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Mulholland A., Hakala T. Ч Multiplayer Game Programming w/CD (Prima Tech's Game Development)
Mulholland A., Hakala T. Ч Multiplayer Game Programming w/CD (Prima Tech's Game Development)

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Ќазвание: Multiplayer Game Programming w/CD (Prima Tech's Game Development)

јвторы: Mulholland A., Hakala T.


This book was interesting back in 2001, but today DirectPlay is deprecated, so 80% of this book is now no longer useful. That isn't saying much though: I doubt if any programming book written 8 years ago is still relevant! But still, it was an interesting read at the time and I would like to see a new edition covering Winsock2. There's like nothing in print on this subject today... I would like to find a book that covers hardcore Winsock2 and threading, and builds a rudimentary MMO concept game with a dedicated server that the reader can play around with, and use to build a few small persistent game projects.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 577

ƒобавлена в каталог: 24.05.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
2D library example, loading graphics      200Ч202
2D library example, moving primitives      195Ч199
2D library example, rotating graphics      200Ч202
2D library, adding to workspace      183
2D library, creating windowed application with      184Ч189
2D library, graphical functions      190Ч193
2D positions, displaying      190
Accept function      128
Account, creating      316Ч319
AddClient function      293Ч295 333Ч334 366Ч367
AddGame function      478Ч479
Address classes      107
Address conversion      133
Address conversion, functions      133Ч134
Address structures, generic      123
Address structures, IPv4      121Ч122
Address structures, IPv6      122
AddSequences function      255
adduser.tpl.html      97
Alias naming restrictions      20
ALTER TABLE command      26Ч28
Apache web server, installing PHP4 on      60Ч63
Apache web server, setting up      57Ч60
Application layer      105
Application, creating      184Ч189
Application, creating with dreamSock      305Ч369
ApplicationProc function      489
Arrays, using in PHP      70
BeginReading function      257
Big-endian order      136
Bind function      125Ч126
blocking I/O      169Ч170
Blocking socket      144
Broadcast function      176Ч177
broadcasting      175
BuildDeltaMoveCommand function      454Ч458 508Ч509
BuildMoveCommand function      453Ч454
Bullets, calculating velocity of      470Ч472
Bullets, comparing      534Ч535
Bullets, moving      472Ч475
Byte ordering      136
Calculate Velocity function      468Ч469 535Ч536
CalculateBulletVelocity function      470Ч472
CalculateHeading function      469Ч470 536Ч537
CArmyWar class, constructor      525Ч526
CArmyWar class, destructor      525Ч526
CArmyWar class, initializing      525Ч526
CArmyWar class, uninitializing      525Ч526
CArmyWarServer class methods      437Ч449 458Ч467
CheckBulletPredictionError function      534Ч535
CheckFlagCollisions function      475Ч476
CheckForTimeout function      299Ч301
CheckKeys function      532Ч533
CheckPredictionError function      533Ч534
CheckVictory function      531Ч532
Clear function      253
Client application, creating      306Ч338
Client list      208
Client list, returning pointer to player in      532
Client prediction      429
client.cpp      511Ч525
client.h      482Ч487
ClientDlgProc callback procedure      7Ч8
ClientProcess function, TCR      155Ч157
ClientProcess function, UDP      159Ч160
Clients      135Ч136
Clients, adding to client list      293Ч295 333Ч334 366Ч367
Clients, checking for timing out      299Ч301
Clients, connecting with server      126
clients, creating      150 481Ч542
Clients, creating for game lobby      371Ч405
Clients, creating TCP      151Ч153
Clients, creating UDP      157Ч159
Clients, initializing      268Ч269
Clients, keeping alive      336
Clients, pinging      293
Clients, receiving packets from      301Ч303
