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Colombo G., Franklin C.Jr. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting
Colombo G., Franklin C.Jr. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting

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Название: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting

Авторы: Colombo G., Franklin C.Jr.


Has anyone ever told you that you should be on radio? While radio can be hard to break into, podcasting lets you put your voice and talents to work to create your own broadcast to be distributed over the Internet to millions of people. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting is the aspiring podcaster's handbook. Authors George Colombo and Curtis Franklin will guide you through creating, editing, and syndicating your podcast, from the kinds of equipment you need to how to design a podcast that will reach the widest audience possible to legal issues faced by podcasters. You'll also learn how to:

Design a podcast that grabs - and keeps - an audience!

Choose the right tools - recording software, microphones, and other equipment

Create an engaging show persona - podcasting is more than just talking!

Craft your 'cast into a show worth listening to with post-production secrets of the pros

Set up a web page and RSS feed that will allow listeners to subscribe to your podcast

Efffectively promote your podcast

The tips inside Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting will guide you towards creating a fun and successful podcast.

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 264

Добавлена в каталог: 05.09.2007

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Предметный указатель
ABC (Always Be Clipping) technique (show preparation)      2nd
acknowledging, feedback      2nd
advertising, commercial placements versus sponsorships      
affiliate revenue models      2nd
aggregator (pod-catching) software websites      2nd
aggregators, sponsorships, selling      
Allpodcasts.com website      
Amazon Associates program      2nd
Amazon.com website      
Amazon.com website, Amazon Associates program      2nd
ambient noise      
ambient noise, double-enders      
ambient noise, post-production      2nd
ambient noise, recording      2nd
ambient noise, recording tips and techniques      2nd
ambient noise, sound-seeing      2nd
archiving, past shows      
archiving, past shows, CD-ROM      
archiving, past shows, consistency      2nd
archiving, podcasts      
archiving, podcasts, server storage limits      
ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) website      
associate/affiliate revenue models      2nd
Attribution licenses (Creative Commons)      
Attribution Non-Commerical option (Creative Commons licenses)      
Attribution option (Creative Commons licenses)      
Attribution Share-Alike option (Creative Commons licenses)      
Audacity      2nd 3rd
audience, feedback      
audience, feedback, audio feedback      2nd
audience, feedback, blogs      2nd
audience, feedback, email      2nd
audience, feedback, mulitple options      
audience, feedback, perspective      
audience, feedback, privacy      
audience, feedback, show feedback phone lines      2nd 3rd
audience, feedback, soliciting      
audience, feedback, versus flattery      
audience, podcast design      
audience, podcast design, defining audience      2nd
audience, podcast design, determining listening habits      
audiences, determining      
audiences, determining, online surveys      2nd
audiences, paid subscriber revenue models      2nd
audiences, podcast promotion      2nd
audiences, revenue, generating      2nd 3rd 4th
audio editing software      2nd
audio equipment manufacturers websites      2nd
audio equipment supplier websites      
audio feedback      2nd
audio feedback, Internet telephone services      
audio feedback, show feedback phone lines      2nd
Audio files      
audio files, FTP, sending via      2nd
audio files, ID3 tags      
audio files, ID3 tags, editing      
audio files, ID3 tags, naming conventions      2nd
audio files, sending/receiving      
audio files, sending/receiving, instant messaging      
audio files, sending/receiving, large files      2nd
Audio Record Expert      
Audio Recorder 2.2      
audio software websites      2nd
audio, ambient noise      
audio, ambient noise, sound-seeing      2nd
audio, sound-seeing      2nd
Auto Check feature (iPodder)      
Auto Check feature (iPodder), podcasts      
Auto Check feature (iPodder), podcasts, subscribing to      
Autoblog podcast      
avoiding the obvious (interview tips and techniques)      
background music      
background music, fading tracks (editing techniques)      
backups, podcasts      
backups, podcasts, server storage limits      
balanced cable      2nd
bandwidth, budgeting for recording studios      2nd
Battlestar Galactica podcast      
Beatles Chronicles podcast, The      
Bitterest Pill podcast, The      
blogs as feedback      2nd
blogs, content packaging techniques      
blogs, Wordpress software      
BMI (Broadcast Music International) website      
broadcast schedules (podcast design)      
Bug Music website      
bumper music      
business, podcasts, augmenting ventures      
businesses, customer communications      
businesses, customer communications in-house syndication      
cable, balanced cable      2nd
cable, differences in      
cable, phone connectors      
cable, recording studio requirements      
cable, unbalanced cable      2nd
cable, XLR connectors      2nd
cameras, field recording      2nd
cameras, recording studio requirements      
cardinal sin of podcasting      
cardioid microphones      
cards (index)      
cards (index), field reporting      2nd
cards (sound)      
cards (sound), recording studio requirements      
Caribbean Free Radio podcast      
carrying cases      
carrying cases, field recording      
cases (carrying)      
cases (carrying), field recording      
cases (equipment)      
cases (equipment), recording studio requirements      
Catholic Insider podcast      
CD-ROM, labeling      
CD-ROM, saving past shows      
Chose Store column (iTunes)      
Chose Store column (iTunes), podcasts, accessing      
clips (sound), as tracks (editing techniques)      
clockwatching (flow design)      
closed-ear (isolation) headphones      2nd
