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Patton R. — Software Testing
Patton R. — Software Testing

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Название: Software Testing

Автор: Patton R.


Software Testing is the book for new or aspiring software testers interested in learning about this crucial part of the software development process. The complexity and size of today's software makes writing bug-free code extremely difficult, even for highly experienced programmers. Couple that with our increasing reliance on software for performing everyday tasks and its pervasiveness in the medical, telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial industries, and a software bug can spell disaster.

Quality software can't be created with an ad hoc, part-time bug hunt. It requires a methodical and disciplined approach to preventing, finding, and reporting bugs. Software Testing will show you what it takes to be a successful software tester, assuring that you discover those nasty bugs before your customers do.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 2

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 408

Добавлена в каталог: 13.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
databases, bug tracking database      2nd
databases, bug tracking database, queries      2nd 3rd
dates, localizing      
DBCS (Double-Byte Character Set)      
DDE, (Dynamic Data Exchange)      
debuggers, code testing      
decision errors      
default conditions      
design verification      
designing, user interfaces (UI)      
development engineer      
development models      
development models, big-bang model      
development models, code-and-fix model      
development models, spiral model      
development models, waterfall model      
development, software      
device drivers      
device drivers, testing with      
dirty document flag      
disability testing      [See accessibility testing]
discovering, bugs in websites      
disk slack      
documenation, test case documentation      
documenation, test case documentation, organizing/tracking      
documentation, components of      2nd 3rd
documentation, product specifications      
documentation, product specifications, competitor's products, testing      
documentation, product specifications, high-level reviews      
documentation, product specifications, low-level reviews      
documentation, product specifications, specification attributes checklist      
documentation, product specifications, specification terminology      
documentation, product specifications, standards/guidelines      
documentation, product specifications, static black-box testing      
documentation, product specifications, testing for customer's needs      
documentation, production specifications      
documentation, shelfware      
documentation, technical editing      
documentation, testing      2nd
documentation, testing, checklist      2nd
documentation, testing, realities of      2nd
documentation, websites      
documentation, websites, web page features      2nd
documentations, IEEE Std 829-1998 Standard for Software Test Documentation      
DREAD Formula      
dynamic black-box testing      
dynamic testing      
dynamic white-box testing      
dynamic white-box testing, code coverage testing      
dynamic white-box testing, versus debugging      2nd
editing, documentation      
empty conditions      
entrance criteria      
equations, testing      
equivalence classing      2nd 3rd 4th
equivalence partitioning      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
equivalence partitioning, data testing      
error messages      
error messages, forcing      2nd
errors, comparison errors      
errors, computation errors      
errors, control flow errors      
errors, data declaration errors      
errors, data reference errors      
errors, forcing      
errors, input/output errors      
errors, subroutine errors      
EULA, (End User License Agreement)      
Evolutionary Development      
exit criteria      
Extended characters      
extended characters, testing      
Extreme programming      
failures (software)      
failures, terminology      
feature complete      
finding, bugs      
finding, bugs (software)      
finding, bugs, bug bashes      
fix/no-fix decision making process      
flags, dirty document flag      
flow charts      
focus groups      
foreign language testing      [See localization testing]
forensics (computer)      
forensics (computers)      
formal reviews      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
formal reviews, benefits of      
formal reviews, elements of      
formal reviews, inspections      
formal reviews, peer reviews      
formal reviews, performing      
formal reviews, preparing for      
formal reviews, results of      
formal reviews, summarizing      
forms, websites      
forms, websites, testing      
formulas, testing      
forward compatability      
Functional testing      [See black-box testing]
garbage data testing      
graphics, web sites      
graphics, web sites, testing      
graphs (bug)      
gray-box testing      
gray-box testing, websites      2nd
hackers      2nd
hackers, motivations      2nd
hardware configurations      
hardware configurations, testing      
hardware, obtaining for configuration testing      2nd
hardware, standards      
hardware, standards/guidelines      
hardware, testing      2nd
Hot keys      
hot keys, localizing      
HTML, testing      
