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Cabrera l.-F., Kurt C. — Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications: Essentials for Understanding WS-*
Cabrera l.-F., Kurt C. — Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications: Essentials for Understanding WS-*

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Название: Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications: Essentials for Understanding WS-*

Авторы: Cabrera l.-F., Kurt C.


Whether you’re evaluating, planning, architecting, or building a Web services implementation, this concise guide brings together the essential information and resources you need about the specifications that define the Web services architecture—from two of its key architects. Authors Cabrera and Kurt deliver an expert architectural overview and examine infrastructure protocols to help you understand the principles behind the design and the overall coherence of the suite of protocols. For each of the core technologies, you’ll find succinct descriptions and scenario-based examples that illustrate how and when to use a particular WS-* specification.

Get concise descriptions, expert insights, and examples to help you:

•Understand the infrastructure protocols defining the Web services architecture—and extend your programming dexterity

•Determine what protocols to use and how to compose them within the architecture

•Use WSDL and WS-Policy to define formal policies and requirements for communication among services

•Support highly dynamic program-to-program interactions, which may be co-located at a computer or distributed across a network

•Implement a range of distributed systems, including synchronous and asynchronous messaging systems, mobile networked systems, and peer-to-peer environments

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 192

Добавлена в каталог: 04.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
2PC (Two-Phase Commit) protocol      2nd
Action elements      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
active requestors      
addressing, Agents      
addressing, base addresses      
addressing, endpoint references      2nd
addressing, FaultTo addresses      
addressing, management resource example      
addressing, processing semantics      
addressing, references      2nd
addressing, reply example      
addressing, specification      [See WSAddressing]
Agents, WS-Management      
Agents, WS-Management, addressing      
Agents, WS-Management, message sequence      
agreement coordination protocols      
All operator, WS-Policy      
Application integration      
application security, system federations      
assertions, security      2nd 3rd
asynchronous request/response pattern      
Atomic transactions      2nd
attachments, SOAP      
attachments, SOAP, policy      
attachments, SOAP, ZIP files for      
attribute information items      2nd
authentication, defined      
authentication, message authentication      
authentication, Single Sign On      
authentication, WS-SecureConversation      
authentication, WS-Security      
authorization, attacks      2nd
authorization, defined      
autonomous services      
autonomous services, advantages      
autonomous services, defined      
autonomous services, federated model      
autonomous services, implications      
autonomous services, requirements      
autonomous services, versioning implications      
base addresses, WS-Addressing      
Basic Profile 1.0      
Basic Security Profile (BSP)      
batched delivery mode      
batched delivery mode, WS-Eventing      
batched delivery mode, WS-Management      
binding elements      
binding elements, bindingTemplate elements      
binding elements, WSDL example      
Body elements, SOAP      2nd
broadcast message pattern      
brokers, WS-Eventing      
BSP (Basic Security Profile)      
businessEntity elements      
businessService elements      
Bye messages      2nd
caching, NoCache qualifier      
canonicalization      2nd
character information items      
claims, defined      
claims, security      
comment information items      
communications, attacks on      
Completion protocol      
components of Web Services Architecture      
Composability      [See protocol composability]
confidentiality, attacks on      2nd
confidentiality, defined      
confidentiality, WS Security for      
confidentiality, XML Encryption for      
contracts, advantages      
contracts, defined      2nd
contracts, managed transparency concept      
contracts, metadata for      
coordination contexts      2nd 3rd
coordination protocols      
coordination protocols, 2PC protocol      2nd
coordination protocols, agreements requirement      
coordination protocols, committed messages      
coordination protocols, Completion protocol      
coordination protocols, coordination contexts      2nd 3rd
coordination protocols, designated coordinators      
coordination protocols, explicit coordination      
coordination protocols, list of      
coordination protocols, purpose      
coordination protocols, queued systems      
coordination protocols, registration operations      
coordination protocols, reliable messaging      
coordination protocols, responses to registration      
coordination protocols, specification      [See WS-Coordination]
coordination protocols, spontaneous coordination      
coordination protocols, synchronous request-response pattern      
coordination protocols, three-leg handshakes      
coordination protocols, WS-AtomicTransaction      2nd
coordination protocols, WS-BusinessActivity      
Create messages, WS-Transfer      2nd
CreateResponse messages, WS-Transfer      
definition of Web services      
definitions, WSDL      
Delete messages, WS-Transfer      2nd
DeleteResponse messages, WS-Transfer      
delivery modes, WS-Eventing      
denial of service (DoS) attacks      2nd
designated coordinators      2nd
Device Profile for Web Services (WS-DP)      
digests, cryptographic      
Digital signatures      [See signatures]
directories, bindings to implementations      
directories, deployment      
directories, discovery example      
