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Sells C., Weinhardt M., Boulter M. — Windows Forms 2.0 Programming
Sells C., Weinhardt M., Boulter M. — Windows Forms 2.0 Programming

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Название: Windows Forms 2.0 Programming

Авторы: Sells C., Weinhardt M., Boulter M.


Windows Forms 2.0 Programming is the successor to the highly praised Windows Forms Programming in C#. This edition has been significantly updated to amalgamate the sheer mass of new and improved support that is encompassed by Windows Forms 2.0, the .NET Framework 2.0, and Visual Studio 2005. This is the one book developers need in order to learn how to build and deploy leading-edge Windows Forms 2.0 applications.
Readers will gain a deep understanding from Sells and Weinhardt's practical, well-balanced approach to the subject and clear code samples.
• Windows Forms 2.0 fundamentals, including forms, dialogs, data validation, help, controls, components, and rendering
• Static and dynamic layout, snap lines, HTML-style flow and table layout, automatic resizing, and automatic cross-DPI scaling
• Office 2003-style tool strip control coverage, including dynamic layout and custom rendering
• Design-time integration with the Visual Studio 2005 Properties Window and Smart Tags
• Resource management, strongly typed resources, and internationalization considerations
• Strongly typed application and user settings
• SDI, MDI, Single Instancing, Multiple-Instance SDI, Single-Instance MDI, database-centric, and document-centric applications
• Databinding data-source management, drag-and-drop databinding, the BindingSource, the BindingNavigator, and applied databinding
• Events, delegates, multithreaded UIs, long-running operations, simplified multithreading with the BackgroundWorker, and asynchronous web service calls
• ClickOnce application development publishing, shell integration, and partial trust security
• Best practices for developers transitioning from Windows Forms 1.0 and MFC

