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Lane D., Williams H.E. — Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL
Lane D., Williams H.E. — Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL

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Название: Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL

Авторы: Lane D., Williams H.E.


This new edition has been redesigned around the rich offerings of PEAR. Several of these, including the Template package and the database-independent query API, are fully integrated into examples and thoroughly described in the text. In addition, through a complex sample application — Hugh and Dave's Wine Store — all the important techniques of dynamic content are introduced. Good design is emphasized, such as dividing logic from presentation. The book introduces PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 features, while providing techniques that can be used on older versions of the software that are still in widespread use.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: second edition

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 816

Добавлена в каталог: 07.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
!= (not equals operator)      
!== (is-not-identical operator))      
# (one-line comments)      
$ (end anchor) (regular expressions)      
$_SESSION array      
% (modulo function)      
* (matching operator) (regular expressions)      
+ (matching operator) (regular expressions)      
. (dot operator)      
.php file extension      
/* and */ (multi-line comments)      
// (one-line comments)      
4/5 rounding rules      
<=> (NULL-safe equality comparison operator)      
<?php and ?> script tags
<base> element (HTML)
<pre> tags
<select multiple> tag
== (double-equal operator)      
== (equality operator)      
== (equality operator), string comparisons and      
=== (is-identical operator)      
=> (equal-to or greater-than operator)      
? (matching operator) (regular expressions)      
abs( ) function (MySQL)      
abs( ) function (PHP)      
absolute URLs      
Absolute values      
abstract classes (PHP 5)      
acos( ) function (MySQL)      
addtocart.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
Adobe, Adobe Reader      
Adobe, PDF      [See PDF]
Adobe, PostScript      
alert( ) method (JavaScript)      
alice.inc include file      
ALL statement      
Apache, HTTP authentication using      
Apache, Linux      
Apache, Linux, checking for installation on      
Apache, Linux, installing on      
Apache, Linux, secure server installation      
Apache, Linux, standard server installation      
Apache, Mac OS X      
Apache, Mac OS X, installation on      
Apache, Mac OS X, secure server installation      
Apache, web servers      
Apache, Windows, installing on      [See EasyPHP]
array( ) function (PHP)      
array( ) language construct      
arrays, array order      
arrays, associative arrays      
arrays, basic array functions      
arrays, creating      
arrays, definition      
arrays, destroying      
arrays, foreach statement, traversing with      
arrays, heterogenous arrays      
arrays, keys and values      
Arrays, multidimensional arrays      
arrays, removing elements from      
arrays, sorting      
arrays, sorting, associative arrays      
arrays, sorting, based on user-defined criteria      
arrays, sorting, on keys      
arrays, sorting, sort( ) and rsort( )      
arrays, superglobals      
array_fill( ) function (PHP)      
array_key_exists( ) function (PHP)      
array_merge( ) function (PHP)      
array_reverse( ) function (PHP)      
array_search( ) function (PHP)      
arsort( ) function (PHP)      
asin( ) function (MySQL)      
asort( ) function (PHP)      
assignment (=) and equality (== operators), compared      
associative arrays      
associative arrays, sorting of      
atan( ) function (MySQL)      
Attributes      2nd 3rd 4th
attributes, data types      
attributes, modifiers      
auth/changepassword.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
auth/login.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
auth/logincheck.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
auth/logout.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
auth/password.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
authenticate.inc (winestore database)      2nd
authenticated( ) function (PHP)      2nd
authenticateUser( ) function (PHP)      2nd
authentication, authentication databases      
authentication, authentication databases, authentication process      
authentication, authentication databases, password encryption in      
Authentication, form-based      
authentication, HTTP authentication      
authentication, HTTP authentication, advantages      
authentication, HTTP authentication, disadvantages      
authentication, PEAR packages for      
authentication, session hijacking      
authentication, session hijacking, prevention      
authentication, session-based applications and      
authentication, session-based framework      
authentication.inc file      
authentication.inc file (winestore database)      
AVG( ) function (MySQL)      
backslash (\)      
backslash (\) (regular expressions)      
backslash (\), inclusion in double-quoted strings      
backTrace( ) function (PHP)      
base classes      2nd
benchmarking PEAR packages      
BETWEEN operator      
bindec( ) function (PHP)      
bookmarks and sessions      
Boolean variables      
braces ({}) (regular expressions)      
brackets ([])      
brackets ([]) (regular expressions)      
branching statements      
caching PEAR packages      
callback functions      
cart/addtocart.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
cart/emptycart.php script (winestore database)      
cart/showcart.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
cart/updatecart.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
Cartesian products      
case, changing in strings      
CaseCounter object      
catch statement      2nd [See also try...catch statement]
ceil( ) function (PHP)      
ceiling( ) function (MySQL)      
