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Miles R. — AspectJ Cookbook
Miles R. — AspectJ Cookbook

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Название: AspectJ Cookbook

Автор: Miles R.


This hands-on book shows readers why and how common Java development problems can be solved by using new Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) techniques. With a wide variety of code recipes for solving day-to-day design and coding problems using AOP's unique approach, AspectJ Cookbook demonstrates that AOP is more than just a concept; it's a development process that will benefit users in an immediate and visible manner.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 354

Добавлена в каталог: 07.09.2006

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Предметный указатель
! (unary) operator      
!within(CallRecipe+) pointcut      
&& (logical AND) operator
&& (logical AND) operator, combining pointcuts with
&& (logical AND) operator, short-circuit behavior
.ajproperties file      
.lst files      
Abstract Factory pattern      
accept(Visitor) class      
AccountPersistenceAspect aspect      
acknowledge( ) method      
adapter design pattern      
advice      2nd
advice, accessing attributes and methods from within      
advice, accessing join point context from within      
advice, advising same join point within same aspect      
advice, after( )      
advice, after( ), change triggered      
advice, after( ), execute advice after      2nd
advice, after( ), outputing tracing messages      
advice, after( ), returning(<ReturnType\\> <Identifier\\>)
advice, after( ), returning(<ReturnValue\\>) form
advice, after( ), throwing      
advice, after( ), throwing(<ExceptionType\\> <Identifier\\>)
advice, after( ), transactions      
advice, apply to other aspects      
advice, around( )      
advice, around( ), constructor calls on Singleton interface classes      
advice, around( ), join point triggers, executing advice around      
advice, around( ), overriding original logic with      
advice, around( ), return value required      
advice, around(MainApplication) block      
advice, aspects and pointcuts, relationship with      
advice, before( )      
advice, before( ), outputing tracing messages      
advice, before( ), transactions      
advice, capturing value of field being accessed      
advice, capturing when executing      2nd
advice, executed      
advice, executed, after join point raised exception      
advice, executed, after normally returned join point      
advice, executed, after specific join point      
advice, executed, all pointcut conditions true      
advice, executed, around join point triggers      
advice, executed, before join point triggers      
advice, executed, excluding join points from within      
advice, executed, one pointcut condition true      
advice, exposing orginal join point while being advised      
advice, javadoc tags, applying to      
advice, join points, excluding execution      
advice, JoinPoint implicit object passed to block      
advice, precedence, controlling order of      
advice, triggering based on true result comparison      
AdviceExecution aspect      
adviceexecution( ) pointcut      
AdviceSignature interface      
after( ) advice      
after( ) advice, change triggered      
after( ) advice, execute advice after      
after( ) advice, execute advice after, join point      
after( ) advice, execute advice after, join point raised exception      
after( ) advice, outputting tracing messages      
after( ) advice, returning(<ReturnType\\> <Identifier\\>)
after( ) advice, returning(<ReturnType\\> <Identifier\\>), with primitive types
after( ) advice, returning(<ReturnValue\\>)
after( ) advice, throwing      
after( ) advice, throwing(<ExceptionType\\> <Identifier\\>)
after( ) advice, transactions, and      
ajc compiler      [See compiler]
AJDT plug-in      
AJDT plug-in, Version 1.1.11 or later      
anonymous pointcuts      
Apache Axis web service, using AspectJ      
Apache Tomcat      
AppleScript in a Nutshell (Bruce W. Perry)      
application properties aspects      
application scale aspects      
ApplicationLoggingAspect aspect      
applications, areas in      
applications, areas in, declaring set of rules for      
applications, Axis web service      
applications, command-line      
applications, command-line, deployment setup      
applications, executable JAR file      
applications, executable JAR file, deployment setup      
applications, Java Servlet      
