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Yu J. Ч The Undergroundtrader.com Guide to Electronic Trading: Day Trading Techniques of a Master Guerrilla Trader
Yu J. Ч The Undergroundtrader.com Guide to Electronic Trading: Day Trading Techniques of a Master Guerrilla Trader

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Ќазвание: The Undergroundtrader.com Guide to Electronic Trading: Day Trading Techniques of a Master Guerrilla Trader

јвтор: Yu J.


On his hugely popular Web site Undergroundtrader.com, Jea Yu tells traders how to stand firm, trust their instincts and knowledge, and grab the day trading profits they deserve. Traders trust Yu's hard core, just-the-facts perspective to cut through the fluff, hype, and misinformation, and deliver effective trading tips and strategies on techniques, order routing, technical analysis, market maker activity, and more.

Here, Yu dynamically transfers his methods for making daily, real-time recommendations to the printed page. Traders will derive instant benefit from Yu's straightforward, Web site-driven analyses including: *
Vital and detailed information on the different stock markets *
Techniques to profit from IPOs and Internet stocks *
A day in the life of a successful electronic trader

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√од издани€: 2000

 оличество страниц: 249

ƒобавлена в каталог: 12.11.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
1-minute stochastics chart      42Ч48 132 134
1-minute stochastics chart, buy signals      136Ч137
1-minute stochastics chart, short signals      139
13-minute moving averages chart      54Ч55
3-minute moving averages chart      48Ч53 132 134
3-minute moving averages chart, buy signals      137
3-minute moving averages chart, nature of      48Ч49
3-minute moving averages chart, short signals      139Ч140
3-minute moving averages chart, stops based on      117
3-minute Stochastics charts      132Ч133 137 139Ч140
5-minute rule      60
After-hours      170
Aftermarket: short squeeze in      146Ч147
Aftermarket: underwriter support in      103Ч105
American Stock Exchange: as specialist system      12 19
American Stock Exchange: block trades on      19
Ameritrade      29
Arbitrage      6 76
ARCA      58 63Ч67
ARCA, ARCHIP      63Ч67
ARCA, chippies      66Ч67
ARCA, monster fill      66
ARCA, most effective order routing      77Ч78
ARCA, premarket      159Ч160
ARCA, pros and cons of      67 69
Ask size      13
Ax market makers      21Ч28
Ax market makers, defined      23
Ax market makers, determining head fake of      37Ч39
Ax market makers, determining trend initiated by      37
Ax market makers, identifying      33Ч36
Ax market makers, key      21Ч22 23Ч25
Ax market makers, leverage of      35
Ax market makers, open and      163
Ax market makers, premarket and      159Ч160
Ax market makers, requirements for      35
Ax market makers, self-protection by      19
Ax market makers, spotting and playing      31Ч40
Ax market makers, tactics of      see Tactics of market makers
Barron's effect      92
Basket of stocks: selecting initial      131
Basket of stocks: tools for monitoring      41Ч56 132Ч134
BEST (Bear Stearns)      33 105
Bid size      13Ч14
Big Easy Investor      100
Biotech stocks      94Ч95 141
Blanket orders      70
Block trades: American Stock Exchange      19
Block trades: fading the trend      18Ч19
Block trades: Nasdaq      17Ч19
Block trades: New York Stock Exchange      17Ч19
Block trades: on time of sale      17Ч19
Bloomberg      92Ч93
boredom      168Ч169
boxing      151Ч152
Breakdown      49 51
Breakout      49Ч51 53
Brokers, day trading      76 161 240Ч241
Business Week effect      92
Businesswire      92Ч93 134
Buy points      45Ч47
Buy signals      135Ч137
Buy signals for intraday swings      137
Buy signals for scalps      136Ч137
Buy signals, moving averages chart      49Ч51
Buy signals, stochastics chart      45Ч47
Buy the cash and sell the spoos      6Ч7
Buyout rumors      92 97
Cash: buy the cash and sell the spoos      6Ч7
Cash: stock indexes as      4Ч6
Charts      41Ч56 132Ч134
Charts, 1-minutestochastics chart      42Ч48 132 134 136Ч138 139
Charts, 13-minute moving averages chart      54Ч55
Charts, 3-minute moving averages chart      48Ч53 117 132 134 137 139Ч140
Charts, combinations of      54
Charts, momentum stocks and      55
Chippies      66Ч67
CNBC plays      90Ч91 93
Cognitive dissonance theory      200
Coil bounce      157
Consolidation      49 52Ч53 209 217Ч218
Contracts (tech stocks), plays based on      93Ч94
COWN (Cowen)      105
Cross-lock market rejections      70Ч71
Cup and handle pattern      51Ч52
Cyberbroker      76
CyBerTrader      57 68Ч69 77Ч78 125
Day trading      203Ч241
Day trading tips      129Ч152
