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Miller M. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to eBay
Miller M. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to eBay

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Название: Absolute Beginner's Guide to eBay

Автор: Miller M.


eBay, the world's largest online trading community, has over 125 million registered users. According to the New York Times, more than 500,000 people make a full- or part-time living on eBay. On any given day there are close to 4 million items listed for auction on the eBay site. Want to make your mark on the eBay world?

Absolute Beginner's Guide to eBay, 4th Edition, is the perfect guide to help you conquer your first auction. The first three editions of this book were huge sellers, so it's only natural we would update this great book to reflect eBay's most recent upgrades and enhancements. This new edition is completely revamped to cover the way eBay is used today. It's more than just online auctions — users also buy and sell via fixed-price listings, Buy It Now, eBay Stores, Half.com, Trading Assistants, and more. You will find everything they need to know to get started in this book!

Язык: en

Рубрика: Экономика и финансы/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 4th

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 384

Добавлена в каталог: 14.11.2006

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Предметный указатель
"better luck tomorrow" (bidding tips)
"traditional" auctions
"try again tomorrow" (bidding tips)
10-day auction fees      
abbreviations, grading abbreviations      
abbreviations, item listing titles      
About Me pages      
About Me pages, accessing      
About Me pages, Choose Your Editing Options page      
About Me pages, Create Your Page button      
About Me pages, Enter Page Content page      
About Me pages, Preview and Submit page      
About Me pages, searches      
accounts, checking accounts      
accounts, credit card accounts      
accounts, credit card accounts, billing options      
accounts, credit card accounts, payments      
accounts, credit card accounts, updating information      
accounts, eBay accounts, registration      
acronyms, item listing titles      
Add More Items button (Turbo Lister)      
Add Pictures window      
Add Pictures window, Describe Your Item page      
Add Pictures window, Picture Services      
Add to My Favorite Searches link (All Items Matching page)      
Add to Upload dialog (Turbo Lister)      
Advanced Edit button (Add Pictures window)      
Advanced Search page (Find It Now page)      
All Buying view (My eBay)      
All Favorites view (My eBay)      
All Items Matching page, Add to My Favorite Searches link      
All My Auctions auction management software      
All Selling view (My eBay)      
alternate spellings/wordings (item listings)      
Andale Images website      
Andale Research marketing research service (Andale)      
archiving completed auctions (Selling Manager)      
ask seller a question link (seller information box)      2nd
At a Glance graphs (Selling Manager)      
Auction Details section (item listings)      
Auction Lizard auction management software      
Auction Pix Image Hosting website      
Auction Sentry software website      
auction template websites      
Auction Wizard 2000 auction management software      
AuctionDrop website      
auctions, "traditional" auctions
auctions, bidding      [See bidding.]
auctions, browsing      
auctions, Buy It Now (BIN) feature      2nd 3rd 4th
auctions, cancelling      
auctions, categorizing      
auctions, collectibles      
auctions, collectibles, authentication services      
auctions, collectibles, grading abbreviations      2nd
auctions, collectibles, grading services      
auctions, collectibles, grading systems      
auctions, completed auctions, market research      
auctions, Dutch auctions      
auctions, end-of-auction notifications      2nd
auctions, example of      
auctions, feedback      2nd
auctions, feedback, bidding tips      
auctions, feedback, leaving comments, guidelines      
auctions, feedback, negative feedback      
auctions, feedback, ratings      2nd 3rd
auctions, feedback, reading comments      
auctions, feedback, Selling Manager      
auctions, fees      
auctions, fees, refunding (deadbeat bidders)      
auctions, fees, selling fees      
auctions, final prices, calculating      
auctions, fixed-price auctions      2nd 3rd
auctions, fraud protection      
auctions, guidelines      
auctions, insurance      
auctions, international auctions      
auctions, international auctions, communication      
auctions, international auctions, shipping      2nd
auctions, item listings      [See item listings.]
auctions, managing      
auctions, managing, HammerTap software      
auctions, managing, Selling Manager      
auctions, managing, Selling Manager Pro      
auctions, managing, Trading Assistants      
auctions, overview of      
auctions, payments      
auctions, payments, bidding tips      
auctions, payments, cashier's checks      
auctions, payments, checking accounts      
auctions, payments, credit cards      
auctions, payments, eCheck payments (PayPal)      
auctions, payments, insurance      
auctions, payments, money orders      
auctions, payments, PayPal      
auctions, pictures      
auctions, placing bids      
auctions, post-auction processes      2nd 3rd
auctions, prohibited items      
auctions, real estate auctions      
auctions, receiving items      
auctions, reserve price auctions      2nd
auctions, searches      
auctions, searches, Advanced Search page (Find It Now page)      
auctions, searches, auction notifications      
auctions, searches, Basic Search function      
auctions, searches, Boolean operators      
auctions, searches, browsing versus      
auctions, searches, eBay Store searches      
auctions, searches, Find It Now page      
auctions, searches, fine-tuning      
auctions, searches, notifications      
auctions, searches, repeating      
auctions, searches, saving      
auctions, searches, search commands      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro)      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro), archiving completed auctions      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro), buyer notifications      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro), buyer sales records      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro), editing invoices      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro), leaving feedback      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro), printing invoices      