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 1296

Добавлена в каталог: 23.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
"Custom Windows Forms Controls: ColorPicker.NET"
"Run-time Serialization"
.exe extensions      
.NET 1.0, release of      
.NET 2.0, improvements of      
.NET Framework Class Libraries      
.resx (application resources) files      2nd
Activate( ) method      
Activated event      
Active Documents      
active forms      
Active Template Library      
ActiveX controls      [See controls COM hosting.]
Add or Remove Programs control panel      2nd
Add Web Reference dialog      
adornments, forms, nonclient adornments      
Advanced .NET Remoting      2nd
Advanced Binding dialog      
Advanced Security Settings dialog      
AffectedBounds property      
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript)      
AlarmClockControl      2nd
alignment, pens      
alignment, text strings      
AllowSelection property      
AllowSomePages property      
AllPaintingInWmPaint style      
alpha values, color      
Alpha-RGB (ARGB)      
alternative names, resources files      
alternative storage, application settings      
ambient properties, custom controls      
anchoring, controls      
anchoring, controls, MFC      
anchoring, forms      
animation, cursors      
anonymous delegates      
antialiasing, text strings      
APIs (application programming interfaces)      
APIs, data access APIs      
Application class      2nd 3rd
Application Files dialog      
application files, ClickOnce deployment      
application resources (.resx) files      2nd
Application settings      2nd
application wizards, MFC      
Application.ProductVersion property      
ApplicationContext class      
ApplicationDeployment class      
applications, as assemblies      
applications, ClickOnce deployment      
applications, ClickOnce deployment, command-line arguments      
applications, ClickOnce deployment, configuration      
applications, ClickOnce deployment, partially trusted assemblies      2nd
applications, ClickOnce deployment, permissions      
applications, ClickOnce deployment, security      
applications, command-line arguments, passing      
applications, configuring      
applications, context      
applications, events      
applications, internationalization      
applications, internationalization, culture information      
applications, internationalization, input language      
applications, internationalization, reading direction      
applications, launching      
applications, lifetime      
applications, MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications      2nd
applications, MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications, configuring      
applications, MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications, MDI Parent project item template      
applications, MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications, menu merging      
applications, MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications, menus      
applications, MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications, single-MDI application      
applications, publishing      
applications, Rates of Return      
applications, Resources, embedding      
applications, SDI (Single Document Interface) applications      
applications, SDI (Single Document Interface) applications, multiple-SDI application      
applications, settings      2nd 3rd
applications, settings, alternative storage      
applications, settings, Application settings      2nd
applications, settings, compile-time settings      
applications, settings, configuration files      
applications, settings, Configuration Manager      
applications, settings, designer settings      
applications, settings, editing      
applications, settings, environment      
applications, settings, loading and inspecting      
applications, settings, managing      
applications, settings, migrating      2nd
applications, settings, roaming-user settings      
applications, settings, rolling back      
applications, settings, run-time settings      
applications, settings, saving      
applications, settings, settings files      
applications, settings, strongly typed settings      2nd
applications, settings, updating      
applications, settings, user configuration files      
applications, settings, User settings      2nd
applications, single-instance applications      
applications, status strips      
applications, tool strips      2nd
applications, UI threads, exceptions      
applications, Windows Forms 2.0, improvements to      
Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming      
ARGB (Alpha-RGB)      
arguments, command-line arguments      
arguments, command-line arguments, passing      
arguments, command-line arguments, processing      
Arial Bold Italic      
assembly information, gathering      
AssemblyXxx attributes      
asychronous notification      
asychronous notification, delegates      
asychronous notification, events      
asynchronous callbacks, multithreaded user interfaces      
Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX)      
asynchronous operations, multithreaded user interfaces      
asynchronous web services, multithreading user interfaces      
ATL (Active Template Library)      
attributes, AssemblyXxx      
attributes, Browsable      
attributes, design-time integration      2nd
Authenticode code signing      
automatic resizing, controls      
automatic scaling, controls      
automation (MFC)      
AutoShow property      
AutoSize property      
AutoSizeMode property      
AutoValidate property      
AutoZoom property      
BackColor property      
background images, embedding      
BackgroundImage property      
BackgroundWorker component      2nd 3rd
Bartholomew, William      
batch initialization, design-time integration      
BeginPrint event      
bezier curves, drawing      
Bhangar, Sameer      
binding managers      
binding properties      
BindingList(T)      2nd
BindingNavigator component      
BindingSource component      2nd
BindingSource component, configuring      
BindingSource component, creating implicitly      
BindingSource component, Filter property      
BindingSource component, Find method      2nd
BindingSource component, Sort string property      
BindingSource component, UI elements, data binding      
blocking synchronous operations      
Boolean ShowIcon property      
bootstrapping, ClickOnce      
Boulter, Mark      2nd
bound UIs      2nd
bound UIs, Details bound UIs      
bound UIs, hierarchical UIs      
bound UIs, item UIs      2nd
bound UIs, item UIs, formatting      
bound UIs, item UIs, lookups      
bound UIs, item UIs, parsing      
bound UIs, item UIs, validation      
bound UIs, list UIs      2nd
bound UIs, list UIs, formatting      
bound UIs, list UIs, lookups      
bound UIs, list UIs, parsing      
bound UIs, list UIs, validation      
bound UIs, list-item UIs      
bound UIs, master-details UIs      
bound UIs, multiple lookups      
bound UIs, TypeConverters      
Box, Don      2nd
Briggs, Barry      
Browsable attribute      2nd
Brumme, Chris      
brushes, hatch brushes      
brushes, linear gradient brushes      
brushes, path gradient brushes      
brushes, pens      
brushes, pens, compared      
brushes, pens, creating from      
brushes, solid brushes      
brushes, texture brushes      
Button control      
buttons, Cancel buttons, dialog handling      
buttons, Click events, handling      
buttons, Forms, adding to      
C#, using statement      
CalcPi( ) method      2nd
CalcPiAsync( ) method      
CalcPiThreadStart( ) method      
callbacks, multithreaded user interfaces      
callbacks, multithreaded user interfaces, asynchronous callbacks      
callbacks, multithreaded user interfaces, synchronous callbacks      2nd
Cancel buttons, dialogs, handling      
Cancel property      
CancelEdit( ) method      
CanConvertFrom( ) method      
CanConvertTo( ) method      
Cannot Start Application dialog      
caption bar text, forms, setting      
cardinal splines, drawing      
CAs (certification authorities)      
CAS (code access security)      
CAS, ClickOnce deployment      
CAS, security exceptions      
cascading menu items      
CausesValidation property      
CellFormatting event      
CellStyle Builder dialog      
centered alignment, pens      
certification authorities (CAs)      
characters, scripts      
CheckBox control      2nd
CheckedListBox control      
Cheung, Felix      
child windows      
classes, .NET Framework Class Libraries      
classes, Application      2nd 3rd
classes, ApplicationContext      
classes, ApplicationDeployment      
classes, Component      
classes, components      2nd
classes, components, custom components      
classes, components, uses for      
classes, Configuration Manager      
classes, ControlPaint      
classes, controls      
classes, controls, COM (Component Object Model) controls      
classes, controls, custom controls      
classes, controls, extending      
classes, controls, owner-drawn controls      
classes, controls, themed controls      
classes, controls, user controls      
classes, Cursor      2nd
classes, DataRowView      
classes, delegates      
classes, DesignerActionList      
classes, Designers      
classes, FontFamily      2nd
classes, Form      
classes, Graphics      2nd 3rd
classes, GraphicsPath      
classes, grouping, namespaces      
classes, Matrix      
classes, MessageBox      
classes, MessageBox class      
classes, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes)      
classes, MyFirstApp      
classes, PageCountPrintController      2nd 3rd
classes, PrintControllerWithStatusDialog      
classes, PrinterSettings      
classes, PrintEventArgs      
classes, PrintPreviewControl      
classes, RaceCarDriver      
classes, Region      
classes, Resource Manager      2nd
classes, ResXResourceReader      
classes, Screen      
classes, ScrollableControl base      
classes, settings class      
classes, SettingsProvider      
classes, strongly typed resources      
classes, strongly typed resources, designer resources      
classes, System.Drawing.Brush      
classes, System.Drawing.Font      
classes, SystemEvents      
classes, SystemFonts      
classes, TextRenderer      
classes, TypeConverter      
Click events, handling      
ClickOnce Deployment      2nd 3rd 4th
ClickOnce Deployment, applications      
ClickOnce Deployment, applications, launching      
ClickOnce Deployment, applications, publishing      
ClickOnce Deployment, command-line arguments, processing      
ClickOnce Deployment, configuration      
ClickOnce Deployment, configuration, application files      
ClickOnce Deployment, configuration, bootstrapping      
ClickOnce Deployment, configuration, install mode      
ClickOnce Deployment, configuration, publisher details      
ClickOnce Deployment, configuration, versioning      
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