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Allen R., Lowe-Norris A.G. — Active Directory
Allen R., Lowe-Norris A.G. — Active Directory

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Название: Active Directory

Авторы: Allen R., Lowe-Norris A.G.


Windows 2000 Active Directory is a notably authoritative and engaging guide to the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for any administrator or developer making the move to the new Windows and this powerful directory standard.
Articulate and technically astute, the author comes across as a trusted advisor, providing an expert's view of designing the layout of your company's Active Directory schema. In realistic terms, he shows you how AD can coexist with Unix directories. The book not only provides a collection of screen shots (though there are hands-on tutorials for specific tasks) but also a nicely in-depth tour of what Internet directories are and what advantages Active Directory offers. Case studies on sample domains and organization units (OUs) for sample companies, including a model global corporation, will help you cope with the design of even the most complex directories. Hints for limiting "domains" and favoring the more flexible "organizational units" (OUs) will also help you think in Windows 2000 terms.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 2-nd

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 752

Добавлена в каталог: 05.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
.NET Framework      
.NET Framework, defined      
.NET Framework, SDK website      
4LSDOU process      [See also LSDOU process]2nd
4LSDOU process, blocking policy inheritance      
4LSDOU process, GPOs, prioritizing application of      
abstract class      
Access Control Entries (ACEs)      2nd
Access Control Entries (ACEs), complex example      
Access Control Entries (ACEs), listing for objects (OU or below)      
Access Control Entries (ACEs), properties      
Access control lists (ACLs)      2nd
Access Control Lists (ACLs), GPOs, modifying      
Access Control Lists (ACLs), log entries (Active Directory)      
Access Control Lists (ACLs), managing permissions globally from ACL window      
Access Control Lists (ACLs), modifying with SIDWALK      
Access Control Settings (ACSs)      
access, Delegation of Control wizard, selection of      
access, setting for users (Organizational Units)      
AccessMask property      2nd
AccessMask property, constants      
Account Lockout Policy settings      
account lockouts      
Account Unlocker utility      
accounts, database, PDC for domain holding      
accounts, policies      
AceFlags property      2nd
AceFlags property, auditing successes or failures      
AceFlags property, inheritance and auditing information      
AceType property      
ACS window, Auditing Entries (AEs)      
Active Desktop, configuring or disabling      
Active Directory (AD)      
Active Directory (AD), accessing with digital certificate      
Active Directory (AD), application mode      [See AD/AM]
Active Directory (AD), backing up      
Active Directory (AD), complete authoritative restore      
Active Directory (AD), data lifespan, considering when adding      
Active Directory (AD), database transactions, aborted      
Active Directory (AD), design restrictions      
Active Directory (AD), design, complexities of      
Active Directory (AD), DNS server, integrating into      
Active Directory (AD), export restrictions      
Active Directory (AD), FSMO role owners, storage locations      
Active Directory (AD), Global Catalog (GC)      
Active Directory (AD), GPOs      
Active Directory (AD), GPOs, configuration data, storing      
Active Directory (AD), GPOs, how they are used      
Active Directory (AD), groups      
Active Directory (AD), IP security policies      
Active Directory (AD), nonauthoritative restore      
Active Directory (AD), objects, storing in      
Active Directory (AD), Organizational Units      [See Organizational Units]
Active Directory (AD), partial authoritative restore      
Active Directory (AD), prefixes      
Active Directory (AD), querying with WMI      
Active Directory (AD), restoring      
Active Directory (AD), searching      
Active Directory (AD), searching with ADO      
Active Directory (AD), versus Windows NT      
Active Directory Application Mode (AD/AM)      2nd
Active Directory Application Mode (AD/AM), LDAP directory comparison      
Active Directory Application Mode (AD/AM), website      
Active Directory Application Mode (AD/AM), Windows Integrated Authentication and      
Active Directory Connector (ADC)      
Active Directory Connector (ADC), Exchange 5.5 and      
Active Directory database, GUIDs      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, delegating      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, delegating, integration issues      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, delegating, political factors      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, delegating, setup and configuration      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, delegating, support and maintenance      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, not delegating      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, not delegating, integration issues      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, not delegating, political factors      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, not delegating, setup and configuration      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, not delegating, support and maintenance      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, replication and      
Active Directory Integrated DNS zones, storage options      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI)      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), ADO OLE DB connector      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), ADS_ACEFLAG_ENUM, values for      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), ADS_ACETYPE_ENUM, values for      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), ADS_FLAGTYPE_ENUM, values for      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), ADS_RIGHTS_ENUM, values for      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), ADS_SD_CONTROL_ENUM, values for      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), COM interfaces      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), enhancing with ASP or VB interface      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), errors, MSDN listing of      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), help from VB when coding      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), namespaces, ProgIDs, and ADsPaths      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), objects, accessing in directories or on servers      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), permissions, supporting      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), pitfalls      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), schema, modifying      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), scripts      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), scripts, migrating from VBScript to VB      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), simple example      
Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI), using (RetailCorp example)      
Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) tool      
Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) tool, context menus      
Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) tool, icons      
