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Hampton K. — XML Publishing with AxKit
Hampton K. — XML Publishing with AxKit

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Название: XML Publishing with AxKit

Автор: Hampton K.


XML Publishing with AxKit presents web programmers the knowledge they need to master AxKit. The book features a thorough introduction to XSP (extensible Server Pages), which applies the concepts of Server Pages technologies (embedded code, tag libraries, etc) to the XML world, and covers integrating AxKit with other tools such as Template Toolkit, Apache:: Mason, Apache::ASP, and plain CGI. It also includes invaluable reference sections on configuration directives, XPathScript, and XSP.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 216

Добавлена в каталог: 04.09.2007

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Предметный указатель
#axkit IRC channel      
. (dot XPath alias self axis)      
.. (dot dot XPath alias for parent axis)      
.dkb files (DocBook)      
.htaccess file      
.htaccess file, adding configuration directives      
.htaccess file, default sytle definition in      
.htaccess files      
.htaccess files, directives processing order      
.htaccess files, root level stylesheet additions      
.htaccess files, runtime style directives      
// (XPath alias for descendant-or-self axis)      
@ (attribute::axis shortcut)      
AddHandler directive      
AllowOutputCharset( )      
architecture, caches      
architecture, ConfigReader modules      
architecture, language modules      
architecture, order of execution      
architecture, Perl/mod_perl requirements      
architecture, plug-in modules      
architecture, providers      
as an application framework      
AxAddDocTypeProcessor, conditionally adds processors based on source document';s DTD PUBLIC identifier      
AxAddDTDProcessor, conditionally adds processors based on source document';s DTD path      
AxAddDTDProcessor, one or more in named style block      
AxAddDynamicProcessor, accepts name of Perl package as sole argument      
AxAddPlugin 2nd      
AxAddPlugin, StyleChooser modules      
AxAddProcessor 2nd      
AxAddProcessor, arugments      
AxAddProcessor, MIME type and stylesheet path      
AxAddProcessor, unconditional      
AxAddProcessor, unconditionally adds processor definitions      
AxAddRootProcessor, arguments, takes three      
AxAddRootProcessor, Clarkian Notation for namespace URI      
AxAddRootProcessor, document-to-stylesheet mappings      
AxAddRootProcessor, matching same root element      
AxAddRootProcessor, mismatched namespaces and      
AxAddStyleMap 2nd      
AxAddStyleMap, apply to a whole site      
AxAddStyleMap, expects MIME and Perl arguments      
AxAddStyleMap, set up language transformation processers      
AxAddURIProcessor, emulatesLocationMatch blocks      
AxAddURIProcessor, matches Perl regular expression against current request URI      
AxIgnoreStylesheetPI, disregard xml-stylesheet processing instructions      
axkit-devel mailing list      
axkit-users mailing list      
AxMedia, setting preferred media type with      
AxMediaType, preferred_media property      
AxResetProcessors, clears the list of processor mapping      
AxStyle 2nd      
AxStyleName, alternative processing chains example      
AxStyleName, creating named style      
AxStyleName, named style creation      
C libraries libxml2 and libxslt      
CacheDir( )      
CacheModule( )      
caching, processing chains      
caching, with AxKit      
component classes      
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network [See CPAN]      
conditional processing      
conditional processing, mixing at same level      
conditional processing, rules governing      
ConfigReaders API      
ConfigReaders API, AllowOutputCharset( )      
ConfigReaders API, CacheDir( )      
ConfigReaders API, CacheModule( )      
ConfigReaders API, ContentProviderClass( )      
ConfigReaders API, DebugLevel( )      
ConfigReaders API, DependencyChecks( )      
ConfigReaders API, DoGzip( )      
ConfigReaders API, ErrorStyles( )      
ConfigReaders API, GetMatchingProcessors( )      
ConfigReaders API, get_config( )      
ConfigReaders API, GzipOutput( )      
ConfigReaders API, HandleDirs( )      
ConfigReaders API, IgnoreStylePI( )      
ConfigReaders API, LogDeclines( )      
ConfigReaders API, OutputCharset( )      
ConfigReaders API, OutputTransformers( )      
ConfigReaders API, Plugins( )      
ConfigReaders API, PreferredMedia( )      
ConfigReaders API, PreferredStyle( )      
ConfigReaders API, StyleMap( )      
ConfigReaders API, StyleProviderClass( )      
ConfigReaders API, XSPTaglibs( )      
ConfigReaders, custom      
ConfigReaders, custom, API      
ConfigReaders, custom, example      
ConfigReaders, custom, reasons for implementing      
content transformations, chains of      
content via Apache::Filter      
content via Apache::Filter, Apache::ASP      
content via Apache::Filter, CGI script generating XML      
content via Apache::Filter, HTML::Mason example 2nd      
content via Apache::Filter, must be well-formed XML      
content, separating from logic      
content-based dynamic document transformation      
ContentProviderClass( )      
Cookie StyleChooser, using      
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)      
CPAN, open source extnsion modules      
CPAN, releases from      
DebugLevel( )      
DependencyChecks( )      
directory structure      
document transformation      
document transformation, client-side      
document transformation, dynamic server-side      
document transformation, dynamic server-side, based on content      
document transformation, heart and soul of XML publishing      
document transformation, preprocessed 2nd      
document transformation, required for XML publishing      
Document type definition (DTD)      
documentation, perldoc modules'; namespace      
