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Shepherd Ph.S. (ed.), Dean Ch. (ed.) Ч Monoclonal Antibodies: A Practical Approach
Shepherd Ph.S. (ed.), Dean Ch. (ed.) Ч Monoclonal Antibodies: A Practical Approach

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Ќазвание: Monoclonal Antibodies: A Practical Approach

јвторы: Shepherd Ph.S. (ed.), Dean Ch. (ed.)


Monoclonal Antibodies: A Practical Approach covers the preparation, testing, derivation, and applications of monoclonal antibodies. New immunological techniques incorporating tried and tested methodologies are described, making the book of interest to established and inexperienced immunologists. Both the standard somatic hybridization technique and recombinant techniques, including the use of phage libraries, for the preparation of rodent and human monoclonal antibodies are described. Protocols for both the small and large scale production are detailed, as well as purification and labelling (with both radioisotopes and non-radioisotopes) methods. The applications of monoclonal antibodies in immunoblotting, enzyme linked immunoassays, immunofluorescence, and FACS analysis are all covered in detail. Finally protocols are given for the use of monoclonal antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis, tissue typing, detecting DNA modified during chemotherapy, and in the clinical analysis of transplantation samples for malignancy. This book will therefore be an invaluable laboratory companion to anyone using monoclonal antibodies in their research.

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√од издани€: 2000

 оличество страниц: 479

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.02.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
2-mercaptoethanol, reduction-mediated Tc-99m-mAbs      226Ч227
2-mercaptoethanol, serum supplement      128
2TY media      68
3,3Т-diaminobenzidine (DAB) chromogen with HRP      402Ч403
3,3Т-diaminobenzidine (DAB) chromogen, DAB-HRP enhancement      405
3-amino-9-ethylcarbazole, chromogen with HRP      403
3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane, coatings      394
Acusyst culture      138 139
Adhesion molecules, mAbs in RA      454
Affinity chromatography      158Ч162
Affinity, choice of ligand      160Ч161
Affinity, immunoaffinity      319Ч339
Agarose, embedding cells      427
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation in tobacco      188Ч192 196Ч199
Airlift fermenters      136
Alkaline phosphatase, anti-alkaline phosphatase, (APAAP) method, immunocytochemical staining      400Ч401
Alkaline phosphatase, AP-conjugated secondary Abs      280
Alkaline phosphatase, Fast Red TR salt chromogen      404Ч405
Alkaline phosphatase, IgG labelling      304Ч305
Alkaline phosphatase, mAb labelling      240 277
Alkaline sarkosyl      16
Amine group-specific dye derivatives      356
Ammonium sulfate, precipitation      144 157Ч158
Animal models, organ transplantation and mAb therapy      435Ч436
Anion exchange, chromatography      165Ч166
Anti-IL6 and -IL6R mAbs      453Ч454
Anti-receptor Abs, ligand binding assays      17
Anti-TNF-alpha mAbs      452Ч453
Antibody genes      33Ч34
Antibody labelling      see УSpecific types of labelФ
Antibody therapies avoiding antiglobulin response      434
Antibody therapies, depletion vs non-depletion      433Ч434
Antibody therapies, immunosuppression vs immunological tolerance      432Ч433
Antibody therapies, mAbs in organ transplantation      431Ч448
Antibody therapies, radioimmunotherapy      229Ч231
Antibody therapies, rheumatoid arthritis      449Ч461
Antibody-ribosome-mRNA, (ARM) complexes      91Ч109
Antibody-ribosome-mRNA, amplification of genetic information      102Ч103
Antibody-ribosome-mRNA, antigen selection      98Ч103
Antibody-ribosome-mRNA, antigen selection recovery of DNA      100Ч103
Antibody-ribosome-mRNA, ARM specificity      105Ч106
Antibody-ribosome-mRNA, cycles and cloning      103Ч105
Antibody-ribosome-mRNA, generation by coupled transcription/translation      96Ч98
Antigen binding, immunoaffinity chromatography      331Ч333
Antigens immobilized, immunotubes      71Ч74
Antigens labelling, competitive binding immunoassays      309Ч311
