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Lenz E., McRae M., Laurent S.St. — Office 2003 XML
Lenz E., McRae M., Laurent S.St. — Office 2003 XML

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Название: Office 2003 XML

Авторы: Lenz E., McRae M., Laurent S.St.


Intended for developers and advanced Office users, this book introduces the new XML capabilities added to the 2003 release of the Office suite, and explains how to create XML documents and templates in WordprocessingML and Excel's SpreadsheetML. It also presents XSLT scripts for WordprocessingML, describes the web services toolkit, and walks through two InfoPath solutions for collecting data.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 576

Добавлена в каталог: 22.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
" (double quotes)      
# (pound sign)      
##any wildcard      
##local wildcard      
##other wildcard      
##targetNamespace wildcard      
#x20 (space character)      
#x9 (tab character)      
#xA (line-feed character)      
& (ampersand)      
& entity reference
' entity reference
&ft; entity reference
< entity reference
" entity reference
'; (single quotes)      2nd
.dll files      
.dll files, permissions for, with managed code      
.dll files, Smart Documents distributed as      
.doc files      [See documents Word]
.dtd files      [See DTD]
.NET & XML (Bornstein)
.rnc files      [See RELAX NG]
.rng files      [See RELAX NG]
.xls files      [See Excel spreadsheets]
.xml files      [See documents XML
.xsd files      [See schemas]
.xsf files      [See form definition file InfoPath]
.xsl files      [See stylesheets]
.xsn files      [See form template package InfoPath]
< > (angle brackets)      
<\\> (angle brackets)      2nd
? (question mark)      
ACCESS      [See also databases]
Access, exporting XML from      2nd
Access, exporting XML from, linked tables      
Access, exporting XML from, presentation and transformation      
Access, exporting XML from, queries      
Access, exporting XML from, single table      
Access, generating data-driven Word tables from      
Access, importing XML into      2nd 3rd 4th
Access, Web Services, accessing from      2nd
Access, XML features in      2nd
Actions      [See document actions]
Adobe FrameMaker      [See FrameMaker]
AML (Annotation Markup Language), namespace for      
aml namespace prefix      
aml:annotation element      2nd 3rd
aml:content element      
ampersand (&)      
angle brackets (< >)      
angle brackets (<\\>)      2nd
Annotation Markup Language (AML), namespace for      
annotations XSD      
annotations, WordprocessingML      2nd
anonymous types, in XSD      
Antenna House, Inc., XSL-FO processor      
Application.ExportXML method      
Application.ImportXML method      
Arbortext EpicEditor      [See EpicEditor]
Asian ruby text      
Asian Typography, compression options for      
ATTLIST, attribute list declaration      
attribute list declarations, DTD      
attribute value template      
Attributes dialog, Word      
attributes naming      
attributes WordprocessingML, namespace-qualified      
attributes, editing, with Smart Documents      
auxiliary hints, WordprocessingML      2nd
Base64-encoded data      
Base64-encoded data, in WordprocessingML      
Base64-encoded data, line endings and      
Base64-encoded data, objects, attributes relating to      
Beginning XSLT (Tennison)      
block-level context      
block-level elements      2nd
boilerplate text, in templates      
bold property      
bookmarks      2nd
Bornstein, Niels (.NET & XML)
Bray, Tim      
Bray, Tim, “Annotated XML Specification”      
Bray, Tim, “XML Namespaces by Example”      
breaks      2nd
browser-based XML editors      
built-in template rules      2nd
bundled XML editors      
Burke, Sean M. (RTF Pocket Guide)      
business forms      [See forms]
buttons, InfoPath      
Castro, Elizabeth      
Castro, Elizabeth, XML for the World Wide Web      
Castro, Elizabeth, XML for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide      
Cell element      2nd
cell-level elements, custom      
cells in spreadsheets      2nd
cells in tables      2nd 3rd
Cerami, Ethan (Web Services Essentials)      
character encodings      
character references, in XML      
character styles      2nd 3rd
character styles, conflicts between      
character styles, linked, removing from Word documents      
Clark, James      
Clark, James, Jing tool      
Clark, James, Trang package      
comments in WordprocessingML      2nd
comments in XML      
comments, extracting from Word documents      
compact syntax, RELAX NG      
compatibility options      
compositors, XSD      2nd
conditional formatting, XSLT stylesheet      
contact information for this book      
content, mixed      
content, mixed in WordprocessingML      
content, mixed in XML      
content, mixed in XML as Excel source data      
content, mixed in XSD      
content, mixed XML editor support for      
content, separating from presentation      2nd
ControlCaptionFromID member, ISmartDocument interface      
ControlCount member, ISmartDocument interface      
ControlID member, ISmartDocument interface      
ControlNameFromID member, ISmartDocument interface      
controls, Smart Document      
controls, Smart Document, defining      
controls, Smart Document, document actions for      
controls, Smart Document, populating      
controls, Smart Document, types and associated methods      
ControlTypeFromID member, ISmartDocument interface      
create-onload-stylesheet.xsl stylesheet      
CRLF (carriage return linefeed pair), as line ending in WordprocessingML      
curly braces ({})      
Cygwin, XML processor      
Data only view, Word      
Data view      [See also onload XSLT stylesheet]
data view, editing restrictions and      
data view, limitations of      
data view, options for      
data-oriented XML editor      
databases      [See also Access]
databases, creating XML documents from      
