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Frey B. — Statistics Hacks
Frey B. — Statistics Hacks

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Название: Statistics Hacks

Автор: Frey B.


Want to calculate the probability that an event will happen? Be able to spot fake data? Or learn to how to be a better gambler? This fun and practical book presents concepts from statistical research and psychological measurement in a way that ™ s easy to understand. The 60 standalone hacks from author Bruce Frey will not only amaze and entertain you, but give you an advantage in several real-world situations.

Statistics Hacks show you how to prove beyond all doubt whether one thing causes another, and how the central limit theorem allows you to know everything by knowing just a little. On a more practical level, you will learn how to use percentages to your advantage, raise your scores on SAT tests and other multiple-choice exams, and build unbreakable codes. The chapter on Fun and Games shows you how numbers can help you beat the odds in Texas Hold 'Em, the lottery, blackjack, craps, or the March Madness pool at the office.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Разное/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 336

Добавлена в каталог: 14.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (exclamation point)      
<Emphasis>d</> (effect size)      2nd
<Emphasis>t</> tests
<Emphasis>t</> tests, comparing groups
<Emphasis>t</> tests, effect size      2nd 3rd
<Emphasis>t</> tests, establishing validity
<Emphasis>t</> tests, measuring relationships
<Emphasis>t</> tests, purpose
<Emphasis>t</> tests, sample distribution
<Emphasis>t</> tests, variance and
<Emphasis>t</> tests, Z-test and
<Symbol>h<Default Para Font><!sthkSuperscript>2<Default Para Font> (eta-squared)      2nd
accuracy, concept of      2nd
Aces, counting      
Aces, Texas Hold 'Em and      
ACT (American College Test)      
ACT (American College Test), standardizing scores      2nd
ACT (American College Test), test versions and      
ACT (American College Test), z scores and      
additive rule      2nd 3rd
Adler, Joseph      
aliquot parts      
analysis level (learning)      2nd
analysis of answer options      
Analysis of variance      
answer options      
answer options, analysis of      
answer options, multiple-choice questions      2nd 3rd 4th
Apple iTunes      
application level (learning)      
artificial intelligence      
axes, graphs and      
Bach, Johann Sebastian      2nd
Bacon, Kevin      2nd 3rd
bar bets      
bar bets, designing      
bar bets, dice and      
bar bets, li'l flushes      
bar bets, matches in two card decks      
bar bets, sharing birthdays      2nd
Bar charts      2nd
base invariance      
base rates      2nd 3rd
baseball games      
batting averages      
Bayer, Dave      2nd
Bayes, Thomas      2nd
Becker, T. J.      
behavior, driving      
being-overtaken epochs      
Benford's law      
Benford, Frank      2nd
Bernoulli, Daniel      2nd
Bernoulli, Jakob      2nd
betting systems      
biased samples      2nd
big blind      
Big Slick      
Binomial coefficient      2nd
Binomial distribution      2nd 3rd
Binongo, J.N.G.      
birthdays, sharing      
blinded out      
Bloom's taxonomy      
Bloom, Benjamin      2nd 3rd
bottle-cap effect      2nd 3rd
breast cancer screening      
Browne, M.      
Buffon's Needle Problem      
bust (blackjack)      2nd
Butler, Bill      
Campbell, D.T.      2nd
canonical variate analysis      2nd
card games      
card games, card-sharping      
card games, counting cards      2nd
card games, getting lucky      
card games, matches with two decks      
card games, probabilities and      
card games, rank ordering      2nd 3rd 4th
card games, shuffling cards for      
card games, wild cards      
card tricks      
casinos, card counting in      
casinos, improving chances against      
casinos, money and      2nd
casinos, profit on roulette      
categorical measurement      
categorical variables      
cause-and-effect relationships      
cause-and-effect relationships, correlation and      
cause-and-effect relationships, lottery numbers and      
cause-and-effect relationships, showing      
Central limit theorem      
Central Limit Theorem, <Emphasis>t</> tests and
Central Limit Theorem, beauty of      
Central Limit Theorem, overview      
Central tendency, measures of      
Chi-square test      
chi-square test, one-way      
chi-square test, two-way      
ciphers, decoding      
classical test theory      2nd
cluster sampling      
coefficient alpha      2nd 3rd
coin toss      
coin toss, heads or tails      
coin toss, Law of Total Probability      
coin toss, possible outcomes      
coin toss, probability of patterns      2nd
coin toss, St. Petersburg Paradox      
coincidences, interpreting      
collecting data      
Collins, Truman      
Combinations      2nd 3rd
community cards      
community cards, flop as      
community cards, improving hands and      2nd
community cards, reading quickly      
comparison groups      
comparison groups, <Emphasis>t</> test
comparison groups, pretests and      
comprehension level (learning)      
CONCATENATE function      
concurrent validity      
conditional probabilities      2nd 3rd
confidence intervals      
confidence intervals, building      2nd 3rd 4th
confidence intervals, Gott's Principle      2nd
confidence intervals, normal curve and      
confidence intervals, standard errors and      2nd