auctions, Selling Manager (Pro), printing shipping labels      
auctions, shipping and handling      [See shipping and handling.]
auctions, strategies      
auctions, strategies, About Me page      
auctions, strategies, bidding frenzies (auction strategies)      
auctions, strategies, communication      2nd
auctions, strategies, competition      
auctions, strategies, customer satisfaction      
auctions, strategies, documentation      
auctions, strategies, email      2nd
auctions, strategies, ending auctions      
auctions, strategies, expensive items      
auctions, strategies, extended durations      
auctions, strategies, Fridays      
auctions, strategies, honesty      
auctions, strategies, IRS      
auctions, strategies, middlemen      
auctions, strategies, multiple auctions      
auctions, strategies, PayPal      
auctions, strategies, pictures      
auctions, strategies, promotion      
auctions, strategies, recycling text      
auctions, strategies, researching prices      
auctions, strategies, reserve auctions      
auctions, strategies, Saturdays      
auctions, strategies, scheduling auctions      
auctions, strategies, seasonal traffic      
auctions, strategies, Selling Manager      
auctions, strategies, shipping and handling      
auctions, strategies, short-term durations      
auctions, strategies, single versus multiple item auctions      
auctions, strategies, starting auctions      
auctions, strategies, Sundays      
auctions, strategies, timing auctions      
auctions, tracking, bidding tips      
auctions, winning bidder notifications      
AuctionSage auction management software      
AuctionSniper website      
AuctionStealer website      
AuctionTamer auction management software      2nd
Auctionworks      [See Marketworks.]
authentication services (collectibles)      
Auto fix button (Add Pictures window)      
automating item listing construction      
average shipping fees, calculating      
backgrounds (item listing pictures)      
bad bids, retracting      
bank routing number information, creating seller accounts      
Basic Search function      2nd
Become a Trading Assistant link (Trading Assistants hub)      
benefits versus features (item listing descriptions)      
Bid Cancellation page      
bidding section (item listings)      
bidding, auction interference      
bidding, backing out of transactions      
bidding, bid amounts      
bidding, bid amounts, determining      
bidding, bid amounts, increasing      
bidding, bid amounts, incremental amounts      
bidding, bid discovery      
bidding, bid shielding      
bidding, bid siphoning      
bidding, blocking bidders      
bidding, Buy It Now (BIN) feature      2nd 3rd 4th
bidding, cancelling bids      
bidding, deadbeat bidders      2nd
bidding, Dutch auctions      
bidding, early bids (sniping strategies)      
bidding, email notifications      
bidding, feedback      
bidding, feedback, leaving comments, guidelines      
bidding, feedback, negative feedback      
bidding, feedback, ratings      2nd
bidding, feedback, reading comments      
bidding, frenzies      
bidding, frenzies, auction strategies      
bidding, frenzies, bidding mistakes      
bidding, increments      
bidding, international auctions, communication      
bidding, item condition (bidding tips)      
bidding, last-minute bids (sniping strategies)      2nd
bidding, mistakes      
bidding, offenses      
bidding, outbid scenarios      
bidding, patterns of      
bidding, payments      
bidding, payments, methods of (bidding tips)      
bidding, payments, receipt notifications      
bidding, pre-bid checklist      
bidding, proxy bidding      2nd
bidding, researching bids      
bidding, reserve price auctions      
bidding, retracting bad bids      
bidding, seller feedback ratings (bidding tips)      
bidding, seller questions (bidding tips)      
bidding, shill bidding      
bidding, shipping and handling charges (bidding tips)      
bidding, shipping notifications      
bidding, single bids, pricing auctions      
bidding, spamming      
bidding, synchronizing (bidding tips)      
bidding, tips for      
bidding, tracking bids      
bidding, transaction interception      
bidding, unwanted bidding      
bidding, Watch This Item feature (bidding tips)      
bidding, winning bids      2nd
BidNapper website      
BidRobot website      
BidSlammer website      
big items, shipping      
BIN (Buy It Now) option      
Blackthorne (eBay) website      
Bold enhancement (item listings)      
bold fees      
Boolean operator searches      
Border enhancement (item listings)      
border fees      
boxes (shipping & handling)
boxes, eBay Store      
boxes, FedEx      
boxes, labeling      
boxes, labeling, computer-generated labels      
boxes, labeling, printing      
boxes, labeling, return address labels      
boxes, labeling, tips      
boxes, recycling      
boxes, sealing      
boxes, selecting      
boxes, USPS      
breaking up descriptions (item listings)      
brightness (pictures), adjusting      
browsing, categories (item listings)      
browsing, eBay Stores      
browsing, product guides      
browsing, product reviews      
browsing, searches versus      
bubble wrap (packing supplies)      
bulleted list codes (HTML)      
Business PayPal accounts      
Buy It Now (BIN) feature      2nd 3rd 4th
Buyer Protection Plan (PayPal)      
buyers, account information, changing      
buyers, bidding      [See bidding.]
buyers, eBay account registration      2nd
buyers, eBay account registration, checklist      
buyers, eBay account registration, privacy policies      
buyers, eBay account registration, required information      
buyers, eBay account registration, user agreements      
buyers, eBay account registration, user ID guidelines      
buyers, eBay Stores      
buyers, eBay Stores, browsing      
buyers, eBay Stores, buying from      
buyers, feedback      
buyers, final prices, calculating      
buyers, finding      
buyers, Half.com      2nd
buyers, handling complaints      
buyers, insurance      
buyers, sales records, managing (Selling Manager)      
buyers, Want It Now feature      
buyers, Want It Now feature, finding buyers      
buyers, Want It Now feature, requests, creating      
Buying Reminders section (My Summary view)      
Buying Totals section (My Summary view)      
Calculate Fees button (Turbo Lister)      
cancelling, auctions      
cancelling, bids      
capital letters, item listing titles      
cashier's check payments      
categories (item listings)      
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