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Davis M., Phillips J. — Learning PHP and MySQL
Davis M., Phillips J. — Learning PHP and MySQL

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Название: Learning PHP and MySQL

Авторы: Davis M., Phillips J.


he PHP scripting language and MySQL open source database are quite effective independently, but together they make a simply unbeatable team. When working hand-in-hand, they serve as the standard for the rapid development of dynamic, database-driven websites. This combination is so popular, in fact, that it's attracting many programming newbies who come from a web or graphic design background and whose first language is HTML. If you fall into this ever-expanding category, then this book is for you.

Learning PHP and MySQL starts with the very basics of the PHP language, including strings and arrays, pattern matching and a detailed discussion of the variances in different PHP versions. Next, it explains how to work with MySQL, covering information on SQL data access for language and data fundamentals like tables and statements. Finally, after it's sure that you've mastered these separate concepts, the book shows you how to put them together to generate dynamic content. In the process, you'll also learn about error handling, security, HTTP authentication, and more.

If you're a hobbyist who is intimidated by thick, complex computer books, then this guide definitely belongs on your shelf. Learning PHP and MySQL explains everything — from basic concepts to the nuts and bolts of performing specific tasks — in plain English.

Part of O'Reilly's bestselling Learning series, the book is an easy-to-use resource designed specifically for newcomers. It's also a launching pad for future learning, providing you with a solid foundation for more advanced development.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 376