hyperlinks, web sites      
hyperlinks, web sites, testing      
IEC (International Engineering Consortium)      
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.)      
IEEE Standard 829--1998 for Software Test Documentation      
IEEE Std 829-1998 Standard for Software Test Documentation      
images, JPEG images      
images, JPEG images, viruses in      
incremental testing      
incremental testing, bottom-up      
incremental testing, top-down      
input/output errors      
integration testing      
Intel Pentium floating-point division bug      2nd
interference injectors      
internal boundary conditions      [See sub-boundary conditions]
International Conference on Software Quality (ICSQ)      
International Conference on Software Testing (ICSTEST)      
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) website      
International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) 9000      2nd
International Software Testing Conference (ISTC)      
ISO (International Organization for Standardization)      
ISO 9000      2nd
ISO 9000-3      
ISO 9000-3, requirements of      
isolating bugs      
JPEG Images      
JPEG images, viruses in      
keyboards, language dependencies      
latent bugs      
latent data      
life cycles (bugs)      
lifecycle models      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
line coverage      
listings, sample HTML      
load testing      
load tools      
localizabilty testing      
localization issues      
localization issues, content      2nd
localization issues, data formats      
localization testing      
localization testing, outsourcing      
localized software      
localized software, compatability issues      
localized software, compatability issues, data compatability      
localized software, compatability issues, platform configurations      
localized software, configuration issues      
localized software, configuration issues, data compatability      
localized software, configuration issues, platform configurations      
localized software, data format considerations      
localized software, testing      
logic flow      
logic flow, testing      
Macro Magic Setup Wizard      
macros, programmed macros      
macros, recording/playback      2nd
measurements, localizing      
memory leaks      
Metrics      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
metrics, project-level metrics      2nd 3rd
Microsoft bugs      
Microsoft hardware standards      
Microsoft software standards      
Microsoft Stress utility      
Microsoft Windows User Experience      
Microsoft, Certified for Microsoft Windows      
module testing      
module testing, example      2nd 3rd 4th
modules, test drivers      
Mozilla Foundation      
NCITS (National Committee for Information Technology Standards)      
Nielsen, Jakob      
noise generators      
none conditions      
null conditions      
numbers, localizing      
open source testing      
outsource testing      2nd
overflow (buffer)      [See buffer overruns]
overruns (buffer)      
path testing      
path testing, branch coverage testing      
path testing, condition coverage testing      
paths, path testing      
PC configurations      2nd
PC configurations, bugs      
PC configurations, bugs, isolating      
PC configurations, hardware      
PC configurations, hardware, adding      
PC configurations, reducing for testing      
PC configurations, test cases      
PC configurations, test cases, designing      
PC configurations, test cases, executing      
PC hardware standards      
peer reviews      
peer reviews, walkthroughs      
pesticide paradox      
plans (test)      
plans, common terms/concepts      
plans, defining terms/concepts      
plans, high-level expectations      2nd
plans, inter-group responsibilities, defining      
plans, metrics/statistics      
plans, procedures      
plans, purpose of      
plans, resource requirements      
plans, risks, identifying      
plans, schedules      
plans, strategies      
plans, team member contacts      
plans, templates      2nd
plans, test cases      
plans, test cases, ad hoc testing      
plans, test cases, organizing/tracking      
plans, test cases, planning overview      
plans, test phases      
plans, test phases, entrance criteria      
plans, test phases, exit criteria      
plans, tester assignments      
platforms, standards and guidelines      
powers-of-two, ranges and values      
printers, language dependencies      
procedures (test)      
product development      [See also software development]
product development, creation staff      
product development, process      
product development, process, defining/measuring      
product development, project-level metrics      2nd 3rd 4th
product specifications      2nd 3rd 4th [See also specifications]
product specifications, finalizing      
product specifications, purpose of      
product specifications, testing      
product specifications, testing, competitor's products      
product specifications, testing, customer's needs      
product specifications, testing, high-level reviews      
product specifications, testing, low-level reviews      
product specifications, testing, specification attributes checklist      
product specifications, testing, specification terminology checklist      
product specifications, testing, standards/guidelines      
product specifications, testing, static black-box testing      
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