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Adams E. Ч Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games (Career Series)
Adams E. Ч Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games (Career Series)

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Ќазвание: Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games (Career Series)

јвтор: Adams E.


"Ernest Adams has been around the gaming block many times; his industry insights coupled with the developer war stories should give any aspirant that extra edge to break into the game industry." ЧJason Della Rocca, Program Director, International Game Developers Association

Practical Advice for Landing the Job You Want!

Join the fun! Learn how to become part of the excitement and creativity of game developmentЧone of the hottest and most profitable industries today. Author, game designer, and producer Ernest Adams takes you inside the game industry, then delivers an action plan for you to break inЧeven without any game industry experience. Get great career advice and learn the different jobs that are available. Whether you're a curious gamer, a student, or a career changer seeking immediate help, this handy guide provides the information and insider advice you need to land a job in the game industry.
* Learn how a game is built and published
* Understand and acquire the skills you need to get into the industry
* Discover the inner workings of the game business
* Get your foot in the door as a game tester or with other entry-level jobs
* Exercise your creativity as a game designer, artist, producer, or programmer
* Get the right education for the job you want
* Gain insightful advice from more than 20 industry professionals
* Includes hundreds of useful resources for job seekers

язык: en

–убрика: –азное/

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»здание: 1st edition

√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 330

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
2-D tools      136 138
3-D accelerator      9
3-D animation      137
3-D graphics and action gaming      9
3-D modeling      137
3-D tools      134Ч135
7th Guest, The      8
Academic research on gaming      239
Accredited schools      87
Action games      9 42Ч43
Adaptability      183
Adaptive music      143
Add-on manufacturers      36
Adult game market      40Ч41
Advances      58 59Ч60
Advertising, developing campaigns for      16
Advertising, print and television      65
Advertising, writing      147
alpha testing      66Ч67
American Association for Artificia Intelligence      239
Animation, 2-D      138
Animation, 3-D      137
Animation, careers in      132Ч134
Animation, evaluating curriculum for      92
Animation, specializing in      130
Applying for jobs, mailing applications and Dem      188Ч189
Applying for jobs, sending resumes      190Ч191
arcade games      4 18
ART      132Ч138
Art, 2-D      138
Art, careers in      132Ч134
Art, developing skills      80
Art, evaluating curriculum for      92
Art, localization and      68
Art, specializing in graphics      129Ч130 137Ч138 234
Art, tools for artists      134Ч137
artificial intelligence      130 152Ч153
assemblers      126
Assembly language      128
Assistant producer      153
Associate producer      154
Audio and music      138Ч144
Audio and music, composing music      140
Audio and music, curriculum for      93
Audio and music, developing skills in      80
Audio and music, localizations by audio engineers      68
Audio and music, sample day for lead designer of      139
Audio and music, specializations for      130 142Ч143
Audio and music, tools      141Ч142
Audio/video recording scripts      147
BASIC programming language      2 3 5
Battlezone      101
Beeman, Ellen Guon      37 50 157 209 223
benefits      197Ч203
Best      345
beta testing      68Ч69 108Ч110
Blake, Kim      159 197 233
Box design      66
Bryson, Dave      107 123Ч124
Budgeting and scheduling      160
Bug database      67 165
Bug testing      162
Bundling games      39
Business cards      174Ч175
C# programming language      129
C++ programming language      128
California Labor Code      226Ч227
Cancelled games      60
Career ladders      115Ч118 See
CD-ROMs, influence on gaming      7Ч8
CD-ROMs, interactive movies on      8Ч9
Cecil, Charles      236
Children's games      40Ч41 46Ч47
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)      109
Co-marketing activities      65
CodeWarrior      127
Colleges, The      86
communications      158Ч159 164
Compensation packages      197Ч203
Compensation packages, about      197
Compensation packages, health benefits      200Ч201
Compensation packages, miscellaneous benefits      202Ч203
