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Lott J. — ActionScript Cookbook
Lott J. — ActionScript Cookbook

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Название: ActionScript Cookbook

Автор: Lott J.


When you need to get the job done fast, you'll reach for this practical, nuts-n-bolts toolkit. Rather than focusing on ActionScript in the abstract, this Cookbook puts theory into practice with ready-made answers to common ActionScript problems. Flash MX developers can solve issues quickly, while learning practical techniques for resolving similar dilemmas in the future.
ActionScript has blossomed into a large and important language whose sheer volume of capabilities can be daunting. The ActionScript Cookbook breaks it all down into tasks that are relevant, practical, and insightful. Appealing to the budding coder as well as the experienced ActionScript jockeys, this book offers new perspectives and approaches to ActionScript development that will empower all developers.
This O'Reilly Cookbook complements ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition by providing quick solutions to common ActionScript problems. This book trades on our respected "Cookbook" approach, which provides a worked-out script for every problem addressed. You can use these "recipes" to solve an immediate problem, and then explore the issue further in The Definitive Guide when time permits.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 896

Добавлена в каталог: 14.06.2006

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Предметный указатель
! (NOT) operator      
#include directives, reusing code and      
&& (AND) operator
.as files, reusing code and      
.cfm files      
.cfm files, gamescores.cfm      
.cfm files, getMyContent.cfm      
.cfm files, getMyImage.cfm      
.cfm files, LoadVarsSharedObjectRead.cfm      
.cfm files, LoadVarsSharedObjectSave.cfm      
.NET, DataTable objects      
.NET, Flash Remoting configuration[NET]      
.NET, Flash Remoting configuration[NET], Flash Remoting configuration      
.NET, web services, consuming using Flash Remoting      
.wsdl files, web services and      
< operator      
<= operator      
<image> element, Menu component XML document
<select> tag, combo boxes and
> operator      
>= operator      
aa property, transparency and      
ab property, transparency and      
abstract classes, Flash Paint      
acceptClient( ) method      
action message format (AMF)      
ActionScript Interpreter      [See Interpreter]
addColumn( ) method, TableRow class      
addItem( ) method      2nd
addItem( ) method, combo box population      
addItemAt( ) method      
addItemAt( ) method, combo box population      
addListener( ) method      2nd 3rd 4th
addNodes( ) function      2nd
addProperty( ) method      
address book module, My Page application      
addressBook.fla file      
addSongToList( ) function      2nd
adjustWidth( ) method      
adjustWidth( ) method, menu size      
admin property      
administrator client (video chat/message center application)      2nd
alignment, form elements      
alignment, radio buttons      
allowDomain( ) method      2nd
AMF (Action Message Format)      
AMF format      
AMFPHP, PHP support and      
AND (&&) operator
angles, unit value conversion      
animation, buttons      
animation, circle instances, adding to movie      
animation, circles      
animation, circles, initCircles( ) function      
animation, component creation      
animation, initialization data loading, XML and      
animation, onEnterFrame( ) method      
animation, stages, application      
anonymous functions      
apostrophes in strings      
appendChild( ) method      2nd
appending array elements      
application.clients property      
application.onAppStart( ) method      
application.onConnect( ) method      
application.onDisconnect( ) method      
applications, animation in stages      
applications, Flash Paint      
applications, Flash Paint, assembling after creating      
applications, Flash Paint, component building      
applications, Flash Paint, planning      
applications, FlashCom, creating      2nd
applications, image viewer/slideshow application      
applications, MP3 player      
applications, My Page      
applications, My Page, planning      
applications, scheduler      
applications, video/chat message center      
appreciation of assets, calculating      
Array class      
Array class, methods      
Array( ) function      
array-access notation, movie clip dynamic names      
array-access operator      
Array.push( ) method      
arrays, associative      
arrays, associative, creating      
arrays, associative, loops      
arrays, associative, reading elements      
arrays, converting      
arrays, converting from strings      2nd
arrays, converting to strings      2nd
arrays, copying      
arrays, copying, copying data by value      
arrays, data providers, dependent menus and      
arrays, elements      
arrays, elements, adding      
arrays, elements, inserting in middle      
arrays, elements, removing      
arrays, elements, retrieving      
arrays, elements, reversing      
arrays, elements, setting      
arrays, image viewer/slideshow application      
arrays, image viewer/slideshow application, sequence viewer      
arrays, integer-indexed      
arrays, literal notation      
arrays, looping through      
arrays, multidimensional      
arrays, of arrays      
arrays, of objects      
arrays, parallel      
arrays, searches, matches      
arrays, sorting      
arrays, sorting, custom sorts      
arrays, values stored      
arrays, XML objects from      
ASC files, video chat/message center application      
ASCII, string conversion      
ASObjects, typed objects and      
ASP.NET      [See also .NET]
ASP.NET, service functions, calling using Flash Remoting      
