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Liberty J., MacDonald B. — Learning C# 2005
Liberty J., MacDonald B. — Learning C# 2005

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Название: Learning C# 2005

Авторы: Liberty J., MacDonald B.


If you're a novice programmer and you want to learn C#, there aren't many books that will guide you. Most C# books are written for experienced C++ and Java programmers.
That's why Jesse Liberty, author of the best-selling books Programming C# and Programming ASP.NET, has written an entry-level guide to C#.

Written in a warm and friendly manner, Learning C# assumes no prior programming experience, and provides a thorough introduction to Microsoft's premier .NET language. The book helps you build a solid foundation in .NET, and shows you how to apply your skills through the use of dozens of tested examples. You'll learn about the syntax and structure of the C# language, including operators, classes and interfaces, structs, arrays, and strings.

Better yet, this updated edition of Learning C# has been completely revised to include the very latest content and teaching techniques. Here's what's new:

A detailed explanation of C# 2.0

An introduction to Visual Studio 2005, a tool set for building Windows and web applications

More than 200 questions and programming exercises to help you better judge your understanding of the material

A greater emphasis on event handling

Information on generics and generic collections

By the time you've finished Learning C#, you'll be ready to move on to a more advanced programming guide that will help you create large-scale web and Windows applications.

Whether you have a little object-oriented programming experience or you are new to programming altogether, Learning C# will set you firmly on your way to mastering the essentials of the C# language.

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Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 2nd