Compensation packages, retirement      202
Compensation packages, salaries and benefits      197Ч199
Compensation packages, salary negotiation      203Ч207
Compensation packages, time-off benefits      199Ч200
Compensation packages, work policies      203
Compensatory (comp) time      200
Compilers and linkers      125
Composing music      140
Computers, beta testing requirements for      108
Computers, bundling games with new      39
Computers, costs of home game consoles vs. personal      14
Computers, developing foundation in      79
Computers, games for personal      4Ч5 12Ч14
Concept sketching      138
Configuration testing, about      69 163
Configuration testing, career in      166Ч167
Console games      See home console games
Console manufacturers      35Ч36
Construction and management simulations      44Ч45
Content, creating      233Ч234
Content, Nintendo's standards      6
Content, ratings for      70
Contracts      58Ч61
Contracts, advances      58 60
Contracts, milestones      59
Contracts, negotiating advances and royalties      59Ч60
Contracts, publishing      58Ч61
Contracts, royalties      32 39Ч40 58 59Ч60
Contracts, subcontractors      34 234Ч235
Contracts, understanding employment      224Ч226
Contracts, work-for-hire      61Ч62
Converting games      34 131 132
copyrights      218 220
Cost of goods      36
Costs, comparative entertainment      27Ч28
Costs, home game consoles      14
Costs, increasing development      235Ч238
Costs, manufacturing games      73Ч74
Costs, purchase price for games      27
Cover letters      184Ч186
Creative risks      55
Cryptography and security      131Ч132
Cultural variations in gaming      16Ч17
Curriculum, art and animation      92
Curriculum, audio and music      93
Curriculum, choosing your      88Ч96
Curriculum, evaluating offerings in      89Ч90
Curriculum, hard sciences and engineering      96
Curriculum, humanities and social sciences      95Ч96
Curriculum, IGDA Curriculum Framework      86 88Ч89 90
Curriculum, interdisciplinary focus of game design      91
Curriculum, laying educational foundation      79Ч81
Curriculum, production and project management      94Ч95
Curriculum, programming      94
Curriculum, resources on game design      91
Curriculum, writing and English      92
Customer service      170
Customers, ages of target market      40Ч41
Customers, casual vs. hardcore players      41
Customers, gender of      41
Customers, role in game industry      26Ч29
Cyclical nature of game industry      25
Dance simulations      42
Debugging      125
Demographics and markets      40Ч41
Demographics and markets, ages of target market      40Ч41
Demographics and markets, casual vs. hardcore players      41
Demographics and markets, gender of customers      41
Demos      107 174
Demos, building      186Ч188
Demos, non-Disclosure agreements and      223
Demos, nudity or erotic material in      188
Demos, showing at interviews      195Ч196
Design      See game design
Design ladder      115Ч116 118
Designer diaries      66
Develop      48
Developers, discrimination against non-Western      215Ч216
Developers, internal and external      54
Developers, meeting      176Ч178
Developers, role of      33Ч34
Developing games      50Ч75
Developing games, creative risks      55
Developing games, developing game ideas      50Ч53 106
Developing games, development contract      58Ч62
Developing games, evolutionary vs. revolutionary ideas      50Ч51
Developing games, going to full production      57
Developing games, increasing costs      235Ч238
Developing games, job hunting tips      63
Developing games, manufacturing      73Ч74
Developing games, marketing activities      64Ч66
Developing games, pitching      52Ч53
Developing games, pre-production stage      53Ч57
Developing games, presenting game ideas to publishers      51Ч52
Developing games, production meetings      64
Developing games, production risks      55
Developing games, production stage      62Ч66
Developing games, production vs. development      112Ч114
Developing games, project planning      56Ч57
Developing games, project team size vs. time      62
Developing games, publishing contracts for      58Ч61
Developing games, role of project managers      63
Developing games, sample development schedule      72Ч73
Developing games, technical risks      54Ч55
Developing games, testing      66Ч71
Developing games, work-For-Hire contracts for      61Ч62; See also contracts; external development; game ideas; internal development
Development ladders      115Ч117
Development stations      15 127Ч128
Development teams      See project teams
Digital cameras      136
DirectX      13 129
Discrimination and workplace issues      207Ч216
