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Worsnop B.L., Flint H.T. — Advanced Practical Physics for Students
Worsnop B.L., Flint H.T. — Advanced Practical Physics for Students

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Название: Advanced Practical Physics for Students

Авторы: Worsnop B.L., Flint H.T.


THE course of Practical Physics described in this book is based upon that followed in King's College, London, by students who have completed their Intermediate Course, and who are proceeding to a Pass or Honours Degree. This has been extended, and it is hoped that the book will be useful to a wider circle of students of Physics than those immediately concerned with University Examinations.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1957

Количество страниц: 689

Добавлена в каталог: 30.04.2013

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Предметный указатель
Resistance of galvanometer      489 643
Resistance of valve      646 648
Resistance, absolute, of metal rod      522
Resistance, comparison of two small      491
Resistance, construction of standard coil      494
Resistance, high frequency, by valve      650
Resistance, high, measurement of      505
Resistance, high, measurement of by leakage, with quadrant electrometer      594
Resistance, high, measurement of, with ballistic galvanometer      643
Resistance, low, measurement of      499
Resistance, variation with temperature      507
Resistance, water      589
Resolving power of telescope      365
Resonator, narrow-necked      422
Revolving table, focal length and principal points      307
Revolving table, radii of curvature      268
Rigidity by Kundt's tube      417
Rigidity of a wire, by oscillations      104
Rigidity of a wire, static method      101
Rigidity of the material of a spring      107
Rimington's method self-inductance      567
Rise in boiling point of solutions      246
Rolling bodies      58
Saccharimeter (Laurent)      372
Saturation curve, gases      630
Schuster's method of focussing spectrometer      654
Searle's goniometer      303
Searle's method, conductivity      222
Searle's method, curvature of surfaces      268
Searle's method, Young's modulus and rigidity      116
Self-inductance      562
Self-inductance by comparison with standard      565
Self-inductance, Anderson's method      571
Self-inductance, Maxwell's method      566
Self-inductance, Owen's method      574
Self-inductance, Rayleigh's method      562
Self-inductance, Rimington's method      567
Sensitive flame      424
Sentis's method, surface tension      143
Sextant      258
simple harmonic motion      24
Sinker, density of water by      186
Siren      392
Sodium D lines, separation      339
Soleil's compensator      378
Solutions, depression of freezing point of      251
Solutions, rise of boiling point of      246
Specific conductivity      529
Specific heat by Bunsen's ice calorimeter      206
Specific heat by cooling      199
Specific heat by Joly's steam calorimeter      201
Specific heat by method of mixture      196
Specific inductive capacity      600
Spectrometer      279
Spectrometer, auto-collimating      288
Spectrometer, Hilget's constant deviation      341
Spectrometer, Schuster's method of focussing      635
Spectroscope, calibration of      287
Sphere on concave mirror      74
Spherical aberration of thick lens      310
Spiral spring, rigidity of      107
Spiral spring, shear in      108
Spiral spring, Young's modulus of      113
Standard cells      531
Steam calorimeter, Joly's      201
Stokes's method, viscosity      641
Strings, transverse vibrations of      412
Stroboscope      400
Sulphur boiling apparatus      519
Surface tension      124
Surface tension, methods of measuring, Anderson and Bowens'      145
Surface tension, methods of measuring, by immersed capillary tube      637
Surface tension, methods of measuring, by rise in capillary tube      130
Surface tension, methods of measuring, by soap bubble      133
Surface tension, methods of measuring, by stretched film, (schooner sail)      128
Surface tension, methods of measuring, by weighing drops      126
Surface tension, methods of measuring, Jaeger's      140
Surface tension, methods of measuring, Quincke's      135
Surface tension, methods of measuring, Rayleigh's (ripple)      137
Surface tension, methods of measuring, Sentis's      143
Surface tension, methods of measuring, variation with temperature      147
Surface tension, methods of measuring, Wilhelmy's      125
susceptibility      445
Thermo-couple as thermometer      545
Thermo-junction      541
Thermometer, Beckmann      248
Thermometer, calibration of      178
Thermometer, comparison with standard      178
Thermometer, constant pressure, air      188
Thermometer, constant volume      192
Thermometer, platinum resistance      511
Thermometer, weight      184
Three electrode valve (triode)      621
Time marker      486
Tonometer      394
Total internal reflection in prism      284
Total reflection, refractive index by      274
Turbulent motion      149 641
Units, table of      652
Valve, amplification factor of      646
Valve, characteristic curves of      623
Valve, determination of Ionization Potential by      649
Valve, generation of undamped oscillations by      628
Valve, resistance of      650
Valve, three electrode      621
Vapour density, Dumas's method      219
Vapour density, Victor Meyer's method      217
Velocity of longitudinal waves in rods      415
Velocity of sound in $CO_{2}$      417
Vibration microscope      408
Vibration of plates      420
Vibration of strings      412
viscosity      149
Viscosity by co-axial cylinders      156
Viscosity by falling spheres (Stokes)      641
Viscosity by flow through horizontal tube      150
Viscosity by oscillating disc      160
Viscosity by parallel discs      170
Viscosity by vertical tube      168
Viscosity of gas by flow through a tube      174
Viscosity of gases      174
Viscosity of gases, air      170
Viscosity of gases, oxygen and hydrogen      642
Viscosity of gases, Rankine's method      637
Viscosity, variation with temperature      168 640
Voltmeter, multi-range      458
Voltmeter, the      456
Water resistance      589
Wave length, measurement of bi-prism      321
Wave length, measurement of Fresnel's mirrors      320
Wave length, measurement of Lloyd's mirror      317
Wave length, measurement of Newton's rings      322
Wave lengths, table of      289
Waves, electric (Lecher)      608
Weighing drops, determination surface tension      126
Weighing, methods of      46
Weighing, methods of, Buoyancy correction      49
Weighing, methods of, method of Borda (substitution)      49
Weighing, methods of, method of Gauss (double weighing)      48
Weight thermometer      184
Wheatstone bridge, sensitive arrangement of      489
Wheel and axle on inclined plane      59
Wilhelmy's method, surface tension      152
Wollaston's goniometer      261
Yard and metre, comparison of      32
Young's modulus      83
Young's modulus by Kundt's tube      417
Young's modulus for a wire      83 85
Young's modulus for material of a spring      113
Young's modulus, Bending beam      90 91 94
Young's modulus, Searle's vibration method      116
Zeeman effect      356
Zero circle (planimeter)      38
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