Day trading tips, basket of stocks      41Ч56 131 134Ч135
Day trading tips, buy signals      49Ч51 135Ч137
Day trading tips, home run syndrome and      202
Day trading tips, Nasdaq level 2 monitoring      20 134Ч135
Day trading tips, news stocks      92Ч100 134 140Ч142
Day trading tips, preparation      114Ч125
Day trading tips, short signals      137Ч142
Day trading tips, short squeeze      142Ч147
Day trading tips, straddles      22Ч23 148Ч152
Day trading tips, tools      41Ч56 132Ч134
Day trading tips, types of plays      see Types of plays
Day trading, brokers and      76 161 240Ч241
Day trading, hardware setup      238Ч241
Day trading, Internet stocks and      101 143
Day trading, losing money through      206Ч208
Day trading, market day breakdown      159Ч170
Day trading, popularity of      204Ч206
Day trading, principle of action in      208Ч209
Day trading, principle of alternation in      209Ч210 218Ч219
Day trading, sample trading days      171Ч194
Day trading, three-price break method of trend determination      210Ч236
Dead zone      168Ч169
Distribution system      95Ч96
Dow Jones news service      92Ч93 134
Downgrades by analysts, plays based on      95Ч96 143Ч144
E*Trade      29
Earnings warnings, plays based on      96Ч97
Earnings, plays based on      98Ч99
ECNs (electronic communication networks)      22 57 67Ч76
ECNs (electronic communication networks), INCA      24 31 36 75Ч76 159Ч160
ECNs (electronic communication networks), ISLD      see lSLD
ECNs (electronic communication networks), most effective order routing      77Ч78
ECNs (electronic communication networks), nature of      67Ч68
ECNs (electronic communication networks), premarket      159Ч160
ECNs (electronic communication networks), SelectNet routing to      62
End-of-day profit taking      140Ч142
Exhaustion      157
Exhaustion break point      157
Fading the trend      18Ч19 32 39Ч40
Fair value      6
FBCO (First Boston Credit Suisse)      33 105
FDA approvals      94Ч95 141
Fibonacci number series      54Ч55 219Ч232
Fibonacci number series, market structure and      228Ч231 234Ч235
Fibonacci number series, pivot points      231Ч232
Fibonacci number series, price potential targets      222Ч228
Filling the gap      51Ч52 106
Flavor-of-the-moment movers      99
Float: defined      103
Float: IPO aftermarket      103Ч105
Float: momentum stocks and      154Ч156 158
Futures: as market barometer      8Ч9 132Ч133 134 161Ч162
Futures: futures and spoos      5Ч6
Futures: program trading and      4Ч5
gambling      121Ч122 201 207
Gap and trap      98Ч99 161Ч162
Gap fill      51Ч52 106
Gap plays      99Ч100
GSCO (Goldman Sachs)      21Ч22 23Ч25
GSCO (Goldman Sachs), IPO price support      104Ч105
GSCO (Goldman Sachs), observing actions of      24Ч25 33
GSCO (Goldman Sachs), self-fulfilling prophecy      24
GSCO (Goldman Sachs), tactics of      23Ч25
Head fakes      24 30Ч31 36 37Ч39
Hedge funds, ax market makers and      19
HMQT (Hambrecht&Quist)      25Ч26 33 105
Home run syndrome      202
HRZG (Herzog)      22 28 29
In-house hedge trading units      28Ч29
INCA      75Ч76
INCA, described      31 75
INCA, premarket      159Ч160
INCA, taking opposite side of trade on      24 31 36 37Ч39.
Initial public offerings (IPOs)      102Ч109
Initial public offerings (IPOs), aftermarket      103Ч105 146Ч147
Initial public offerings (IPOs), evaluating      103Ч105
Initial public offerings (IPOs), opening in dead zone      168Ч169
Initial public offerings (IPOs), playing      105Ч109
Initial public offerings (IPOs), spin-offs      98
Initial public offerings (IPOs), sympathy plays on      98
Initial public offerings (IPOs), underwriter support for      103Ч105
Instinet      22 75Ч76
Instinet, defined      31 75
Instinet, discrepancies between ISLD and      76
Instinet, INCA versus      75
Instinet, Level 2 information and      75Ч76. See also INCA
Internet stocks      101 143
Intraday swings: buy signals for      137
Intraday swings: short signals for      139Ч140
Investing      121 205
ISLD (Island)      68Ч75
ISLD (Island), 100-size inside bid-ask on      74Ч75
ISLD (Island), blanket orders      70
ISLD (Island), cross-lock market rejections      70Ч71
ISLD (Island), discrepancies between Instinet and      76
ISLD (Island), Island Boys      71Ч74 146
ISLD (Island), most effective order routing      77Ч78
ISLD (Island), nature of      68Ч69
ISLD (Island), plays based on activity      91Ч92
ISLD (Island), premarket      159Ч160
ISLD (Island), short squeeze on      144Ч145 151
ISLD (Island), speed and liquidity of      69Ч70
Last hour of trading      169Ч170
Lawsuits, plays based on      95
Learning Curve      114 120Ч123 130
LEHM (Lehman Brothers)      33
Level 1 screen (Nasdaq): described      13
