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Carter E., Lippert E. — Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using Visual Basic 2005 with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath
Carter E., Lippert E. — Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using Visual Basic 2005 with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath

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Название: Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using Visual Basic 2005 with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath

Авторы: Carter E., Lippert E.


Visual Studio Tools for Office is both the first and the definitive book on VSTO 2005 programming, written by the inventors of the technology. VSTO is a set of tools that allows professional developers to use the full power of Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework to put code behind Excel 2003, Word 2003, Outlook 2003, and InfoPath 2003.

VSTO provides functionality never before available to the Office developer: data binding and data/view separation, design-time views of Excel and Word documents inside Visual Studio, rich support for Windows Forms controls in a document, the ability to create custom Office task panes, server-side programming support against Office, and much more.

Carter and Lippert cover their subject matter with deft insight into the needs of .NET developers learning VSTO. This book

Explains the architecture of Microsoft Office programming and introduces the object models

Teaches the three basic patterns of Office solutions: Office automation executables, Office add-ins, and code behind a document

Explores the ways of customizing Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath, and plumbs the depths of programming with their events and object models

Introduces the VSTO programming model

Teaches how to use Windows Forms in VSTO and how to work with the Actions Pane

Delves into VSTO data programming and server data scenarios

Explores .NET code security and VSTO deployment

Advanced material covers working with XML in Word and Excel, developing COM add-ins for Word and Excel, and creating Outlook add-ins with VSTO.

The complete code samples are available on the book's Web page.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 1120

