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Patton R. — Software Testing
Patton R. — Software Testing

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Название: Software Testing

Автор: Patton R.


Software Testing is the book for new or aspiring software testers interested in learning about this crucial part of the software development process. The complexity and size of today's software makes writing bug-free code extremely difficult, even for highly experienced programmers. Couple that with our increasing reliance on software for performing everyday tasks and its pervasiveness in the medical, telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial industries, and a software bug can spell disaster.

Quality software can't be created with an ad hoc, part-time bug hunt. It requires a methodical and disciplined approach to preventing, finding, and reporting bugs. Software Testing will show you what it takes to be a successful software tester, assuring that you discover those nasty bugs before your customers do.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 2

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 408

Добавлена в каталог: 13.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
accessibility features      
accessibility features, FilterKeys      
accessibility features, High Contrast      
accessibility features, MouseKeys      
accessibility features, SerialKeys      
accessibility features, ShowSounds      
accessibility features, SoundSentry      
accessibility features, StickyKeys      
accessibility features, ToggleKeys      
accessibility features, website resources      
accessibility testing      
accessibility testing, cognitive/language impairments      
accessibility testing, hearing impairments      
accessibility testing, legal requirements      
accessibility testing, motion impairments      
accessibility testing, visual impairments      
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)      
ad hoc testing      
addresses, localizing      
Agile Software Development      
alpha releases      
alphabetization, testing for      
ALT text      
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) website      
American Society for Quality (ASQ)      
American Society for Quality (ASQ) website      
analysis tools      
ANSI (American National Standards Institute)      
Apple hardware standards      
applications      [See also software programs]
architecture documents      
ASCII table      
ASCII tables      
ASCII tables, code pages      
ASCII to integer converstion test cases      
ASCII versus Unicode      
Association for Software Testing (AST)      
Association of Computer Machinery (ACM)      
Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)      
atoi() function      
atoi() function, white-box testing      
automated testing tools      2nd 3rd 4th
automated testing tools, analysis tools      
automated testing tools, communications analyzer      
automated testing tools, considerations      
automated testing tools, drivers      
automated testing tools, interference injectors      
automated testing tools, invasive      
automated testing tools, load tools      
automated testing tools, macros      
automated testing tools, monitor      
automated testing tools, noise generators      
automated testing tools, non-invasive      
automated testing tools, programmed macros      2nd
automated testing tools, stress tools      
automated testing tools, stubs      
automated testing tools, test monkeys      
automated testing tools, test monkeys, dumb monkeys      2nd
automated testing tools, test monkeys, semi-smart monkeys      
automated testing tools, test monkeys, smart monkeys      2nd
automated testing tools, viewer      
automated testing tools, Visual Test      
backward compatibility      
batch files      
batch files, Windows Task Scheduler      
behavioral testing      [See dynamic black-box testing]
behavioral testing, black-box testing      
beta releases      
beta testing      
beta testing, plans for      2nd
beta tests      
beta tests, defined      
beta tests, planning for      2nd
big-bang model      
black-box testing      
black-box testing, equations and formulas      
black-box testing, product specifications      
black-box testing, techniques      2nd 3rd 4th
black-box testing, websites      2nd
blank conditions      
bottom-up testing      
boundary conditions      2nd 3rd
boundary conditions, powers-of-two      
boundary conditions, types of      
boundary edges      
boundary edges, testing      2nd
branch coverage testing      
buddy reviews      [See peer reviews]
buffer overflows      [See buffer overruns]
buffer overruns      2nd
buffer overruns, C/C++ functions      
buffer overruns, C/C++ functions, secure/unsecure functions      
bug bashes      
bug committee      
bug reports      
bug, bug fixes      
bug, bug fixes, fix/no-fix decision making process      
bugs (software)      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th [See also software bugs]
bugs, bug committee      
bugs, bug fixes      
bugs, bug fixes, Change Control Boards      
bugs, bug fixes, deferring      
bugs, bug fixes, postponing      
bugs, bug fixes, priorities, setting      2nd
bugs, bug graphs      
bugs, bug tracking database      2nd
bugs, bug tracking database, queries      2nd 3rd
bugs, causes of      2nd 3rd
bugs, classifications      
bugs, classifications, priority      
bugs, classifications, severity      
bugs, comparison errors      
bugs, computation errors      
bugs, configuration bugs      
bugs, configuration bugs, isolating      
bugs, control flow errors      
bugs, costs of      2nd
bugs, costs of conformance      
