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Bronson R. Ч Differential Equations Crash Course
Bronson R. Ч Differential Equations Crash Course

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Ќазвание: Differential Equations Crash Course

јвтор: Bronson R.


What could be better than the bestselling Schaum's Outline series? For students looking for a quick nuts-and-bolts overview, it would have to be Schaum's Easy Outline series. Every book in this series is a pared-down, simplified, and tightly focused version of its bigger predecessor. With an emphasis on clarity and brevity, each new title features a streamlined and updated format and the absolute essence of the subject, presented in a concise and readily understandable form. Graphic elements such as sidebars, reader-alert icons, and boxed highlights feature selected points from the text, illuminate keys to learning, and give students quick pointers to the essentials.

язык: en

–убрика: ћатематика/јнализ/ƒифференциальные уравнени€/

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 136

ƒобавлена в каталог: 06.04.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Adams Ч Bashforth Ч Moulton method      109 111Ч112
Amplitude      53
Analytic functions      86Ч87
Archimedes' principle      51
Bernoulli equations      6 14
Bessel functions      99Ч100
Boundary-value problems      5 115Ч120
Buoyancy problems      51Ч52
Characteristic equations      34Ч35 73
Circular frequency      53
Classifying solutions      52Ч53
Coefficients      See constant coefficients; undetermined coefficients; variable coefficients
Completing the square      58
Constant coefficients      30
Constant coefficients, Laplace transforms solutions      66Ч67
Constant coefficients, linear equations      79Ч83
Constant matrix      70
Convolutions      59Ч60
Critically damped motion      53
Damped motion      53
Decay problems      20Ч21
Defining properties      10Ч11
Denominators      58Ч59
derivatives      65Ч66 72
Differential equations      See also linear differential equations applications; 20Ч26
Differential equations, classifying      5Ч7
Differential equations, definitions      2Ч5
Differential equations, first-order      8Ч14 20Ч26 105Ч112
Differential equations, general solutions      4Ч5
Differential equations, notation      3
Differential equations, order      3
Differential equations, particular solutions      4
Differential equations, solutions      3Ч5 8Ч14
Differential forms      5Ч6
Dilution problems      23Ч25
Direction fields      105
Dummy index      101
Eigenfunctions      117 119Ч120
eigenvalue problems      117
Eigenvalues      117
Electrical circuit problems      49Ч51
electrical circuits      25Ч26
Equations      See also differential; linear differential
Equations, Bernoulli      6 14
Equations, characteristic      34Ч35 73
Equations, exact      7 10Ч12
Equations, homogeneous      6Ч7 9Ч10 30 87Ч88
Equations, indicial      91
Equations, n-th order      34Ч35
Equations, nonhomogeneous      32 39Ч44 88Ч89
Equations, ordinary differential      2
Equations, partial differential      2Ч3
Equations, second-order      34 35Ч36
Equations, separable      7
Equilibrium position      47
Euler's method      106 108 111
exact equations      7 10Ч12
Falling body problems      21Ч22
First-order differential equations      8Ч14
First-order differential equations, applications      20Ч26
First-order differential equations, numerical methods      105 -112
First-order systems      79Ч83 110
Forced motion      53
Fourier series      120Ч121
Free motion      52Ч53
Froebenius, method of      90Ч91
Functions, Bessel      99Ч100
Functions, gamma      98Ч99
Gamma functions      98Ч99
general solutions      4Ч5 32
Growth problems      20Ч21
Homogeneous equations      6Ч7 9Ч10 30 87Ч88.
Hooke's law      48Ч49
Identity matrix      72
Independent variables      57
Indicial equation      91
Initial-value problems      5 9 44 82 89
integral      72
Integrating factors      11Ч12
Inverse Laplace transforms      57Ч58
Isoclines      105
Kirchhoff 's law      50
Laplace transforms      56Ч62 124Ч132
Laplace transforms, inverse      57Ч58
Laplace transforms, solutions by      65Ч67
Laws, Hooke's      48Ч49
Laws, Kirchhoff's      50Ч51
Laws, Newton's of cooling      21
Laws, Newton's second of motion      22
Line elements      105
Linear differential equations      6 12Ч14
Linear differential equations, first-order      105Ч112
Linear differential equations, homogeneous      30 34Ч37 39Ч44
Linear differential equations, nonhomogeneous      39Ч44
Linear differential equations, reduction to first-order system      79Ч83
Linear differential equations, second-order      47Ч53 86 115Ч117
Linear differential equations, solutions      34Ч37 79Ч83
Linear differential equations, theory of solutions      29Ч32
Linear systems      67
Linearly dependent solutions      31
Linearly independent solutions      31
Matrices      70Ч75
Matrix addition      71
Matrix exponential      73 -75
Matrix multiplication      71
Matrix solution methods      79Ч83
Method of Frobenius      90Ч91
Method of undetermined coefficients      40Ч42
Methods, Adams Ч Bashforth Ч Moulton      109 111Ч112
Methods, Euler's      106 108 111
Methods, Frobenius      90Ч91
Methods, modified Euler's      108
Methods, numerical for first-order equations      105Ч112
Methods, predictor-corrector      108
Methods, Runge Ч Kutta      108Ч109 111
Methods, undetermined coefficients      40Ч42
Modified Euler's method      108
Motion      52Ч53
Natural frequency      53
Natural length      49
Newton's law of cooling      21
Newton's Second Law of Motion      22
Nonhomogeneous equations      32 39Ч44 88Ч89
Notation      3
nth-order equations      34Ч36
Numerators      59
Numerical instability      107
Numerical methods      105Ч112
Ordinary differential equations      2
Ordinary points      87
Orthogonal trajectories      26
Oscillatory damped motion      53
Overdamped motion      53
Partial differential equation      2Ч3
Partial fractions      58Ч59
Particular solutions      4
Period      53
Phase angle      53
Power series      86Ч92
Power series method      87Ч88
Predictor-corrector method      108
Problems, boundary-value      5 115Ч120
Problems, buoyancy      51Ч52
Problems, decay      20Ч21
Problems, dilution      23Ч25
Problems, eigenvalue      117
Problems, electrical circuit      49Ч51
Problems, falling body      21Ч22
Problems, growth      20Ч21
Problems, initial-value      44 82
Problems, spring      47Ч49
Problems, Sturm Ч Liouville      117Ч118
Problems, temperature      21
Recurrence formula      88
Regular singular points      89Ч90
Runge Ч Kutta method      108Ч109 111
Scalar multiplication      71
Second-order equations      34 35Ч36
Second-order linear differential equations      47Ч53 86 115Ч117
separable equations      7
simple harmonic motion      53
Solutions      3Ч5
Solutions, classifying      52Ч53
Solutions, first-order differential equations      8Ч14
Solutions, initial-value problems      82
Solutions, Laplace transforms      65Ч67
Solutions, linear differential      34Ч37 79Ч83
Solutions, linear systems      67
Solutions, linearly dependent      31
Solutions, linearly independent      31
Solutions, matrix methods      79Ч83
Solutions, no initial conditions      82Ч83
Solutions, particular      4
Solutions, power series      86Ч92
Solutions, theory of      29Ч32
Spring problems      47Ч49
Square matrix      70
Standard forms      5Ч6
Steady-state motion      53
Step sizes      107
Sturm Ч Liouville problems      117Ч118
Temperature problems      21
Transient motion      53
Translations      61Ч62
Undamped motion      53
Underdamped motion      53
Undetermined coefficients      40Ч42
Unit step function      60Ч61
Variable coefficients      30 86
Variation of parameters      42Ч44
Vectors      70
Wronskian, the      31Ч32
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