Добавлена в каталог: 29.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
"Can act like" relationship
"Is a" relationship
"My button stopped working" issue
"Tag" field, in VSTO programming model
% (percent), SendKeys      
& (ampersand)      
& (ampersand), use of in SmartTag actions
& (ampersand), using to identify accelerators in menus
( ) (parentheses), index operator      2nd
+ (plus), SendKeys      
, (comma), union operator      2nd
.NET Framework      
.NET Framework, advantages of      
.NET Framework, code security      [See Code security .NET
.NET Framework, deployment prerequisites for .NET Framework 2.0      
.NET Framework, disadvantages of      
.NET, ADO.NET data binding      
.NET, ASP.NET custom handler      
.NET, ASP.NET server      
.NET, classes      
.NET, code security      [See Code security .NET
.NET, data programming      [See Data programming.]
.NET, security policy for Smart Tag class library      
.NET, using ServerDocument and ASP.NET      
.xsf files      
.xsn files      
/ (slash), using to create submenus      
1900 format, converting Excel dates      
1904 format, converting Excel dates      
: (colon), range operator      2nd
A1-style references, in Range Object      
Absolute address      
Action classes, Smart Tags      
Action classes, Smart Tags, creating      
Action classes, Smart Tags, registering      
action events      
Action events, creating document level Smart Tags      
Action events, custom      
Action events, handling      
Actions pop-up menus      
Actions task pane      
Actions task pane, architecture of      
Actions task pane, attaching/detaching      
Actions task pane, contextually changing      
Actions task pane, custom user control added to      
Actions task pane, customizing with XML      
Actions task pane, detecting orientation of      
Actions task pane, introduction to      
Actions task pane, methods/properties to avoid      
Actions task pane, modeless Windows Form with      
Actions task pane, scrolling      
Actions task pane, showing/hiding      
Actions task pane, Windows Forms controls added to      2nd
Actions, creating document level Smart Tags      
Actions, Smart Tag components in Excel      
Actions, Smart Tag components in Word      
Activate events      
Activate events, raising in Excel      
Activate events, raising in Outlook      
Activate events, raising in Word      
Activate method      
Activate method, activating window in workbook      
Activate method, as simplest method form      
Activate method, worksheet management      
ActiveX controls      
ActiveX controls, blurry      
ActiveX controls, derived from Windows Forms control      
ActiveX controls, hosting in Actions task pane      
ActiveX controls, hosting managed      
ActiveX controls, limitations of hosting model      
ActiveX controls, not saving at runtime      
ActiveX controls, security implications of hosting model      
ActiveX controls, Windows Forms control hosting      
Adapters, dataset programming      
Adapters, overview      
Add method      
Add method, accessing Name in Names collection      
Add method, CachedDataHostItem object      
Add method, custom property pages      
Add method, DocumentProperty      
Add method, files objects      
Add method, Folders collection      
Add method, Outlook events      
Add method, Outlook Inspectors/Explorers collections      
Add method, window      
Add method, Word bookmarks      
Add method, Word documents      
Add method, Word Tables collection      
Add method, work/chart sheet to collection      
Add method, workbooks      
Add Schema button      2nd
Add-ins, Automation      [See Automation add-ins.]
Add-ins, COM      [See COM add-ins.]
Add-ins, creating Outlook      
Add-ins, customizing Excel      
Add-ins, customizing Outlook      
Add-ins, defined      
Add-ins, hosted code      
Add-ins, Install/Uninstall events      
Add-ins, multiple      
Add-ins, overview      
Add-ins, programming Excel      
Add-ins, running/unloading code      
Add-ins, template installed as      
Add-ins, VSTO      [See VSTO add-ins.]
Add-ins, Word e-postage      
AddControl method      2nd
AddCustomization method      
AddHandler statement      
AddHandler statement, Activate/Deactivate events      
AddHandler statement, Calculate events      
AddHandler statement, dynamic event handling      
AddHandler statement, Quit events      
AddHandler statement, selection change events      
AddHandler statement, Workbook events      
Address books/entries, accessing in Outlook      
Addresses, in Excel Range Object      
AddressOf keyword, dynamic event handling      
ADO classic      
ADO.NET      [See also Data programming.]
AdvancedSearch method, Outlook      
After parameter      2nd
Aggregation, connecting aggregates      
Aggregation, obtaining aggregated objects      
Aggregation, overview of      
Aggregation, Windows Forms controls      
Alerts, Excel      
Alerts, Save Alerts in Excel      
Alerts, Word      
Aliasing, in Word      
All Code group      
AllowEditRanges collection, worksheet protection      2nd
Alt, searching research services      
Alt, specifying with SendKeys method      
ampersand (&)      
Ampersand (&), identifying accelerators in menus
Ampersand (&), in Smart Tag actions
app variable      2nd
AppDomain policy level      
Application Manifest Editor      
Application manifests      
Application manifests, editing      
Application manifests, objects, methods, and properties      
Application manifests, overview of      
Application manifests, reading/editing embedded      
Application manifests, relationship with deployment manifest      
Application objects      
Application objects, AppDomain policy level      
Application objects, Excel      
Application objects, Excel events      
Application objects, Excel events, Activate/Deactivate      
Application objects, Excel events, Before Close      
Application objects, Excel events, Before Print      
Application objects, Excel events, Before Save      
Application objects, Excel events, Calculate      
Application objects, Excel events, Change      
Application objects, Excel events, Double-Click/Right-Click      
Application objects, Excel events, Follow Hyperlink      
Application objects, Excel events, NewWorkbook      
Application objects, Excel events, Open      
Application objects, Excel events, XML file Import/Export      
