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Stacey W. — Nuclear reactor physics
Stacey W. — Nuclear reactor physics

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Название: Nuclear reactor physics

Автор: Stacey W.


An authoritative textbook and up-to-date professional's guide to basic and advanced principles and practices Nuclear reactors now account for a significant portion of the electrical power generated worldwide. At the same time, the past few decades have seen an ever-increasing number of industrial, medical, military, and research applications for nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactor physics is the core discipline of nuclear engineering, and as the first comprehensive textbook and reference on basic and advanced nuclear reactor physics to appear in a quarter century, this book fills a large gap in the professional literature. Nuclear Reactor Physics is a textbook for students new to the subject, for others who need a basic understanding of how nuclear reactors work, as well as for those who are, or wish to become, specialists in nuclear reactor physics and reactor physics computations. It is also a valuable resource for engineers responsible for the operation of nuclear reactors. Dr. Weston Stacey begins with clear presentations of the basic physical principles, nuclear data, and computational methodology needed to understand both the static and dynamic behaviors of nuclear reactors. This is followed by in-depth discussions of advanced concepts, including extensive treatment of neutron transport computational methods. As an aid to comprehension and quick mastery of computational skills, he provides numerous examples illustrating step-by-step procedures for performing the calculations described and chapter-end problems. Nuclear Reactor Physics is a useful textbook and working reference. It is an excellent self-teaching guide for research scientists, engineers, and technicians involved in industrial, research, and military applications of nuclear reactors, as well as government regulators who wish to increase their understanding of nuclear reactors.

