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Powell R. Ч Physics of Solid State Laser Materials (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Series)
Powell R. Ч Physics of Solid State Laser Materials (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Series)

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Ќазвание: Physics of Solid State Laser Materials (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Series)

јвтор: Powell R.


This graduate-level text presents the fundamental physics of solid-state lasers, including the basis of laser action and the optical and electronic properties of laser materials. After an overview of the topic, the first part begins with a review of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics, spectroscopy, and crystal field theory; it then treats the quantum theory of radiation, the emission and absorption of radiation, and nonlinear optics; concluding with discussions of lattice vibrations and ion-ion interactions, and their effects on optical properties and laser action. The second part treats specific solid-state laser materials, the prototypical ruby and Nd-YAG systems being treated in greatest detail; and the book concludes with a discussion of novel and non-standard materials. Some knowledge of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics is assumed, but the discussion is as self-contained as possible, making this an excellent reference, as well as useful for independent study.

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√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 437

ƒобавлена в каталог: 22.12.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
$Ba_{3}(VO_{4})_{2}$: Mn      285Ч287
$Ba_{3}(VO_{4})_{2}$: Mn, absorption spectrum      286
$Ba_{3}(VO_{4})_{2}$: Mn, fluorescence lifetime      287
$Ba_{3}(VO_{4})_{2}$: Mn, fluorescence spectrum      286
$Ba_{3}(VO_{4})_{2}$: Mn, stimulated emission cross section      287
$Ce^{3+}$      382
$CN^{-}$      407Ч408
$Co^{2+}$      273 287Ч288
$Cr^{2+}$      271Ч272 290Ч292
$Cr^{3+}$      215Ч270
$Cr^{3+}$, atomic polarizability      261 263
$Cr^{3+}$, crystal field strength      232 261
$Cr^{3+}$, exchange coupled pairs      245Ч251 258Ч259
$Cr^{3+}$, excited state absorption      261Ч263
$Cr^{3+}$, free ion terms      216Ч224
$Cr^{3+}$, octahedral crystal field terms      224Ч229
$Cr^{3+}$, optical damage      264Ч265
$Cr^{3+}$, quantum efficiency      263
$Cr^{3+}$, Racah parameters      226 261
$Cr^{3+}$, saturation fluence      264Ч265
$Cr^{3+}$, selection rules      233Ч237
$Cr^{3+}$, spin-orbit splitting      233Ч237
$Cr^{3+}$, strong field material      233 237Ч253
$Cr^{3+}$, Tanabe Ч Sugano diagram      232
$Cr^{3+}$, weak field materials      233 254Ч270
$Cr^{4+}$      271 282Ч285
$Dy^{2+}$      382
$Er^{3+}$ lasers      340 372Ч377
$Fe^{2+}$      289Ч290
$F^{2+}$      408Ч411
$Ho^{3+}$ lasers      340 364Ч371 376
$Ho^{3+}$ lasers, Cr-sensitized      364
$Ho^{3+}$ lasers, rate equation model      369Ч371
$Ho^{3+}$ lasers, Tm-sensitized      364Ч368
$KLiYF_{5}$: Nd      343Ч344
$LaF_{3}$: Nd      341Ч342 344 376
$LiNbO_{3}$: Nd      350
$MgF_{2}: Co^{2+}$      287Ч288
$MgF_{2}: Co^{2+}$, absorption spectrum      287Ч288
$MgF_{2}: Co^{2+}$, excited state absorption      287
$MgF_{2}: Co^{2+}$, fluorescence lifetime      287Ч288
$MgF_{2}: Co^{2+}$, fluorescence spectrum      287Ч288
$MgF_{2}: Ni^{2+}$      289Ч290
$MgF_{2}: Ni^{2+}$, absorption spectrum      290
$MgF_{2}: Ni^{2+}$, fluorescence lifetime      290
$MgF_{2}: Ni^{2+}$, fluorescence spectrum      290