Clients, removing from client list      295Ч297 334Ч336 366Ч368
Clients, resetting      270
Clients, sending messages to      290Ч293
Clients, uninitializing      269
CLobby class methods      389Ч398
CLobbyServer class methods      408Ч418
Close function      129
closesocket function      129
Code, structuring      73Ч78
colors, specifying      190
Column naming restrictions      20
Commands, building      453Ч458
Commands, reading      452Ч453 505Ч508
Commands, sending      451Ч452 502Ч504
common.h      310 340 488
Concurrent server      112 135
Conditional statements, using in PHP      68Ч70
Conditional statements, using in SQL      37Ч39
Connect function      126
Connected socket      128
Connection, starting      502
Connection-oriented protocol      108
connectionless protocol      109
core.php      74 76
CREATE DATABASE command      20Ч21
CREATE TABLE command      25
CreateAccountDialogProc function      316Ч319
CreateGameDialogProc function      380Ч381
CreateThread function      168Ч169
CreateViewPlayersDialogProc function      380
CSignin class      308Ч309
CSignin class, constructor      329
CSignin class, destructor      329
CSignin class, global variables      316
CSignin class, methods      323Ч329
CSigninServer class      339Ч340
CSigninServer class, constructor      361
CSigninServer class, destructor      361
CSigninServer class, global variables      347
CSigninServer class, methods      355Ч361
Daemon      18
daemonInit function      351Ч352
Data buffer, dumping      270
Data buffer, retrieving point from      254
Data buffer, writing to      255
Data Definition Language      19
Data definition language, using      19Ч29
Data input      44Ч46
Data Link layer      105
Data Manipulation Language      19 29
Data manipulation language, using      29Ч39
Data types and platforms      121
Data types in MySQL      22Ч23
Data types, defining      212Ч213
Data, adding to table      30Ч32 41
Data, deleting from table      34Ч35
data, importing      44Ч46
Data, linking      42Ч43
Data, modifying in table      32Ч34
data, reading      257Ч260
data, receiving      243Ч244
Data, receiving in socket      131Ч133
Data, relating      42Ч43
Data, removing      84Ч90
Data, requesting      401
data, retrieving      50Ч53
data, sending      208Ч209 244Ч245
Data, sending to socket      129Ч132
data, storing      79Ч84
data, updating      53Ч55 84Ч90
Data, writing      255 257
Database, adding table to      25
Database, backing up to file      47Ч49
Database, connecting to      50Ч53
Database, connecting to with PHP script      78Ч79
Database, creating      20Ч21
Database, creating relational      40
Database, dropping      21Ч22
Database, dropping table from      28Ч29
Database, modifying table in      26Ч28
Database, naming restrictions      20
Database, relational      40 see
Database, removing data from      84Ч90
Database, restoring      49
Database, storing data in      79Ч84
Database, updating data in      84Ч90
Database, viewing      19Ч20
Datagram socket      111Ч112
Dead reckoning      429
Debug version      12
Delete command      34Ч35
Delta compression      428Ч429
DESCRIBE command      26
DialogBox function      7
Dialogs      see also "Windows"
dialogs, creating      6Ч7
Dialogs, creating for game lobby      372Ч377
Disconnect function      337 403Ч404 505
doAddUser function      84
Domain Name Service      106
DrawMap function      528Ч530
dreamClient class      226Ч228
dreamClient class, constructor      268
dreamClient class, destructor      268
dreamClient class, functionality of      262Ч268
dreamClient class, variables      260Ч262
dreamConsole, constructor      215
dreamConsole, destructor      215
dreamMessage class      225Ч226
dreamMessage class, functionality of      249Ч253
dreamMessage class, variables      249
dreamServer class      228Ч229
dreamServer class, constructor      289
dreamServer class, destructor      289Ч290
dreamServer class, functionality of      280Ч288
dreamServer class, variables      280
dreamsock      206
dreamSock application, planning functionality of      306