Antigens on live cells      5Ч6
Antigens or streptavidin-coupled magnetic beads      98Ч99
Antigens, antigen-mAb complexes, recognition      277
Antigens, coating multiwell plates      12Ч13
Antigens, preparation for immunization      5
Antigens, reconstitution, immunoaffinity chromatography      335Ч336
Antigens, retrieval high temperature (HTAR)      397Ч398
Antigens, retrieval proteolysis      396Ч398
Antiglobulin response, antibody therapies      434
Arabidopsis, antibody fragment production      182Ч183
ARM cycle      92
ARM display      91Ч109
ARM examples      105Ч107
ARM method      93Ч105
ARM method, primer design and vH/K construction      93Ч96
ARM troubleshooting      107 (see also УAntibody-ribosome-mRNA (ARM) complexesФ)
Ascitic route of hybridoma, production      126
At-211, radioimmunotherapy, applications      230
Avidin-biotin complex detection      398Ч400
B lymphocytes and myeloma cells      1Ч23
B lymphocytes and myeloma cells, preparation for fusion      10
B lymphocytes, Epstein Ч Barr virus transformation      114Ч116
B lymphocytes, lymphoblastoid cell lines (B-LCL)      114Ч117
B lymphocytes, lymphoblastoid cell lines (B-LCL), fusion with murine myeloma cells      118Ч120
B lymphocytes, mRNA, vH/K construction, ARM display      93Ч96
B lymphocytes, rodents as source      1Ч3
B lymphocytes, selection of antigen-specific B cells by rosetting      116Ч117
Bacteria minimal medium      70
BCIP/NBT substrate      280
Beta-glucuronidase (gus)      187
Bifunctional chelating (BFC) agents      219 229
Binary vector, components      189Ч192
Bioreactors stirred      134Ч135 (see also УCulture systemsФ)
Bioreactors, airlift      136
Bioreactors, fluidized bed      142Ч143
Bioreactors, membrane (miniPerm)      139Ч140
Bioreactors, Siran fixed porous beads      141Ч142
Biotin labelling      243 305Ч306
Biotinylated proteins, coupling to streptavidin coupled Dynabeads      99
Biotinylated proteins, tyramine, preparation      406Ч407
Biotinylation of antigen      74Ч76
BiP      183
BIRR-1, murine anti-ICAM-1 mAb      454
Bismuth-213, radioimmunotherapy applications      230
BLAST, database search program      63
Blood group antigens, human mAbs      111Ч123
Blood, fluorescence activated cell analysis (FACS)      371Ч389
Blood, normal values      377
Bolton and Hunter reagent, radiolabelling of mAbs      216 307
Bombardment-mediated gene transfer      192Ч196
Bone marrow, COBE-2991, buffy coat preparation      380Ч381
Bone marrow, COBE-2991, mononuclear cell fraction (MNC)      381Ч382
Bone marrow, fluorescence activated cell analysis (FACS)      371Ч389
Bone marrow, haematopoietic transplantation, Campath-1M, paediatric      383Ч384
Bone marrow, PBSC harvests, CD34 quantitation      379Ч380
Bone marrow, progenitor cell content, analysis      377Ч382
Bone marrow, T cell depletion      383Ч384
Bovine IgG potential contamination of media      152Ч153
Bovines, myeloma cell lines      3
BrdUrd flow cytometry in vitro incorporation      345
BrdUrd flow cytometry, background      343Ч345
BrdUrd flow cytometry, cell kinetics      341Ч343
BrdUrd flow cytometry, denaturation of BrdUrd      347
BrdUrd flow cytometry, examples      350Ч352
BrdUrd flow cytometry, fixation and staining procedures      345Ч349
BrdUrd flow cytometry, technique      341Ч353
BstN1 frequent-cutting enzyme      55
BstN1 frequent-cutting enzyme, restriction enzyme mix      56
Buffers, blocking buffer      277 278Ч279
Buffers, Harms buffer      269
Buffers, immunoassays      315Ч316
Buffers, lysis      266Ч268
Buffers, mixed micelle detergent (RIPA)      266Ч268 292
Buffers, SDS-PAGE      267
Buffers, sodium azide-phosphate-buffered saline (PBSA)      14
Buffers, TAE buffer      28
Buffers, TE buffer      28
Buffers, ThermoPol reaction buffer      35
C-erbB2 proto-oncogene as immunogen      4
Caesium chloride, isopycnic centrifugation      46Ч49
Cameras, CCD and colour cameras      365Ч367
Campath-1H in RA      456
Campath-1H, haematopoietic transplantation      383Ч384
Campath-1H, mAb therapies, antiglobulin response      434
Campath-1H, mAb therapies, rheumatoid arthritis      433
Campath-1H, renal allografts      445