Application objects, Excel, changing mouse pointer      
Application objects, Excel, controlling dialog boxes and alerts      
Application objects, Excel, controlling editing      
Application objects, Excel, controlling file/printer settings      
Application objects, Excel, controlling screen updates      
Application objects, Excel, controlling workbook calculation/using built-in functions      
Application objects, Excel, danger of using EnableEvents property      
Application objects, Excel, displaying message in status bar      
Application objects, Excel, properties that return active/selected objects      
Application objects, Excel, properties that return important collections      
Application objects, Excel, Quitting/Undo methods      
Application objects, Excel, selecting and activating range of cells      
Application objects, Excel, sending keyboard commands      
Application objects, Excel, sending workbook in e-mail      
Application objects, Excel, spell checking      
Application objects, in InfoPath      
Application objects, in object models      
Application objects, Outlook      
Application objects, Outlook events      
Application objects, Outlook events, Activate/Deactivate      
Application objects, Outlook events, Close      
Application objects, Outlook events, new window      
Application objects, Outlook events, raising      
Application objects, Outlook events, Start-up/Quit      
Application objects, Outlook events, view and selection change      
Application objects, Outlook events, window      
Application objects, Outlook, copy method      
Application objects, Outlook, methods/properties that return active/selected objects      
Application objects, Outlook, Outlook security and trusted/untrusted objects      
Application objects, Outlook, overview      
Application objects, Outlook, properties that return important collections      
Application objects, Outlook, Quit method      
Application objects, Outlook, search methods      
Application objects, Outlook, using Session property of to retrieve NameSpace object      
Application objects, properties      
Application objects, Word      
Application objects, Word events      
Application objects, Word events, Document Activation/Deactivation events      
Application objects, Word events, Document Close events      
Application objects, Word events, Document Print events      
Application objects, Word events, Document Save events      
Application objects, Word events, Mail Merge event      
Application objects, Word events, mouse events      
Application objects, Word events, NewDocument event      
Application objects, Word events, selection change events      
Application objects, Word events, Startup/Shutdown events      
Application objects, Word events, WindowSize events      
Application objects, Word events, XML events      
Application objects, Word, changing mouse pointer      
Application objects, Word, checking grammar/spelling      
Application objects, Word, controlling dialog boxes and alerts      
Application objects, Word, controlling look of Word      
Application objects, Word, controlling screen updates      
Application objects, Word, customizing Mail Merge      
Application objects, Word, displaying messages in status bar or window caption      
Application objects, Word, exiting Word      
Application objects, Word, File dialog boxes      
Application objects, Word, file save format options      
Application objects, Word, multiple application/document interfaces in Word      
Application objects, Word, navigating document      
Application objects, Word, New and Getting Started document task panes      
Application objects, Word, overview      
Application objects, Word, properties that return active/selected objects      
Application objects, Word, properties that return important collections      
Application objects, Word, user information      
Application objects, Word, working with Word's options      
Apply method, of PropertyPage interface in Outlook      
AppManifest object      
Area, Range objects and      
arg1, BeforeClick event parameter      
arg2, BeforeClick event parameter      
Argument, ActionEventArgs      
Arrange method      
Arrange method, Excel windows      
Arrange method, Word windows      
ASP.NET, custom handler      
ASP.NET, server setup      
ASP.NET, ServerDocument and      
Assemblies, code groups and      
Assemblies, delay-sign      
Assemblies, determining location from deployment manifest      
Assemblies, signing      
Assemblies, strong-named      
Assemblies, trusting in Local Machine zone      
Attachment events, Outlook      
Attributes, InfoPath events      
AutoFit method, Word tables      
Automation add-ins      
Automation add-ins, customizing Excel      2nd
Automation add-ins, debugging      
Automation add-ins, deploying      
Automation add-ins, managed      
Automation add-ins, user-defined functions provided by      
Automation executables      
Automation executables, customizing Excel      
Automation executables, customizing Outlook      
Automation executables, customizing Word      2nd
Automation executables, defined      
Automation executables, in InfoPath      
Automation executables, locale issue      [See Locale issue.]
Automation executables, overview      
Automation executables, unloading code in      
Back-end data source      [See also Sources.]
Base class, extending to Word/Excel object models      
batch files      
Before Close events      
Before Close events, Excel      
Before Close events, Word      2nd
Before parameter, worksheets      2nd
Before Print events      
Before Print events, Excel      
Before Print events, Word      
Before Save events      
Before Save events, Excel      
Before Save events, Word      
BeforeCaptionShow event      
BeforeDouble-Click events      
BeforeDouble-Click events, cancelable events and event bubbling and      
BeforeDouble-Click events, Excel      
BeforeDouble-Click events, Word      
BeforeRight-Click events      
BeforeRight-Click events, cancelable events and event bubbling and      
BeforeRight-Click events, Excel      
BeforeRight-Click events, Word      
binding data      [See Data programming.]
Binding source      
Binding source, as proxies      
Binding source, in advanced ADO.NET data binding      
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