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Hart-Davis G. — Word Annoyances
Hart-Davis G. — Word Annoyances

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Название: Word Annoyances

Автор: Hart-Davis G.


When most people think of word processing, they think of Microsoft Word. After all, it has been around for more than 20 years-practically an eternity in computer time. But Word has also provided its users-nearly everyone on the face of the planet-with an endless supply of annoyances. That is, until now. Word Annoyances offers to the point (and often opinionated) solutions to your most vexing editing, formatting, printing, faxing, and scanning problems. It covers everything from installation and templates to tables, columns, and graphics. For example, learn how to stop Word from searching the Web for help, and how to enter the same text easily in multiple parts of a document-and keep it updated automatically. It also provides a gentle introduction to the power of macros so you can slay your annoyances by the truckload. The fixes will work with most versions of Word, including Word 2000, Word 2002 (also known as Word XP), and Word 2003.
Among the topics covered:
Deal with installation issues, crashes, and slowdowns, and dispose of the Office Assistant-either temporarily or forever.
Master templates, numbering, graphics, hyperlinks, tabs, tables, headers, and other everyday annoyances.
Tame some of Word's wiliest features, such as Smart Cut and Paste, Click and Type, Mail Merge, AutoCorrect, and AutoText.
Printing, Faxing, and Scanning-need we say more?
Learn to output and distribute your documents with confidence.
Need to work with other Microsoft applications or Macs? You'll find annoyances dealing with Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, as well as a whole chapter just on Mac Word.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 208

