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Wenz Ch. — PHP Phrasebook
Wenz Ch. — PHP Phrasebook

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Название: PHP Phrasebook

Автор: Wenz Ch.


If you were traveling in Spain, but couldn't speak Spanish very well, you'd probably carry a Spanish dictionary with you. If you are a PHP developer who needs a portable reference guide for frequent use in your job, the PHP Phrasebook is perfect for you. The PHP Phrasebook is actually a pocket guide that is jam-packed with useful and essential PHP code "phrases" for the PHP developer's everyday use. The code is flexible, so it can be easily adapted to your needs and mulitple situations, and your time isn't wasted wading through chapters of tutorial lessons and extraneous information. The phrasebook covers PHP 5 and is relevant for PHP 4.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 320

Добавлена в каталог: 22.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
!== operator, comparing strings      
$ (dollar sign), in regular expressions      
$_COOKIE array      
$_FILES array, uploaded file information, retrieving      
$_GET array, accessing form data      2nd
$_GET array, Graphical Submit buttons      
$_GET array, magic quotes      2nd
$_GET array, mandatory fields, validating      2nd
$_GET array, prefilling text fields      2nd 3rd
$_GET array, preselecting radio buttons      
$_GET array, preselecting selection lists      2nd
$_GET array, reading in form data      
$_POST array, accessing form data      2nd
$_POST array, Graphical Submit buttons      
$_POST array, magic quotes      2nd
$_POST array, mandatory fields, validating      2nd
$_POST array, prefilling text fields      2nd 3rd
$_POST array, preselecting radio buttons      
$_POST array, preselecting selection lists      2nd
$_REQUEST array, accessing form data      2nd
(...) special character in regular expressions      
(backslash) in regular expressions      
* (asterisk) in regular expressions      
+ (plus sign) in regular expressions      
. (dot) in regular expressions      
401 status code      
== operator, comparing strings      
=== compare operator      
=== operator, comparing strings      2nd
? (question mark) in regular expressions      
access, file access, PHP built-in class      2nd
access, file access, relative paths for      2nd
access, file access, security traps      2nd
addslashes() function      
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)      
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)      
AJAX      2nd 3rd
ajax.php      2nd
array() function, creating arrays      
arrays, applying effects to elements      2nd 3rd
arrays, converting strings to      2nd 3rd
arrays, converting to strings      
arrays, converting, into variables      2nd 3rd
arrays, creating      2nd
arrays, filtering      2nd 3rd
arrays, global for form data      
arrays, looping through, associative arrays      2nd
arrays, looping through, nested arrays      2nd 3rd 4th
arrays, looping through, numerical arrays      2nd
arrays, nesting      
arrays, random elements, getting      2nd 3rd 4th
arrays, randomizing elements      
arrays, sorting, alphabetically      2nd
arrays, sorting, associative arrays      2nd 3rd
arrays, sorting, natural sorting      2nd
arrays, sorting, nested arrays      2nd 3rd
arrays, sorting, nested associative arrays      2nd 3rd
arrays, sorting, QuickSort algorithm      2nd
arrays, sorting, special language characters      2nd
array_filter() function      2nd
array_map() function      
array_multisort() function      
array_rand() function      2nd 3rd
array_walk() function      
arsort() function      
ASCII codes, protecting email addresses      2nd
asort() function      
associative arrays, looping through      2nd
associative arrays, sorting      2nd 3rd
attacks, directory traversal      2nd
Auth package PEAR)      
authentication without sessions      
authentication, session management      2nd
basename() function      2nd
bzclose() function      2nd 3rd
Bzip2 archives      2nd 3rd
bzopen() function      2nd 3rd
bzread() function      
bzwrite() function      2nd 3rd
check boxes, preselecting      
checkdate() function      2nd
checksumming strings      2nd
chr() function      
closing, files      
closing, sessions      
compareChar() function      
comparing, strings      2nd 3rd
compress.bzip2[colon]//      2nd 3rd
compression streams      2nd
compression, Bzip2 archives      2nd 3rd
compression, ZIP archives      2nd
configureWSDL() method      
connecting to Firebird      2nd
connecting to MSSQL/MSDE      2nd
connecting to MySQL      2nd
connecting to MySQLi      2nd
connecting to Oracle      2nd
connecting to PostgreSQL      2nd
connecting to SQLite      2nd 3rd
connections, FTP servers      2nd 3rd
converting, arrays into variables      2nd 3rd
converting, arrays to strings      
converting, data types      2nd
converting, strings to arrays      2nd 3rd
converting, strings to dates      2nd 3rd
converting, strings to HTML      2nd 3rd
Cookie HTTP header      
Cookies      2nd 3rd
cookies, creating      2nd
cookies, deleting      
cookies, domains, setting      2nd
cookies, expiry date, setting      2nd 3rd 4th
cookies, limitations      
cookies, magic quotes, removing      
cookies, prefilling form data from      2nd
cookies, raw cookie data, sending      
cookies, reading out      
cookies, saving HTML form data into      2nd 3rd
cookies, saving, language preferences      2nd
cookies, saving, multiple values      2nd
cookies, specification      
cookies, testing browser support      2nd
cookietest.php      2nd
copy() function      
copying, files      
count() function      2nd
creating, arrays      2nd 3rd
creating, checksums      2nd
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, HTML markup, removing      2nd 3rd
crypt() function      2nd 3rd
CSV files      2nd 3rd 4th
Data Encryption Standard      [See DES]
Data types      [See also specific data types]
data types, converting      2nd
data types, validating      2nd
databases, Firebird, connecting to      2nd
databases, Firebird, retrieving data from      
databases, Firebird, sending SQL statements to      2nd
databases, MSSQL/MSDE, connecting to      2nd
databases, MSSQL/MSDE, retrieving data from      2nd
