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Chambers M.L. Ч Scanners For Dummies
Chambers M.L. Ч Scanners For Dummies

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Ќазвание: Scanners For Dummies

јвтор: Chambers M.L.


Discover a fun new hobby with helpful possibilities.
Get directions, talk to folks overseas, or find out whether the fish are biting
Want to check out the morning news in London, help out in emergencies, or tune in to the big race? Two-way radios open up a world of possibilities - literally. This handy guide tells you about the equipment you need, fills you in on radio etiquette, shows you how to stay legal, and gives you lots of cool ideas for family-friendly radio activities.
Discover how to
* Use the right radio lingo
* Choose and operate different types of radios
* Get a license if you need one
* Communicate in emergencies
* Program a scanner
* Tune in to sporting events

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»здание: 2nd edition

√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 318

ƒобавлена в каталог: 17.06.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
24-bit color images, choosing      87
24-bit color images, filters and effects      269Ч277
24-bit color images, photographs, adjusting      115
24-bit color images, text, scanning      109
24-bit color images, Web issues      21Ч22
24-bit color images, Web site need for      158
256-color images      21
3-D objects, original, examining      104Ч107
3-D objects, scanner style for      24
3-D objects, Web image format      157
8-bit color images, choosing      87 116
8-bit color images, GIF images      154
8-bit color images, monitor settings      21
Abrasives      77 192Ч193
AC adapter      198
Acrobat Professional (Adobe), trial version      298Ч299
Acrobat Reader      299
Adapter card      285
Adobe Photoshop      See Photoshop (Adobe)
Aligning original, flatbed scanners      81Ч82
Aligning original, good scan, sign of      249Ч251
Aligning original, handheld scanners      84
Aligning original, negative scanners      83
Aligning original, sheet-fed scanners      82Ч83 84
All-in-one unit      289
Animation      154
Antistatic computer cleaners      192
Application      285
Art, hand-drawn, color depth setting      116
Art, hand-drawn, defined      289
Art, hand-drawn, original, examining      97Ч100
Art, hand-drawn, recommended resolution for      28
Aspect ratio, before scanning      120
Aspect ratio, defined      285
Aspect ratio, editing scanned image      139
Aspect ratio, monitor      164
attachments, e-mail      90 164Ч167 265
Author's e-mail address      29
background tasks      198
Balance, color, 3-D setting      107
Balance, color, adjusting for original      97
Balance, color, fine-tuning originals      121Ч123
Balance, color, halftone image settings      104
Balance, color, line art setting      99Ч100
Balance, color, originals      264Ч265
Balance, color, photograph setting      10 102
Balance, color, text, scanning      109
Barcode scanners      26Ч27
Baroudi, Carol (The Internet For Dummies)      151
Basic Input Output System (BIOS)      44 285
Basic scanning, aligning original      81Ч84
Basic scanning, mechanics      90Ч92
Basic scanning, one-button      92Ч93
Basic scanning, preparations      76Ч81
Basic scanning, previews      88Ч89
Basic scanning, selection box, adjusting      89Ч90
Basic scanning, settings      85Ч88
BBS (bulletin-board systems)      153
BINARY      285
BIOS (Basic Input Output System)      44 285
Bit      285
bit depth      See also color depth
Bit depth, black-and-white      87 116
Bit depth, choosing      28
Bit depth, defined      22
Bitmap, converting to JPEG      159Ч162
Bitmap, defined      285
Bitmap, described      154Ч155
Bitmap, uncompressed      158Ч159
Bitmap, when to use      265
Bits per second (bps)      285
Black-and-white, bit depth      87 116
Black-and-white, original, examining      96
Blur filter      123
BMP files      See bitmap
Books, images from      104
Books, recommended reading, Hewlett-Packard Digital Photography Handbook (Chambers)      100
Books, recommended reading, Paint Shop Pro 8 For Dummies (Kay and Steinmetz)      183
Books, recommended reading, PCs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (Chambers)      68
Books, recommended reading, Photoshop CS Bible (McClelland)      183