Добавлена в каталог: 04.09.2007

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Предметный указатель
"Click and Type" feature
"Do not check spelling or grammar" option
"File in Use" error
"Hide grammatical errors in this document" option
"Permission for this document is currently restricted" error
"Smart cut and paste" box
"Smart style behavior" box
"Unable to save: ..." message
"Use smart paragraph selection" 2nd
"When selecting, automatically select entire word" option
Access and Word      
Access and Word, convert Word table to database      
Access and Word, move data from Access table to Word document      
Acrobat toolbar      
Activation Wizard      
Advanced File Search      
Application Recovery      
Application Recovery, after a crash      
Application Sharing features      
AutoClose command      
AutoCorrect 2nd      
AutoCorrect Backup macro      
AutoCorrect, "Capitalize first letter of table cells" checkbox missing in Word 2004
AutoCorrect, capitalization, stopping Word from adjusting      
AutoCorrect, entries for boilerplate text      
AutoCorrect, Mac Word      
AutoCorrect, requirements      
AutoCorrect, transferring between computers      
AutoCorrect, using most effectively      
AutoExec command      
AutoExit command      
AutoFormat As You Type feature      
AutoFormat, using to clean up document      
AutoNew command      
AutoOpen command      
AutoRecover, changing default folders      
AutoRecover, controlling or turning off      
AutoSummarize command      
AutoText 2nd      
AutoText, creating entry      
AutoText, entries for boilerplate text      
AutoText, transferring between templates      
background printing      
backups 2nd      
backups, key files (Mac Word)      
backups, master documents      
Basic File Search      
Batch Conversion Wizard      
batch-converting files into other format-s      
blank document, preventing creation when Word starts      
blank paragraphs, removing      
bookmarks, making visible      
bookmarks, names      
bookmarks, navigating with      
bookmarks, placing insertion point outside      
booting, dual-boot      
border lines, automatic      
Borders and Shading      
browse objects      
Built-in Menus item      
bulleted lists, automatic      
Bullets and Numbering 2nd 3rd      
Button Editor      
capitalization, applying proper      
capitalization, changing      
capitalization, stopping Word from adjusting      
capitalization, turning off in tables (Mac Word)      
CarbonLib file      
CD key, Windows Registry      
Cell Height and Width dialog box      
Change Case dialog box      
clip-art pictures, changing default folder-s      
Close button, adding to Standard toolba-r      
closing documents taking a long time      
columns of data      
columns, manipulating in tables      
columns, mixing different numbers of      
columns, navigating      
columns, newspaper-style      
columns, rearranging in tables      
columns, saving as web page      
columns, setting widths precisely      
COM add-ins 2nd      
comments, get rid of balloons      
comments, removing      
comments, shrinking window      
Compare and Merge Documents      
Compare and Merge Documents, Legal Blackline box      
Compatibility settings 2nd      
component documents      
control userpasswords command      
converting WordPerfect to Word files      
copying text without formatting      
copyright symbol      
corruption, damaged documents      
corruption, formatting slipping      
corruption, opening Word documents      
corruption, recovering corrupted master document-s      
crashes, Application Recovery 2nd      
crashes, Error Reporting dialog box      
crashes, temporary files      
crashes, when printing      
Cross-Reference dialog box      
Custom Dictionaries      
Custom Dictionaries, removing mistakes from      
custom menus, resetting      
custom toolbars      
custom toolbars, resetting      
Customize dialog box      
Customize Keyboard dialog box      
cutting text      
cutting text, "Smart cut and paste" box
Date field      
decimal tabs      
Default Paragraph Font      
Delete Block? No (Yes) message      
dictionary, adding to list of Custom Dictionaries      
dictionary, adding words to      
dictionary, custom      
dictionary, custom, creating      
dictionary, custom, full error      
dictionary, custom, protecting      
dictionary, exclusion      
dictionary, Mac Word      
dictionary, online      
dictionary, removing mistakes from      
dictionary, sharing      
Digital certificate      
Digital signature      
direct formatting      
Disk Management      
disk-full errors      
dividing page into multiple pages      
Document Map      
Document Map, customizing      
documents, blank      
documents, closing      
documents, closing, all but current one      
documents, closing, all open documents      
documents, Compare and Merge Documents      
documents, component      
documents, creating and saving      
documents, creating based on existing document-s      
documents, damaged versions      
documents, double-saving      
documents, enabling several people to edit simultaneously      
documents, exporting to HTML      
documents, fast-saved file      
documents, finding lost      
documents, getting rid of text in default      
documents, inserting text at end of (Mac Word)      
documents, keeping separate versions      
documents, locking      
documents, making local copies      
documents, master      
documents, master, enabling several people to edit simultaneously      
documents, master, multiple people editing      
documents, master, recovering corrupted      
documents, master, revert to backup copy      
documents, master, working safely with      
documents, multiple in windows      
documents, multiple people editing      
documents, other formats, opening      
documents, recent      
documents, removing personal data      
documents, saving      
documents, saving, all open documents      
documents, saving, best way      
documents, saving, changing default folder      
documents, subdocuments      
documents, subdocuments, creating      
documents, subdocuments, creating multiple      
documents, taking a long time to close      
documents, working in two parts at once      
Drawing Canvas      
drawing layer      
drawing lines      
dual-boot configuration      
duplicate entries, removing      
Edit Hyperlink      
editing, capitalization      
editing, cleaning up files exported from databases      
editing, copying text without formatting      
editing, inserting text at end of document (Mac Word)      
editing, page count      
editing, repagination      
editing, returning to previous edits      
editing, Smart Tags (see Smart Tags)      
editing, Word Count feature      
embedding fonts      
embedding objects      
embedding objects, file size      
Error Reporting dialog box      
errors, "File in Use"
errors, "Permission for this document is currently restricted."
errors, "Unable to save: ..."
errors, disk full      
Excel and Word      
Excel and Word, keeping chart updated in document      
Excel and Word, transferring data from Word to Excel      
exclusion dictionary      
Extend Selection mode      
fast-saved file      
faxes, Internet fax service      
faxes, placing in Word document      
fields, adding Help text      
fields, date      
fields, forcing users to fill in      
fields, Mail Merge      
fields, Mail Merge, inserting      
fields, making visible      
fields, that change when opening or printin-g      
fields, validating      
Files and Settings Transfer Wizard      
Final Showing Markup view      
Final view      
Find and Replace      
Find and Replace, any character, digit, or letter      
Find and Replace, blank paragraphs      
Find and Replace, complex formatting      
Find and Replace, duplicate entries      
Find and Replace, inverting names      
Find and Replace, quickly      
Find and Replace, regular expressions      
Find and Replace, smart quotes      
Find and Replace, styles and formatting      
Find and Replace, superscripts and subscripts      
Find and Replace, two-step      
Find Style dialog box      
Flesch Reading Ease      
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level      
fomatting marks, displaying      
fonts, default in Normal.dot      
fonts, embedding      
fonts, making Word display all      
fonts, Outline view      
fonts, printing samples of each      
fonts, required      
For loop      
formats, batch-converting files      
formats, Rich Text Format      
formats, Text Only      
Formatting toolbar      
formatting, applying sets of      
formatting, applying to multiple documents      
formatting, best way to apply      
formatting, checking      
formatting, complex formatting in Find and Replace      
formatting, controlling when pasting      
formatting, copying text without      
formatting, direct      
formatting, find and replace 2nd      
formatting, how Word's formatting works 2nd      
formatting, page layout 2nd      
formatting, restoring 2nd      
formatting, section 2nd      
formatting, slipping 2nd      
formatting, Word and WordPerfect disagreein-g      
FormField object      
forms, creating      
forms, creating in templates      
forms, extracting data from      
forms, preventing users from accessing parts of documents      
forms, protecting with password      
forms, testing      
Getting Started task pane      
GlobalSign NV      
go command      
grammar checker      
grammar checker, "Do not check spelling or grammar" option
grammar checker, "Hide grammatical errors in this document" option
grammar checker, turning off      
graphics, controlling size of pasted      
graphics, cropping outside Word      
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