Cezpdf( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::Cezpdf( ) class constructor (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezColumnsStart( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezColumnsStop( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezImage( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezInsertMode( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezNewPage( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezOutput( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezSetCmMargins( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezSetDy( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezSetMargins( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezSetY( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezStartPageNumbers( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezStopPageNumbers( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezStream( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezTable( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cezpdf::ezText( ) method (pdf-php)      
challenge method      
changepassword.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
Character encoding      
characters, replacing in strings      
checkdate( ) function (PHP)      2nd
class diagrams      
class references      
class type hints (PHP 5)      2nd
classes, defining with include files      
client tier      
client tier, thickening the client      
Client-server architecture      
client-side validation      
client-side validation, advantages      
cloning objects      
close( ) function (PHP)      
code examples      
code examples, Linux installation      
code examples, Mac OS X installation      
code examples, Windows installation      
Columns      2nd
command interpreter (MySQL)      
compareDates( ) method      
Comparison operators      
compound types      
concat( ) function (MySQL)      2nd
concat_ws( ) function (MySQL)      
concurrent access      
conditional expressions      
conditional statements      
confirm( ) method (JavaScript)      
connection resource      
console PEAR packages      
Constraints      2nd
control flow functions (MySQL)      
cos( ) function (MySQL)      
COUNT( ) function (MySQL)      
count( ) function (PHP)      
Cpdf::addDestination( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::addInfo( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::addInternalLink( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::addJpegFromFile( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::addLink( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::addObject( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::addPngFromFile( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::addText( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::closeObject( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::curve( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::ellipse( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::filledRectangle( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::getFontDecender( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::getFontHeight( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::getTextWidth( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::line( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::openHere( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::openObject( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::partEllipse( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::polygon( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::rectangle( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::reopenObject( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::selectFont( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::setColor( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::setEncryption( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::setLineStyle( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::setPreferences( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::setStrokeColor( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::stopObject( ) method (pdf-php)      
Cpdf::transaction( ) method (pdf-php)      
CREATE DATABASE statement      
CREATE TABLE statement      
CREATE TABLE statement, ER modeling and      
CREATE TABLE statement, KEY clause and      
CREATE TABLE statement, SELECT, using with      
credit card validation      
crypt( ) function (PHP)      
crypt( ) function (PHP), md5( ), compared to      
CURDATE( ) function (MySQL)      
current timestamps      
CURTIME( ) function (MySQL)      
customer purchasing report, outputting      
customer/details.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
customer/receipt.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
customer/validate.php (winestore database)      2nd 3rd 4th
customHandler( ) function (PHP)      
customHandler.inc (winestore database)      
custreceipt.tpl (winestore database)      
Data Source Name      
Data types      [See types]
data types (MySQL)      
data versioning      
database servers      
database servers, reasons for using      
database tier      2nd
DATABASE( ) function (MySQL)      
databases, altering      
databases, authentication, using for      
databases, backup and recovery      
databases, backup and recovery, mysqldump      
databases, backup and recovery, restoring databases      
databases, backup and recovery, selective backups      
databases, bulk loading files into      
databases, connecting to and querying, scripting for      
databases, creating      
databases, data, working with      
databases, data, working with, deleting      
databases, data, working with, inserting      
databases, data, working with, updating      
databases, database management systems      [See DBMSs]
databases, definition      
databases, delayed insertions      
databases, deleting data      2nd
databases, designing      
databases, exportation of data      
databases, INSERT, using with SELECT      
databases, inserting data      2nd
databases, inserting data, data entry      
databases, inserting data, data validation      
databases, inserting data, receipt page      
databases, inserts, updates, and deletes      
databases, join queries      
databases, managing      
databases, MySQL      
databases, MySQL, command interpreter      
databases, PEAR packages for      
databases, query caching      
databases, reloading data      
databases, replacing data      
databases, SELECT queries      [See SELECT statement]
databases, table types      
databases, tables, checking and repair      
databases, tables, creating      
databases, tables, creating, based on ER modeling      
databases, tables, deleting      
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