applications, Java Servlet, deployed structure      
applications, JSP      
applications, JSP, deployment setup      
applications, methods, introducing transactional behavior to      
applications, programmatic constructs, controlling      
applications, security policies, adding to existing      
applications, targets      
args([TypePatterns \\| Identifiers]) pointcut, capturing method call parameter values      
args([Types \\| Identifiers]) pointcut      2nd
args([Types \\| Identifiers]) pointcut, exposing new field value      
args([Types \\| Identifiers]) pointcut, key characteristics      2nd
around( ) advice      
around( ) advice, constructor calls on Singleton interface classes      
around( ) advice, join point triggers, executing advice around      
around( ) advice, overriding original logic with      
around( ) advice, return value required      
around(MainApplication) advice block      
aspect-oriented programming      2nd [See also join points; pointcuts]
aspect-oriented programming, advice      
aspect-oriented programming, aspects      
aspect-oriented programming, cross-cutting concerns      
aspect-oriented programming, enterprise systems      
aspect-oriented programming, history of      
aspect-oriented programming, join points, supported      
aspect-oriented programming, pointcuts      
aspect-oriented programming, Xerox PARC and      
AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) plug-in      [See AJDT plug-in]
AspectJ, ajc compiler      [See compiler]
AspectJ, applications      
AspectJ, applications, Axis web service      
AspectJ, applications, command-line      
AspectJ, applications, executable JAR file      
AspectJ, applications, Java Servlet      
AspectJ, applications, JSP      
AspectJ, applications, targets      
AspectJ, aspects      [See also aspects]
AspectJ, aspects, objects, treated as      
AspectJ, aspects, singletons by default in      
AspectJ, best practices      
AspectJ, build configurations      
AspectJ, build configurations, file example      
AspectJ, build configurations, multiple      
AspectJ, command-line build area      
AspectJ, compiler      
AspectJ, compiler, Eclipse as      
AspectJ, compiler, Eclipse download location      
AspectJ, compiler, project forced rebuild      
AspectJ, compiler, supplying files for      
AspectJ, compiler, weaving      
AspectJ, development environment, testing      
AspectJ, Eclipse, compiling with      
AspectJ, eclipse.org, open forum for      
AspectJ, installing      
AspectJ, Java Runtime requirements      
AspectJ, javadoc generation      
AspectJ, join points      2nd 3rd 4th [See also join points]
AspectJ, join points, supported      
AspectJ, JoinPoint implicit object passed to block      
AspectJ, pointcuts      
AspectJ, pointcuts, for Java class and object initialization and construction stages      
AspectJ, runtime API packages      
AspectJ, syntax example      
AspectJ, testing, applying mock objects for      
AspectJ, this variable      
AspectJ, thisJoinPoint variable      
AspectJ, thisJoinPointStaticPart variable      
AspectJ, weaving      
AspectJ, weaving, into JAR files      
AspectJ, weaving, load-time, compile-time      
AspectJ, Xerox PARC and      
aspectjrt.jar, library      
aspectjrt.jar, warning message when missing      
aspectjrt.jar, within deployment/lib directory      
aspects, AccountPersistenceAspect      
aspects, active as behavior changers      
aspects, advice, applying to      
aspects, AdviceExecution      
aspects, application properties      
aspects, application scale      
aspects, ApplicationLoggingAspect      
aspects, AspectJ, singletons by default in      
aspects, aTrack project (Ron Bodkin), resusable aspect libraries      
aspects, behavior decoupling, generic and reusable      
aspects, build configurations for, multiple      
aspects, BusinessResourcePoolingAspect      
aspects, CallRecipe      2nd 3rd
aspects, categorized as      
aspects, ChainOfResponsibilityPattern abstract      
aspects, classes      
aspects, classes, adding interfaces to      
aspects, classes, mulitple advised by      
aspects, classes, transformed into during weaving process      2nd
aspects, CommandPattern abstract      
aspects, CompositePattern      
aspects, ConcreteClassAObserver      
aspects, ControlClassSelectionAspect      
aspects, CuckoosEggAspect      
aspects, DecoratorPattern abstract      
aspects, DefaultAlgorithmImplementation      
aspects, DelegatingProxyPattern      
aspects, DelegationProxy      