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Рубрика: Физика/

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Год издания: 2001

Количество страниц: 707

Добавлена в каталог: 19.02.2014

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Предметный указатель
$J(\xi,\beta)$ resonance function      120
$k_{eff}$      39 63 84 125 134
ABH method      see "Homogenization"
Absorption      25
Absorption probability      305
Actinides      see "Transuranics"
Adiabatic method      see "Point kinetics"
Adjoint, eigenvalue      487
Adjoint, function      484 488 494 496 499 507 564 568 572 582 590 604
Adjoint, generalized adjoint function $\Gamma$      606
Adjoint, operator      484
Albedo, boundary condition      54
Albedo, diffusion theory      54
Asymptotic period measurement      153
Asymptotic shape      61
Bare reactors      see "Diffusion theory"
Barn      6
Bessel functions      684
Beta decay      see "Radioactive decay"
Bethe — Tait model      187
Bickley function      310
Binding energy      3
Blackness theory      see "Homogenization"
Boltzman equation      297
Boundary and interface conditions, albedo      see "Albedo"
Boundary and interface conditions, diffusion theory      see "Diffusion theory"
Boundary and interface conditions, extrapolated      see "Extrapolation distance boundary condition"
Boundary and interface conditions, Mark      see "Mark boundary conditions"
Boundary and interface conditions, Marshak      see "Marshak boundary conditions"
Boundary and interface conditions, transport theory      see "Neutron transport theory"
Breeding ratio      see "Fuel composition"
Breit — Wigner resonance cross section      19 20 426
Buckling, geometric      60 63 143
Buckling, material      61
Burnable poison      206 245 247
Cadmium ratio      76
Capture      13
Capture-to-fission ratio      35
Center-of-mass system      28
Central limit theorem      368
Collision probabilities method, ABH method      515
Collision probabilities method, collision probability      312
Collision probabilities method, collision probability annular geometry      314
Collision probabilities method, collision probability slab geometry      312
Collision probabilities method, collision probability two dimensions      312
Collision probabilities method, pin-cell model      522 527
Collision probabilities method, reciprocity      311
Collision probabilities method, thermalization in heterogeneous lattices      473
Collision probabilities method, transmission probabilities      311
Compound nucleus      5
Control rod, cross sections, effective diffusion theory      77
Control rod, follower      253 285
Control rod, scram      246 253 273 283 285
Control rod, windowshade model      79
Control theory, dynamic programming      634
Control theory, Pontryagin’s maximum principle      636
Control theory, variational      632
Conversion/breeding ratios      217 see
correlation methods      178
Criticality condition, bare homogeneous reactor      61
Criticality condition, interpretation      62
Criticality condition, Monte Carlo      373
Criticality condition, power iteration      84 134
Criticality condition, reflected homogeneous reactor      68
Criticality condition, two-region, two-group reactor      128
Criticality minimum volume      64
Criticality safety      see "Nuclear reactor analysis"
Criticality, critical      39 61
Criticality, delayed critical      148
Criticality, prompt critical      149
Criticality, subcritical      39 61 147
Criticality, super prompt critical      149
Criticality, supercritical      39 61
Cross sections, 2200 m/s values      672
Cross sections, absorption      47 672
Cross sections, capture      14 26 197 672
Cross sections, definition      5
Cross sections, elastic scattering      20 25 672
Cross sections, evaluated      see "Evaluated nuclear data files"
Cross sections, fission      5 25 197 672
Cross sections, low-energy summary      25
Cross sections, macroscopic      27
Cross sections, spectrum averaged      26 65
Cross sections, total      25 672
Cross sections, transport      see "Transport cross section"
Cross sections, units      6
Cross spectral density      178
Current, net current      47 300
Current, partial currents      45 300
Delayed critical      148
Delayed neutrons, decay constants      139
Delayed neutrons, holdback      599
Delayed neutrons, kernel      151
Delayed neutrons, neutron kinetics effects      41 146
Delayed neutrons, precursor      142
Delayed neutrons, yields      139
Densities, elements and reactor materials      672
Depletion model      218
Detailed balance principle      104 456 465
Diffusion coefficient      47 335
Diffusion coefficient, directional      392
Diffusion coefficient, multigroup      124 393
Diffusion cooling      479
diffusion length      50 55 59
Diffusion parameters      58
Diffusion theory, applicability      49
Diffusion theory, bare homogeneous reactor      59
Diffusion theory, boundary and interface conditions      48 394
Diffusion theory, derivation      47 334
Diffusion theory, directional      392
Diffusion theory, kernels      52
Diffusion theory, lethargy dependent      391
Diffusion theory, multigroup theory      123 392 599
Diffusion theory, nonmultiplying media solutions      50
Diffusion theory, numerical solution      81 129
Diffusion theory, one-dimensional geometry      340
Diffusion theory, reflected reactors      66 130
Diffusion theory, two-region reactors      126
Dirac delta function      679
Discrete ordinates methods, acceleration of convergence      356
Discrete ordinates methods, cylindrical and spherical geometries      353
Discrete ordinates methods, diamond difference scheme      352 354 361
Discrete ordinates methods, equivalence with Pl equations      350
Discrete ordinates methods, level symmetric quadratures      358 576
Discrete ordinates methods, multigroup      406
Discrete ordinates methods, nodal      572
Discrete ordinates methods, ordinates and quadratures, $P_L$ and $DP_L$      349
Discrete ordinates methods, ordinates and quadratures, $S_N$      360
Discrete ordinates methods, ordinates and quadratures, multidimensional      357
Discrete ordinates methods, slab geometry      347
Discrete ordinates methods, spatial finite differencing and iteration, $S_N$ method in 2D Cartesian geometry      361
Discrete ordinates methods, spatial finite differencing and iteration, slab geometry      351
Discrete ordinates methods, spatial mesh size limitations      352
Discrete ordinates methods, sweeping mesh grid      354 362
Doppler broadening      114 see "Reactivity"
Dynamic programming      639
Eigenvalue separation      602 649
Elastic scattering, average cosine of scattering angle      383
Elastic scattering, average logarithmic energy loss      30 383
Elastic scattering, cross sections      22 672
Elastic scattering, energy-angle correlation      29 367
Elastic scattering, kernel      380
Elastic scattering, kinematics      27 379
Elastic scattering, Legendre moments of transfer function      see "Legendre moments of elastic scattering transfer function"
Elastic scattering, moderating ratio      31
Elastic scattering, potential      20
Elastic scattering, resonance      20
Elastic scattering, transfer function      380
Emergency core cooling      273 283
Energy release from fission      12
Equivalence theory      see "Homogenization"
Error function      687
Escape probability      see "Integral transport theory" "Interface "Resonance"
Eta (number of neutrons per absorption in fuel)      37
Evaluated nuclear data files      27 110
Even-parity transport theory      see "Neutron transport theory"