databases, generating data-driven Word tables using      
databases, generating documents and spreadsheets from      
databases, Smart Documents accessing      
databases, XML and      
dataroot element      2nd
datatypes, RELAX NG      
datatypes, XSD      
datatypes, XSD to Excel mappings      
date picker control, InfoPath      
DDF file      
default values, XSD      
Definitive XML Schema (Walmsley)      2nd
Definitive XSLT and XPath (Holman)      
derived styles      
diamond directive file      
direct formatting      
direct formatting, font settings      
direct formatting, paragraph settings      2nd
direct formatting, removing from Word documents      
Docbook, converting WordprocessingML to      
DOCTYPE declaration      2nd
document actions      2nd 3rd 4th
Document Actions task pane      2nd
document protection, Word      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
document type declaration      
Document Type Definition      [See DTD]
document-oriented XML editor      
DocumentProperties element      
documents, Word      [See also Word; WordprocessingML]
documents, Word, annotating      2nd 3rd
documents, Word, as basis for onload XSLT stylesheet      
documents, Word, attaching schema to      
documents, Word, changing font sizes in      
documents, Word, cleaning up for publishing      
documents, Word, converting      
documents, Word, converting to Docbook      
documents, Word, converting to HTML      
documents, Word, converting to OpenOffice.org      
documents, Word, converting to PDF      
documents, Word, converting, special-purpose translations      
documents, Word, copying      
documents, Word, direct formatting, removing      
documents, Word, embedded XML data in      
documents, Word, extracting information from      
documents, Word, extracting information from comments      
documents, Word, extracting information from metadata      
documents, Word, extracting information from text content      
documents, Word, generating from databases      2nd
documents, Word, linked character styles, removing      
documents, Word, metadata      
documents, Word, metadata embedding as XML      
documents, Word, metadata extracting      
documents, Word, metadata removing      
documents, Word, modifying      
documents, Word, saving as WordprocessingML      
documents, XML      [See XML]
Double quotes (“)      2nd
Drake, Fred L. (Python & XML)
dt namespace prefix      
DTD (Document Type Definition)      2nd
DTD (Document Type Definition), converting to XSD      2nd
DTD (Document Type Definition), creating Smart Document schemas from      
DTD (Document Type Definition), resources for      
Dubinko, Micah (XForms Essentials)      
dummy styles      
editing components, InfoPath      
editing permissions, ranges of      2nd
editing restrictions      2nd 3rd
Eisenberg, David (SVG Essentials)      
ELEMENT type declaration      
element type declarations, DTD      
elements, XML      2nd [See also specific elements]3rd
embedded images      
embedded images, generating with XSLT      
embedded images, line endings and      
Enterprise Edition, Office 2003      
entity references      
EpicEditor, Smart Documents and      2nd
escaping characters in XML      
Excel      [See also SpreadsheetML; spreadsheets]
Excel, creating XML Maps in      
Excel, disadvantages in previous versions of      
Excel, editing XML with      2nd
Excel, editions of, supporting XML      
Excel, grid structure of      
Excel, HTML data, opening in      
Excel, loading and saving XML from VBA      
Excel, opening XML spreadsheets      
Excel, saving XML spreadsheets      
Excel, separating content from presentation      
Excel, Smart Documents for      2nd
Excel, Web Services, accessing      2nd
Excel, XML as source data for      
Excel, XML as source data for opening using XML Maps      
Excel, XML as source data for opening XML documents directly      
Excel, XML as source data for requirements      
Excel, XML features in      2nd 3rd
Excel, XML Schema and      2nd
Excel, XML Source task pane      2nd 3rd
Excel, XSD datatypes mapped to      
Excel, “Open as a read-only workbook” option      
Excel, “Open as an XML List” option      
ExcelWorkbook element      
expansion pack, for Smart Documents      2nd 3rd 4th
explicit binding, XSLT stylesheet      
Extensible Markup Language      [See XML]
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (xee XSLT)      
Ferrara, Alex (Programming .NET Web Services)      
field instruction text      
fields, in Word      2nd
file element      
Fitzgerald, Michael (Learning XSLT)      2nd
fonts, default      
fonts, properties for      
fonts, properties, conflicts between      
fonts, run properties for      
fonts, size      2nd 3rd
fonts, TrueType, WordprocessingML not embedding      
footers      2nd
form definition file, InfoPath      2nd 3rd
form template package, InfoPath      
form template, InfoPath      
Formatting      [See styles]
formatting restrictions      2nd 3rd
forms, InfoPath      
formulas, in spreadsheets      
FrameMaker, Smart Documents and      2nd
FrontPage, creating XSLT stylesheets with      
generic server-side frameworks      
Glenn, Walter      
Glenn, Walter, Word 2000 in a Nutshell      
Glenn, Walter, Word Pocket Guide      2nd 3rd
grammar checker      2nd 3rd
Graphics      [See embedded images SVG]
guidgen.exe utility      
Harold, Elliotte Rusty (XML in a Nutshell)      2nd
Headers      2nd
help files, for Smart Documents      
hierarchical document structures, representing in Wordprocessing ML      
Holman, G. Ken (Definitive XSLT and XPath)      
html namespace prefix      
HTML Task Pane, InfoPath      
HTML, binding to XML      2nd 3rd
HTML, converting WordprocessingML to      
HTML, converting XML to, with XSLT      
HTML, lists, compared to WordprocessingML lists      
HTML, opening in Excel      
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)      
hyperlinks, in Word      2nd
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