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Roman S., Petrusha R., Lomax P. — VB.Net Language in a Nutshell
Roman S., Petrusha R., Lomax P. — VB.Net Language in a Nutshell

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Название: VB.Net Language in a Nutshell

Авторы: Roman S., Petrusha R., Lomax P.


With the release of the Microsoft .NET platform comes a new version of Visual Basic dramatically unlike its predecessors. So extensive are the changes, in fact, that some VB programmers argue that Visual Basic .NET is an entirely new programming language. In the updated second edition of this popular book, you will find complete documentation for the Visual Basic .NET language. Beginning with a brief overview of the language, VB.NET Language in a Nutshell covers basic programming concepts, and introduces the .NET Framework Class Library and programming with attributes. The bulk of the book consists of an alphabetical reference to Visual Basic .NET statements, procedures, functions, and objects. Each entry has a standardized listing containing the following information:
* Its syntax, using standard coding conventions
* Differences in the operation of the keyword in Visual Basic .NET and in VB 6.0
* A list of arguments accepted by the function or procedure
* A description of the data type returned by a function
* The finer points of a language element's usage that are often omitted from or blurred over by other sources
* Tips and warnings that include undocumented behaviors and practical applications for particular language elements
* An invaluable section for diagnosing or avoiding potential programming problems
* A cross-reference to related keywords
On the CD-ROM (included with print edition of the book) is a plug-in that adds a copy of the book's language reference to the dynamic help within Visual Studio .NET.The plug-in requires any edition of Visual Basic .NET or Visual Studio .NET. No matter how much experience you have programming with VB, you want this book close by, both as a standard reference guide and as a tool for troubleshooting and identifying programming problems.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 2nd edition

Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 600

Добавлена в каталог: 22.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (exclamation point) type identifier      
#Const directive      2nd
#If...Then...#Else directive      
#If...Then...End If directive      
#Region...#End Region directive      2nd
$ (dollar sign) type identifier      
& (ampersand) string concatenation operator
&= concatenation assignment operator
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk) in regular expressions      
* (asterisk), multiplication operator      
*= multiplication assignment operator      
+ (plus)      
+ (plus), addition operator      
+ (plus), in regular expressions      
+ (plus), string concatenation operator      
+= addition assignment operator      
- (minus) subtraction operator      
-= subtraction assignment operator      
. (period) in regular expressions      
.NET      [See VB.NET]
/ division operator      
/= division assignment operator      
/addmodule\: command-line switch      
/baseaddress\: command-line switch      
/bugreport\: command-line switch      
/debug command-line switch      
/define\: command-line switch      
/delaysign command-line switch      
/help command-line switch      
/imports\: command-line switch      
/keycontainer\: command-line switch      
/keyfile\: command-line switch      
/libpath\: command-line switch      2nd
/linkresource\: command-line switch      
/main\: command-line switch      
/nologo command-line switch      
/nowarn command-line switch      
/optimize command-line switch      
/optioncompare\: command-line switch      
/optionexplicit command-line switch      
/optionstrict command-line switch      
/out\: command-line switch      
/quiet command-line switch      
/recurse\: command-line switch      
/reference\: command-line switch      2nd
/removeintchecks command-line switch      
/resource\: command-line switch      
/rootnamespace\: command-line switch      
/target\: command-line switch      
/utf8output command-line switch      
/verbose command-line switch      
/warnaserror command-line switch      
/win32icon\: command-line switch      
/win32resource\: command-line switch      
< less-than comparison operator      
<= less-than-or-equal-to comparison operator      
<\\> inequality operator      
= (equals sign)      
= (equals sign), assignment operator      2nd
= (equals sign), comparison operator      
? (question mark) in regular expressions      
@ (at sign) type identifier      
Abs function (Math class)      2nd 3rd
Abstract classes      
abstract members      
abstraction in object-oriented programming      
Access modifiers      
access modifiers, class modules and      2nd
access modifiers, declaring variables and constants      
access modifiers, using in Property statement      
access modifiers, using in Sub statements      
accessibility in class modules      
accessibility of members      
accessibility, rules of      
accessor methods      2nd
accessors, property      
Acos function (Math class)      2nd 3rd
ActiveX objects      
ActiveX objects, accessing      
ActiveX objects, creating      
Add method      
Add method, Collection class      2nd 3rd
Add method, Hashtable class      2nd
AddExtension property      
AddExtension property, OpenFileDialog class      
AddExtension property, SaveFileDialog class      
AddHandler statement      2nd 3rd
addition assignment operator (+=)      
addition operator (+)      
address, variable      
AddressOf operator      2nd 3rd 4th
ADO.NET and data access      
AllowFullOpen property (ColorDialog class)      
And logical operator      2nd 3rd
AndAlso logical operator      2nd 3rd
AnsiBStr (UnmanagedType enumeration)      
AnyColor property (ColorDialog class)      
ApartmentState property (Thread class)      
ApartmentState property (Thread class), MTAThread attribute      
ApartmentState property (Thread class), STAThread attribute      
AppActivate procedure      2nd
AppActivateHelper procedure      
Application class      
application-level events (ASP.NET)      
Application.CompanyName property      2nd
Application.DoEvents method      2nd
Application.ExecutablePath property      2nd
Application.ProductName property      2nd
Application.ProductVersion property      2nd
applications, creating      
AppWinStyle enumeration      
arccosine, returning      
arcsine, returning      
arctangent, returning      
argument signatures      
argument signatures, overloading functions and      
arguments vs. parameters      
arguments, optional      
arguments, optional for attributes      
arguments, passing      2nd
arguments, required      
arguments, required for attributes      
arguments, required for custom attributes      
arithmetic operators      
Array class      2nd 3rd
Array.BinarySearch method      2nd 3rd
Array.Copy method      2nd
Array.IndexOf method      2nd 3rd
Array.LastIndexOf method      2nd 3rd
Array.Reverse method      2nd
Array.Sort method      2nd
arrays, clearing      
arrays, Filter function and      
arrays, fixed arrays, defining      
arrays, IsArray function and      2nd 3rd
arrays, LBound function and      
arrays, redimensioning      2nd
arrays, UBound function and      
arrays, VB 6 vs. VB.NET      
arrays, vs. Collection objects      
AsAny (UnmanagedType enumeration)      
Asc/AscW functions (String class)      2nd
Asin function (Math class)      2nd 3rd
ASP.NET events      
assemblies, attributes stored as metadata in      2nd
assemblies, command-line switches for      
assemblies, importing      
AssemblyInfo.vb file      
AssemblyVersion attribute      
Assert method (Debug class)      2nd
assignment operators      
asterisk (*)      
asterisk (*), in regular expressions      
asterisk (*), multiplication operator      
Atan function (Math class)      2nd 3rd
Atan2 function (Math class)      2nd 3rd
attributes, arguments, required/optional      2nd
attributes, AssemblyVersion attribute      
attributes, AttributeUsage attribute      
attributes, class constructors for      
attributes, CLSCompliant attribute      
attributes, COMClass attribute      
attributes, custom      
attributes, custom, declaring properties for      
attributes, custom, defining      
attributes, custom, using      
attributes, DefaultEvent attribute      
attributes, DefaultMember attribute      
attributes, file      
attributes, file, getting      
attributes, file, setting      
attributes, Flags attribute      
attributes, Guid attribute      
attributes, MarshallAs attribute      
attributes, MTAThread attribute      
attributes, Obsolete attribute      2nd
attributes, Out attribute      
attributes, ParamArray attribute      
attributes, parameter declarations and      
attributes, STAThread attribute      
attributes, syntax of      
attributes, ThreadStatic attribute      
attributes, VBFixedArray attribute      
attributes, VBFixedString attribute      2nd
attributes, WebMethod attribute      2nd
attributes, WebService attribute      
AttributeTargets enumeration      
AttributeUsage attribute      2nd
AutoFlush property (Debug class)      2nd
Base Class Library (BCL), implementing data types defined in      
base classes      
base classes, abstract members in      
base classes, defining      
base classes, inheritance and      
base classes, MyBase keyword and      
BCL (Base Class Library), implementing data types defined in      
Beep procedure      2nd
binary comparison      2nd
binary comparison, Like operator and      
binary strings      
BinarySearch method (Array class)      2nd 3rd
binding, dynamic      
binding, late vs. early      2nd
Bitwise operators      
bitwise operators, removed from VB.NET      
block-level scope of variables      2nd
block-level scope of variables, Dim statement and      
Bool (UnmanagedType enumeration)      
BOOLEAN data type      2nd
Boolean data type, converting values to      
Boolean operators removed from VB.NET      
Bounds property (VBFixedArray attribute)      
brackets ([]) in regular expressions      
BStr (UnmanagedType enumeration)      
BSTR data type      
BufferResponse property (WebMethod attribute)      
Built-in constants      
built-in events      
button display constants      
ByRef keyword      
ByRef keyword, Out attribute and      
ByRef keyword, using in Sub statement      
ByRef keyword, VB 6 vs. VB.NET      
Byte data type      2nd
Byte data type, converting values to      
ByVal keyword      
ByVal keyword, using in Sub statement      
ByVal keyword, VB 6 vs. VB.NET      
ByValArray (UnmanagedType enumeration)      
ByValTStr (UnmanagedType enumeration)      
CacheDuration property (WebMethod attribute)      
Call statement      2nd
Call statement, controlling execution flow      
callback functions and function pointers      2nd
CallByName function      2nd
CallType enumeration      
CancelEventArgs class      
cast operators      
Catch blocks and Try...Catch...Finally statement      
CBool function      2nd 3rd
CByte function      2nd 3rd
CChar function      2nd 3rd
CDate function      2nd 3rd
CDbl function      2nd 3rd
CDec function      2nd 3rd
Ceiling function (Math class)      2nd 3rd
centralized error handling      
CHAR data type      2nd
Char data type, converting values to      
Chars property (String class)      
ChDir procedure      2nd
ChDrive procedure      2nd
CheckFileExists property (OpenFileDialog class)      
Choose function      2nd
Chr/ChrW functions (String class)      2nd
CInt function      2nd 3rd
Circle method (not supported in VB.NET)      
class constructors      
class constructors for attributes      
class constructors for custom attributes      
class constructors, Windows Forms applications and      
class members      [See members]
class modules      
class modules, access modifiers and      
class modules, accessibility in      
class modules, constructors in      
class modules, implementing interfaces with      
class modules, types of members in      
Class statement      2nd 3rd
ClassBehavior keyword and Property statement      
classes, abstract members and      
classes, attributes and      
classes, command-line switches for      
classes, declaring      
classes, declaring with Protected keyword      
classes, declaring, properties for      
classes, Framework Class Library      
classes, inheritance      
classes, instantiating      
classes, Me operator and      
classes, members      [See members]
classes, public interfaces of      2nd
ClassID property (COMClass attribute)      
Clear method      
Clear method, Err object      2nd 3rd
Clear method, Hashtable class      2nd
Clear method, Queue class      2nd
Clear method, Stack class      2nd
Clipboard class      
Clipboard.GetDataObject method      2nd
Clipboard.SetDataObject method      2nd
CLng function      2nd 3rd
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