bugs, costs of external failures      
bugs, costs of internal failures      
bugs, costs of nonconformance      
bugs, data declaration errors      
bugs, data reference errors      
bugs, defined      
bugs, defining      
bugs, diagnosing      
bugs, finding      
bugs, finding in configurations      
bugs, finding, bug bashes      
bugs, finding, inspections      
bugs, finding, static white-box testing      
bugs, finding, using automated tools      
bugs, fixing/not fixing      
bugs, input/output errors      
bugs, isolating      
bugs, isolating bugs      2nd 3rd
bugs, isolating bugs, process      2nd
bugs, latent bugs      
bugs, life cycles      2nd
bugs, Microsoft bugs      
bugs, pesticide paradox      
bugs, regressions      
bugs, reporting      2nd 3rd
bugs, reporting, automated reporting/tracking      2nd 3rd
bugs, reporting, manual reporting/tracking      
bugs, reporting, Test Incident Report      
bugs, reporting, tracking systems      
bugs, reproducible bugs      
bugs, reproducing bugs      2nd
bugs, sources      
bugs, state bugs      
bugs, states      
bugs, states, deferred state      
bugs, states, open state      
bugs, states, resolved state      
bugs, states, review state      
bugs, sub-boundaries      
bugs, subroutine errors      
bugs, testing for      2nd
bugs, testing for outside testers      
bugs, website resources      
bugs, websites      
bugs, websites, discovering      
C string functions      
C string functions, secure/unsecure functions      
calcuation errors      
calendars, localizing      
Capability Maturity Model Integration3 for Software (CMMI)      
Capability Maturity Model Integration3 for Software (CMMI), levels of      
career opportunities      
career opportunities, categories      
career opportunities, finding      
career opportunities, hands-on experience      
career opportunities, training      
Certified for Microsoft Windows      
change control boards      
character table (ASCII)      
characters (extended)      
characters (extended), testing      
characters, computations      
clear-box testing      [See white-box testing]
client-side programming (Web sites)      
Code      [See also programming]
code coverage analyzers      2nd
code coverage testing      
code coverage testing, line coverage      
code coverage testing, statement coverage      
code debuggers      
Code pages      
code verification      
code, organization      
code, pieces      
code, pieces, testing      
code, standards and guidelines      2nd
code, standards and guidelines, documentation      
code, standards and guidelines, examples of      2nd
code, standards and guidelines, obtaining      
code, styles of      
code, testing      
code, testing, checklists      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
code, testing, module testing      
code, testing, review checklists      
code, translation issues      
code-and-fix model      
commented code      
communications analyzer      
comparison errors      
compatability testing      
compatability testing, applications      
compatability testing, applications, multiple versions      
compatability testing, applications, selecting      
compatability testing, backward compatability      
compatability testing, data sharing      
compatability testing, forward compatability      
compatability testing, platforms      
compatability testing, platforms, multiple versions      
compatability testing, platforms, selecting      
compatability testing, websites      2nd
compatibility testing      
compatibility testing, outsourcing      
compatibility testing, overview      
components (software)      
components, testing      
computation errors      
computer forensics      2nd
computer forensics, latent data      
computer forensics, latent data, extracting      
computer security      [See security]
condition coverage testing      
conditions, blank      
conditions, default      
conditions, empty      
conditions, none      
conditions, null      
conditions, race      
conditions, zero      
configuration bugs      
configuration bugs, finding      
configuration bugs, isolating      
configuration problems      
configuration problems, solving      
configuration testing      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
configuration testing, hardware      
configuration testing, hardware, obtaining      2nd
configuration testing, miscellaneous hardware      
configuration testing, online registration      
configuration testing, outsourcing      
configuration testing, websites      2nd
configurations, foreign platforms      
configutation bugs      
configutation bugs, determining      
connections, configuration possibilities      
contacts (test team members)      
control flow errors      
costs, costs of conformance      
costs, costs of nonconformance      
Currency, localizing      
data conversions      
data conversions, testing      
data declaration errors      
data flow      
data flow diagrams      
data format considerations      
data reference errors      
Data sharing      
data sharing, testing      
data testing      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
data testing, data flow      
data testing, error forcing      
data testing, formulas and equations      
data testing, garbage data testing      
data testing, sub-boundaries      
data, ASCII versus Unicode      
data, blocks      
data, compatibility      
data, compatibility, localized software      
data, data sharing compatibility      
data, disk slack      
data, latent data      
data, RAM slack      
data, tracking through software      
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