$MgF_{2}: V^{2+}$      289
$Mn^{5+}$      272 282 286
$Nd^{3+}$      294Ч360 341Ч345
$Nd^{3+}$, concentration      348Ч350
$Nd^{3+}$, configuration mixing      309Ч319
$Nd^{3+}$, electron-phonon interaction      317
$Nd^{3+}$, energy level diagram      299 340
$Nd^{3+}$, free ion terms      295Ч299
$Nd^{3+}$, glass hosts      349Ч353
$Nd^{3+}$, hypersensitive transitions      318
$Nd^{3+}$, multiphonon decay      359Ч363
$Nd^{3+}$, R-parameter      341
$Nd^{3+}$, Racah parameters      298
$Nd^{3+}$, reduced unitary matrix elements      314
$Nd^{3+}$, Slater parameters      296Ч301
$Nd^{3+}$, spin-orbit coupling      300Ч301
$Nd^{3+}$, x-parameter      341
$Ni^{2+}$      275 289Ч290
$Rh^{2+}$      414
$Sm^{2+}$      382Ч383
$SrTiO_{3}: Cr^{3+}$      147Ч156
$SrTiO_{3}: Cr^{3+}$, fluorescence spectrum      148
$SrTiO_{3}: Cr^{3+}$, normal modes of vibration      149Ч153
$SrTiO_{3}: Cr^{3+}$, vibronic selection rules      149Ч153
$SrTiO_{3}: Cr^{3+}$, vibronic spectrum      153Ч155
$SrTiO_{3}: Cr^{3+}$, zero-phonon linewidth      145Ч156
$Ti^{3+}$      271Ч272 276Ч282
$Tl^{0}$      410
$Tm^{2+}$      382
$Tm^{3+}$      340 365Ч368 371Ч372 376
$Tm^{3+}$, energy migration      365Ч368
$Tm^{3+}$, laser      340 371Ч372 376
$U^{3+}$      382Ч384
$V^{2+}$      272 282 288Ч289
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$      282Ч286
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, absorption spectrum      284Ч285
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, crystal field strength      285
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, energy levels      283
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, excited-state absorption      285
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, fluorescence lifetime      285
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, fluorescence spectrum      284Ч285
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, nonradiative decay rates      285
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, quantum efficiency      285
$YAG: Cr^{4+}$, stimulated emission cross section      285
$Yb_{3+}$ lasers      372Ч375
$YVO_{4}$: Nd      341Ч342 347Ч348
$YVO_{4}$: Nd, host sensitized energy transfer      347Ч348
$Y_{3}(Al_{1-x}Ga_{x})_{5}O_{12}$: Nd      328Ч329
$ZnSe: Cr^{2+}$      290Ч292
$ZnSe: Cr^{2+}$, absorption spectrum      291
$ZnSe: Cr^{2+}$, fluorescence lifetime      291
$ZnSe: Cr^{2+}$, fluorescence spectrum      291
$ZnSe: Cr^{2+}$, Jahn Ч Teller effect      291
$ZnSe: Cr^{2+}$, slope efficiency      291
Absorption, coefficient      5 104
Absorption, cross section      6 104 108 113Ч115
Absorption, excited state      24 26 111 115
Absorption, photon      3Ч7 25Ч26 93Ч94 104
Absorption, transition probability      4
Absorption, transition rate      4 93Ч94
Absorption, two-photon      110Ч115
Accepting modes of vibration      165
Acceptor ion      182
Activation energy      157Ч159 195 203
Activator ion      182
Active ion distribution      29Ч30 175Ч177 181Ч182 191Ч192 196 205 259 276 285 343Ч344 352
ADP      393
Alexandrite      254Ч261
Alexandrite, absorption spectrum      255Ч257 262
Alexandrite, energy levels      256
Alexandrite, energy transfer      258Ч260
Alexandrite, exchange coupled pairs      258Ч259
Alexandrite, fluorescence lifetime      256Ч258
Alexandrite, fluorescence spectrum      256Ч259 262
Alexandrite, N-lines      258Ч259
Alexandrite, quantum efficiency      260
Alexandrite, R-lines      256
Alexandrite, site occupancy      255
Alexandrite, stimulated emission cross section      260
Alexandrite, vibronic laser      260
