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Jaffard S., Meyer Y., Ryan R.D. — Wavelets: Tools for Science & Technology
Jaffard S., Meyer Y., Ryan R.D. — Wavelets: Tools for Science & Technology

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Название: Wavelets: Tools for Science & Technology

Авторы: Jaffard S., Meyer Y., Ryan R.D.


Of the many recent books on wavelets, this one by Jaffard, Meyer et al stands out. This is a new edition of earlier ones, starting with a French one, then a first translation, and now this expanded version. There is lots of new material, covering new developments, both with regards to theory and applications. The authors communicate the main points in a clear and attractive way, and it stresses lucid presentation of ideas over formulas. And with an infectious enthusiasm! The presentation is especially refreshing, in that the authors do not hide behind excessive technicalities and mathematical jargon. It is the central idea that shines through. And yet the mathematically sophisticated reader is paid his dues, — in some cases via the appendices. At that point, the technical mathematical points have been well motivated. The emphasis of the book is the mathematics behind the many algorithms that emerged from the wavelet trends since the 1980ties. And lots of new stuff added (for example JPEG-2000), right up to the present. The book is rich in applications, many of which are not found elsewhere. The inclusion of motivation and historical remarks is welcome, and makes the book enjoyable reading.

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Год издания: 2001

Количество страниц: 271

Добавлена в каталог: 17.11.2014

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