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Robbins J.N. — Web Design in a Nutshell
Robbins J.N. — Web Design in a Nutshell

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Название: Web Design in a Nutshell

Автор: Robbins J.N.


Are you still designing web sites like it's 1999? If so, you're in for a surprise. Since the last edition of this book appeared five years ago, there has been a major climate change with regard to web standards. Designers are no longer using (X)HTML as a design tool, but as a means of defining the meaning and structure of content. Cascading Style Sheets are no longer just something interesting to tinker with, but rather a reliable method for handling all matters of presentation, from fonts and colors to the layout of the entire page. In fact, following the standards is now a mandate of professional web design.

Our popular reference, Web Design in a Nutshell, is one of the first books to capture this new web landscape with an edition that's been completely rewritten and expanded to reflect the state of the art. In addition to being an authoritative reference for (X)HTML and Cascading Style Sheets, this book also provides an overview of the unique requirements of designing for the Web and gets to the nitty-gritty of JavaScript and DOM Scripting, web graphics optimization, and multimedia production. It is an indispensable tool for web designers and developers of all levels.

The third edition covers these contemporary web design topics:

Structural layer: HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 (9 chapters), including an alphabetical reference of all elements, attributes and character entities

Presentation layer: Ten all-new chapters on Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2.1, including an alphabetical reference of all properties and values.

Behavior layer: JavaScript and scripting with the Document Object Model (DOM)

Web environment: New web standards, browsers, display devices, accessibility, and internationalization

Web graphics optimization: Producing lean and mean GIF, JPEG, PNG, and animated GIFs

Multimedia: Web audio, video, Flash, and PDF

Organized so that readers can find answers quickly, Web Design in a Nutshell, Third Edition helps experienced designers come up to speed quickly on standards-based web design, and serves as a quick reference for those already familiar with the new standards and technology.

There are many books for web designers, but none that address such a wide variety of topics. Find out why nearly half a million buyers have made this the most popular web design book available.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 3d

