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Lester A. — MAC OS X Tiger in a Nutshell
Lester A. — MAC OS X Tiger in a Nutshell

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Название: MAC OS X Tiger in a Nutshell

Автор: Lester A.


This is the most popular reference book to Mac OS X for experienced users — and the best. Our third edition now includes an unparalleled level of detail on Tiger, the newest version of Mac OS X. With new material on practically every page, the updated edition of our all-purpose reference to Mac OS X covers all of the features included in the latest version of the operating system — Mac OS X 10.4, also known as "Tiger." The most talked about features include big ticket items such as iChat AV for video conferencing, but Tiger also comes with hundreds of nips and tucks to existing applications, as well as improvements to its Unix-based core.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 516

Добавлена в каталог: 20.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (bang) ex      
# command (bash)      
#! command (bash)      
% (percent)      
% (percent), bash job ID argument      
& (ampersand) ex      
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk), passwords set to      
* (asterisk), quoting or escaping in passwd entries      
. command (bash)      
.bash_history file      
.emacs file      
.exrc file      
.ssh directory      
.xinitrc script, for X11 customization      
/Application Support folder (/Library folder)      
/Applications/Utilities directory      
/Applications/Utilities directory, Directory Access and      
/Applications/Utilities directory, NetInfo Manager      
/Applications/Utilities directory, X11 in      
/Assistants folder (/Library folder)      
/Audio folder (/Library folder)      
/automount directory      
/bin directory      
/ColorPickers folder (/Library folder)      
/ColorSync folder (/Library folder)      
/Components folder (/Library folder)      
/config directory      
/config directory, SharePoints subdirectory      
/Desktop directory (user directory)      
/Documents directory (user directory)      
/etc directory      
/etc directory, BSD flat files      
/etc/exports file      
/etc/group file      
/etc/group file, /groups directory versus      
/etc/group file, dumping /groups directory in file format      
/etc/group file, enabling use with Directory Services      
/etc/hostconfig file      
/etc/hosts file      2nd
/etc/master.passwd file      
/etc/pam.d directory      
/etc/passwd file      
/etc/passwd file, enabling use with Directory Services      
/etc/rc.init scripts      
/etc/sshd_config file      
/Extensions folder (/Library folder)      
/Favorites folder (/Library folder)      
/Fonts folder (/Library folder)      
/Frameworks folder (/Library folder)      
/groups directory      
/Internet Plug-ins folder (/Library folder)      
/Keyboards folder (/Library folder)      
/Library directory (user directory)      
/machines file      
/Movies directory (user directory)      
/Music directory (user directory)      
/Pictures directory (user directory)      
/Preferences folder (/Library folder)      
/Printers folder (/Library folder)      
/Public directory (user directory)      
/sbin directory      
/Scripting Additions folder (/Library folder)      
/Scripts folder (/Library folder)      
/Shared directory (user directory)      
/Sites directory (user directory)      
/sw directory      
/System/Library/User Template directory      
/Trash directory      
/var/db/netinfo directory      
/Volumes directory      
/WebServer folder (/Library folder)      
: command (bash)      
< > (angle brackets) ex      
= (equals) ex      
@ (at) ex
abbrev command (ex)      
ac command      
access mode, change      
Active Directory plug-in (Directory Access)      
address command (ex)      
administrative privileges, granting      
AFP (Apple Filing Protocol)      
AFP, access to shares      
AFP, URLs      
alias command (bash)      
ampersand (&) command (ex)
angle brackets (< >) command (ex)      
Anonymous ftp      
Apache, configuration      
Apache, modules      
append command (ex)      
Apple Events      
Apple Events, remote      
Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)      
Apple Remote Desktop      
appleping command      
appletalk command      
AppleTalk Echo Protocol (AEP) request packets      
AppleTalk protocol      
AppleTalk, network interfaces      
AppleTalk, printers      
AppleTalk, printers to be used with atprint      
appletviewer command      
AppleVNCServer, enabling      
Application menu      
Application menu, connecting to other X Windows Systems      
Application menu, X11      
Application menu, X11, customizing      
Applications (Mac OS 9) folder      
Applications folders      
apply command      
apropos command      
Aqua, interactions with X11-based applications      
Aqua, OSXvnc server, support by      
Aqua, TKAqua      
Aqua, version of Qt for Mac OS X      
Aqua, VNC client      
Aqua, VNC viewers      
Aqua, X11 full screen and rootless modes      
args command (ex)      
asr command      
asr command, examples      
at (@) command      
at (@) command, ex      