Allowed transition      94Ч98
Amplification      7
Angular momentum, coupling      37Ч49 177Ч182
Angular momentum, electron      33Ч49 171
Angular momentum, LS coupling      37Ч42 96Ч98
Angular momentum, Quantum number      34Ч38
Angular momentum, raising and lowering operators      35
Angular momentum, Russell Ч Saunders coupling      37Ч42 96Ч98
Annihilation operator, phonon      120Ч122
Annihilation operator, photon      87Ч88
Antiferromagnetic coupling      179Ч182
Atomic polarizability      108 113 261 263Ч267 328Ч329 329 342 352
Avalanche absorption      344
Back transfer      204
Banana      393
Basis      53
BBO      393
Beer Ч Lambert law      5 104
BEL: Nd      341
Bohr magneton      42
Boltzmann distribution      131 159 162 165 180Ч181
Borate      261
Born approximation      201
Born Ч Oppenheimer approximation      160 169Ч174
Bose Ч Einstein distribution function      130
Branching ratio      315 325 341Ч342 353
Branching ratio, R-parameter      341
Branching ratio, x-parameter      341
Cavity dumping      22
Cavity quality factor      20
CHARACTER      52Ч54
Chromium      215Ч271 282Ч285 290Ч292
Chrysoberyl      255
class      51Ч53
Clausius Ч Mossatti relationship      108
Clebsch Ч Gordan coefficients      38Ч41 56Ч57 72Ч75 227Ч229 303
Coherence factor      194
Collision broadening      103
Color center lasers      407Ч411
Colquiriite      265
Concentration quenching      176 202Ч203 245 334 336 347Ч350 355Ч357
Condon approximation      60Ч62
Configuration mixing      240 310Ч319
Configurational coordinate diagram      157Ч160 249 250 280Ч281
Corundum      237
Coulomb gauge      85 88
Coulomb integral      46Ч48 81 219 230Ч231
Coulomb interaction      32Ч33 36 41 177
Creation operator, phonon      120Ч122
Creation operator, photon      87Ч88
Critical concentration      189
Critical interaction distance      189
Crystal field strength      58Ч59 77Ч80 121Ч122 159 160 232 261 267Ч268 271Ч275 285 301Ч309
Crystal field strength, operator equivalents      302 306Ч309
Crystal field strength, Racah algebra      302
Crystal field strength, tensor operators      301
Crystal field theory      57Ч59
Crystal growth      27Ч28 343Ч344
Debye model      130 135Ч136 142 146Ч147 194
Density of states, phonon      129Ч130 142
Density of states, phonon, Debye cutoff frequency      130 142 147
Density of states, phonon, Debye temperature      142Ч147 156
Density of states, photon      93Ч94
Diagonal sum rule      44
Dieke diagram      340
Diffusion model      199Ч203
Diffusion model, diffusion coefficient      199 202Ч203 213
Diffusion model, diffusion length      199 213
Diffusion model, mean-free-path      203 213
Dipole moment operator      95
Direct transitions      127Ч132 143 147
Donor ion      182
Doppler broadening      103
Dye lasers      411Ч412
ED-2: Nd      351Ч353
Effective Bohr radius      190
Effective cross section      19Ч20
Effective phonon mode      134
Efficiency      7 12 14Ч16 18
Efficiency, pump efficiency      12 19
Efficiency, quantum efficiency      7 106
Efficiency, slope efficiency      16
Einstein coefficients      94 100 104Ч105 188 315
Electromagnetic multipole-multipole interaction      184Ч185
Electron configuration      66Ч69
Electron-phonon coupling      121Ч122 127 154 156Ч160 169Ч170 269 363
Electron-phonon coupling, anharmonic electron-phonon coupling      156-157
Electron-phonon coupling, strong electron-phonon coupling      156Ч174
Electron-phonon coupling, weak electron-phonon coupling      127Ч147
Electron-phonon interaction      121Ч122 158Ч160 169Ч171
Emerald      261Ч262
