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Whyburn G.T. — American mathematical society colloquium publications. Volume XXVIII
Whyburn G.T. — American mathematical society colloquium publications. Volume XXVIII

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Название: American mathematical society colloquium publications. Volume XXVIII

Автор: Whyburn G.T.


The material here presented represents an elaboration on my Colloquium Lectures delivered before the American Mathematical Society at its September, 1940 meeting at Dartmouth College. The results of some of my own efforts together with a selection of those of other mathematicians relative to the subject chosen are presented in what is intended to be a coherent and approximately self-contained exposition, framed in the familiar topology of separable metric spaces. No attempt is made at comprehensive coverage either of the known work embraced by the title of the book or of the work of others, or even myself, which may be closely related to that included.

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Рубрика: Математика/

Серия: Сделано в холле

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1942

Количество страниц: 290

Добавлена в каталог: 12.03.2015

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Предметный указатель
Space, perfectly separable      2
Space, regular      2
Space, topological      1
Space, topologically complete      27
Sphere, invariance under monotone transformation      170
Sphere, topological, characterization of      114
Three point theorem      79
Topological space      1
Topological sphere      114
Topological transformation      24
Topologically equivalent transformations      127
Transformation      24
Transformation, A-set reversing      70 131
Transformation, composite      140
Transformation, continuous      24
Transformation, interior      129
Transformation, inverse of a      24
Transformation, light      130
Transformation, monotone      70 127
Transformation, non-alternating      127
Transformation, one-to-one      24
Transformation, particular kinds of      127 ff.
Transformation, periodic      239
Transformation, quasi-monotone      151
Transformation, relative distance      154
Transformation, retracting      70 143
Transformation, topological      24
Transformation, topological equivalence of one to another      127
Transformation, uniformily continuous      25
Unicoherence      82
Unicoherence about a simple closed curve      213
Unicoherence and property (b)      226 ff.
Unicoherence of cartesian product of continua      228
Unicoherence, cyclic extensibility and reducibility of      82
Unicoherence, invariance under monotone transformations      138
Uniformily locally connected sets      22
Uniformily locally connected sets, plane regions      161
Upper semi-continuous collections      122
Upper semi-continuous decomposition      123
Upper semi-continuous decomposition, relations to continuous transformations      125 ff.
Well-chained set      13
Young, W.H., Theorem of      53
1 2
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