Level 1 screen (Nasdaq): Level 2 screen versus      13
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): analysis of      15Ч16 33Ч35
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): color-coding by price level      14
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): described      13Ч16
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): fading the trend      39Ч40
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): identifying ax market makers through      33Ч35
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): importance of following      20 134Ч135
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): information displayed on      75Ч76
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): Instinet information on      75Ч76
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): learning to use      120Ч121
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): Level 1 screen versus      13
Level 2 screen (Nasdaq): stochastics versus      42 45
Level 3 screen (Nasdaq): described      13
Level 3 screen (Nasdaq): information on      22 63
Limit orders      59Ч60
Loading down the ask      86
Market day breakdown      159Ч170
Market day breakdown, dead zone      168Ч169
Market day breakdown, last hour      169Ч170
Market day breakdown, open      160Ч167
Market day breakdown, post dead zone      169
Market day breakdown, postmarket/after-hours      170
Market day breakdown, postopen      167Ч168
Market day breakdown, premarket      91Ч92 97 159Ч160
Market day breakdown, sample trading days      171Ч194
Market makers      12Ч40
Market makers, described      12
Market makers, making money on spreads      22Ч23
Market makers, new powerhouse      28Ч29
Market makers, retail      22
Market makers, roles of      22
Market makers, self-fulfilling prophecy      19 24 31Ч32
Market makers, shorts and      143
Market makers, straddles and      148Ч152
Market makers, strategies of      18
Market makers, time of sales report      16Ч19
Market makers, ways of making money      35Ч36. See also Nasdaq market
Market orders      59Ч60
Market scanners      100
Market structure      228Ч231 234Ч235
MASH (Meyers & Schwartz)      28Ч29
MB Trading      76 125
Mental preparation, fortrading      116Ч120
MLCO (Merrill Lynch)      33 105
Momentum      77
Momentum scalping      162
Momentum stocks      55Ч56 153Ч158
Momentum stocks, difficulty of trading      154
Momentum stocksfloat and      154Ч156 158
Momentum stocksgauging rhythm in      154Ч156
Momentum stocksrhythm patterns in      156Ч158
Momentum ticks      83Ч87
Momentum ticks to maximize profits with order routing      85Ч87
Momentum ticks, exiting      86
Momentum ticks, paring down lots      28 86 87Ч89
Momentum ticks, round number      83Ч84 86
Momentum ticks, teenies      84Ч85
Momentum, defined      4 209
Momentum, Island Boys and      71Ч74 146
Momentum, nature of      77
Momentum, panic      78Ч83
Momentum, scalps and      162 203
Momentum, straddles and      151Ч152
Money management      195Ч202
Money management, home run syndrome and      202
Money management, preserving capital and      195Ч201
Money management, risk management in      198Ч201
Money management, wire transfers and      125
Monster fill: ARCHIP      66
Monster fill: chippies and      66Ч67
Monster fill: origins of      58
Monster key: ARCHIP      66
Monster key: origins of      58
MONT (Montgomery Securities)      25Ч26 33
Moving averages chart: 13-minute      54Ч55
Moving averages chart: 3-minute      48Ч53 117 132 134 137 139Ч140
MSCO (Morgan Stanley)      21Ч22 24 26Ч28 33
MSCO (Morgan Stanley), as growing power broker      26Ч28
MSCO (Morgan Stanley), IPO price support      104
MSCO (Morgan Stanley), tactics of      26Ч27
Name gap      162
Nasdaq market      12Ч19
Nasdaq market, as market maker system      12
Nasdaq market, block trades on time of sale      17Ч19
Nasdaq market, Internet sector      101 143
Nasdaq market, most active stocks      91
Nasdaq market, order-routing systems      58 69Ч75
Nasdaq market, time of sales report      16Ч19. See also Level 1 screen; Level 2 screen;Level 3 screen
Negative money flows      17
New York Stock Exchange: as specialist system      12 19
New York Stock Exchange: block trades on      17Ч19
New York Stock Exchange: market maker system versus      32Ч33
News services      92Ч100 134 140Ч142
NITE (KnightTrimark)      22 28Ч29
Number series: defined      219
Number series: Fibonacci      54Ч55 219Ч232
OPCO (Oppenheimer)      33
open      160Ч167
Open, feeling-out period      160Ч161
Open, gap and trap open      161Ч162
Open, initial bottom      164Ч165
Open, initial top      165
Open, postopen      167Ч168
Open, premarket      91Ч92 97 159Ч160
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