dreamSock network library, creating      248Ч303
dreamSock, creating network application with      305Ч369
dreamSock.h      220Ч225
dreamSock_Broadcast function      245Ч246
dreamSock_CloseSocket function      243
dreamSock_GetCurrentSystemTime function      246
dreamSock_GetPacket function      243Ч244
dreamSock_Initialize function      229Ч230
dreamSock_InitializeWinSock function      230Ч231
dreamSock_Linux_GetCurrentSystem-Time function      246Ч247
dreamSock_OpenUDPSocket function      241Ч243
dreamSock_SendPacket function      244Ч245
dreamSock_SetBroadcasting function      239Ч240
dreamSock_SetNonBlocking function      239
dreamSock_Shutdown function      231Ч232
dreamSock_Socket function      238Ч239
dreamSock_StringToSockaddr function      240
dreamSock_Win_GetCurrentSystemTime function      247Ч248
DROP DATABASE command      21Ч22
DROP TABLE command      28Ч29
DumpBuffer function      270
Echo application, running      160Ч161
Echo TCP client, creating      151Ч153
Echo TCP server, creating      139Ч142
Echo UDP client, creating      157Ч159
Echo UDP server, creating      146Ч150
Engine, initializing      526Ч527
Engine, shutting down      527
Ephemeral ports      110
Errno variable, using to retrieve error number      248
Error handling      120
Error values, retrieving      248
Event object      166Ч167
Events, detecting network      163
Events, processing      186Ч187
Excel, using to enter data      45Ч46
exceptions, catching      306
FastTemplate      90
FastTemplate, converting to      95Ч101
FastTemplate, using      91Ч95
Flag collisions, checking for      475Ч476
footer.php      75Ч76
Frame function      477Ч478 530Ч531
Frame history      430
Frame time, monitoring      428
Frames, comparing      533Ч534
Frames, running      477Ч478
Frames, storing      430
ft.php      91Ч92
ft2.php      94
ftcore.php      98
ftusers.php      99Ч101
functions, global      229Ч248
Functions, graphical      190Ч193
Functions, using in PHP      70Ч71
Game client, creating      481Ч542
Game list, adding game to      478Ч479
Game list, refreshing      541
Game list, removing game from      479Ч481
Game lobby, creating      371Ч425
Game lobby, creating dialogs for      372Ч377 380Ч386
Game logic, handling      530Ч531
Game map, drawing      528Ч530
Game map, generating      467Ч468
Game platform, choosing      113
Game server, creating      430Ч481
Game server, reasons for creating      15
Game tutorial code, client.cpp      511Ч525
Game tutorial code, client.h      482Ч487
Game tutorial code, common.h      310 340 488
Game tutorial code, dreamSock.h      220Ч225
Game tutorial code, lobby.cpp      389Ч398 408Ч418 478Ч481 541Ч542
Game tutorial code, lobby.h      377Ч378 406Ч407
Game tutorial code, main.cpp      310Ч316 341Ч347 380Ч389 407Ч408 436Ч437 488Ч490
Game tutorial code, main.h      309 379
Game tutorial code, network.cpp      437Ч449 490Ч502
Game tutorial code, network.h      309 340 379 407 436 487Ч488
Game tutorial code, server.cpp      458Ч467
Game tutorial code, server.h      431Ч435
Game tutorial code, signin.cpp      323Ч329 355Ч361
Game tutorial code, signin.h      307Ч308 338Ч339
Game, adding to game list      478Ч479
Game, creating log system for      214Ч219
Game, removing from game list      479Ч481
GenerateRandomMap function      467Ч468
get method      73
GetClientPointer function      532
GetNewPoint function      254
GetPacket function      275Ч276 301Ч303
getsockopt function      173Ч174
GFX_Blit function      192Ч193
GFX_Line function      191
GFX_LoadBitmap function      192
GFX_Pixel function      191
GFX_Rect function      191
GFX_RectFill function      191
GFX_Tri function      191
GFX_TriFill function      191
Global Functions      229Ч248
graphical functions      190Ч193
Graphics engine, initializing      526Ч527
Graphics engine, shutting down      527
graphics, loading      200Ч202
Graphics, rotating      200Ч202
Header files, setting up for network library      219Ч220
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