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Flickenger R., Dougherty D. — Wireless Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Techniques
Flickenger R., Dougherty D. — Wireless Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Techniques

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Название: Wireless Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Techniques

Авторы: Flickenger R., Dougherty D.


Wireless Hacks offers 100 industrial-strength tips about wireless networking, contributed by experts who apply what they know in the real world every day. Each hack can be read in just a few minutes, but can save you hours of research.

Written for the intermediate to advanced wireless user, Wireless Hacks is full of practical, ingenious solutions to real-world networking situations and problems. Whether your wireless network needs to extend to the edge of your office or to the other end of town, this collection of nonobvious, "from the field" techniques will show you how to get the job done.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 286

Добавлена в каталог: 30.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
"Personal Area Network"
"rubber ducky" antennas
-a option      
/etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf file      
/etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts file, setting parameters in      
/etc/ppp/peers/gprs file      2nd
/etc/ppp/peers/gprs.chat file      
/etc/rc.d/init.d/bluetooth, adding rfcomm bind all to start( ) section      
/etc/services file, performance monitoring entries      
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0 file (RedHat Linux)      
10baseT Ethernet      
16- and 16+16 slot      
16- and 16+16 slot antennas      
16dBi, horizontally polarized waveguide      
1xRTT on CDMA      
1xRTT on CDMS (mobile data service)      
2.4 patches for manipulating bridges as firewalls      
3D renderings of a topological region      
5 GHz UNII band      
8+8 slot omnidirectional antenna      
8+8 slot omnidirectional waveguide      
8-slot unidirectional      2nd
802 wireless family      [See wireless standards]
802.11 cards, inoperability with others
802.11 devices, recommendations on
802.11 frames, tracking
802.11 using DSSS, interoperability with 802.11b and 802.11g radios
802.11, compatibility with 802.11b/g      
802.11a equipment      2nd
802.11b equipment      
802.11b features      
802.11b networks      
802.11b, speed of      
802.11g equipment      
802.11g, backwards compatibility with 802.11b radios      
802.16 equipment
900 MHz devices      
900 MHz devices and      
900 MHz devices, problems with      
900 MHz equipment, ability to penetrate      
900 MHz equipment, superiority of      
95/98, checking inet address for wireless device      
9913 cable (Belden)      2nd
AC power lines, bridging wireless network to      2nd
accepting and publishing email to a web page      
accepting and publishing to web page, script for      
access control for networks      
access control with WEP      
access control, breaching      
access point, do-it-yourself      
access points      
accessing AP installed in existing light socket      
across networks separated by a router      
Ad-Hoc (Peer-to-Peer) mode devices      
ad-hoc networks      
adapters and      
adapting for 802.11a      
adapting Primestar dish with waveguide feed for      
add-on for laptops      
add-on for Titanium PowerBook      
adding an antenna      
adding to AirPort      
adding to Graphite AirPort      
Address Book (OS X) with Bluetooth enabled      
advanced options      
Advanced Routing Tools      
advantages of      
advertise Bluetooth serial port services on your laptop      
advertisements for network services      
advertising arbitrary Rendezvous services in      
advertising arbitrary services in OS X      
advertising in Linux      
advertising sponsored links      
air dielectric cable      
AirPort      [See AirPort networks]
AirPort APs, configuring for      
AirPort APs, running as      
AirPort Linux, setting up      
AirPort networks      
AirPort networks and      
AirPort on Linux      
AirPort, running Linux on      
aligning antennas      
aligning for long distance links      
altitude of a site, logging with GPS      
Amphenol Precision Connector, 7mm      2nd
analyzing encrypted packet dump with Ethereal      
analyzing HTTP packets      
Antenna gain      [See gain]
antenna polarization, taking advantage of      
antenna, needs for      
APC-7 connectors      2nd
Apple laptops, built-in      
application layer, strong encryption      
approximate, at 2.412 GHz      
approximate, at 2.412GHz (listings of)      
APS      [See access points]
Arlan networking series      
arp utility      2nd
arpwatch utility      
associated with network, finding      
attaching antennas to laptops      
attenuation, size, and cost, listing of      
authentication in (802.1x)      
automatic photo blogging with Nokia 3650      
average range for consumer equipment      
average, for consumer 802.11b equipment      
Basic service set      [See BSS]
battery pack      
battery pack, using      
battery pack, using with WET11      
Bayonet Neill Concelman (BNC) connector      
Belden 9913 cable      2nd
Bemused application      
BIND, setting up TLD in      
binding interface to dial-up networking device      
BiQuad antenna for PCS cellular radio      
BiQuad feed for Primestar dish      