Books, recommended reading, The Internet For Dummies (Levine, Young, and Baroudi)      151
Books, scanning      109
Box, unpacking      45
bps (bits per second)      285
Brightness, adjusting      117Ч119
Brightness, color magazine text, scanning      109
BroderbundТs Print Shop Photo Organizer      213Ч217
Browsing image folders      133Ч135
Brush Strokes effect      276Ч277
Bulb      200
Bulletin-board systems      See BBS
Bus      285
Business cards      108
Button, jammed or broken      199
Buttonize effect      271Ч272
Buying scanner, best way      23
Buying scanner, bit depth resolution      28Ч29
Buying scanner, comparison shopping      38
Buying scanner, document feeders      34
Buying scanner, dpi resolution      27Ч28
Buying scanner, interfaces      29Ч32 43Ч48
Buying scanner, local stores      40
Buying scanner, one-button scanning      33
Buying scanner, size issues      24Ч27
Buying scanner, software      34Ч38
Buying scanner, transparencies      34
Buying scanner, TWAIN      32Ч33
Buying scanner, warranty      34
Buying scanner, Web purchasing      39
BYTE      285
Cables, checking      71 200 201
Cables, IEEE-1284 Compatible      243
CAD (computer-aided drafting) files      246
Calibration      189Ч191 286
Card, SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), installing      55Ч57
Card, SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), terminator      51
Cartoons      98
Cartridges, ink jet      69
CASE      286
Cataloging tool      186Ч187
CD, back-of-the-book, Mac OS, using with      297Ч298
CD, back-of-the-book, software      298Ч301
CD, back-of-the-book, system requirements      295Ч296
CD, back-of-the-book, troubleshooting      302
CD, back-of-the-book, Windows, using with      296Ч297
CD-R/CD recorder      266 286
CD-ROM drive      286
CD-RW drive      66Ч67 286
CECSAUB (confusing everything with a collection of silly acronyms used as buzzwords)      29 286
central processing unit (CPU)      16 286
Chain, SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), defined      50
Chain, SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), existing, adding scanner to      57
Chambers, Mark (author, other recommended books by), Hewlett-Packard Digital Photography Handbook      100
Chambers, Mark (author, other recommended books by), PCs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies      68
Charcoal drawings      98
Charcoal effect      176Ч177
Choosing scanner      See buying scanner
Cleaning out hard drive      231Ч234
Cleaning, exterior      192
Cleaning, interior      192Ч196
Cleaning, mouse      196
Color balance, 3-D setting      107
Color balance, adjusting for original      97
Color balance, fine-tuning originals      121Ч123
Color balance, halftone image settings      104
Color balance, line art setting      99Ч100
Color balance, originals      264Ч265
Color balance, photograph setting      10 102
Color balance, text, scanning      109
Color depth, 3-D setting      107
Color depth, choosing      28 87
Color depth, defined      286
Color depth, fine-tuning      115Ч116
Color depth, GIF images      154
Color depth, halftone image settings      104
Color depth, hard disk space, saving      80
Color depth, Internet graphics      156Ч158
Color depth, line art setting      99Ч100
Color depth, originals, setting to suit      92 96
Color depth, photograph setting      100
Color depth, PNG images      156
Color depth, text setting      109
Color depth, Web issues      21Ч22
color, changing      182Ч183
Color, converting to grayscale      146
Color, examining originals      96 100Ч102
Color, Internet issues      162Ч163
Color, inverting      126Ч127
Color-matching system      184 286
Colored pencil art      98
Comparison shopping, dpi ratings      19
Comparison shopping, reviews, reading      38
Component      286
Composite images      172Ч174
Compressed air      195
compression, defined      286
Compression, Internet graphics      155 158Ч162
Compression, JPEG images      153 160
Compression, PNG images      156
Compression, Windows bitmap images      154
Computer interface      17
Computer magazines, reviews in      38
Computer-aided drafting (CAD) files      246
Connection, testing, SCSI      203
Connection, testing, USB or FireWire      202
Continuous-tone photograph      100 103
Contrast, adjusting      117Ч119
Contrast, color magazine text, scanning      109