Emission, photon      4 11
Emission, photon, effective cross section      19Ч20
Emission, photon, emission cross section      6 19Ч20 104Ч105
Emission, photon, emission intensity      105Ч107
Emission, photon, emission lifetime      see "Lifetime"
Emission, photon, emission transition probability      7 315
Emission, photon, fluorescence emission      105
Emission, photon, spontaneous emission      4 7 26
Emission, photon, spontaneous emission rate      93Ч95
Emission, photon, stimulated emission      6 19Ч20
Emission, photon, stimulated emission rate      13 93Ч94 103Ч105
Energy gap law      134 168 195 331Ч332 359Ч363
Energy migration      176Ч177
Energy migration, diffusion theory      198Ч203
Energy migration, hopping model      196Ч198
Energy migration, Kenkre model      365Ч368
Energy migration, Monte Carlo simulation      202
Energy migration, random walk      196Ч198
Energy transfer      25 175 333Ч336 345Ч348 364Ч371
Energy transfer rate      188Ч192
Energy transfer rate, diffusion limited energy transfer rate      201
Energy transfer rate, diffusion model      199Ч200
Energy transfer rate, electric dipole-dipole interaction      188Ч191
Energy transfer rate, electric dipole-quadrupole interaction      189
Energy transfer rate, electric quadrupole-quadrupole interaction      189
Energy transfer rate, exchange interaction      189Ч190
Energy transfer rate, multistep random walk      196Ч199
Energy transfer rate, phenomenological energy transfer rate parameter      206Ч209
Energy transfer rate, phonon-assisted energy transfer      192Ч195
Energy transfer rate, trap limited energy transfer rate      201
Energy transfer, coherent energy transfer      203 213
Energy transfer, phonon-assisted energy transfer      192Ч195
Energy transfer, radiative energy transfer      175 5.31
Energy transfer, resonant energy transfer      182Ч192
Energy transfer, strong coupling      175
Energy transfer, weak coupling      175
Energy, pulse      21
Exchange integral      46Ч48 81 219 230Ч231
exchange interaction      175 177Ч182 184 189Ч190 245Ч250
Excited state absorption (ESA)      111 115 251 261 263 285 287 289 323 326Ч327 343 357
Exciton      176Ч177
Exciton, diffusion      199Ч203 212Ч213
Exciton, Frenkel      176
Exciton, localized      196
Exciton, mean-free-path      203 212
Exciton, migration      196Ч213
Exciton, random walk      196Ч198
Exciton, self-trapped      203
Exciton, trapping      196
Exciton, Wannier      177
f-number      6 99Ч100 105
FAP: Nd      341
Fermi Ч Dirac statistics      33
Fermi's golden rule      92Ч93 129 162 183
Ferromagnetic coupling      179Ч181
Fiber lasers      414Ч415
Findley Ч Clay analysis      15Ч16
Fluorescence emission      105Ч107 207Ч209
Fluorescence linenarrowing      210Ч211 354Ч357
Foerster Ч Dexter energy transfer process      183
Forbidden transition      96Ч98
Forced electric dipole transition      235 309Ч319
Forsterite      282
Four-level system      8Ч17 18
Frank Ч Condon overlap      157Ч158 165 250
Gain      8 14Ч16
Gain, cavity roundtrip gain      8
Gain, saturated gain      13
Gain, small signal gain      8 13Ч17
GFG      261 269Ч270
GGG      261Ч262
GGG: Nd      341
Glass: Nd      349Ч353
Glass: Nd, branching ratios      353Ч354
Glass: Nd, effective linewidth      353
Glass: Nd, emission cross section      353
Glass: Nd, fluorescence linenarrowing      354Ч357
Glass: Nd, Judd Ч Ofelt parameters      353
Glass: Nd, radiative lifetime      353
Group      51
Group of the wavevector      149
Group, basis      53
Group, character      52Ч54
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