BiQuad feed with Primestar dish      
bluepin utility      
Bluetooth and      
Bluetooth file transfers      
Bluetooth file transfers in Linux      
Bluetooth filesystem on Linux computer      
Bluetooth protocol stacks      
Bluetooth to GPRS      
Bluetooth to GPRS in Linux      
Bluetooth to, in Linux      
Bluetooth, full duplex frequency hopping      
Bluetooth, suitability for      
Bluetooth, very limited      
Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, using as      
bluexmms application      
BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman) connector      
boot up rc scripts, Linux distributions      
brctl show command      
bridge-nf utility      
bridges and      
bridging and      
bridging with a firewall      
bridging, configuring      
broadcast address, finding with ifconfig      
BSS (basic service set)      
BSS master, gateway between wireless and wired backbone      
BSS vs. IBSS      
BSS, accessing wired network      
btexmms (XMMS plugin)      
btpush script      
building a jig      
building passive repeater      
building your own      
by MAC addresses      [See MAC addresses]
cable length, connectors, lightning arrestors, and miscellaneous      
Cacti program, managing rrdtool databases      
calculating for given distance      
calculating for long distance links      
calculating link budget      
calculating loss for given distance      
calculating total      2nd
Caller ID with OS X Address Book      
camping on known IP addresses, preventing with ebtables      
camping on network not offering DHCP leases      
cantenna waveguide with Primestar dish      
capability reference chart      
captive portals      
capturing all data from a particular host      
cardctl scheme command      
CAT3 cable, networking over      
CAT5 cable      
CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)      
CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) on TDMA      
CDPD on TDMA      
CDPD, relative slowness of      
Cell phones      [See phones]
cellular data networks      
CF-to-IDE adapters      
CF-to-PCMCIA adapters      
changing to avoid noise      
changing/viewing Host AP driver parameters      
changing/viewing parameters with iwconfig      
channel detection      
channel for OBEX File Transfer, finding      
checking for each hop on way to destination      
checking for inet address associated with your wireless device      
checking for inet address for wireless device      
checking for inet address of wireless device      
checking for wireless devices      
checking inet address      
checking inet address for wireless device      
Cheshire captive portal      
Cheshire, adding to      
Cisco routers, GRE tunneling and      
Citizens Band radio      
Class A (GMRS)      
classes of users      
classes of wireless users      
Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)      
cleaning up after running      
cleaning up after running Kismet      
Clicker (Salling), remotely controlling OS X      
client capability reference      
client keys, quick logins with      
clients of wireless networks, tracking      
clients, wireless      
closed networks      
closed networks that don't broadcast SSIDs, joining      
coaxial cable appropriate for 2.4 GHz use      
Code division multiple access (CDMA)      
collecting link performance data      
combining Ethereal with      
command-line tools (Linux, Wireless Tools package)      
commercially built      
compact flash hard drive, building      
CompactFlash to IDE adapters      
Compaq iPAQ (running Linux)      
conducting site readings to determine gain      
Configurator      [See Java Configurator for AirPort APs]
configuring dialup      
configuring for AirPort APs      
configuring IP address for AirPort      
configuring LAN access      
configuring NAT and DHCP      
configuring on AirPort      
configuring on AirPort APs      
configuring OpenSSH      
configuring service on AirPort      
configuring to use with Ethereal      2nd
connecting Linux computer to cell phone      
connection process      
connectors and      
connectors of reverse gender (reverse polarity)      
constructing the BiQuad      
consumer grade, limited capabilities of      
controlling (in Linux) with Bluetooth      
controlling XMMS      
controlling XMMS in Linux      
controlling XMMS with Bluetooth      
conversion to hostnames with ngrep      
convert utility (Image Magick)      
coupling signal to waveguide      
cracking key with AirSnort      
cracking the key      
cracking WEP key      
cracking with AirSnort      
creating filters in Ethereal      
curl network utility      
current prices of      
cut cable omni antenna      
cut cable omni antenna, building      
cut cable, building from      
cutting for cut cable omni antenna      
cutting the pieces      
cylindrical waveguide antennas      
data and voice applications, Bluetooth suitability for      
Data Link layer (OSI model)      
data rates      
data services, mobile network      [See mobile data networks]
DC resistance and voltage drop for a given length      
Debian-based Pebble, using as wireless access point      
decoding mime attachments      
decreases caused by increased frequencies      
decreases caused by increasing frequencies      
decrypt utility      
decrypting a WEP stream, Ethereal and      
deep dish cylindrical parabolic reflector      
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