Добавлена в каталог: 30.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
administrative pages, access      
Apache, installation      
Apache, Installation Wizard      
Apache, origins      
Apache, threading      
Apache, versions      
arguments, operators      
array identifiers      
arrays, assignment and      
arrays, associative      
arrays, creating      
arrays, elements      
arrays, elements, counting      
arrays, functions      
arrays, multidimensional      
arrays, numeric      
arrays, scalar values      
arrays, sorting      
arrays, values      
arrays, values, adding      
arrays, values, looping through      
arrays, values, referencing      
arrays, variables, extracting      
assignment operators      
assignment operators, PHP      
assignment, arrays and      
associative arrays      
associativity of operators      
Audience for book      
authentication, Auth_HTTP      
authentication, HTTP      
Auth_HTTP, authentication      
automatic global variables      
binary operators      
blog, comments, adding/changing      
blog, configuration file      
blog, database      
blog, page framework      
blog, postings      
blog, postings, adding/changing      
blog, postings, displaying      
blog, postings, summary      
book organization      
breaking out of a loop      
building forms      
building forms, data validation      
building forms, feet-to-meters conversion      
building forms, querying database and      
building forms, text      
building forms, time zone conversion      
building forms, values      
building forms, values, accessing      
building forms, values, default      
building forms, values, multiple      
calling functions      
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      
Character classes      
chat forums, resources      
class scope      
classes, creating      
classes, inheritance      
classes, inheritance, extends operator      
classes, inheritance, parent operator      
classes, instances      
classes, instances, creating      
classes, variables, scope      
columns, databases      
columns, databases, adding      
columns, databases, data types      2nd
columns, databases, deleting      
command line, MySQL prompt      
commands, CREATE TABLE      
commands, insert      
commands, MySQL      
commands, mysqldump      
commands, SELECT      
commands, touch      
comments, PHP      
compact function      
comparing strings, PHP      
Comparison operators      
concatenation, PHP      
concatenation, string functions      
conditional operators      
configuration file, blog      
connections, close, PEAR      
connections, databases      
connections, databases, closing      
constants, PHP      
constants, PHP, predefined      
contact information      
continue statement      
Control structures      
conventions used in book      
cookies, access      
cookies, deleting      
cookies, destroying      
cookies, setting      
copying, files, databases      
CREATE TABLE command      
creating files      
cross-site scripting attacks      
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)      
data types, database columns      
Data validation      
database engines, MySQL      
database normalization      
database normalization, First Normal Form      
database normalization, Second Normal Form      
database normalization, Third Normal Form      
databases, Access      
databases, access, blocking for external hosts      
databases, access, preventing      
databases, backups      
databases, blog      
databases, columns      
databases, columns, adding      
databases, columns, data types      
databases, columns, deleting      
databases, connections      
databases, connections, closing      
databases, data      
databases, data, deleting      
databases, data, modifying      
databases, date and time functions      
databases, fields      
databases, files, copying      
databases, MySQL      
databases, MySQL, creating      
databases, normalization      
databases, normalization, forms of      
databases, objects, modifying      
databases, password storage      2nd
databases, queries      
databases, queries, aliases      
databases, queries, ORDER BY keyword      
databases, queries, WHERE clause      
databases, records      
databases, relational      
databases, relational, foreign keys      
databases, relational, primary keys      
databases, relationships      
databases, relationships, many-to-many      
databases, relationships, one-to-many      
databases, relationships, one-to-one      
databases, restoring data      
databases, searches      
Databases, selecting      
databases, string functions      
databases, tables      
databases, tables, adding data      2nd
databases, tables, creating      
databases, tables, joining      
databases, username storage      
databases, users      
databases, users, creating      
databases, users, separate      
date and time functions      
date and time functions, arithmetic      
date and time functions, databases      
date and time functions, date validation      
date and time functions, formats      
date and time functions, timestamps      
decrement operators, PHP      
defining functions      
deleting, data      
deleting, files      
do-while loops      
dropping tables      
elements, arrays      
elements, arrays, counting      
else if statement      
else statement      
embedding links, query results display and      
ending sessions      
equality operator      
errors in tables      
executing queries      
Expressions      2nd
expressions, literals      
expressions, operators      
expressions, regular expressions      
expressions, variables      
extends operator, inheritance      
extract function      
extracting variables from arrays      
feet-to-meters conversion      
fetching, PEAR      
fields, databases      
file manipulation functions      
files, creating      
files, databases, copying      
files, deleting      
files, include files      
files, moving      
files, uploading      
files, validation      
file_exists function      
First Normal Form, database normalization      
fixation, sessions      
for loops      
foreign keys, relational databases      
formatting, date and time functions      
formatting, expressions      
formatting, function calls      
formatting, function definitions      
formatting, indents      
formatting, PHP tags      
formatting, templating      
forms of normalization, databases      
forms of normalization, databases, First Normal Form      
forms of normalization, databases, Second Normal Form      
forms of normalization, databases, Third Normal Form      
forms, adding in one file      
forms, building      
forms, building, data validation      
forms, building, feet-to-meters converter      
forms, building, querying database and      
forms, building, text      
forms, building, time zone conversion      
forms, building, values, accessing      
forms, building, values, default      
forms, building, values, multiple      
forms, processing in one file      
forms, redisplaying after failed validation      
forms, templates      
forms, templates, Smarty installation      
forms, templates, template engine      
forms, text      
forms, text, checkboxes      
forms, text, hidden elements      
forms, text, radio buttons      
forms, text, selects      
forms, text, text areas      
forms, text, text boxes      
function calls      
function definitions      
functions, array functions      
functions, calling      
functions, compact      
functions, databases, string functions      
functions, date and time      
functions, date and time, arithmetic      
functions, date and time, date validation      
functions, date and time, formats      
functions, date and time, timestamps      
functions, defining      
functions, extract      
functions, file manipulation      
functions, file_exists      
functions, include statement      
functions, include statement, include_once      
functions, include statement, require      
functions, include statement, require_once      
functions, is_executable      
functions, is_readable      
functions, is_writable      
functions, mktime      
functions, parameters      2nd
functions, parameters, reference parameters      
functions, PHP files      
functions, PHP files, including      
functions, PHP files, requiring      
functions, PHP queries      
functions, printf      
functions, require      
functions, require_once      
functions, session_start      
functions, string functions      
functions, string functions, checking for strings      
functions, string functions, extracting portion      
functions, string functions, padding and      
functions, string functions, precision and      
functions, string functions, printf      
functions, string functions, sprintf      
functions, string functions, strlen      
functions, string functions, strtolower      
functions, string functions, strtoupper      
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