Contrast, entire image      142Ч143
Controlling distributed Internet images      169Ч170
Converting, bitmap to JPEG      159Ч162
Converting, images to grayscale      146Ч147
Converting, JPEG to TIFF      147Ч148
Copier, scanner, using as      37Ч38
Copier, troubleshooting      198Ч199
Copying and pasting images      180Ч182
Copyright, adding to own work      167Ч169
Copyright, rules for copying materials      167 244
Copyright, Web site distribution      169Ч170
Corel WordPerfect documents, creating virtual copy in      36Ч37
Correction image editing tool      185Ч186
Cover, closing flatbed scanner      76 82
CPU (central processing unit)      16 286
Craft projects, custom wine label      207Ч210
Craft projects, slide show CD      213Ч217
Craft projects, T-shirt      210Ч213
Creases, smoothing      78
Cropping, benefits of      251Ч253
Cropping, defined      286
Cropping, images after scanning      135Ч137
CRT monitor      237Ч238
Daisy-chaining      201
Damaging items      248
Darkening images before scanning      117Ч119
Defragmenting hard drive      228 235Ч237
Design work, bit depth, recommended      28
Design work, resolution, recommended      28
Desk space, choosing scanner      25
Devices, multiple on parallel port      30
Diagnosing problem      197
Digital camera      153 287
DIMENSION      291
DIP switch      53 287
Director      See Hewlett-Packard Image Director
Disk space, clearing      79Ч81
Distortion, Punch effect      276
Distortion, scanner type with least      11
Document feeder      34
Dpi (dots per inch), 3-D setting      107
Dpi (dots per inch), comparing      19Ч20
Dpi (dots per inch), defined      19 287
Dpi (dots per inch), halftone image settings      104
Dpi (dots per inch), hard disk space needed      80
Dpi (dots per inch), line art setting      99Ч100
Dpi (dots per inch), photograph setting      101
Dpi (dots per inch), recommended      27Ч28
Dpi (dots per inch), samples per inch versus      20
Dpi (dots per inch), selecting      87
Dpi (dots per inch), setting before scanning      97 113Ч115
Dpi (dots per inch), text, scanning      109
Drawings, color depth setting      116
Drawings, defined      289
Drawings, original, examining      97Ч100
Drawings, recommended resolution for      28
Drive belt      200
Driver, defined      287
Driver, FireWire      202
Driver, installing      47Ч48
Driver, SCSI      58
Driver, USB      202
duotones      102
DVD drives      67
E-mail, sending scans by      90 164Ч167 265
Edge enhancement filter      123
Edges, avoiding      229Ч230
editing images      See also effects
Editing images, aspect ratio      139
Editing images, browsing folders      133Ч135
Editing images, cataloging tool      186Ч187
Editing images, changing colors      182Ч183
Editing images, composite images      172Ч174
Editing images, converting to grayscale      146Ч147
Editing images, copying and pasting      180Ч182
Editing images, copyright and      167
Editing images, correction tool      185Ч186
Editing images, cropping      135Ч137
Editing images, formats, changing      147Ч148
Editing images, frame, adding decorative      143Ч144
Editing images, lightening or darkening entire image      142Ч143
Editing images, manipulation tools      184Ч185
Editing images, opening file      132Ч133
Editing images, plug-ins      177Ч179 187Ч188
Editing images, reasons to use      130
Editing images, red-eye, removing      144Ч145
Editing images, resizing      139Ч140
Editing images, reversing      140Ч141
Editing images, rotating      146
Editing images, Sharpen filter      254Ч256
Editing images, sharpening      137Ч138
Editing images, software described      130Ч132
Editing images, text      175
Editing images, wine label, creating custom      208Ч210
Editor, image, defined      288
Editor, image, described      35Ч36
Editor, image, installing      61Ч63
Effects, browsing, image editor      175Ч177
Effects, Brush Strokes      276Ч277
Effects, Buttonize      271Ч272
Effects, defined      287
Effects, degrading images      227
Effects, Fur      269Ч270
Effects, Glowing Edges      274Ч275
Effects, image editing      174Ч175
Effects, Page Curl      272
Effects, Punch      276
Effects, Ripple      273
Effects, Rotating Mirror      275Ч276
Effects, sample scan      268
Effects, Sunburst      273Ч274
Effects, Texture      270Ч271
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