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Gregg M., Kim D. — Inside Network Security Assessment: Guarding your IT Infrastructure
Gregg M., Kim D. — Inside Network Security Assessment: Guarding your IT Infrastructure

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Название: Inside Network Security Assessment: Guarding your IT Infrastructure

Авторы: Gregg M., Kim D.


As an IT professional, you need to know how to perform network security assessments. Inside Network Security Assessments: A Brick by Brick Approach to Securing a Network Infrastructure is a collection of utilities and templates that will take you through the assessment process. Written by two highly qualified authors with close ties to the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, this book was developed with the goal of being a text for the CISSP continuing education class on Network Security Assessment. You will be provided with step-by-step training on assessing security, from paperwork to penetration testing to ethical hacking. The supporting website will also provide you with access to a variety of tools, checklists, and templates to make your job even easier. You'll save everyone time and money by learning to perform security assessments yourself with the help of Inside Network Security Assessment.

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 336

Добавлена в каталог: 20.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
software vulnerability standards, defined      
SolarWinds IP Network Browser      
source code scanners      
SOWs (statements of work)      2nd
SOX      [See Sarbanes-Oxley Act]
SP 800 documents      
SP 800 documents, urls for      2nd 3rd
spyware, defined      2nd
spyware, threat from      
SQL Slammer      
SQL Slammer, infection statistics      
SSH (Secure Shell)      
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)      
staff, responsibilities      [See responsibility assignments]
staffing      [See assessment teams]
statement of work report sections      2nd
statement of work sections of final reports      2nd 3rd
statements of work (SOWs)      2nd
SuperScan      2nd
swarning banners      
swarning banners, purpose of      
SYN flood attacks      2nd
SYN scans      
synchronous password tokens      
system application test plans      
system application test plans, defined      
system assurance      
system assurance, accreditation      
system assurance, certification      
system assurance, Common Criteria      
system assurance, documentation review for      2nd
system assurance, ISO 17799      
system assurance, ITSEC      
system assurance, Rainbow Series      
system demonstrations      
system demonstrations, level I assessments      2nd
system demonstrations, purpose of      
system design validation step      
system design validation step, defined      
System development life cycle      2nd 3rd
system hackers      
system integrity      
system integrity, attacks against      
system requirements definition      
system requirements definition, defined      
system timeouts      
system timeouts, purpose of      
system-level scanners      2nd
systems criticality matrices      2nd
systems criticality matrix (SCM)      
systems/applications areas      2nd 3rd
TCP, ACK scans      
TCP, defined      
TCP, FIN scans      
TCP, handshakes      2nd
TCP, ICMP      
TCP, NULL scans      
TCP, SYN scans      
TCP, XMAS scans      
TCSEC (Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria)      
TCSEC (Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria)      2nd
team builders      
teams, assessment      [See assessment teams]
technical controls      
technical controls, account management      2nd
technical controls, communication security      
technical controls, defined      
technical controls, identification and authentication category      2nd
technical controls, maintenance      
technical controls, malicious code protection category      
technical controls, networking connectivity      
technical controls, security auditing      
technical controls, session controls      2nd
technical controls, system assurance      2nd
technical controls, table of      
technical documentation categories      
technical information for scope definition      
technical policies      
technical policies, defined      
technical standards documents      
technical standards documents, defined      
telecommunication systems      
telecommunication systems, asset nature of      
telecommunications hackers      [See phreakers]
termination of employees      
termination of employees, threat from      2nd 3rd
theft      [See data collection stage of attacks]
third greatest threat      2nd 3rd
threats, acts of God      
threats, catastrophic damage      
threats, confidential information disclosure      2nd
threats, cyber terrorism      
threats, data modification      
threats, defined      2nd 3rd
threats, denial of service      [See DoS attacks] [See DoS]
threats, destruction      
threats, employees as      
threats, greatest threat      
threats, hacker attacks      
threats, insecure computing habits      2nd
threats, list of types      2nd
threats, malware      
threats, second greatest threat      2nd
threats, stolen and lost data      
threats, terminated employees      2nd 3rd
threats, third greatest threat      2nd 3rd
threats, unauthorized access      2nd
threats, viruses      
Tiger Teams      [See SIRTs]
timeline construction      2nd 3rd
timeline construction for assessments      2nd
timeliness, defined      
TLS (Transport Layer Security)      
tokens, asynchronous      
tokens, defined      