Conjunction fallacy      
conjunction rule      
consequences-based arguments (validity)      2nd 3rd
constants, linear equations and      2nd
construct-based arguments (validity)      2nd 3rd
content-based arguments (validity)      2nd 3rd
contingency table analyses      
continuous values      
continuous values, discrete values vs.      
continuous values, graphs and      2nd 3rd
control groups      
convenience sampling      
Cook, T.D.      2nd
Copernican Principle      
correct answers      2nd
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>)
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), beauty of
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), computing
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), conditions
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), defined      2nd 3rd
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), effect size standards
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), establishing validity
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), formula
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), interpreting
correlation coefficient (<Emphasis>r</>), linear regression and      2nd 3rd
correlation, between variables      2nd
correlation, cause and effect and      
correlation, defined      2nd
correlation, direction of      
correlation, effect size standards      
correlation, factor analysis and      
correlation, negative      2nd
correlation, partial      
correlation, positive      2nd 3rd 4th
correlation, predictor variables and      2nd
correlation, standard error of the estimate and      
correlation, statistical significance and      2nd
correlation, test reliability and      2nd
correlation, variable groupings      
correlation, variance and      
correlation, z scores and      
counting method      
counting method, counting cards      2nd
counting method, rule of four      
craps (dice game)      
criterion variables      
criterion variables, defined      
criterion variables, multiple regression and      
criterion variables, predictor variables and      
criterion-based arguments (validity)      2nd
criterion-referenced scores      
criterion-referenced scores, defined      
criterion-referenced scores, functionality      2nd
Cronbach's alpha      
Cunningham, Ross      
cut score      
Darwin, Charles      
Data Analysis ToolPak (Excel)      2nd 3rd
data sets, checking authenticity      
decoding ciphers      
dependent variables      
dependent variables, <Emphasis>t</> tests and      2nd 3rd
dependent variables, defined      
Descriptive statistics      2nd
Diaconis, Persi      2nd
dice roll      
dice roll, gambler's fallacy about      2nd
dice roll, Law of Large Numbers and      
dice roll, likelihood of group of outcomes      
dice roll, likelihood of series of outcomes      
dice roll, likelihood of specific outcome      2nd
dice roll, overview      
Dichotomous variables      
difficulty index      2nd
discrete values, continuous vs.      
Discriminant analysis      
discrimination index      2nd 3rd 4th
distances in distributions      
distances interval level of measurement      
distribution      [See also normal distribution]
Distribution, binomial      2nd 3rd
distribution, chi-square values      
Distribution, defined      
distribution, dice outcomes      2nd
distribution, distances in      
distribution, histograms and      
distribution, letters in English alphabet      
distribution, probabilities for cards      
distribution, probability and      
distribution, sample      
distribution, standard deviation of      2nd 3rd
distribution, standardized score      
distribution, Texas Hold 'Em      
distribution, well-defined      
distribution, z score      
double down      2nd
dovetail shuffles      2nd
Downing, S.M      
Drake equation      
Drake, Frank      
draw poker      
drawing the card you want      [See drawing the card you want (see outcomes\\]
driving, lane-changing while      
Dynamic programming      
Edwards, L.M.      
effect size      
effect size, applying interpretations      
effect size, power and      
effect size, sample size and      2nd
effect size, statistical significance and      2nd
elections, voting cycle      
epochs      2nd
Error      [See also standard error]
error score      
error, hypothesis testing and      
error, random      2nd 3rd
error, sampling      2nd
error, trial and error      
error, Type 1 error
error, Type I error      
error, Type II error      2nd
ESP (extra-sensory perception)      
evaluation level (learning)      2nd 3rd
Excel (Microsoft)      
Excel (Microsoft), DATAS software      
Excel (Microsoft), histograms      
Excel (Microsoft), predicting football games      
exclamation point (!)      
expected payoff      2nd
Expected value      
Experimental designs      
experimental designs, comparison groups      2nd
experimental designs, defined      
experimental designs, effective      2nd
experimental designs, validity of      
experimental groups      
extra-sensory perception (ESP)      
extraterrestrial life      
face validity argument      
Factor analysis      2nd
fair payouts      
Fawcett, W.      
feedback, trial-and-error learning      
Ferris, Timothy      
first significant digit law      
Fisher, R. A.      
flop, defined      
flop, improving hands and      
flop, pot odds after      
football, betting on      
football, two-point conversion      
frequency tables      
1 2 3 4
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