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Schwartz R.L. — Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules
Schwartz R.L. — Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules

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Название: Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules

Автор: Schwartz R.L.


Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules picks up where Learning Perl leaves off. This new book offers a gentle introduction to the world of references, object-oriented programming, and the use of Perl modules that form the backbone of any effective Perl program. Following the successful format of Learning Perl, each chapter in the book is designed to be small enough to be read in just an hour or two. Each chapter ends with a series of exercises to help you practice what you've learned with answers in an appendix for your reference. In short, this book covers everything that separates the Perl dabbler from the Perl programmer.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 240

Добавлена в каталог: 27.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
"take a reference to" operator      2nd 3rd
# (pound sign)      2nd
$@ variable      2nd
$AUTOLOAD variable      
$TODO variable      
$VERSION variable      
& (ampersand)      2nd
() (parentheses)      2nd 3rd
+ (plus sign)      2nd
, (comma)      
.pl (Perl Library) extension      
.plx (Perl Executable) extension      
.pm (Perl Module) extension      
: (colon)      
:: (double colon)      2nd
; (semicolon)      2nd
<=> (spaceship operator)      
= operator      
?: operator      
@EXPORT variable      2nd 3rd
@EXPORT_OK variable      2nd 3rd
@INC array      
@INC array, require operator and      
@INC array, use operation and      
@ISA variable      
@ISA variable, features      2nd
@ISA variable, inheritance hierarchies and      
@ISA variable, multiple inheritance      
@_ array      
@_ array, accessing instance data      
@_ array, changes reflected      
@_ array, creating      
@_ array, dereferencing and      
@_ array, nested data structures      
@_ array, passing uninterrupted      
@_ array, references and scoping      
@_ array, removing items from      
absent import lists      
abstract methods      
accessors, AUTOLOAD method and      2nd
accessors, Class::MethodMaker module      
anonymous arrays      
anonymous arrays, complex data and      
anonymous arrays, creating directly      
anonymous arrays, defined      
anonymous arrays, hash references and      
anonymous arrays, square brackets and      
anonymous hash      
anonymous hash, creating      
anonymous hash, filesystem capture example      
anonymous subroutines      2nd
API (Application Programming Interface)      
Arguments      [See parameters]
array reference      
array reference, anonymous array constructors and      2nd
array reference, arrows and      2nd
array reference, blessing      
array reference, curly braces and      2nd
array reference, dereferencing      2nd 3rd 4th
array reference, efficient sorting example      
array reference, empty arrays and      
array reference, features      2nd
array reference, hashes into      
array reference, IO::File objects and      
array reference, modifying      2nd
array reference, nested data structures      
array reference, Schwartzian Transform      
Arrays      [See also anonymous arrays][See also anonymous arrays]
arrays, curly braces      
arrays, dereferencing and      2nd
arrays, modifying      2nd
arrays, nested data structures and      
arrays, ordered lists and      
arrays, package names and      
arrays, referencing      2nd 3rd 4th
arrays, scalars and      
arrays, scoping considerations      
arrows, drop arrow rule      
arrows, hash references and      2nd
arrows, method invocation arrow      2nd 3rd 4th
AUTOLOAD method      
AUTOLOAD method, accessors and      2nd
AUTOLOAD method, functionality      2nd
AUTOLOAD method, inheritance and      
AutoLoader core module      
autovivification, hash references and      
autovivification, process defined      
backstop method      2nd
basename subroutine (File::Basename)      
BEGIN block      
BEGIN block, importing subroutines      
BEGIN block, purpose      
BEGIN block, setting constants      
BEGIN block, setting paths      
BEGIN block, use list and      
BEGIN block, use operation and      
behavior, classes and      
behavior, instances and      
behavior, passing as parameter      
behavior, subroutine references and      
behavior, testing with isa and can methods      2nd
blessed references      
blessed references, indirect object syntax and      
blessed references, instances as      2nd 3rd
blessed references, isa method and      
blessed references, nested object destruction      
blessed references, ref operator and      
blessed references, returning      
block form      
block form, grep operator      
block form, map operator      
callbacks, accessing variables      2nd
callbacks, find( ) function and      2nd
callbacks, invoking subroutines multiple times      
callbacks, subroutine references and      2nd
can method (UNIVERSAL)      2nd
can_ok function (Test::More)      
catfile method (File::Spec)      
CGI module      
Changes file      
class methods      
class methods, building instances      
class methods, File::Spec module and      
class methods, instance methods and      