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 552

Добавлена в каталог: 01.11.2006

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Предметный указатель
! (NOT) operator      
!= (not-equals) operator      
% (modulus) operator      
% (modulus) operator, for loops, controlling      
&& (AND) operator
( ) (parentheses)      2nd
* (multiplication) operator      
+ (addition) operator      2nd 3rd 4th
+ (plus sign) operator      
++ (increment) operator      2nd 3rd
+= (plus-equals) operator      
- (subtraction) operator      
- - (decrement) operator      
. (dot) operator      2nd
.NET, attributes      
.NET, Framework      
.NET, Framework, generic collections      
.NET, platform      
.sln files      
/ (division) operator      
/* (asterisk)      
/// (slashes)      
: (colon)      
; (semicolon)      
< (less than) operator      
<= (less than or equal to) operator      
<div> elements      
= (assignment) operator      2nd
= (equals sign)      
== (equality) operator      
== (equals) operator      
> (greater than) operator      2nd
>= (greater than or equal to) operator      2nd
@ (at) symbol      
Abort signals      
abstract base classes, comparing to interfaces      
Abstract classes      
abstraction, defining      
access, array elements      
access, members of interfaces      
access, modifiers      2nd 3rd
access, Quick Find/Quick Replace      
access, Visual Studio 2005      
access, Visual Studio 2005, File menu      
access, Visual Studio 2005, menus and toolbars      
access, Visual Studio 2005, navigating      
access, Visual Studio 2005, projects and solutions      
access, Visual Studio 2005, Start Page      
accessors, get      
accessors, set      
Add Connection dialog box      
adding, connections      
adding, controls      2nd 3rd
adding, events      2nd
adding, files as text      
adding, items to a Dictionary class      
adding, radio groups      
adding, Sort( ) method      
Advanced command      
AfterCheck( ) method      
aliases, code snippets      
allocation of memory      
analysis, object-oriented programming      
and operator (&&)
anonymous methods, applying      
Application.Exit( ) method      
applications, .NET platform      
Applications, ASP.NET      
applications, ASP.NET, adding controls      
applications, ASP.NET, adding controls/events      
applications, ASP.NET, creating Web Forms      
applications, ASP.NET, data binding      
applications, ASP.NET, server controls      
applications, ASP.NET, Web Form events      
applications, ASP.NET, Web Forms      
applications, compilers      
applications, Console      
applications, Hello World      
applications, MDI      
applications, RAD      2nd
applications, structure of      
applications, viewing      
applications, Visual Studio 2005      
applications, Visual Studio 2005, applying Designer      
applications, Visual Studio 2005, building and running      
applications, Visual Studio 2005, creating      
applications, Windows      
applications, Windows, creating forms      
applications, Windows, creating real-world      
applying, anonymous methods      
applying, arrays      
applying, arrays, accessing elements      
applying, arrays, declaring      
applying, arrays, default values      
applying, arrays, foreach statements      
applying, arrays, initializing elements      
applying, arrays, methods      
applying, arrays, multidimensional      
applying, arrays, params keyword      
applying, arrays, sorting      
applying, delegates      
applying, Designer (Visual Studio 2005)      
applying, finally blocks      
applying, indexers      
applying, queues      
applying, regular expressions      
applying, stacks      
applying, static fields      
arguments, events      
Arguments, methods      
Array.Sort( ) method      
arrays, applying      
arrays, declaring      
arrays, default values      
arrays, elements      
arrays, elements, accessing      
arrays, elements, initializing      
arrays, foreach statements      
arrays, jagged      
arrays, methods      
arrays, multidimensional      
arrays, params keyword      
arrays, rectangular      
arrays, sorting      2nd 3rd
as operators      
ASP.NET, applications      
ASP.NET, controls, adding      
ASP.NET, data binding      
ASP.NET, Web Forms      
ASP.NET, Web Forms, adding controls      
ASP.NET, Web Forms, creating      
ASP.NET, Web Forms, events      
ASP.NET, Web Forms, server controls      
assigning indexers      
association, classes      
asterisk (/*)      
at symbol (@)      
attributes, .NET      
attributes, customizing      
Auto Hide window      
Autos window      2nd 3rd
avoiding boxing with generics      
base classes      2nd
base classes, constructors, calling      
BeforeExpand event      
BinarySearch( ) method      
binding data      
blocks, catch      
blocks, single-statement if      
blocks, try      
Bookmark window      
bookmarks      2nd
bool type      
Borland Delphi      
boxing, generics, avoiding with      
boxing, types      
branching, methods      
branching, statements      
branching, statements, conditional      
branching, statements, unconditional      
break statement      
breaking out for loops      
Breakpoint Condition dialog box      
Breakpoint Hit Count dialog box      
breakpoints, conditions, setting      
breakpoints, hit counts, setting      
breakpoints, running to      
breakpoints, setting      
Build menu      2nd
building applications      
Button class, factoring      
buttons, Clear events      
buttons, Copy events      
buttons, Delete events      
buttons, Events      
buttons, Show All Files      
C#, applications, structure of      
C-style comments      
calculate operators      
Call Stack window      
call stacks      
calling, base class constructors      
calling, destructors      
calling, methods      2nd
calling, methods, tracking      
calling, multiple methods      
Camel notation      
caret (^)      
case statements      
casting, interfaces      
casting, objects      
catch statement      
catch statement, dedicated      
chaining assignments      
Char type      
characters, incremental searches      
characters, strings      
characters, strings, comparing      
characters, strings, concatenating      
characters, strings, copying      
characters, strings, creating      
characters, strings, escape characters      
characters, strings, literals      
characters, strings, manipulating      
characters, strings, modifying      
characters, strings, regular expressions      
characters, strings, searching substrings      
characters, strings, splitting      2nd 3rd
characters, strings, testing for equality      
characters, strings, verbatim      
characters, WriteLine( ) method      
child classes      
Choose Data Source dialog box      
Choose Toolbox dialog box      
Class View      
classes, abstract      
classes, abstract base, comparing to interfaces      
classes, association      
classes, base      
classes, base, calling constructors      
classes, Button, factoring      
classes, child      
classes, composed      
classes, Console      
classes, constructors      
classes, defining      
classes, derived      2nd
classes, derived, abstract classes      
classes, Dictionary      
classes, DirectoryInfo      
classes, DisplayClock      
classes, Document, implementing interfaces      
classes, EventArgs      
classes, events      
classes, events, delegates      
classes, events, publishing      
classes, events, subscribing      
classes, Exception      
classes, FCL      2nd
classes, Fraction      
classes, Generics      
classes, initializers      
classes, instance members      
classes, List      
classes, List, creating      
classes, List, sorting      
classes, memory allocation      
classes, methods      
classes, methods, arguments      
classes, methods, Call Stack window      
classes, methods, encapsulating data with properties      
classes, methods, returning multiple values      
classes, names, modifying      
classes, new, deriving      
classes, Object      
classes, object-oriented programming      
classes, object-oriented programming, defining      
classes, object-oriented programming, relationships      
classes, objects, destroying      
classes, Pair<T>      
classes, parent      
classes, Queue      
classes, Regex      
classes, root      2nd
classes, sealed      2nd
classes, specialization      
classes, Stack      
classes, static members      
classes, String      
classes, StringBuilder      
classes, Tester      
classes, this keyword      
classes, Time, creating      
Clear button events      
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