Cancer, fluorescence activated cell analysis (FACS)      371Ч389
Canonical residues      60
Carbodiimide coupling, immunoaffinity chromatography      324Ч325
Carbohydrate coupling, immunoaffinity chromatography      325Ч326
Catalysed enzyme reporter deposition (CARD)      79
Cation exchange, chromatography      162Ч165
CCD cameras      365Ч367
CD25 mAb, clinical use      437 442 443
CD25 mAb, experimental models      443
CD28 and CD40, co-stimulation      443Ч444
CD3 mAb animal studies      437Ч438
CD3 mAb clinical use of anti-CD3 mAb      439Ч440
CD34 determinant, FACS      378Ч380
CD4 mAb, clinical trials      442
CD4mAb, cM-T412, anti-CD4 mAb with human IgGl      456
CD4mAb, experimental models      440Ч442
CD5-plus      455Ч456
CD7 mAb, anti-CD7 mAbs      455
CD8 mAb      440
cDNA cDNA: mRNA hybrid      31Ч32
CDw52 mAb, human IgGl Fc      see УCampath-1HФ
CEA, anti-CEA antibodies      80
Cell adaptation, low levels of serum in culture      128Ч129
Cell fixation, BrdUrd flow cytometry technique      345Ч346
Cell fixation, immunofluorescence      358
Cell fixation, paraffin wax embedded tissues      392Ч393 (see also УFixativesФ)
Cell fusion in vitro somatic hybridization      11
Cell kinetics monitoring with BrdUrd-labelled nuclei      341Ч343
Cell labelling in vivo immunolabelling      368Ч369
Cell labelling, surface labelling      359
Cell lysates, controlled to produce a post-nuclear supernatant homogenate      269Ч270
Cell lysates, preparation      266Ч268
Cell lysates, preparation rigorous whole cell lysis      267Ч268
Cell lysates, sequential extraction      268Ч269
Cell staining procedures      346Ч349
Cell storage, long-term; liquid nitrogen      18
Cellular antigens      265Ч296
Cellular antigens, 2D PAGE      283Ч286
Cellular antigens, detection by immunoblotting      270Ч283
Cellular antigens, detection by immunoprecipitation      289Ч295
Cellular antigens, detection under disruptive conditions      292
Cellular antigens, subcellular localization of proteins      287
Chaotropic ions      334Ч335
Chaperone molecules      183
Chemifluorescence enhanced      279
Chemiluminescence enhanced      278
Chemotherapy, antibodies to modified DNA      411Ч430
Chemotherapy, detection of chemically modified DNA in lymphocytes      411Ч430
Chloramine-T labelling with I-125      209Ч210 307Ч308
Chloronaphthol substrate      280
Chothia scheme, CDR loops      60 61
Chromatography, affinity      158Ч162
Chromatography, equipment      153Ч156
Chromatography, hydrophilic interaction      173
Chromatography, hydrophobic interaction      169Ч172
Chromatography, immobilized metal affinity      166Ч168
Chromatography, immunoaffinity      319Ч339
Chromatography, integrated systems      154
Chromatography, ion exchange      162Ч166
Chromatography, liquid, general principles      155Ч156
Chromatography, monitors      154
Chromatography, nickel-chelate      88
Chromatography, other      172Ч173
Chromatography, size exclusion      168Ч169
Chromatography, TLC, radiochemical purity      212Ч213
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia      382
cM-T412, anti-CD4 mAb with human IgG1      456
Colloidal gold, light and electron microscopy      247Ч263
Colorimetry, signal detection      280
Colour cameras      367
Competitive binding, immunoassays      309Ч311
Competitive inhibition, immunoassay      317
Competitive radioimmunoassays      21
Complementarity-determining regions and humanized antibodies      58Ч65
Complementarity-determining regions, acceptor frameworks      62
Complementarity-determining regions, defined (Kabat; Chothia)      59Ч60
Complementarity-determining regions, grafting, humanization of recombinant ntibodies      25Ч27
Complementarity-determining regions, loop definitions      61
Complementarity-determining regions, Vernier zone      64
Confocal laser scanning, microscopy      364Ч365
Contact scheme, CDR loops      60 61
Copper-67, radioimmunotherapy applications      230
Coupling matrices, immunoaffinity chromatography      322
Crown gall disease      see УAgrobacterium tumefaciensФ
Cryopreservation      122Ч123
Cryosections, methods for EM immunogold probes      251Ч255
CsCl banding, DNA preparation      47Ч49