at command      2nd
atlookup command      
atprint command      
atq command      2nd
atrm command      2nd
atstatus command      
attribute forks      
at_cho_prn command      2nd
authentication, BSD flat files, using      
authentication, Directory Access Authentication tab      
authentication, Linux-PAM, using      
authentication, NetInfo database and      
authentication, relying solely upon flat files      
automount command      
background processes      
BACKSPACE key      
backspace key, Emacs      
backups of NetInfo database      
bang (!) (ex)      
banner command      2nd
basename command      
bash shell      2nd
bash shell, arithmetic expressions and operators      
bash shell, built-in commands      
bash shell, built-in shell variables      
bash shell, built-in shell variables, behavior-altering      
bash shell, built-in shell variables, history variables      
bash shell, built-in shell variables, mail      
bash shell, built-in shell variables, status      
bash shell, command history      
bash shell, command history, command substitution      
bash shell, command history, fc command      
bash shell, command history, line-edit mode      
bash shell, command-line editing      
bash shell, commands      
bash shell, commands, usage      
bash shell, configuration files      
bash shell, DISPLAY variable, enabling X11 forwarding      
bash shell, expression evaluation      
bash shell, features      
bash shell, filename metacharacters      
bash shell, invocation, options and arguments      
bash shell, invoking      
bash shell, job control      
bash shell, pattern matching      
bash shell, pattern matching operators      
bash shell, prompt variables      
bash shell, quoting      
bash shell, redirection, usage      
bash shell, special files      
bash shell, substitution operators      
bash shell, syntax      
bash shell, variable substitution      
bash shell, variables      
bash shell, vi mode editing      
batch command      
bc command      2nd
bc command, examples      
bc command, function keyword      
bc command, input/output keywords      
bc command, math library functions      
bc command, operators      
bc command, statement keywords      
bdelete command (ex)      
beeps (system alert), for X11      
bg command (bash)      
bg pid command      
biff command      
bind command (bash)      
bless command      
bless command, device options      
bless command, examples      
bless command, general options      
bless command, info options      
booting Mac OS X      
booting Mac OS X, restoring Directory Services database      
Bourne shell      
break command (bash)      
BSD Configuration Files      
BSD flat files      
BSD flat files, enabling      
BSD flat files, relying solely on      
buffer command (ex)      
buffers command (ex)      
builtin command (bash)      
Burns, Nick      
C and C++      
C and C++, C library, gethostent( )      
C-s command (Emacs)      
caching, flushing cached credentials with sudo lookupd -flushcache      
caching, invalid credentials, by Directory Services      
cal command      2nd
calendar command      
cancel command      2nd
case command (bash)      
cat command      2nd
cc command      
CCLEngine command      
cd command      
cd command (bash)      
cd command, ex      
center command (ex)      
certtool command      
change command (ex)      
chflags command      
chgrp command      2nd
Chicken of the VNC (Aqua VNC client)      
chkpasswd command      
chmod command      2nd
chown command      2nd
chown command, recursively setting home directory ownership      
chsh, chfn, and chpass commands      
cksum command      
Class column (Property List Editor)      
Clear command      2nd
close command (ex)      
cmp command      2nd
col command      
colcrt command      
color, configuring for X11      
ColorSync, profiles      
ColorSync, profiles, properties      
colrm command      
column command      
comm command      2nd
command command (bash)      
command interpreter      
command substitution      
command substitution, bash      
command-line editing      
command-line editing, bash      
compgen command (bash)      
complete command (bash)      
compress command      2nd
Computer option (Go menu)      
configd command      
Configuration files      
configuration files, bash      
contact information, searching Directory Services for      
contextual menus      
contextual menus, xterm windows vs. Terminal      
continue command (bash)      
Control-clicking in an xterm window      
converting files, text to PostScript      
copy command (ex)      
copying and pasting      
copying and pasting, between X11 and Mac OS X applications      
copying and pasting, controlling with osx2x      
cp command      2nd
cpio command      2nd
CpMac command      
create_nidb command      
cron jobs      
cron jobs, daily, backups of NetInfo database      
crontab command      2nd
csh shell      
csh shell, DISPLAY variable, enabling X11 forwarding      
csplit command      
ctags command      
Ctrl-key (Emacs)      
Ctrl-key (Emacs), commands      
Ctrl-Z command      
Ctrl-Z command, bash      
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