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Best S. — Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques
Best S. — Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques

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Название: Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques

Автор: Best S.


Best, a senior software engineer at IBM's Linux Technology in Austin, Texas, presents debugging techniques and tools to make programming for Linux operating system kernel and applications problems easier to solve. Each chapter focuses on a specific tool/ set of tools, and how to build and install such in the event that a particular Linux distribution does not supply that tool or its latest release. The guide includes helpful summary charts and Web resources for crash dumps, defined as "a reliable method of detecting, saving, and examining system problems."

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 456

Добавлена в каталог: 14.11.2006

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Предметный указатель
-l hostlist option (syslogd daemon)      
./configure command, Valgrind installation      
/boot directory layout      
/etc/syslog.conf configuration file      
/proc file system      
/proc file system, administrative applications      
/proc file system, entries      
/proc file system, interfaces      
/proc file system, relationship with sysctl functions      
/proc file system, utilities      
/proc file system, utilities, /proc/vmstat file      
/proc file system, utilities, /sys/kernel file      
/proc file system, utilities, /sys/vm file      
/proc file system, utilities, buddyinfo file      
/proc file system, utilities, bus directory      
/proc file system, utilities, cmdline file      
/proc file system, utilities, cpuinfo file      
/proc file system, utilities, dev/fs file      
/proc file system, utilities, diskstats file      
/proc file system, utilities, free file      
/proc file system, utilities, interrupts file      
/proc file system, utilities, kallsyms file      
/proc file system, utilities, kcore file      
/proc file system, utilities, kmsg file      
/proc file system, utilities, loadavg file      
/proc file system, utilities, lsdev file      
/proc file system, utilities, meminfo file      
/proc file system, utilities, mpstat      
/proc file system, utilities, net directory      
/proc file system, utilities, slabinfo file      
/proc file system, utilities, stat file      
/proc file system, utilities, sys directory      
/proc file system, utilities, sysrq-trigger file      
/proc file system, utilities, vmstat      
/proc file system, Web resources      
/proc/mm support option (UML configuration)      
/proc/vmstat file      
/sys/kernel file      
/sys/vm file      
1000 memory overrun      
2.5.1 pre5, kernel mailing list Oops      
2G/2G host address space split option (UML configuration)      
3c59x network driver, kernel mailing list Oops      
a option      
a option, Account Time Tracing      
a option, unlimit gdb command      
acquisition of data, LTT (Linux Trace Toolkit)      
action field (syslog.conf configuration file)      
activation, kdb debugger      
activation, serial console port      
addr field (register_probe interface)      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP cache)      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP cache), ARP table      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP cache), manipulation      
administrative applications (/proc file system)      
Akkerman, Wichert      
aligning structures, performance counters      
an option (netstat command)      
analysis, Oops messages      2nd
analysis, tracing processes, LTT (Linux Trace Toolkit)      
applications, debugging      
applications, debugging, Dprobes      
applications, debugging, gdb      
applications, debugging, memory management debugging      
applications, debugging, symbols that increase executable size      
applications, debugging, techniques      
applications, Kprobes      
applications, trace      
applications, UML (User-Mode Linux)      
architecture component tasks, LTT (Linux Trace Toolkit)      
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache      
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache, ARP table      
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache, manipulation      
arp command      
assembly code, generation of by gcc -s option      
attach command      
b option      
b option, gprof profiler      
b option, sar utility      
back traces      
back traces, magic key sequence      
back traces, PID 2      
backtrace command      
binary interface      
bio_alloc( ) routine      
blocking technique, performance counters      2nd
bogomips entry (cpuinfo file, /proc file system)      
booting UML (User-Mode Linux)      
branch coverage      
break 30 command      
break 36 command      
break command      
break points      
bt command      2nd
bt command, back traces      
bt command, viewing the back trace for process 1960      
bta (Back Trace for All Processes) kdb command      
buddyinfo file      
buffer overruns      
building the kernel      
building the kernel, crash dumps      
building the kernel, kdb debugger      
building the kernel, kgdb debugger      
building the kernel, Kprobes      
building the kernel, LTT (Linux Trace Toolkit)      
building the kernel, Oops message analysis      
building the kernel, UML (User-Mode Linux)      
building the kernel, UML (User-Mode Linux), configuration options      
building the kernel, UML (User-Mode Linux), gcov support      
building the kernel, UML (User-Mode Linux), gprof support      
building the kernel, UML (User-Mode Linux), Kernel hacking menu      
building the kernel, UML (User-Mode Linux), transports      
building the kernel, UML (User-Mode Linux), UML Network Devices menu      