Excitation energy for fission      4
Exponential integral function      687
Extrapolation distance boundary condition      49 335
Fermi age      see "Neutron slowing down"
Fertile isotopes      195
Few group approximations      109 124
Fick’s law      47 335 347 391
Finite difference equations, diamond difference relation      352 354 361
Finite difference equations, diffusion equation, one-dimensional slab      82
Finite difference equations, diffusion equation, two-dimensional Cartesian      84
Finite difference equations, discrete ordinates, rectangle      361
Finite difference equations, discrete ordinates, slab      351
Finite difference equations, discrete ordinates, sphere      355
Finite difference equations, limitations on mesh spacing      87 352
Finite element methods, cubic Hermite approximation      569
Finite element methods, finite difference approximation      565
Finite element methods, linear approximation      568
First collision source      see "Integral transport theory"
Fissile isotopes      5
Fission, chain fission reaction neutron yield      10
Fission, cross sections      7 197 672
Fission, energy release      12
Fission, fast      36
Fission, neutron chain fission reaction      see "Neutron"
Fission, probability per neutron absorbed      235
Fission, process      4
Fission, products      6 195
Fission, spectrum      11
Fission, spontaneous      4 197
Fission, threshold      4
Flux disadvantage factor      see "Thermal disadvantage factor"
Flux tilts      599 642
Flux, scalar      300
Four-factor formula      39
Fuel assemblies      71 244 248 251 254 255 256 258 521
Fuel burnup, composition changes      204
Fuel burnup, depletion model      218
Fuel burnup, energy extraction      233
Fuel burnup, fission products      see "Fission products"
Fuel burnup, incore fuel management      208
Fuel burnup, reactivity changes      see "Reactivity"
Fuel burnup, transmutation-decay chains      see "Transmutation-decay chains"
Fuel burnup, units      203
Fuel composition, discharged $UO_2$      204
Fuel composition, equilibrium distribution in recycled fuel      234
Fuel composition, fertile-to-fissile conversion and breeding      215
Fuel composition, plutonium buildup      204
Fuel composition, power distribution      207
Fuel composition, reactor grade uranium and plutonium      232
Fuel composition, recycled LWR fuel      219
Fuel composition, recycled plutonium physics differences      205 223
Fuel composition, recycled uranium physics differences      222
Fuel composition, weapons-grade uranium and plutonium      232
Fuel lumping      39
Fuel recycling      see "Fuel composition"
Gamma function      686
Gauss — Siedel      86
Gaussian elimination      83
Gauss’ divergence theorem      678
Generalized perturbation theory      see "Variational methods"
Green’s Theorem      678
Group collapsing      112 390 398
Hazard index      234 see
Heterogeneity      see "Homogenization"
Homogenization, ABH method      515
Homogenization, blackness theory      519
Homogenization, collision probabilities pin cell method      522
Homogenization, conventional theory      530
Homogenization, cross sections, equivalent homogeneous      73 514
Homogenization, diffusion theory      70
Homogenization, diffusion theory lattice functions F and E      74
Homogenization, equivalence theory      530
Homogenization, flux (thermal) disadvantage factor      72 514 516 see
Homogenization, flux discontinuity factor      531
Homogenization, flux reconstruction      537 554
Homogenization, interface current pin cell method      526
Homogenization, multiscale expansion theory      534
Homogenization, pin-cell model      521 527
Homogenization, resonance cross sections      420
Homogenization, spatial self-shielding      see "Self-shielding"
Homogenization, transport boundary conditions      518 520
Homogenization, Wigner — Seitz cell      522
Importance function      141 370 485 see
Inhour equation      144
Integral transport theory, absorption probability      305
Integral transport theory, anisotropic plane source      304
Integral transport theory, distributed volumetric scattering and fission sources      307
Integral transport theory, escape probability      305
Integral transport theory, first collision source      306
Integral transport theory, isotropic line source      308
Integral transport theory, isotropic plane source      303
Integral transport theory, isotropic point source      302
Integral transport theory, probability of traveling a distance t from a line source      310
Integral transport theory, scattering and fission, inclusion of      307
Integral transport theory, transmission probability      305 see
Interface current methods, boundary conditions      321
Interface current methods, emergent currents      318 319 320 323
Interface current methods, escape probabilities in slab geometry      320
Interface current methods, escape probabilities in two-dimensional geometries      325 328
Interface current methods, escape probabilities rational approximations      330
Interface current methods, pin-cell model      526
Interface current methods, reflection probability in slab geometry      320
Interface current methods, response matrix      322
Interface current methods, transmission probabilities in slab geometry      320
Interface current methods, transmission probabilities in two-dimensional geometry      325
Iteration methods, acceleration of convergence      356 363
Iteration methods, alternating direction implicit      620
Iteration methods, forward elimination/backwards substitution (Gauss elimination)      83
Iteration methods, power, for criticality problems      83 134 87 357 373 408
Iteration methods, scattering, for discrete ordinates equations      352 408
Iteration methods, successive over-relaxation      86 623
Iteration methods, successive relaxation (Gauss — Seidel)      86 133
Iteration methods, sweeping over mesh points for one-dimensional discrete ordinates      354
Iteration methods, sweeping over mesh points for two-dimensional discrete ordinates      362
Lagrange multiplier      632
Laguerre polynomials      477
Laplace transforms      693
Laplacian representation      677
Legendre moments of elastic scattering transfer function, anisotropic scattering in CM      383
Legendre moments of elastic scattering transfer function, definition      381
Legendre moments of elastic scattering transfer function, isotropic scattering in CM      382
Legendre polynomials, associated Legendre functions      332 683
Legendre polynomials, definition and properties      331 683
Legendre polynomials, half-angle Legendre polynomials      340
Lethargy      379
Loss of coolant accident      see "Reactor safety"
Loss of flow accident      see "Reactor safety"
Lyapunov’s method for stability analyers      628 630 651
Mark boundary conditions      see "Spherical harmonics"
Marshak boundary condition      see "Spherical harmonics"
Matrix algebra      689
Maxwellian distribution      104
Mean chord length      423
Mean free path      421
Migration length      58
Minimum critical volume      64
Mixed oxide fuel      219 232 236
Moderating ratio      see "Elastic scattering"
Moderator properties      31
Monte Carlo methods, absorption weighting      371
Monte Carlo methods, analog simulation of neutron transport      366
Monte Carlo methods, correlated sampling      373
Monte Carlo methods, criticality problems      373
Monte Carlo methods, cumulative probability distribution functions      365
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