co-hosts, assuming roles      2nd
co-hosts, distinctive voices      2nd
co-hosts, talking over each other      
colleges in-house syndication      2nd
comedy (show preparation)      2nd
comedy, learning      
commenting on podcasts      [See feedback]
commercial placements      
commercial placements, versus sponsorships      
companies, customer communications      
companies, customer communications in-house syndication      
components of podcasts      
components of podcasts, interviews      
components of podcasts, music      2nd
components of podcasts, music, bumper music      
components of podcasts, music, intellectual property rights      
components of podcasts, music, stock music websites      
components of podcasts, quality versus realism      
components of podcasts, sound effects      2nd
components of podcasts, unpredictability      2nd 3rd
components of podcasts, voice      
components of podcasts, voice, co-hosts      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
components of podcasts, voice, developing a host persona      2nd 3rd 4th
compressor filters      
condenser microphones      2nd
conducting interviews      
confidence (show preparation)      
consistency (archiving past shows)      2nd
constraints (programming), radio versus podcasts      2nd
content packaging      
content packaging, blogs      
content packaging, location photos      
content packaging, pictures      2nd
content packaging, podcast transcripts      
content packaging, RSS feed security      2nd
content packaging, trackback links      
content packaging, USB flash memory drives      
content packaging, video clips      
content packaging, websites      2nd
conversational tone (interview tips and techniques)      
copyrights      2nd
copyrights, fair use clauses      2nd 3rd
copyrights, fair use clauses, informational website      
copyrights, informational websites      2nd 3rd
copyrights, music      
copyrights, music, downloading      2nd
copyrights, parody      
copyrights, registering      
Coverville podcast      
creating/distributing promos      2nd
Creative Commons      
Creative Commons licenses      
Creative Commons licenses, Attribution Non-Commercial option      
Creative Commons licenses, Attribution option      
Creative Commons licenses, Attribution Share-Alike option      
Creative Commons, Attribution licenses      
Creative Commons, ID3 tags      
Creative Commons, No Derivative Works licenses      
Creative Commons, Noncommerical licenses      
Creative Commons, Share Alike licenses      
cross-fades, building      2nd
Cubicle Escape Pod podcast, The      
Curry, Adam      
customer communications      
customer communications, in-house syndication      
Customer information      
customer information, registration, requiring for      
customer information, retrieving      2nd
CZWeb.org website      
Daily Source Code podcast, The      2nd
Dawn and Drew Show podcast, The      2nd
deleting, past shows      
designing podcasts      
designing podcasts, broadcast schedules      
designing podcasts, guidelines table      2nd
designing podcasts, listeners      
designing podcasts, listeners, defining      2nd
designing podcasts, listeners, determining listening habits      
designing podcasts, show length      2nd
designing podcasts, sound quality      
developing podcasts      
developing podcasts, interviews      
developing podcasts, music      2nd
developing podcasts, music, bumper music      
developing podcasts, music, intellectual property rights      
developing podcasts, music, stock music websites      
developing podcasts, quality versus realism      
developing podcasts, sound effects      2nd
developing podcasts, unpredictability      2nd 3rd
developing podcasts, voice      
developing podcasts, voice, co-hosts      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
developing podcasts, voice, developing a host persona      2nd 3rd 4th
dialogue, editing      2nd
Digital cameras      
digital cameras, field recording      2nd
digital cameras, recording studio requirements      
DirCaster website      
directories (podcasts)      
directories, getting listed      
directories, getting listed on      2nd 3rd
directories, getting listed, iPodder      2nd
directories, getting listed, iPodderX.org      
directories, getting listed, Podcast Alley      
directories, getting listed, Podshow      
directories, sponsorships, selling      
directories, websites      2nd 3rd 4th
directory websites      2nd
distributing promos      2nd
distributing, podcasts      2nd
donation revenue models      
donation revenue models, pledge drives      
donation revenue models, tip jars      2nd
double-enders, ambient noise      
double-enders, mixing      2nd
double-enders, phone connections      
double-enders, recording levels, checking      2nd
double-enders, saving      2nd
double-enders, sending/receiving files      2nd
downloading, music      
downloading, music, copyrights      
downloading, music, Creative Commons licenses      
downloading, pod-catching software      
dynamic microphones      
edit points (editing techniques)      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
edit points (editing techniques), placing      
editing      [See also mixing]
editing (post-production)      
editing (post-production), pauses (recording tips and techniques)      
editing software (audio)      2nd
editing, cleaning up      2nd
editing, edit points      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
editing, edit points, placing      
editing, filters      
editing, filters, compressor filters      
editing, filters, equalizers      
editing, filters, noise filters      
editing, ID3 tags      
editing, ID3 tags, naming conventions      2nd
editing, spikes, removing      
editing, tracks      
editing, tracks, fading      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
editing, tracks, overlapping      2nd
editing, tracks, recorded segments as      
editing/mixing software      
editing/mixing software, recording studio requirements      
educational institutions      
educational institutions, in-house syndication      2nd
effects (sound)      2nd
email as feedback      
email as feedback, privacy      
email, sending podcasts as      
enclosure tags (RSS)      2nd
Endurance Radio podcast      
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