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Jepson B., Rothman E.E. — Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks
Jepson B., Rothman E.E. — Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks

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Название: Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks

Авторы: Jepson B., Rothman E.E.


If you find yourself disoriented by the new Mac environment, Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks will get you acclimated quickly to the foreign new areas of a familiar Unix landscape. The new edition of this book is your guide to figuring out the BSD Unix system and Panther-specific components that you may find challenging. The book includes a quick manpage-style reference to the "Missing Manual Pages" — commands that come with Mac OS X Panther, although there are no manpages

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 240

Добавлена в каталог: 24.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
" (quotation marks)
# prompt for root user      
#, root user prompt for bash shell      
#import preprocessor directive      
#include directive      
$ user prompt      
$, bash shell prompt      
$TERM, values of (under Terminal and xterm)      
* (asterisk)      
--dump-pch switch      
--load-pch switch      
-a option      2nd
-e option      
-F option      
-faltivec flag      
-fast compiler flag      
-flat_namespace linker flag      
-flushcache command      
-fno-common compiler flag      
-framework option      
-funroll-loops compiler flag      
-G option, color output      
-install_name flag      
-L option      
-lcurses routine      
-mtune-970 compiler flag      
-no-cpp-precomp switch      
-precomp compile driver flag      
-traditional-cpp switch      
-trigraph option      
.app file extension      
.command files      
.deb file extension      
.dmg file extension (single fork disk image)      
.h file extension (header files)      
.img file extension (dual fork disk image)      
.info file, creating      
.info files, for Fink packages      
.p file extension (precompiled header files)      
.profile file      
.profile file (Terminal)      
.so file extension      
.term files      
.xinitrc script, for X11 customization      
/Applications folder, dragging disk images to      
/Applications/Utilities directory      
/dev directory      
/Developer/Tools directory      
/etc directory      
/etc directory, contents of      
/etc/exports file      
/etc/group file      
/etc/hostconfig file      [See hostconfig file]
/etc/hosts file      
/etc/init.d directory      
/etc/master.passwd file      
/etc/pam.d directory      
/etc/passwd file      
/etc/periodic directory      
/etc/rc script      
/etc/rc shell script      
/etc/rc.boot script      
/etc/rc.common file      
/etc/rc.local script      
/etc/shells directory      
/etc/sshd_config file      
/etc/ttys file      
/groups directory      
/groups directory vs.      
/Library directory      2nd
/Library/StartupItems directory      
/machines file      
/sw directory      2nd
/System/Library directory      
/System/Library/StartupItems directory      
/System/Library/User Template directory      
/usr/bin directory      
/usr/libexec directory      
/usr/local directory      
/var directory      
/var/db/netinfo directory      
128-bit integers, arithmetic operations on      
32-bit and 64-bit systems      
32-bit systems      
3D graphics package      
3D modeling      
64-bit systems      
a running kernel with ddb      
absolute pathname for libraries      
acct daemon, starting      
acid command-line tool      
Active Directory plug-in (Directory Access)      
ADC (Apple Developer Connection)      
adding IP printer      
adding new printer      
adding user to a group      
adding user to admin group      
adding users      
adding users to group with dscl merge command      
adding users to group with merge command      
adding your own      
AddModule and LoadModule directives      
AddModule and LoadModule directives (httpd.conf)      
administrative privileges, granting      
Advanced Package Tool (APT)      
AFP (AppleTalk Filing Protocol)      
AFP URLs      
AirPort Base Station, sending traffic to Mac acting as server      
alloc.h header file      
allocation of virtual memory      
alternatives to      
AltiVec Velocity Engine (Motorola compiler)      
AltiVec Velocity Engine (Motorola)      
AltiVec Velocity Engine, Motorola      
Amber command-lline tool      
anacron and      
anacron, setting up      
and NIS      
animation, 3D graphics package      
anonymous server, configuring ProFTPd as      
ANSI C predefined macros      
Apache      [See Apache server]
Apache server      2nd
Apache::Registry module      
AppKit framework      
