conventions, stdcall      324
Calling conventions, thiscall      327
CallingConvention property, DllImport, attribute      326
CallingConvention property, DllImport, P/Invoke knowing calling convention      324
Carbon dating      12
CardEnumerator class, Current property      249
Cards, enumerating playing cards      249
Caret (^) character, handles      7
Caret (^) character, handles, using two handle symbols      10
Caret (^) character, using managed array type      15
Casts, C-style casts      208 209
Casts, const_cast      209
Casts, dynamic_cast      208 209
Casts, Enum class object conversions      112
Casts, explicit casts      206
Casts, implicit boxing and unboxing      45
Casts, inheritance hierarchies      233—234
Casts, InvalidCastException      210 260
Casts, reinterpret_cast      209 210
Casts, safe_cast      209 210 112
Casts, static_cast      208 209
Casts, trapping invalid cast exception      306
catching exceptions      269
Catching exceptions, throwing objects, not exceptions      268
Cdecl calling convention      327 347
Cdecl calling convention, P/Invoke knowing calling convention      324
Chaining expressions involving properties      174
Char type      11
Characters class, Scrabble game      128
Characters, converting string to character array      78
CharSet parameter, DllImport attribute, calling Win32 function in C++/CLI      323
CIL (Common Intermediate Language)      see IL
Class constructor      see static constructors
Class keyword, type parameters, generics      285
Class keyword, whitespaced keywords      357
Classes, .NET class features      173—210
Classes, .NET class features, delegates      184—190
Classes, .NET class features, events      191—203
Classes, .NET class features, indexed properties      177—184
Classes, .NET class features, operator overloading      203—210
Classes, .NET class features, properties      173—177
classes, abstract classes      219—220
Classes, abstract classes, abstract sealed class      221
Classes, abstract classes, interfaces compared      235
Classes, access levels for classes      156—157
Classes, ArrayList class      305—308
Classes, arrays in classes      108
Classes, AsyncCallback class      189
Classes, AsyncResult class      189
Classes, Attribute class      271
Classes, calling base class constructor      226
Classes, class constraints      297—298
Classes, class destruction and cleanup      160—161
Classes, Complex class      203
Classes, Dictionary class      308
Classes, Enum class      111
Classes, enumeration classes      17—18
Classes, EventArgs class      201
Classes, EventHandler class      199
Classes, EventReceiver class      200
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