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Weeks R., Dumbill E., Jepson B. — Linux Unwired
Weeks R., Dumbill E., Jepson B. — Linux Unwired

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Название: Linux Unwired

Авторы: Weeks R., Dumbill E., Jepson B.


In Linux Unwired, you'll learn the basics of wireless computing, from the reasons why you'd want to go wireless in the first place, to setting up your wireless network or accessing wireless data services on the road. The book provides a complete introduction to all the wireless technologies supported by Linux. You'll learn how to install and configure a variety of wireless technologies to fit different scenarios, including an office or home network and for use on the road. You'll also learn how to get Wi-Fi running on a laptop, how to use Linux to create your own access point, and how to deal with cellular networks, Bluetooth, and Infrared. Other topics covered in the book include:

* Connecting to wireless hotspots
* Cellular data plans you can use with Linux
* Wireless security, including WPA and 802.1x
* Finding and mapping Wi-Fi networks with kismet and gpsd
* Connecting Linux to your Palm or Pocket PC
* Sending text messages and faxes from Linux through your cellular phone

Linux Unwired is a one-stop wireless information source for on-the-go Linux users. Whether you're considering Wi-Fi as a supplement or alternative to cable and DSL, using Bluetooth to network devices in your home or office,or want to use cellular data plans for access to data nearly everywhere, this book will show you the full-spectrum view of wireless capabilities of Linux, and how to take advantage of them.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 240