databases, MSSQL/MSDE, sending SQL statements to      2nd
databases, MySQL, connecting to      2nd
databases, MySQL, prepared SQL statements      2nd
databases, MySQL, retrieving data from      2nd 3rd
databases, MySQL, sending SQL statements to      2nd 3rd
databases, MySQLi, connecting to      2nd
databases, Oracle, connecting to      2nd
databases, Oracle, retrieving data from      2nd
databases, Oracle, sending SQL statements to      2nd 3rd
databases, PEAR packages      
databases, PostgreSQL, connecting to      2nd
databases, PostgreSQL, inserting/updating data      
databases, PostgreSQL, retrieving data from      2nd
databases, PostgreSQL, sending SQL statements to      2nd
databases, SQLite, connecting to      2nd 3rd
databases, SQLite, retrieving data from      2nd
databases, SQLite, sending SQL statements to      2nd
date and time      2nd [See also date() function]
date and time, benchmark operations      2nd
date and time, converting strings into dates      2nd
date and time, difference between two dates, calculating      2nd 3rd
date and time, for sunrise and sunset      2nd
date and time, GMT format      2nd
date and time, HTML form selection fields      2nd 3rd 4th
date and time, leap years, determining      
date and time, localizing dates      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
date and time, PEAR packages      
date and time, relative dates, calculating      
date and time, sortable time stamps, creating      2nd
date and time, specific dates, formatting      2nd
date and time, validating dates      
Date package (PEAR)      
date() function      2nd 3rd
date() function, epoche values      
date() function, formatting symbols      2nd 3rd
date() function, localizing dates      2nd
date() function, using text within      2nd 3rd 4th
Date_Holidays package (PEAR)      
date_sunrise() function      2nd
date_sunset() function      2nd
DB package (PEAR)      
DB_DataObject package (PEAR)      
DB_QueryTool package (PEAR)      
deleting, cookies      
DES (Data Encryption Standard), encrypting strings      2nd
directory traversal attacks      2nd
dirname() function      2nd
Document Object Model      [See DOM]
DOM (Document Object Model)      
DOM, reading XML, PHP 4      2nd
DOM, reading XML, PHP 5      2nd
DOM, writing XML, PHP 4      2nd 3rd
DOM, writing XML, PHP 5      2nd 3rd
domxml_open_file() function      
domxml_open_mem() function      
drivers, PDO (PHP Data Objects)      2nd
each() function      2nd
email addresses, protecting using ASCII codes      
email addresses, validating      2nd
email, sending HTML form data via      
encrypting, strings      2nd 3rd
epoche values, calculating differences between dates      2nd 3rd
epoche values, converting strings into      2nd
epoche values, date() formatting symbol      
epoche values, specific dates, formatting      2nd
ereg() function      2nd
eregi() function      
eregi_replace() function      2nd
ereg_replace() function      2nd
European date formats      
explode() function      
expressions, printing      2nd
expressions, regular      [See regular expressions]
ext/mysql extension      
Extensible Markup Language      [See XML]
extracting, substrings      2nd
fclose() function      
fgetcsv() function      2nd
fgets() function      
File package (PEAR)      
File _Find package (PEAR)      
file() function      
fileatime() function      
filegroup() function      
filemtime() function      
fileowner() function      
files, access, PHP built-in class      2nd
files, access, relative paths for      2nd
files, access, security traps      2nd
files, closing      
files, copying      
files, CSV files      2nd 3rd 4th
files, INI files. parsing      2nd
files, locking      2nd 3rd
files, opening      2nd
files, PEAR packages      2nd
files, reading data from      2nd
files, renaming      
files, retrieving file information      2nd
files, returning with HTTP requests      2nd
files, unlinking      
files, uploading, moving uploaded files      2nd
files, uploading, uploaded file information, retrieving      2nd 3rd
files, writing data to      2nd
filesize() function      
file_exists() function      
file_get_contents() function      2nd
file_put_contents() function      2nd 3rd
File_SearchReplace package (PEAR)      
filtering, arrays      2nd 3rd
Firebird, connecting to      2nd
Firebird, retrieving data from      
Firebird, sending SQL statements to      2nd
flock() function      2nd 3rd
fopen() function      2nd
for loops, numerical arrays      
foreach loops, associative arrays      
foreach loops, numerical arrays      
formatting symbols      [See symbols]
formatting symbols, strftime() function      2nd
fputcsv() function      2nd 3rd
fsocketopen() function      
FTP server connections      2nd 3rd
ftp_get() function      
fwrite() function      
getCookieData() function      2nd
getCookieData.inc.php      2nd
getFormDataGET() function      
getFormDataPOST() function      
gettimeofday() function      2nd
global arrays for form data      
gmdate() function      
gmmktime() function      
gmstrftime() function      
GMT time format      2nd
Graphical Submit buttons      
HTML forms      2nd
HTML forms, date selection fields      
HTML forms, form data, magic quotes      2nd
HTML forms, form data, reading out      2nd 3rd
HTML forms, form data, saving into cookies      2nd 3rd
HTML forms, form data, sending back to current script      2nd
HTML forms, form data, sending via email      
HTML forms, form data, writing into files      2nd 3rd
HTML forms, mandatory fields, validating      2nd
HTML forms, prefilling, password fields      2nd 3rd
HTML forms, prefilling, text fields      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
HTML forms, preselecting, check boxes      
HTML forms, preselecting, radio buttons      2nd 3rd 4th
HTML forms, preselecting, selection lists      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
HTML forms, selection lists, for date selection      2nd 3rd
HTML forms, selection lists, preselecting      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
HTML forms, selection lists, validating      2nd 3rd
HTML forms, submission, checking      
HTML forms, validating, mandatory fields      2nd
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