Discrimination and workplace issues, evaluating employers' values      208
Discrimination and workplace issues, gays and lesbians in game industry      215
Discrimination and workplace issues, minorities in game industry      211Ч215
Discrimination and workplace issues, non-Western game developers      215Ч216
Discrimination and workplace issues, women in game industry      208Ч211
Distributors in game industry      30
Documenting code      125
DOOM      9
Drawing tablets      136
Dressing for interviews      193Ч194
Duncan, Darryl      93 141 211 212Ч215
e-mail      98
Economic security of game industry      240Ч241
EDGE      47
Education      82Ч88
Education, advantages of interdisciplinary      91
Education, choosing four-year degrees      82Ч83
Education, educators' opinions of gaming      87Ч88
Education, evaluating colleges      85Ч87
Education, faculty's opinions of gaming      87Ч88
Education, laying your educational foundation      79Ч81
Education, postgraduate study      96
Education, selecting your curriculum      88Ч96
Education, trade schools      83Ч85
Education, two- or four-year programs      85. See also curriculum
Electronic Arts      30Ч31 71 74Ч75 119 123Ч124
Employees, company benefits      197Ч203
Employees, hazards of moonlighting      227Ч228
Employees, legal protection for inventions      225Ч227
Employees, stock purchase plans for      199
Employees, subcontracted services      34 234Ч235
Employers, avoiding incompetent      63
Employers, evaluating values of      208
Engineering in interactive media      25Ч26
Engineering, curriculum required in      96
English skills      79Ч80. See also writing
Entertainment Software Rating Board      70
Entertainment, cost comparison of      27Ч28
Entertainment, gaming and business of      24Ч25
Executive producer      156Ч157
External development      32
External development, designing games as external developer      54
External development, external producers      114
External development, internal vs.      113Ч114
External development, pitching games to publishers      52
External development, project planning      56Ч57
Fantasy role-playing games      45
Fiction writing      See writing
Fighting games      42
Finding jobs      189Ч191
Fiske Guide to Colleges, The      85Ч86
Flextime      203
focus groups      110
Foley editing      143
FPSs (first-person shooters)      42
Fulop, Rob      160
Future of gaming      232Ч242
Future of gaming, academic research on gaming      239
Future of gaming, bigger games and larger teams      232Ч233
Future of gaming, economic security of gaming      240Ч241
Future of gaming, homebrew games      238Ч239
Future of gaming, inbreeding      236Ч237
Future of gaming, increasing costs      235Ч238
Future of gaming, programmer specialization      234
Future of gaming, publisher conservatism      235Ч236
Future of gaming, rise of content creators      233Ч234
Future of gaming, sequels      237Ч238
Future of gaming, subcontracted services      234Ч235
Future of gaming, video games as art form      239Ч240
Gamasutra      48
Gambling equipment      21
Game design      147Ч153
Game design documents      146
Game design, as pre-production stage      53Ч54
Game design, design ladder      115Ч116 118
Game design, game designers      148Ч149
Game design, lead designer      149
Game design, level designers      148
Game design, sample day in      149Ч150
Game design, specializations for      152Ч153
Game design, tools for      152. See also game designers; preparing to be a game designer
Game designers      148Ч149
Game designers, lead designer      149
Game designers, level designers      148
Game designers, where to meet      176Ч178. See also game design; preparing to be a game designer
Game Developer      47 48 197
Game genres      42Ч47
Game genres, action games      9 42Ч43
Game genres, children's games      46Ч47
Game genres, construction and management simulations      44Ч45
Game genres, fantasy role-playing games      45
Game genres, graphic adventures      45
Game genres, online role-playing games      45Ч46
Game genres, puzzle games and software toys      46
Game genres, sports games      25 43 44
Game genres, strategy and war games      43
Game genres, studying and playing different      104
Game genres, top-selling console      43
Game genres, vehicle simulators      44. See also product lines
Game ideas      50Ч53
Game ideas, evolutionary or revolutionary      50Ч51
Game ideas, how publishers hear about      51Ч52
Game ideas, pitching      52Ч53
Game industry      24Ч48
Game industry, add-on manufacturers      36
Game industry, as entertainment business      24Ч25
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