ASP.NET, typed objects      
ASP.NET, typed objects, receiving      
ASP.NET, typed objects, returning      
ASR files, SSAS      
asset loading      
asset loading, checking      
asset loading, percent loaded      
asset loading, performing actions during      
asset loading, progress bar      2nd
assignment operators      
assignment operators, compound      
assignment operators, equality operator comparison      
assignment statements, mathematical operators      
associative arrays      
associative arrays, creating      
associative arrays, elements, reading      
associative arrays, keys      
associative arrays, loops      
associative arrays, Object constructor and      
associative arrays, object literal notation and      
associative arrays, { } (curly braces)      
attaching sounds at runtime      
attachMovie( ) method      
attachMovie( ) method, UI components on forms      
attachSound( ) method      2nd
attachVideo( ) method, FlashCom      
attributes property, XMLNode object      
attributes, movie clips      
Attributes, XML      2nd
attributes, XML, adding      
attributes, XML, nested nodes and      
attributes, XML, reading      
audio      [See also sounds]2nd [See also MP3 player application]
audio, capability detection      
audio, FlashCom      
audio, FlashCom, microphone capture/playback      
audio, playback, net stream      
audio, publishing to FlashCom server      
authentication, private-key encryption      
auto-complete, text fields in forms      
AutoSize property      
Back button, Flash Paint application toolbar      
backgroundColor property      
backgrounds, text fields      
bases, numbers      
bases, numbers, converting between      
beginFill( ) method      
beginGradientFill( ) method      
binary numbers, specifying      
bindFormatFunction( ) method      
bindFormatStrings( ) method      
bitshift left operator, RGB color values      
bitwise or operator, RGB color values      
body for statements      
body, switch statements      
borderColor property, text fields      
borders, text fields      
bottomScroll property      
boundaries, movie clips      
break statements      
break statements, array searches      
buttons, animation      
buttons, event handler methods, movie clips      
buttons, movie clips as      
buttons, movie clips as hit area      
buttons, sounds and      
calculations      [See also math]
calculations, annuities      
calculations, appreciation of assets      
calculations, distance between two points      
calculations, future value      
calculations, loan amortization      
calculations, loan size      
calculations, points along a circle      
calculations, retirement savings      
calculations, units of measure conversion      
calendars, forms      
call( ) method      
callback functions, listener events      
callback methods, Flash Paint components      
caller client (video chat/message center application)      
calling client (video chat/message center application)      
calling functions      
calling functions, ASP.NET from Flash      
calling functions, ColdFusion from Flash      
calling functions, Java from Flash      
calling functions, JSP from Flash      
calling functions, named functions      
calling functions, remote functions on a service      
callingClient property      
Camera.get( ) method, FlashCom      
case conversion, strings      
case expressions, switch statements      
case keyword, switch statements      
case sensitivity, strings      
case-sensitive sorting      
Centigrade/Fahrenheit conversion      
CF.http( ) method      
CF.query( ) method      
CFC (ColdFusion Component)      
CFC, methods      
CFC, methods, passing complex parameters to      
CFC, methods, passing named parameters to      
CFC, MP3 player application      
CFC, My Page application file operations      
CFC, service function calling      
CFM pages      
CFM pages, typed object parameters      
CFMX, Flash Remoting and      
CGI scripts      
CGI scripts, Perl and      
changeOrder( ) method      
channels, stereo sound      
characters, strings      
characters, strings, one at a time processing      
characters, strings, removing/replacing      
characters, whitespace      
checkboxes, forms      
checkboxes, forms, adding      
checkboxes, forms, values      
checkboxes, values      
circles, animation      
circles, animation, initCircles( ) function      
circles, animation, instances, adding to movie      
circles, Drawing API      
circles, Drawing API, drawCircle( ) method      
circles, Drawing API, pen position coordinates      
circles, points along, calculating      
classes, abstract classes      
classes, Array class      
classes, custom      
classes, custom, creating      
classes, custom, listener events      
classes, DataGlue      
classes, Date      
classes, Flash Paint, defining      
classes, Form      
classes, inheritance      
classes, instances      
classes, instances, constructor functions      
classes, instances, creating      
classes, instantiation      
classes, LoadVars      
classes, MovieClip, Drawing API and      
classes, MultiPageForm      
classes, NetConnection      
classes, properties      
classes, properties, getter/setter properties      
classes, properties, read-only      
classes, prototype property      
classes, RecordSet      
classes, Selection      
classes, SharedObject, persistent information and      
classes, subclasses, creating      
classes, subclassing      
classes, superclasses      
classes, superclasses, Flash Paint      
classes, Table      2nd
classes, TableColumn      
classes, TableRow      
classes, TextField      
classes, TextFormat      
classes, ToolbarButtonClass      
classes, XML      
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