AppKit framework for      
AppKit framework for Objective-C      
AppKit framework, included in example application      
Apple C compiler      
Apple C compiler, differences from GNU version      
Apple command-line tools      
Apple debugger      
Apple Developer Connection (ADC)      
Apple Events, invoking from Perl      
Apple File Sharing      
Apple notes on code optimization for      
Apple Remote Desktop      
Apple Type Solution server      
Apple X11 distribution      [See X11]
AppleScript Studio      
AppleScript, interaction with      
AppleTalk Filing Profile (AFP) service      
AppleTalk Filing Protocol      [See AFP]
AppleTalk protocol      
appletviewer tool      
application bundle      
Application menu      
application-specific framework      
application-specific frameworks      
application-specific frameworks, searching for      
applications and libraries      
applications and libraries, installing via Fink      
Applications menu      
Applications menu, using      
apropos command      
APT (Advanced Package Tool)      
apt-get commands      
AquaTerm adapter for      
AquaTerm adapter for C      
AquaTerm adapter for Objective-C      
AquaTerm application (Cocoa)      
AquaTerm application and      
architectural issues      
architectural issues and      
archive file (.pax) for packages      
archiving files and directories      
archiving files and directories in .zip format      
arrays, contiguous memory accesses for elements      
as Internet-enabled disk image      
attaching/detaching virtual device node      
audio codec Ogg Vorbis      
audio/video player, MPlayer for Linux/Unix      
authenticating user with Linux-PAM      
authentication server, starting      
Authentication tab      
Authentication tab, Directory Access      
authentication, using for      
AuthorizationTrampoline command      
Autoconf      [See autoconf utility]
autoconf utility      
autoconf-managed source code from CVS archive      
autodiskmount command      
automated access to AFP shares      
automated access to NFS and AFP shares      
automount command      
automount daemon, NFS      
automount daemon, startup of      
available from Fink      
awk tool      
backing up database      
backups of NetInfo database      
bash shell      2nd
bash shell, # prompt      
basic arithmetic operations (vBasicOps library)      
basic components of      
basic linear algebra subprograms (BLAS)      
basic operations (vBasicOps library)      
BBEdit, forcing file to be opened with      
beeps (system alert), for X11      
Berkeley-compatible command-line interface      
between X11 and Mac OS X applications      
biendian byte order, PowerPC      
biendian order for bytes      
biendian order for PowerPC      
big- or little-endian order for bytes      
bill of materials (.bom) file      
binary distribution      
binary formats      
binary package from MySQL AB      
BIND DNS server      
binding, prebinding Mach executables      
bison command      
BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms)      
Blender 3D graphics package      
Blender application, use by      
bless tool      
Bluetooth device, sending file to      
Bombich Software, SMD application      
boot arguments, setting to verbose      
boot-args option      
BootCache control, launching      
BootCacheControl, launching      
booting in      
booting Mac OS X      
bootstrap script, running for Fink installation      
bootstrap services      
bootstrap services (Mach)      
BootX loader      
Bourne shell      2nd
breakdown of usage, top utility      
browsing/modifying local directory      
browsing/modifying with NetInfo Manager      
BSD flat files      
BSD flat files as sole authentication source      
BSD flat files, using      
BSD flat files, using for authentication      
BSD operating system      
bsdmake command      
build type      
building a shared library      
building and using precompiled header files      
building shared libraries      
building software      
building X-11 based applications      
BuildStrings tool      
built-in services      
built-in support in PHP      
bundles      2nd
bundles, types of      
bunzip2 command      
burning CDs      
burning disk image of Mail folder on a CD      
burning disk image to a CD      
burning Mail folder disk image on a CD      
bytes, endian order of      
bzcat command      
bzip2 command      
bzip2recover command      
C compiler with Xcode      
C declarations in header files      
C library, gethostent( )      
C pointers, size of      
C predefined macros      
C preprocessor      [See cpp]
C/C++      [See also Objective-C/C++]
CA (certificate authority)      
CacheBasher performance analysis tool      
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