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Kirkland J., Carmichael D., Tinker Ch.L. — Linux Troubleshooting for System Administrators and Power Users
Kirkland J., Carmichael D., Tinker Ch.L. — Linux Troubleshooting for System Administrators and Power Users

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Название: Linux Troubleshooting for System Administrators and Power Users

Авторы: Kirkland J., Carmichael D., Tinker Ch.L.


This book not only teaches you how to troubleshoot Linux, it shows you how the system works - so you can attack any problem at its root. Should you reinstall if Linux does not boot? Or can you save time by troubleshooting the problem? Can you enhance performance when Linux hangs or runs slowly? Can you overcome problems with printing or accessing a network? This book provides easy-to-follow examples and an extensive look at the tools, commands, and scripts that make Linux run properly.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 624

Добавлена в каталог: 13.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
"No Space Left on Device" errors
/etc/crontab (Red Hat) file      
/etc/inittab file      
/etc/lilo.conf file options      
/etc/nologin file      
/etc/pam.conf file      
/etc/pam.d file      
/etc/pam.d files, missing preventing login      
/etc/passwd file      2nd
/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, editing      
/etc/security file      
/etc/shadow file      2nd
/etc/sysconfig directory      
/etc/toprc file      
/lib/security file      2nd
/proc/ioports, mapping      
/usr/bin/run-parts script      
2.4.9-e.27 kernel      
abstraction, printing      
access, crontab command      
access, performance      
access, performance, "No Space Left on Device" errors
access, performance, accessing CPU utilization issues      
access, performance, applying Oracle statspak      
access, performance, benchmarking (bonnie++)      2nd
access, performance, determining I/O request sizes      
access, performance, journaling to separate disks      
access, performance, small block I/O transfers      2nd
access, performance, tools      
access, performance, tuning sector alignments      
access, restrictions      
access, TCP/IP physical network layers      
access, TCP/IP physical network layers, communicating at physical levels      
access, TCP/IP physical network layers, detecting links      
access, TCP/IP physical network layers, Ethernet frames      
access, TCP/IP physical network layers, links      2nd
access, X Window      
accounts, confirming      2nd
accounts, locking      
accounts, unlocking      
ACK (acknowledgement)      
action field      
adapters, HBA      
adding, environment variables      
adding, fields      
adding, LUNs via PCI      
adding, partition error messages      
adding, PCI devices      
adding, storage via PCMCIA/USB      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)      2nd
addresses, CHS      
addresses, IP      
addresses, LBA      2nd
addresses, MAC      
addresses, VAS      
agents, forwarding      
aging passwords      2nd
aligning sectors      
allocation, memory      2nd
application layer, TCP/IP      
applications, backups      
applications, compression      
applications, PAM      
applications, PAM, /etc/pam.conf      
applications, PAM, /etc/pam.d      
applications, PAM, /lib/security      
applications, PAM, arguments      
applications, PAM, functions      
applications, PAM, modules      
applications, PAM, passwords      
applications, PAM, resources      
applications, PAM, shells      
applications, PAM, troubleshooting      
applications, threads      
applications, tunnels      
applications, xclock      
arguments, iostat command      
arguments, PAM      
arguments, SOCK      
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)      2nd
at command      
atrun scripts      
authentication, keys      
authentication, X Window      
backup, commands      
backup, commands, cpio      
backup, commands, dd      
backup, commands, dump      
backup, commands, mkisofs      
backup, commands, rsync      
backup, commands, tar      
backup, hardware/software, determining      
Backup, incremental      
Backup, media      
backup, media, autoloaders/tape libraries      
backup, media, cleaning tapes      
backup, media, compression      
backup, media, controlling tape drives      
backup, media, hard disks      
backup, media, magnetic tape      
backup, media, optical disks      
backup, media, rewind/no-rewind devices      
backup, partition tables/MBRs      
backup, scope      
Banners, printing      
bare metal recovery      