Built-in Kernel Debugger support option      
bunzip2 command      2nd
bus directory (/proc file system)      
bus error messages      
busy waiting      
bzip2 command      
c option (CPU ID tracing)      
c option (CPU ID tracing), tracevisualizer program      
c option (CPU ID tracing), unlimit gdb command      
cache misses      
cache misses, data cache misses      
cache misses, performance counters      
cache profiling (Valgrind)      
call graphs      
call stacks      
called functions (kprof)      
calloc( ) function, memory management      
cg_annotate command      
character-based interface (/proc file system)      
checkers (memory-management)      
checkers (memory-management), Electric Fence package      
checkers (memory-management), MEMWATCH      
checkers (memory-management), Valgrind      
checkers (memory-management), Valgrind, cache profiling      
checkers (memory-management), Valgrind, finding memory errors      
checkers (memory-management), Valgrind, installation      
checkers (memory-management), Valgrind, limitations      
checkers (memory-management), Web resources      2nd
checkers (memory-management), YAMD package      
clear_inode method (VFS)      
client requirements, Netdump      
clock( ) function, execution time      2nd
cmdline file      
code coverage analysis      
code coverage analysis, gcov      
code coverage analysis, gcov, branch coverage      
code coverage analysis, gcov, gcc options      2nd
code coverage analysis, gcov, loop coverage      
code coverage analysis, logic errors      
combined loops (performance counters)      
commands, ./configure      
commands, arp      
commands, bt      2nd
commands, bunzip2      2nd
commands, bzip2      
commands, cg_annotate      
commands, cont      
commands, cp      
commands, cp /usr/src/linux/linux /usr/src/uml/linux      
commands, crash dump interactive analysis      
commands, date      
commands, diff      
commands, dis      
commands, echo      
commands, evlconfig      
commands, evlgentmpls      
commands, evlogmgr      
commands, evltc      
Commands, files      
commands, gdb      2nd
commands, gdb, break 30      
commands, gdb, break 46      
commands, gdb, cont      
commands, gdb, list      
commands, gdb, print array      
commands, gdb, print array[0]      
commands, gdb, quit      
commands, gdb, run 1      2nd
commands, gdb, set array=0      
commands, gdb, set array[0]=0      
commands, gdb, step      
commands, go      
commands, help      
commands, info breakpoints      2nd
commands, info gprof      
commands, info threads      
commands, kdb      
commands, kdb debugger      
commands, kdb, bta command      
commands, kdb, dmesg command      
commands, kdb, ps command      
commands, kill      
commands, lcrash commands      
commands, Linux      
commands, ln      
commands, log      
commands, logger (Syslog)      
commands, logrotate      
commands, mach      
commands, make      
commands, make bzImage      2nd
commands, make clean      2nd
commands, make install      2nd
commands, make modules      2nd
commands, make modules_install      2nd
commands, make xconfig      2nd
commands, make xconfig ARCH=um      2nd
commands, man gprof      
commands, man ps      
commands, md      
commands, mount      2nd
commands, mount root_fs mnt -o loop      
commands, netstat      
commands, nm      
commands, objdump      
commands, opannotate      
commands, opcontrol --init      
commands, op_help      
commands, patch      2nd
commands, perror      2nd
commands, pgrep bash      
commands, ps      2nd 3rd
commands, quit      
commands, rpm      
commands, run-yamd      
commands, runq      
commands, slog_fwd      
commands, stat      
commands, stty      
commands, sys      
commands, tar      
commands, task      2nd
commands, thread      
commands, thread apply      
commands, time      
commands, tracedaemon      
commands, tracevisualizer      2nd
commands, umount mnt      
commands, uname      
commands, uname -a      
commands, valgrind ls -all      
compilation of programs (gdb)      
compile-time flags (MEMWATCH)      
config file      
configuration, Diskdump      
configuration, kernel configuration, crash dumps      
configuration, network interface, ifconfig utility      
configuration, UML (User-Mode Linux)      
CONFIG_DEBUGSYM debugging symbol      
CONFIG_PT_PROXY debugging symbol      
consoles (UML)      
consumer interface      
cont array command      
cont command      2nd 3rd
copy-on-write (COW) file system files      
core files, debugging applications with gdb      
core-file command      
COW (copy-on-write) file system files      
Cox, Alan      
cp /usr/src/linux/linux /usr/src/uml/linux command      
cp command      
cpuinfo file      
CPU_CLOCK_UNHALTED counter      
crash dumps      
crash dumps, Diskdump      
crash dumps, interactive analysis      
crash dumps, kernel configuration      
crash dumps, lcrash commands      
crash dumps, mcore crash dump      2nd
crash dumps, Netdump      
crash dumps, patching and building the kernel      
crash dumps, report generation      
crash dumps, sample system panic and crash dump taken      2nd
crash dumps, steps      
crash dumps, Web resources      
crash tool      
CRASH_DUMP option (LKCD kernel crash dump)      
CRASH_DUMP_BLOCKDEV option (LKCD kernel crash dump)      
CRASH_DUMP_COMPRESS_GZIP option (LKCD kernel crash dump)      
CRASH_DUMP_COMPRESS_RLE option (LKCD kernel crash dump)      
CRASH_DUMP_MEMDEV option (LKCD kernel crash dump)      
CRASH_DUMP_NETDEV option (LKCD kernel crash dump)      
CRASH_DUMP_SOFTBOOT option (LKCD kernel crash dump)      
cron job      
Daemon transport, UML packet exchange      
data (LTT)      
data (LTT), acquisition      
data (LTT), interpretation      
data (LTT), recording      
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