aspects, developing simple      
aspects, EmployeeIteration      
aspects, EmployeeMemento      
aspects, EmployeePersistenceAspect      
aspects, FormatCallDepth      2nd
aspects, GraphicsComposite      
aspects, HelloWorld type example      
aspects, HelpChain      
aspects, instantiation      
aspects, instantiation, as singleton      
aspects, instantiation, per-object-instance      
aspects, instantiation, sharing across all applied areas      
aspects, interatorPattern abstract      
aspects, InventoryVisitor      
aspects, Java classes, multiple applied to      
aspects, javadoc tags, applying to      
aspects, LazyFeatureLoading      
aspects, LazyLoading      
aspects, Logging abstract      
aspects, MainApplication      
aspects, MediatorPattern abstract      
aspects, MomentoPattern abstract      
aspects, MyAppPolicyAspect      
aspects, objects, treated as      
aspects, ObserverPattern      
aspects, ObserverPattern abstract      
aspects, passive as interceptors or observers      
aspects, passive as interceptors or observers, logging      2nd
aspects, passive as interceptors or observers, tracing      
aspects, patterns, applying as      
aspects, PersistenceAspect      
aspects, pointcuts and advice, relationship with      
aspects, PrintableCharacterFlyweight      
aspects, PrinterScreenAdapter      
aspects, ProjectPolicyAspect      
aspects, ProxyPattern abstract      
aspects, resource pooling      
aspects, ResourcePoolingAspect      
aspects, SingletonPattern abstract      
aspects, SortingStrategy      
aspects, StrategyPattern abstract      
aspects, TCPConnectionState      
aspects, TextDisplayDecorator      
aspects, TextPhraseBuilderDefaultImplementation      2nd
aspects, TracingAspect      
aspects, TracingAspect, extending      
aspects, TransactionAspect      
aspects, varying selection of      
aspects, VerifyMethodArgsAspect      
aspects, VisitorPattern abstract      
aspects, weaving      
aspects, weaving, at load time      
aspects, weaving, into JAR files      
aspects, XWindowBridge      
aTrack bug-tracking project      
aTrack bug-tracking project, reusable aspect and pointcut libraries (Ron Bodkin)      
attributes, private, encapsulation broken by get(Signature) pointcut      
bar( ) method call      2nd 3rd
before( ) advice      
before( ) advice, accessing identifiers with      2nd 3rd 4th
before( ) advice, examples      
before( ) advice, executing advice before join point trigger      
before( ) advice, foo( ) method enhancement      
before( ) advice, outputting tracing messages      
before( ) advice, transactions, and      
Bodkin, Ron      
Bodkin, Ron, aTrack project's reusable aspect and pointcut libraries      
Bodkin, Ron, New Aspects of Security      
Boolean pointcut logic      
Border Control design pattern      
Border Control design pattern, application's important packages      
Border Control design pattern, BorderControllerAspect      
Border Control design pattern, MainApplication      
Border Controller design pattern      
Border Controller design pattern, Cuckoo's Egg pattern collaboration      
Border Controller design pattern, declaring sets of regions      
Border Controller design pattern, reusable pointcut definition library      
bridge design pattern      
BubbleSorter class      
bug-tracking project, aTrack      
bug-tracking project, aTrack, reusable aspect and pointcut libraries (Ron Bodkin)      
build configurations      
build configurations, file example      
build configurations, multiple      
builder pattern      
business logic classes      
BusinessCard class      
BusinessResource class      
BusinessResourcePool class      
BusinessResourcePoolingAspect aspect      
call(Signature) pointcut      
call(Signature) pointcut, capturing method call parameter values      2nd
call(Signature) pointcut, capturing method call targets      
call(Signature) pointcut, for constructors      
call(Signature) pointcut, inherited or overridden methods      
call(Signature) pointcut, simple class example      
call(Signature) pointcut, specific method capture example      
call(Signature) pointcut, static and dynamic targets      
callFooIntStringPointcut( ) pointcut      
callIntersectionFooOrBar( ) pointcut      
CallRecipe aspect      2nd 3rd
calls, constructors      
calls, constructors, capturing      
calls, constructors, class instantiation, controlling      
calls, logging class, refactoring      
calls, proceed( )      
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