baselines, configuring      
bash shell, user profile files      
batch command      
batch mode      
Benchmarking      2nd
Bidirectional Parallel Port (BPP)      
binary values, converting      
BIOS, GRUB      
BIOS, initializing      
BIOS, LILO      
BIOS, mkbootdisk command      
blocking devices      
blocks, sizing      2nd
blocks, small I/O transfers      
blogger command      
bonnie++      2nd
boot floppies      2nd
boot.d directory      
booting, confirm mode      
booting, drives      
booting, emergency mode      
booting, from floppy disks      
booting, multiuser mode      
booting, root filesystems      
booting, single user mode      
bootloaders, /boot under LVM control      
bootloaders, BIOs      
bootloaders, GRUB      2nd
bootloaders, LILO      
bootloaders, mkbootdisk command      
bootloaders, partition tables/MBRs      
BPP (Bidirectional Parallel Port)      
breakpoints, printing      
broadcasts, ARP      
broadcasts, IP      
broadcasts, ping command      
bugs, PAM      
built-in cleaning      
bypassing devices      
bytes, calculating      
bytes, viewing      
caches, ARP      
caches, arrays      
caches, dentry      
caches, inode      
calculations, bits/bytes      
calculations, octets      
carelessness (vulnerabilities)      
central processing units      [See CPUs (central processing units).]
chage command      
chkconfig command      
CHS (Cylinder, Head, Sector) partition layouts      
CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing)      
ckets, connecting      
classes, host vulnerabilities      
classes, layouts      
classes, printing      
Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)      
cleaning tapes      
Clear Interrupt (CLI)      
clear text data captured (vulnerabilities)      
CLI (Clear Interrupt)      
clients, NTP      
clients, SSH      
clients, X Window      
closed ports      
code, swapper      
command-line, editing GRUB      
commands, at      
commands, backup      
commands, backup, cpio      
commands, backup, dd      
commands, backup, dump      
commands, backup, mkisofs      
commands, backup, rsync      
commands, backup, tar      
commands, batch      
commands, blogger      
commands, chage      
commands, chkconfig      
commands, conntrack      
commands, crontab      
commands, crontab, cron daemons      
commands, crontab, debugging output      
commands, dd      2nd
commands, dmesg      
commands, errordump      
commands, ethtool      
commands, f      
commands, fdisk      
commands, find/boot/grub/stage1      
commands, finger      2nd
commands, free      
commands, gzip      
commands, initlog      
commands, insmod lpfcdd      
commands, iostat      2nd
commands, iptables      
commands, ksymoops      
commands, lp      
commands, lpsci      
commands, ls      
commands, lsof      
commands, mkbootdisk      
commands, mkxauth -c      
commands, modinfo      
commands, mt      
commands, netstat      2nd 3rd
commands, nmap      
commands, passwd      
commands, ping      
commands, ping, broadcasts      
commands, ping, ICMP requests      
commands, ping, testing      
commands, ps      
commands, pwck      
commands, raw      
commands, recovery      
commands, recovery, cpio      
commands, recovery, dd      
commands, recovery, dump      
commands, recovery, mkisofs      
commands, recovery, rsync      
commands, recovery, tar      
commands, root (hd0,0)      
commands, route      
commands, rpm      
commands, sar      
commands, sar, CPU statistics      
commands, sar, data collector      
commands, sar, disk I/O statistics      
commands, sar, measuring performance      
commands, sar, networking statistics      
commands, setup (hd0)      
commands, spoolers      
commands, sysctl      
commands, tar      
commands, top      
commands, ulimit      
commands, uname      
commands, usermode      
commands, vmstat      
commands, xterm      
Common UNIX Printing System      [See Common UNIX Printing System.]
components (X Window)      
components (X Window), clients      
components (X Window), servers      2nd
configuration, auto-negotiation      
configuration, baselines      
configuration, files      
configuration, hangs      
configuration, iptables      
configuration, login      
configuration, OpenSSH      
configuration, partitions      
configuration, processes      
configuration, SAN      
configuration, SAN, kernel module      
configuration, SAN, via PCI      
configuration, SAN, via PCMCIA/USB      
configuration, SSH      
configuration, X Window      
confirm mode      
connections, printing      2nd
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