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Casson A.J., Bleiler S.A. — Automorphisms of surfaces after Nielsen and Thurston
Casson A.J., Bleiler S.A. — Automorphisms of surfaces after Nielsen and Thurston

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Название: Automorphisms of surfaces after Nielsen and Thurston

Авторы: Casson A.J., Bleiler S.A.


This book, which grew out of Steven Bleiler's lecture notes from a course given by Andrew Casson at the University of Texas, is designed to serve as an introduction to the applications of hyperbolic geometry to low dimensional topology. In particular it provides a concise exposition of the work of Neilsen and Thurston on the automorphisms of surfaces. The reader requires only an understanding of basic topology and linear algebra, while the early chapters on hyperbolic geometry and geometric structures on surfaces can profitably be read by anyone with a knowledge of standard Euclidean geometry desiring to learn more abour other 'geometric structures'.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Математика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1988

Количество страниц: 109

Добавлена в каталог: 17.11.2013

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Предметный указатель
Automorphism      1
Automorphism, Anosov      2
Automorphism, periodic      1 73
Automorphism, pseudo-Anosov      95
Automorphism, reducible      2 73
Cheeger — Gromov Theorem      55
Circle at infinity      3
complete      19
Crown      63
Crown set      66
Dehn twist      2
Dilation      15
Essential, 1-submanifolds      25
Essential, 1-submanifolds, filling a surface      30
Essential, 1-submanifolds, minimal intersection of      26
Essential, closed curves      24
Foliation      90
Gauss — Bonnet theorem      9
Genus      1
Geodesics      3
Geodesics, angle between      3
Geodesics, direction of      40
Geodesics, in F      38
Geometric intersection number      30
Half-space model      12
Hausdorff distance      44
Hopf — Rinow theorem      20
Horocycle      15
Hyperbolic metric      17
Hyperbolic structure      17
Hyperbolically convex set      60
INDEX      73
Isometry, axis of      11
Isometry, elliptic      11
Isometry, hyperbolic      11
Isometry, parabolic      11
Lamination      39
Lamination, boundary leaf      61
Lamination, derived lamination      48
Lamination, isolated leaf      47
Lamination, leaf      38
Lamination, perfect      48
Lamination, stable      84
Lamination, unstable      84
Line field      70
Markov partition      99
Pair of pants      32 64
Poincare polygon      33
Projective tangent bundle rectangle      96
Separatrix      96
Singular foliation      90
Singular foliation, transverse      92
Singular foliation, transverse measure to      94
Singular set      91
Singularity      70
Singularity, index of      72
Stable interval      81
Translation      11
Unit tangent bundle      52
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