documentation, user-contributed      
DoGzip( )      
DTD (Document Type Definition)      
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative';s suggested grammar      
ErrorStyles( )      
exists( ) 2nd      
Expat XML parser      
Extensible Markup Language [See XML]      
Extensible Server Pages [See XSP]      
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations [See XSLT]      
functions, XPath language 2nd      
Generalized Markup Language (GML)      
GetMatchingProcessors( )      
getting more information      
get_config( )      
get_dom( )      
get_fh( )      
get_strref( ) 2nd      
get_styles( ) 2nd      
GML (Generalized Markup Language)      
Gnome XML parser (libxml2)      
Gnome XSLT processor (libxslt) 2nd 3rd      
GzipOutput( )      
HandleDirs( )      
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)      
HTML Writer';s Guild      
HTML, browser-friendly HMTL delivery      
HTML, content ambiguities of      
HTML, created by Tim Berner-Lee      
HTML, markup      
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol )      
HTTP cookie driving styles 2nd      
httpd.conf files      
httpd.conf files, addind axkif.conf      
httpd.conf files, adding AxKit core directives      
httpd.conf files, AxKit configuration directive locations      
httpd.conf files, directives processing order      
httpd.conf files, runtime style directives      
Hypertext Markup Language [See HTML]      
Hypertext Transfer Protocol [See HTTP]2nd [See HTTP]      
IgnoreStylePI( )      
init( )      
installing AxKit      
installing AxKit, basic server configuration 2nd      
installing AxKit, configuration, hard-and-fast rule for      
installing AxKit, core 2nd      
installing AxKit, core, CPAN shell      
installing AxKit, core, development version (CVS archive)      
installing AxKit, core, tarball distribution      
installing AxKit, core, XSLT libraries installed before      
installing AxKit, dependency list 2nd      
installing AxKit, file (.xml, .xsp, .dkb, .rdf) processing configuration      
installing AxKit, Language transformation processors, required      
installing AxKit, requirements 2nd      
installing AxKit, requirements, Apache 2nd 3rd      
installing AxKit, requirements, mod_perl 2nd      
installing AxKit, test suite failure      
installing AxKit, testing 2nd      
installing AxKit, testing, axkit.conf into httpd.conf files      
installing AxKit, testing, demos      
installing AxKit, troubleshooting      
installing AxKit, troubleshooting, AxKit user community 2nd      
installing AxKit, troubleshooting, mailing lists      
installing AxKit, troubleshooting, Makefile.PL options      
installing AxKit, troubleshooting, perldoc modules'; namespace documentation      
installing AxKit, troubleshooting, user-contributed documentation      
installing AxKit, Win32 2nd      
installing AxKit, XML-processing libraries      
installing AxKit, XML-processing options      
integrating with other tools      
integrating with other tools, modular, pluggable design      
IRC channel, #axkit      
key( ) 2nd      
Language modules 2nd      
Language modules, adding      
Language modules, AxKit bridge to      
language modules, custom      
language modules, custom, Apache pnotes table storage issues 2nd      
language modules, custom, language API      
language modules, custom, STX interface example      
Language modules, HtmlDoc      
Language modules, libxslt (Gnome XSLT processor)      
Language modules, PassiveTeX      
Language modules, Sablot (Sablotron XSLT processor)      
Language modules, SAXMachines      
Language modules, XPathScript      
Language modules, XSP      
language processors      
language processors, adding style definitions after      
language processors, Perl templating packages as      
language processors, site stylesheet association      
LogDeclines( )      
logic, separating from content      
mailing lists, axkit-users, axkit-devel      
maintenance of XML-base web site, good directory structure key to      
mappings, type-to-module      
markup, history of      
markup, popularized by HTML      
markup, semantically meaningful grammar      
media types, reasons for using 2nd      
MediaChooser modules      
MediaChooser modules, named blocks processed last      
metadata 2nd 3rd      
metadata, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative';s suggested grammar      
mime.conf files      
modular system      
mtime( )      
named styles      
named styles, alternate views      
named styles, avoiding collisions with      
named styles, created by      
named styles, creating      
named styles, default style      
named styles, default style, by preferred style      
named styles, default style, by setting to specific style      
named styles, definition      
named styles, reasons for using 2nd 3rd      
named styles, skinning site content with      
navigation using XML      
OutputCharset( )      
OutputTransformers( )      
page-level content, generating      
paths, resolving      
PDF documents, generating      
pdfxmltex utility      
performance issues      
perl module namespaces      
perl module namespaces, Apache::AxKit::Language::\\*      
perl module namespaces, Apache::AxKit::Plugin::\\*      
perl module namespaces, Apache::AxKit::Provider::\\*      
perl module namespaces, Apache::AxKit::StyleChooser::\\*      
Plugins( )      
plugins, custom      
plugins, custom, adding with AxAddPlugin directive      
plugins, custom, API      
plugins, custom, handler( ) function required for      
plugins, custom, logical custome code location      
plugins, custom, StyleChooser::AcceptLanguage example      
predicate expressions, XPath language      
PreferredMedia( )      
PreferredStyle( )      
preferred_media property [See properties]      
preferred_style property [See properties]      
process( )      
processing chains      
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