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 826

Добавлена в каталог: 06.11.2006

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Предметный указатель
!important indicator      2nd
"above the fold" design
"class-itis" syndrome
"code forking"
"soft hyphen"
"three-pane environment"
# (octothorpe)      
# (octothorpe), character entity      
# (octothorpe), ID selectors      
% (percent sign)      
% (percent sign), parameter entities      
% (percent sign), percentage values      
& character entity
' character entity
> character entity
< character entity
" character entity
' (apostrophe)      
(') single quote      
(') single quote, @import directive      
(') single quote, escaping the character      
+ (plus sign)      
. (period)      
. (period), in CSS selectors      
. (period), XML names      
.aif file extension      2nd
.aiff file extension      2nd
.asf file extension      2nd 3rd
.asx file extension      
.avi file extension      
.class suffix      
.dtd suffix      
.fla file extension      
.html extension      
.ico format      
.m4a file extension      
.m4p file extension      
.map file extension      
.mid file extension      2nd
.mov file extension      2nd 3rd 4th
.mp4 file extension      
.mpg file extension      2nd
.ra file extension      2nd
.rm file extension      2nd 3rd
.swf file extension      2nd 3rd
.wma file extension      2nd
.wmv file extension      
15-bit color      
16-bit color      
24-bit color      2nd
32-bit color      
565 model      2nd
8-bit color      
:active selector      
:active selector, functionality      2nd
:active selector, LVHA acronym      2nd
:active selector, text rollovers      
:after selector      2nd 3rd 4th
:before selector      2nd 3rd 4th
:first-child selector      2nd
:first-letter selector      2nd
:first-line selector      2nd
:focus selector      2nd 3rd
:hover selector      
:hover selector, browser bugs      
:hover selector, LVHA      
:hover selector, overview      2nd
:hover selector, rollovers      2nd
:lang selector      2nd
:link selector      2nd 3rd 4th
:visited selector      2nd 3rd 4th
; (semicolon)      
; (semicolon), as separator      
; (semicolon), escaping the character      
< (less-than sign)      
< (less-than sign), character entity      
< (less-than sign), escaping the character      
<> (brackets)      
> (greater-than sign)      
> (greater-than sign), character entity      
> (greater-than sign), child selectors and      
> (greater-than sign), escaping the character      
? (pound symbol)      
@import directive      
@import directive, arguments      
@import directive, CSS printing      
@import directive, external style sheets      2nd
@import directive, hack management      
@import directive, media attribute and      2nd
@import directive, modular style sheets      
@media directive      2nd 3rd 4th
a element      
a element, frames and      
a element, generated content      
a element, list-based navigation      
a element, mailto protocol      
a element, name attribute      
a element, overview      2nd 3rd
a element, selectors and      2nd
a element, target attribute      2nd
a element, text rollovers      
A List Apart      
A List Apart, "ALA's New Print Styles"
A List Apart, "Creating Liquid Layouts with Negative Margins"
A List Apart, "Cross-Browser Variable Opacity with PNG: A Real Solution,"
A List Apart, "CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders"
A List Apart, "CSS Design: Going to Print"
A List Apart, "CSS Design: Taming Lists"
A List Apart, "From Table Hacks to CSS Layout: A Web Designer's Journey"
A List Apart, "High-Resolution Image Printing"
A List Apart, "How to Read W3C Specs"
A List Apart, "Improving Link Display for Print"
A List Apart, "Mountaintop Corners"
A List Apart, "Sliding Doors of CSS (Parts I and II)"
A List Apart, column background trick      
A List Apart, web site      2nd 3rd
AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format      
abbr element      
abbr element, hCalendar microformat      
abbr element, hCard microformat and      
abbr element, overview      2nd
abs( ) method      
absolute pathnames      2nd
Absolute positioning      
absolute positioning, browser bugs      2nd 3rd
absolute positioning, elements in preferred order      
absolute positioning, overview      2nd
absolute positioning, three-column layouts      
absolute positioning, two-column layouts      
absolute positioning, vertical margins      
absolute sizes, fonts      
absolute URLs      2nd
Accessibility panel (Flash)      
Accessibility Toolbar (Internet Explorer)      
accessibility, assistive technology      
accessibility, following guidelines      
accessibility, forms and      2nd
accessibility, frames and      2nd
accessibility, image replacement      2nd 3rd
accessibility, new windows and      
accessibility, responsibility for      2nd
accessibility, Section 508 standard      2nd
accessibility, table layout and      
accessibility, techniques for      
accessibility, testing for      
accessibility, types of disabilities      2nd
accessibility, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines      
accessibility, web standards and      
accesskey attribute      
Acid2 test      
Acrobat Reader      2nd
acronym element      2nd
action attribute (form)      
Actions panel (Flash)      
ActionScript, Flash authoring environment      2nd
ActionScript, Flash printing      
ActionScript, JavaScript and      
ActionScript, overview      2nd
Active Server Pages (ASP)      2nd
active stream redirector files      
ActiveX controls      
ActiveX controls, adding parameters      
ActiveX controls, embedding video      
ActiveX controls, Flash and      
ActiveX controls, object element and      2nd
ActiveX controls, streaming audio      
Adam7 method      
Adaptive color palette      2nd
address element      2nd
adjacent sibling selectors      
Adobe Acrobat      
Adobe GoLive      
Adobe GoLive, authoring tools      2nd
Adobe GoLive, description      
Adobe GoLive, FTP functions      
Adobe GoLive, image map tools      
Adobe GoLive, SVG support      
Adobe GoLive, URL pathnames      
Adobe ImageReady      
Adobe ImageReady, animated GIFs      2nd
Adobe ImageReady, color palettes      
Adobe ImageReady, GIF format      2nd 3rd 4th
Adobe ImageReady, JPEG format      2nd
Adobe ImageReady, overview      
Adobe ImageReady, web graphics      2nd
Adobe Photoshop      
Adobe Photoshop, color palettes      
Adobe Photoshop, GIF format      2nd 3rd 4th
Adobe Photoshop, JPEG format      2nd
Adobe Photoshop, PNG format      
Adobe Photoshop, web graphics      2nd 3rd
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format      
AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)      2nd
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)      
alert( ) method      2nd 3rd
Alexander, Levin      2nd
aliases, comparison operators and      
Aliasing      2nd 3rd
align attribute      
align attribute, applet element      
align attribute, caption element      
align attribute, cell content alignment      
align attribute, col/colgroup elements      2nd
align attribute, embed element      
align attribute, float property and      
align attribute, img element      2nd
align attribute, purpose      
alignment, design considerations      
alignment, floating and      
alignment, form elements      
alignment, styling tables      
alignment, text      
alink attribute (body)      
all media type      2nd
allowScriptAccess attribute      
allowScriptAccess attribute, embed element      
allowScriptAccess attribute, object element      
Almost Standards mode      2nd
alpha channels      
alpha channels, transparency and      2nd
alpha channels, weighted dithering      
alpha channels, weighted lossiness      
alpha channels, weighted optimization      
Alpha transparency      
alt attribute      
alt attribute, applet element      
alt attribute, img element      2nd
America Online browser      
America Online browser, background      
America Online browser, description      2nd
America Online browser, JPEG format and      
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)      
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)      2nd 3rd
ampersand (&)      
ampersand (&), as separator
ampersand (&), character entities
ampersand (&), escaping characters      2nd 3rd
ancestors, containing blocks      2nd
ancestors, defined      
ancestors, root element and      
And logical operator      
Andreessen, Marc      
Andrew, Rachel      
animated GIFs      
animated GIFs, creating      
animated GIFs, Flash and      
animated GIFs, functionality      2nd 3rd
animated GIFs, optimizing      2nd
animated GIFs, tools for      
Animated Portable Network Graphic (APNG)      
Animation      2nd 3rd
Animation compressor      
anonymous functions      
ANSI (American National Standards Institute)      
anti-aliasing, Flash and      2nd
anti-aliasing, preventing halos      
anti-aliasing, text      
anti-aliasing, turning off      
anti-aliasing, web palette and      
Apache servers      2nd 3rd
Apache Software Foundation      
API (Application Programming Interface)      
APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphic)      
apostrophe (')      
appendChild( ) method      
applet element      2nd 3rd
applets, alternative content and      
applets, defined      
applets, object element and      
applets, overview      
Application Programming Interface (API)      
application/pdf type      
application/xhtml+xml media type      
application/xml media type      
archive attribute (object)      
Area element      2nd
arithmetic operators      2nd
Array object (JavaScript)      2nd
Arrays      2nd
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)      2nd 3rd
ASCII character set      
ASCII character set, character entities      
ASCII character set, character references and      
ASCII character set, FTP link and      
ASCII character set, markup and      
ASCII character set, quotation marks      
ASCII character set, Unicode encoding      
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