tokens, synchronous      
Tools      [See assessment tools]
tools, hacker      [See hacking tools]
tools, web sites for      2nd 3rd
top secret information      
top secret information, defined      
top-down approach to risk assessment      2nd
total risk score      
training staff      
training staff, assessment methodology      2nd
training staff, goals for      2nd
training staff, importance of      
training staff, strategy development      
transferring risk      
transferring risk, defined      
Transport Layer Security (TLS)      
trojans, defined      
Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC)      
Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC)      2nd
two-factor authentication      
types of network vulnerability assessments      2nd 3rd
U.S. Code 1029      
U.S. Code 1029, defined      
uber hackers      
UDP (User Datagram Protocol)      
UDP (User Datagram Protocol), defined      
Unauthorized access      
unauthorized access threats      
unauthorized access threats, defined      
unauthorized access, defined      
unauthorized access, disgruntled employees with      
unauthorized software use      
unclassified information      
unclassified information, defined      
unstructured attacks      2nd
URLs (Uniform Resource Locators)      
URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), defined      
US-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)      
US-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), vulnerability documentation list      
user areas      2nd
users, defined      
vendors, procuring      [See procurement]
viruses, defined      2nd
vulnerability assessment tools      [See assessment tools]
vulnerability assessments      [See network vulnerability assessments]
vulnerability exploitation      
vulnerability exploitation, management, communicating with      
vulnerability exploitation, purpose of      2nd
vulnerability exploitation, scheduling      
vulnerability management      
vulnerability management, automating patch management      
vulnerability management, defined      
vulnerability management, post-assessment overview      
vulnerability management, prioritization      
vulnerability management, processes in      2nd
vulnerability management, steps for patch management      2nd
vulnerability management, window guidelines      
vulnerability scanning tools      
vulnerability scanning tools, application-level scanners      
vulnerability scanning tools, automated exploit tools      2nd
vulnerability scanning tools, in-depth assessment requirements      
vulnerability scanning tools, ISS Internet Scanner      
vulnerability scanning tools, LANguard      
vulnerability scanning tools, N-Stealth      
vulnerability scanning tools, Nessus      
vulnerability scanning tools, NetRecon      
vulnerability scanning tools, purpose of      
vulnerability scanning tools, Retina      
vulnerability scanning tools, SAINT      
vulnerability scanning tools, SARA      
vulnerability scanning tools, source code scanners      
vulnerability scanning tools, system-level scanners      2nd
vulnerability scanning tools, urls for      
vulnerability scanning tools, VLAD      
vulnerability scans      
vulnerability scans, level II assessments, role in      2nd
vulnerability scans, problems with      
vulnerability testing      [See network vulnerability assessments]
vulnerability time      
vulnerability time, defined      
vulnerability window      
vulnerability window, defined      
vulnerability, CERT, statistics compiled by      2nd
vulnerability, CVE list of      2nd
vulnerability, defined      2nd
vulnerability, fundamental problem of software      
vulnerability, policy design based on      
vulnerability, software patches      
vulnerability, stages of      2nd
vulnerability, time to patch problem      2nd
vulnerability, types of      
vulnerabilties, defined      
WAN areas      2nd 3rd
wardriving, defined      
Wayback Machine      
Web site assessment tools      
Web sites      
Web sites, archived content      
Web sites, banner information      2nd
Web sites, employee-created leaks      
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)      
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), assessment tools for      
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), defined      2nd
WEP (wired equivalent protection)      
WEP (wired equivalent protection), 802.1x      
Wget tool      
white hat hackers      
WHOIS, defined      
Wi-Fi Protected Access      [See WPA]
Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)
Windows, null sessions      
Wired Equivalent Privacy      [See WEP]
wireless assessment tools      
wireless assessment tools, Aircrack      
wireless assessment tools, Aireplay      
wireless assessment tools, Airodump      
wireless assessment tools, antennas for      
wireless assessment tools, importance of      
wireless assessment tools, Kismet      
wireless assessment tools, LinkFerret      
wireless assessment tools, NetStumbler      
wireless assessment tools, urls for      
wireless assessment tools, Void11      
wireless assessment tools, WEP      2nd
wireless assessment tools, WPA      
workstation areas      2nd
workstations, asset nature of      
worms, defined      
worms, Sasser      2nd
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)      
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), defined      
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), tools for assessing      
WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)      
XMAS scans      
Xprobe 2      
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