Добавлена в каталог: 14.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
--version parameter (iwconfig)      
--version parameter (iwlist)      
12-channel receiver      
1x Evolution Data Only      [See 1xEV-DO]
1x Radio Transmission Technology      [See 1xRTT]
1x.conf file      
1xEV-DO (1x Evolution Data Only)      
1xEV-DO (1x Evolution Data Only), APN and      
1xEV-DO (1x Evolution Data Only), network      
1xRTT (1x Radio Transmission Technology)      2nd 3rd
1xRTT (1x Radio Transmission Technology), APN and      
1xRTT (1x Radio Transmission Technology), Sprint PCS and      
1xRTT (1x Radio Transmission Technology), Verizon Wireless and      
2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band      
2.4 kernel PCMCIA      
2D RMS      
8-channel receiver      
802.11, family of standards      
802.11, history      
802.11, Prism I reference standard for      
802.11, protocol set      [See Wi-Fi]
802.11b standard      
802.11g cards      
802.11i standard      
802.1x authentication      
Abramson, Norm      
absorption, radio interference and      
Access Point Name (APN)      
access points      
access points, commercial wireless      
access points, configuring      
access points, configuring with Linux      
access points, custom      [See custom access points]
access points, flashing      
access points, scanning for available      
access points, seeing list of available      
access points, WPA support in      
ActionTec (wireless vendor)      
Ad-Hoc Mode      
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)      
Agere wlags49      [See wlags49]
aggregators, wireless      
Aironet radio chipsets      
Allen, Jon      
antennas, directional      
antennas, integrated      
antennas, omnidirectional      
antennas, parabolic dish      
antennas, patch      
antennas, sector      
antennas, Yagi      
AP (wireless access point)      
ap parameter (iwconfig)      
ap parameter (iwlist)      
AP Radar      
AP Radar, associating with access points      
AP Radar, building from source      
AP Radar, compiling from source      
AP Radar, determining if it will run with your card and driver      
AP Radar, Ping default gateway option      
AP Radar, Run dhclient on associate option      
APN (Access Point Name)      
Apple (wireless vendor)      
Apple AirPort      2nd
Apple AirPort, configuration      
AT commands recognized by cellular modems      
AT&T Wireless      2nd
AT&T Wireless, Edge network, connecting to
Atheros radio chipsets      
Atheros radio chipsets, madwifi driver for      
Atmel radio chipsets      
audio and Bluetooth      
BARWN outdoor routers      
Basic Printing Profile (BPP)      
basic service set (BSS)      
bearings (GPS)      
Belkin (wireless vendor)      
Bennett, Peter      
bigsecret (PCMCIA wireless card configuration)      
Bluetooth      2nd 3rd
Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol (BNEP)      2nd
Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)      
Bluetooth, adapters      
Bluetooth, address      
Bluetooth, basics      
Bluetooth, BlueZ utilities, installing      
Bluetooth, bonding/pairing      2nd
Bluetooth, Class 1 and Class 2 devices
Bluetooth, configuration and operation      
Bluetooth, configuring hcid      
Bluetooth, connecting input devices      
Bluetooth, controlling music players with      
Bluetooth, controlling presentations with      
Bluetooth, cool tricks      
Bluetooth, Debian 3.0 and      
Bluetooth, device classes      
Bluetooth, discoverability      
Bluetooth, examining local drives      
Bluetooth, experimental features      
Bluetooth, GUIs      
Bluetooth, hardware      
Bluetooth, Linux hotplug subsystem and      
Bluetooth, Linux support      
Bluetooth, Linux support, configuring kernel      
Bluetooth, Linux support, patching kernel      
Bluetooth, Local Area Network (LAN) access profile      
Bluetooth, Mandrake and      
Bluetooth, master/slave      
Bluetooth, OBEX      
Bluetooth, overview      
Bluetooth, PAN profiles      
Bluetooth, PCMCIA and      
Bluetooth, piconets      
Bluetooth, pinging remote devices      
Bluetooth, PINs      
Bluetooth, PPP networking      
Bluetooth, printing over      
Bluetooth, profiles      
Bluetooth, protocols      
Bluetooth, proximity-sensitive screen blanking      
Bluetooth, quick start      
Bluetooth, RedHat and      
Bluetooth, scanning remote devices      
Bluetooth, scatternets      
Bluetooth, serial connections      
Bluetooth, service discovery      
Bluetooth, SuSE 9.0 and      
Bluetooth, troubleshooting      
Bluetooth, what you can do with      
Bluetooth-enabled ISDN modems, connecting to      
BlueZ utilities      
BlueZ utilities, hardware support configuration options      
BlueZ utilities, installing      
BlueZ utilities, protocol configuration options      
BlueZ utilities, RFCOMM implementation      
bluez-bluefw package      
bluez-hcidump package      
bluez-libs package      
bluez-pan package      
bluez-pan package, LAN access      
bluez-sdp package      
bluez-utils package      
bootable media and access points      
bootable media and access points, CD drives      
bootable media and access points, flash RAM      
Borders bookstores      
bps (bits per second)      
bridges, wireless      
bridging interfaces      
Broadcom radio chipsets      
BSS (basic service set)      
built-in (Bluetooth hardware)      
captive portal      
Cardbus, identifying radio chipset      
cardctl program      
CARDMGR_OPTS option      
Carrier sense multiple access (CSMA)      
CD drives and access points      
CDMA PC card      
CDMA phones      
CDMA phones, with data cable      
CDMA phones, with data cable, getting online      
CDMA2000 family of protocols      
CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data)      
Cell phones      
cell phones, connecting to Internet with      
cell phones, download and upload speeds      
cell phones, Internet access using Bluetooth      
cell phones, sending faxes      
cell phones, sending text messages      
cellular carriers      
cellular data networks      
Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD)      
cellular modems, AT commands recognized by      
Cellular networks      2nd
Centrino chipset      
CEP (Circular Error Probable)      
CF-IDE adapters      
channel parameter (iwconfig)      
chipset compatibility      
chipset compatibility, common chipsets      
chipset compatibility, identifying chipsets      
chipset compatibility, identifying chipsets, PCI      
chipset compatibility, identifying chipsets, PCMCIA or Cardbus      
chipset compatibility, identifying chipsets, USB      
chipset compatibility, Linux, driver support, and GPL      
Cingular Wireless      2nd
Circuit Switched Data (CSD)      
Circular Error Probable (CEP)      
Cisco (wireless vendor)      2nd
Cisco radio chipsets      
client-to-client communication      
closed networks and Kismet      
Code division multiple access (CDMA)      
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 1xRTT (1x Radio Transmission Technology)      
Cometa (hotspot provider)      
Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)      
communicating securely      
Compact Flash cards      2nd
Compact Flash cards, Kingston      
Compact Flash cards, Linux-powered access points and      
Compact Flash cards, reformatting problems      
Compact Flash cards, SanDisk      
Compact Flash cards, WISP-Dist and      
config command (cardctl program)      
configuring and compiling Linux kernel      
configuring and compiling Linux kernel, configuring boot loader program      
configuring and compiling Linux kernel, editing .config file      
configuring and compiling Linux kernel, reasons for      
configuring and compiling Linux kernel, requirements      
configuring and compiling Linux kernel, uncompressing kernel      
CONFIG_NET_RADIO option      
contacts, synchronizing      
CORE_OPTS option      
CSD (Circuit Switched Data)      
CSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access)      
custom access points      
custom access points, bootable media      
custom access points, bootable media, CD drives      
custom access points, bootable media, flash RAM      
custom access points, booting from network      
custom access points, Fujitsu Stylistic      
custom access points, hardware      
custom access points, hardware, components      
custom access points, hardware, deciding factors      
custom access points, hardware, memory      
custom access points, hardware, minimum requirements      
custom access points, hardware, ports      
custom access points, hardware, power      
custom access points, hardware, processor speed      
custom access points, hardware, recycled      
custom access points, hardware, support      2nd
custom access points, LEAF/WISP-Dist      
custom access points, Linux-powered off-the-shelf      
custom access points, LinuxAP      
custom access points, old laptop PC      
custom access points, PCMCIA slots in laptop      
custom access points, Pebble      
custom access points, radio cards      
custom access points, radio cards, master mode      
custom access points, reasons for      
custom access points, small board and embedded PCs      
custom access points, small board and embedded PCs, BARWN outdoor routers      
custom access points, small board and embedded PCs, OpenBrick      
custom access points, small board and embedded PCs, Soekris motherboards      
custom access points, software      
custom access points, software, Agere wlags49      
custom access points, software, Hermes AP      
custom access points, software, HostAP      
custom access points, software, Linux      
custom access points, software, Madwifi      
Cyclic redundancy check (CRC)      
D-Link (wireless vendor)      
DB9 connector      
Debian 3.0      
Debian 3.0, Bluetooth and      
Debian 3.0r1 and IrDA      
Debian, configuring network devices      
Debian, installing Kismet      
Dell 1150 card      
Dell TrueMobile 1184      
Deluo GPS      
Deluo Laptop GPS receiver      
Dial-up Networking Profile (DUN)      
Differential GPS (DGPS)      
digital cellular phone networks      
Direct Sequence      
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum      
Directional antennas      
dldrconfig command      
dldrstop command      
download speeds of cell phones      
drivers, Linux Wi-Fi      
drivers, Linux Wi-Fi, hostap_cs      
drivers, Linux Wi-Fi, madwifi      
drivers, Linux Wi-Fi, orinoco_cs      
drivers, Linux Wi-Fi, wlan-ng      
dual-mode cards      
dund program      
dund program, connecting to LAN access server      
EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)      
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