class methods, OO modules and      
class methods, restricting to      
Class variables      
Class::MethodMaker module      
classes, accessors and      
classes, defined      
classes, instances and      
classes, methods working with      
classes, UNIVERSAL class and      
classes, virtual methods and      
closure variables      
closures, functionality      
closures, lexical variables and      
closures, persistence and      
closures, scope and      
cmp operator      
cmp_ok routine (Test::More)      
Code      [See also OOP][See also OOP]
code references      
code references, AUTOLOAD method and      
code references, overview      
code, decoupling      
code, reusability of      2nd
code, testing coverage      
code, ways to share      
collisions, namespace      2nd
Comments      2nd
compile phase      
compile phase, AUTOLOAD and      
compile phase, BEGIN keyword and      
compile phase, declarations during      
compile phase, use base and      
complex data structures      [See data structures]
composition, inheritance versus      
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network      [See CPAN]
conditional tests      
constants, setting      
constructors, anonymous array      2nd 3rd
constructors, anonymous hash      2nd 3rd
constructors, creating instances      
constructors, inheriting      2nd
constructors, url subroutine      
copyright notices      
core modules      2nd 3rd
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)      
CPAN, contributing to      
CPAN, version numbers and      
Current directory      
current directory, @INC array and      
current directory, find( ) function and      2nd
current directory, search path and      2nd
current directory, testing and      
Data structures      
data structures, looping and      2nd
data structures, manipulating      
data structures, nested      2nd 3rd
data structures, recursively defined      
data structures, references to anonymous      
data structures, references to subroutines      
data, accessing for instances      
data, selecting      2nd
data, storing      2nd 3rd
data, viewing with Data::Dumper      2nd
data, viewing with debugger      
Data::Dumper module      2nd 3rd
daylight savings time (DST)      
dbmopen function      
debugging, Changes file and      
debugging, enabling warnings during      
debugging, viewing complex data      
debugging, x command      2nd
dereferencing, array references      2nd 3rd 4th
dereferencing, coderefs      2nd
dereferencing, hash references      
dereferencing, lexical variables and      
destroy method      
DESTROY method, inheritance and      2nd
DESTROY method, nested objects      
DESTROY method, purpose      2nd
destructors, class variables and      
destructors, IO::File objects and      
destructors, nested objects example      
direct object syntax      2nd
directories, represented as hashes      
directories, separating with colon      
directories, t files and      
dirname subroutine (File::Basename)      
distributions, alternate installation locations      
distributions, announcing CPAN modules      
distributions, copyrights and licensing      
distributions, embedded documentation      
distributions, Exporter module      
distributions, h2xs tool      
distributions, make dist and      2nd
distributions, Makefile.PL      
distributions, modules within      
distributions, POD format      
distributions, preparing      2nd
distributions, qw( ) lists      
distributions, template files      
distributions, Test::More module      
distributions, Test::Simple module      2nd
distributions, testing      2nd
distributions, uploading to CPAN      2nd
distributions, version numbers      2nd
do operator      
documentation, distribution considerations      
documentation, embedded for distribution      
documentation, testing and      
drop arrow rule      
Dumper subroutine      
empty import lists      
encapsulation, object      
END blocks      
eval function      2nd
Exporter module      
Exporter module, distributions      
Exporter module, importing with      2nd 3rd
Exporter module, package variables      
exporting, OO modules and      2nd 3rd
exporting, symbols      
export_fail method (Exporter)      
export_to_level method (Exporter)      
expression form      
expression form, grep operator      
expression form, map operator      
extending, class variables      
extending, subroutines      
extending, superclass methods      2nd
ExtUtils::MakeMaker module      
File::Basename module      2nd 3rd
File::Find module      
File::Find module, features      2nd
File::Find module, returning coderefs      
File::Spec module      
filehandles, instance variables      
filehandles, ok function (Test::More) and      
filehandles, package names and      
filehandles, references to      
filehandles, storing in a hash      
filehandles, temporary files      
filehandles, || operator and      
fileparse subroutine (File::Basename)      2nd
files, distribution templates      
files, File::Spec module      
files, find subroutine      
files, finding timestamps      
files, parsing specifications      
filesystems, capturing information about      
filesystems, walking through hierarchy      2nd
find subroutine (File::Find)      2nd
friend classes      2nd
Garbage collection      
1 2 3
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