Active Server Pages (ASPs)      
Active Server Pages (ASPs), ADSI, enhancing with      
Active Server Pages (ASPs), HTML forms, creating with      
Active Server Pages (ASPs), incorporating scripts      
Active Server Pages (ASPs), password retrieval      
Active Server Pages (ASPs), pitfalls      
ActiveX controls      
ActiveX controls, ASPs and      
ActiveX controls, software component interaction, enabling      
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)      
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), database servers, accessing data held in      
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), OLE DB connector      
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), searches incorporated into ASP      
Add/Remove Programs control panel      
Add/Remove Programs control panel, customizing for user      
administration, customized GPEs, creating for      
administration, delegating automonous (to branches)      
administration, delegating with Organizational Units      2nd 3rd
administration, GPOs, designing delegation of      
administration, naming schemes, adhering to      
administrative templates      
administrative templates, ADM files      
administrative templates, ADM files, migrating from system policies to GPOs      
ADPrep, DomainPrep      
ADPrep, ForestPrep      
ADPrep, Service Pack (SP) 2 and      
ADSIEdit tool      
ADsPaths      2nd
ADsPaths, LDAP namespace      
ADS_ACEFLAG_ENUM enumerated type      
ADS_ACEFLAG_ENUM enumerated type, online information      
ADS_ACETYPE_ENUM enumerated type      
ADS_ACETYPE_ENUM enumerated type, online information      
ADS_AUTHENTICATION_ENUM enumerated type, values for      
ADS_FLAGTYPE_ENUM enumerated type      
ADS_FLAGTYPE_ENUM enumerated type, online information      
ADS_RIGHTS_ENUM enumerated type      
ADS_RIGHTS_ENUM enumerated type, online information      
All Users profile      
AND keyword      
anonymous connection      
application partitions      
application partitions, DNS and      
applications, installations, configuring for users      
applications, opening and using (a)synchronously with script      
Array function (VBScript)      
arrays, dynamic and multidimensional      
arrays, ReDim, preserving existing contents with      
arrays, sorting values in      
arrays, splitting elements      
arrays, variable for holding results (SearchAD)      
arrResults array      
arrServerResults array      
atomic permissions      
attribute syntax, defined      
Attribute-Schema class      
Attribute-Schema class, objects, defining attributes of an instance      
Attribute-Schema class, schema changes, problems with      
Attribute-Schema/attributeSchema objects      
attributes, as properties      
attributes, Class-Schema object instance      
attributes, classes (Attribute-Schema objects)      
attributes, comma-separated list to return (SearchAD)      
attributes, connection agreement      
attributes, Exchange, viewing in raw mode      
attributes, filters, including in      
attributes, GC, inclusion in or exclusion from      
attributes, recordset fields      
attributes, system checks for new      
attributes, User class settings      
Auditing Entries (AEs)      
auditing, audit policy      
auditing, designing schemes      
authentication, ADO script      
authentication, ADSI connections      
authentication, binding to objects via      
authentication, DCs      
authentication, DCs, deciding number necessary for      
authentication, DCs, placing for      
authentication, digital certificates, using      
authentication, from passwords input via forms      
authentication, Kerberos      
authentication, NTLM      
authentication, servers, configuring for multiple sites      
authentication, to a directory server      
authentication, User-Principal-Name (UPN), using      
automatic trust relationships      
Auxiliary class      2nd 3rd
Auxiliary class in Windows 2000      
Auxiliary class in Windows Server 2003      
backup domain controllers (BDCs)      
Backup Domain Controllers (BDCs), Windows 2000 groups, replicating      
backup, restoring from      
Base string      
binding to objects via authentication      
Block Policy inheritance option      
blocking (GPOs), restricting use of      
bookmarks (resultsets)      
branches, adding to OID namespace      
branches, OID numbers      
bridgehead servers      2nd
bridging routes, deciding whether to use      
built-in user groups (Windows NT)      
business model, recreating with Organizational Units      2nd
business plans, designing to help      
business structure, representing in Active Directory design      
business units, creating separate forests for      
cached profile deletion      
canonical name (CNAME)      
certificates, using to encrypt data      
Class-Display-Name attribute      
Class-Schema/classSchema objects      2nd
Class-Schema/classSchema objects, class-schema objects, problems with modifying      
Class-Schema/classSchema objects, schema changes, problems with      
classes, Active Directory, creating new      
classes, schema, creating instances of new      
clients, enumerating sessions and resources      
clients, placement of      
CNAME (canonical name)      
collection objects (ADO)      
Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) file      
Command object, controlling searches with      
command, executing specific (open connection)      
common names (cn)      
common names (cn), cn attribute      
Common Open File Dialog box, customizing      
complete authoritative restore      
complete trust domains, upgrading      
complexity of Active Directory design      
Component Object Model (COM)      
Component Object Model (COM), interfaces      
Computers MMC      
Computers MMC, extra property pages with ADC installed      
computers, connections, authenticating with digital certificates      
computers, display specifiers for computer class      
computers, GPOs      
computers, GPOs, applying during boot      
computers, GPOs, settings, applying in      
computers, Organizational Unit structure holding      
computers, resources, identifying on      
computers, sessions, identifying      
computers, Windows settings      
conditional forwarding      
Configuration Container      
Configuration Naming Context      2nd
Configuration Naming Context, display specifiers      
configuration, Computer and User Configuration (GPE)      
configuration, GPC data (for GPOs)      
configuration, server, for multiple sites      
conflict resolution, replicating      
connection agreement      
connection agreement, primary and secondary      
connections, intersite links      
connections, intersite links, creating without using KCC      
connections, intrasite, KCC generation of      
connections, RAS and LAN, configuring for user      
Connection\:\:Close method      
Connection\:\:Execute method      
connectors, OLE DB Connector      
consolidation of groups after domain conversion      
constants (ADO)      
constants (ADO), search using VB      
containers, GPOs      
containers, GPOs, disabling application of      
containers, GPOs, linking to new      
containers, moving (between domains) with MOVETREE      
containers, objects, displaying as (vs. leaf) in ADUC      
containers, Organizational Units vs.      
context menus      
Control property (SDs), constants      
convergence, maximum (replication among DCs)      
costs (site links)      2nd 3rd
country-specific OIDs      
Creator Owner (GPO)      
criteria strings      
criteria strings, filters, using in      
criteria strings, SearchAD function      
Ctrl+Alt+Del options      
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