Culture media, 2TY media      68
Culture media, DulbeccoТs modified EagleТs medium (DMEM)      4
Culture media, HAT selection medium      11
Culture media, minimal medium, bacteria      70
Culture media, serum levels and replacements      127Ч128
Culture media, tobacco      197Ч198
Culture supernatants      149Ч180
Culture supernatants, concentration using hollow fibre device      151Ч153
Culture supernatants, problems with purification      151Ч153
Culture systems, Acusyst culture      138 139
Culture systems, comparisons      145
Culture systems, culture plates and flasks      129Ч130
Culture systems, high cell density      137Ч143
Culture systems, hollow fibre      138 139
Culture systems, membrane (miniPerm)      139Ч140
Culture systems, non-stirred systems      135Ч137
Culture systems, packed beds      140Ч142
Culture systems, perfusion (high cell density)      137Ч143
Culture systems, roller bottle culture      135
Culture systems, stationary cultures      129Ч131
Culture systems, stirred cultures      131Ч135
Culture systems, Tecnomouse      138Ч139 (see also УBioreactorsФ)
Cyanogen bromide, coupling, immunoaffinity chromatography      322
Cytokines, anti-cytokine mAbs in RA      452Ч454
Cytokines, anti-cytokine mAbs in RA, anti-IL6 and -IL6R      453Ч454
Cytokines, anti-cytokine mAbs in RA, anti-TNF-alpha      452Ч453
Cytokines, mononuclear cell fraction (MNC)      384Ч389
Cytokines, mononuclear cell fraction (MNC), preparation      386
Cytokines, mononuclear cell fraction (MNC), staining      387
DB3, anti-progesterone antibodies      105Ч106
DB3, DB3R vH/K, selection from libraries      106Ч107
Decalcification      392Ч393
Dextran, detection methods, immunocytochemistry      400
Dialyser, hollow fibre dialyser assembly      153
Digoxigenin labelling      244
DNA preparation using CsCl banding      47Ч49
DNA staining, drug-DNA adducts      426Ч427
DNA staining, embedding cells      428Ч429
DNA, chemically modified antibodies vs modified polymeric DNA      412Ч414
DNA, chemically modified antibodies, applications      412
DNA, chemically modified antibodies, detection of low frequencies      414
DNA, chemically modified antibodies, ELISA      415Ч426
DNA, chemically modified antibodies, inducing tolerance      434Ч435
DNA, chemically modified antibodies, preparation      414Ч415
DNA, chemically modified antibodies, screening hybridomas      415
DNA, chemically modified antibodies, types      412
DNA, chemically modified detection in lymphocytes, patients undergoing, chemotherapy      411Ч430
DNA, linker DNA preparation      37Ч41
Dounce homogenization      269
DTPA anhydride      219Ч222
DulbeccoТs modified EagleТs medium (DMEM)      4
DulbeccoТs phosphate-buffered saline      359
Dynabeads, antigen selection      98
Dynamic culture systems      135Ч137
Electron microscopy, immunofluorescence      355Ч370
Electron microscopy, immunogold probes      247Ч263
Electron microscopy, methods PLT      248Ч249 255Ч256
Electron microscopy, methods thawed cryosections      251Ч255
Electron microscopy, pre-embedding labelling      249Ч250
Electron microscopy, surface labelling      250
Electroporation competent cells, library construction      52Ч54
Electrotransfer and plating      54Ч55
Electrotransfer from gels to membranes      273Ч276
Electrotransfer immunoblotting, troubleshooting      282Ч283
ELISA, cell ELISA      78
ELISA, competitive inhibition      317
ELISA, IgGs, generic method      175Ч177
ELISA, phage ELISA      83Ч84
ELISA, protein A/G assays, reagent choice      175Ч176
ELISA, quantification of DNA, analysis of data      425Ч426
ELISA, quantification of DNA, competitive assays      419Ч425
ELISA, quantification of DNA, direct binding assays      418Ч419
ELISA, quantification of DNA, maximization of immunoreactivity      420Ч422
ELISA, quantification of DNA, modifications      415Ч426
ELISA, quantification of DNA, well coating      416Ч417
ELISA, sandwich ELISA      311Ч315
ELISA, soluble (scFv) ELISA      85Ч87
Elution regimes      72
Embedding cells, agarose      427
Embedding cells, paraffin wax, fixation procedures      392Ч393
Embedding cells, staining DNA      428Ч429
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