directories, parts      
directories, private      
directories, queries with UDDI      
directories, service offered lists      
directories, service provider descriptions      
directories, taxonomies, standard      
directories, tModels      2nd
directories, UDDI elements      [See UDDI (Universal Description Discovery
discovery, bindings to implementations      
discovery, Bye messages      2nd
discovery, deployment of directories      
discovery, devices with      
discovery, directories      [See directories]
discovery, Discovery Proxies      
discovery, dynamic      2nd
discovery, enumeration with      [See WSEnumeration (WS-Enum)]
discovery, eventing with      [See WS-Eventing]
discovery, Hello messages      
discovery, importance of      
discovery, parts of directories      
discovery, private directories      
discovery, Probe messages      2nd
discovery, Resolve messages      
discovery, School of Fine Art example      
discovery, service provider descriptions      
discovery, services offered lists      
discovery, specification      [See WS-Discovery]
discovery, taxonomies, standard      
discovery, tModels      2nd
discovery, UDDI for      [See UDDI (Universal Description Discovery
discovery, WS-DP      
discovery, WS-Eventing with      
document information items      
Document/Literal encoding      
domains, security      
domains, security, defined      
domains, security, federations      
domains, security, trust      
DoS (denial of service) attacks      2nd
Durable 2PC protocol      
durable two-phase commits      
dynamic discovery      2nd
effective policies      
element information items      
elements, Action      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
elements, bindingTemplates      
elements, Body      2nd
elements, businessEntity      
elements, businessService      
elements, Envelope      2nd
elements, Expires      
elements, FaultTo      
elements, Filter      
elements, Header      [See Header elements]
elements, HTTP binding      
elements, Infoset      
elements, Key      
elements, Locale      2nd
elements, MessageID      
elements, NoCache      
elements, overviewDoc      
elements, portType      2nd
elements, RelatesTo      2nd
elements, ReplyTo      
elements, services, WSDL      
elements, Signature      
elements, timeout      
elements, TokenType      
encoding with RPC/Encoded      
encryption, DoS attacks on      2nd
encryption, message body example      
encryption, multiple in messages      
encryption, shared secrets      
encryption, signatures      [See signatures]
encryption, SOAP header issues      
encryption, symmetric key algorithms      
encryption, WS-SecureConversation      
encryption, X.509      2nd
endpoint references      
endpoint references, base addresses      
endpoint references, defined      
endpoint references, example      
endpoint references, parameters      2nd 3rd
endpoint references, properties      2nd
endpoint references, purpose      
enumeration, contexts, returning      
Enumeration, defined      
enumeration, Enumerate messages      
enumeration, EnumerateResponse messages      
enumeration, EnumerationEnd messages      
enumeration, Filter elements      
enumeration, GetStatus operation      
enumeration, message sequence example      
enumeration, Pull messages      2nd
enumeration, PullResponse messages      
enumeration, purpose      
enumeration, Release messages      2nd
enumeration, ReleaseResponse messages      
enumeration, Renew operation      
enumeration, requesting lists of items      
enumeration, specification      [See WSEnumeration (WS-Enum)]
enumeration, state management issues      
Envelope elements, SOAP      2nd
events, Action URI references      
events, batched delivery      2nd
events, batched events      
events, brokers      
events, delivery modes      2nd
events, discovery with      
events, event sinks      
events, Expires elements      
events, fountain example      
events, GetStatus messages      
events, GetStatusResponse messages      
events, Identifier      
events, message scenario      
events, Notification messages      
events, notification specification      
events, portType elements      
events, Pull delivery      2nd
events, purpose      2nd
events, Renew messages      
events, RenewResponse messages      
events, resource lifetimes      
events, School of Fine Art example      
events, specification      [See WS-Eventing]
events, subscription      2nd 3rd 4th
events, Trap Delivery messages      2nd
events, Unsubscribe messages      
events, UnsubscribeResponse messages      
events, WS-Management with      2nd
events, WSDL annotation for      
ExactlyOne operator, WS-Policy      
example scenarios      [See also School of Fine Art example]
exchange patterns      
explicit coordination      2nd
Factories      2nd 3rd 4th
FaultTo elements      
federations, autonomous services implications of      
federations, defined      
federations, WS-Security      
forced independence      [See autonomous services]
Get messages, WS-Transfer      2nd
Get operation, WS-Management      
GetResponse messages, WS-Transfer      
GetStatus operation, WS-Enumeration      
Header elements      
Header elements, Action elements      2nd
Header elements, defined      
Header elements, HTTP headers      
Header elements, mandatory header blocks      
Header elements, mustUnderstand attribute      
Header elements, reference parameters in      
Header elements, relay attribute      
Header elements, role attribute      
Header elements, SOAP example      
Hello messages, WS-Discovery      2nd
host confidentiality attacks      2nd
HTTP, binding elements      
HTTP, disadvantages of      
HTTP, header example      
HTTP, message orientation based on      
identifiers, message      
identities, security      
Identity mapping      
identity providers (IPs)      2nd
information items      
Infosets, Attribute information items      2nd
Infosets, binary data in      
Infosets, character information items      
Infosets, comment information items      
Infosets, components      
Infosets, defined      
1 2 3 4
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