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Stokes G.G. — Mathematical and physical papers (volume 2)
Stokes G.G. — Mathematical and physical papers (volume 2)

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Название: Mathematical and physical papers (volume 2)

Автор: Stokes G.G.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Математика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1883

Количество страниц: 366

Добавлена в каталог: 23.03.2006

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Предметный указатель
Astigmatic lenses, effect of combined      174
Astigmatism of a defective eye, mode of measuring      172
Attractions, propositions respecting      105 124
Bessel's functions, calculation of, for large values of the variable      329
Brewster's apparent new polarity of light, explanation of      24
Britannia Bridge, deflection liable to be produced in, by a travelling load      219
Challis, Prof., explanation of difficulties in the theory of sound discovered by      51 82
Clairaut's theorem      112 142
Decomposition, in a particular way, of three functions representing components of displacement, &c.      256
Differential equation, discussion of a, relating to deflection produced by a travelling load      178
Diffraction of polarized light, experiments on      290
Diffraction, dynamical theory of      243
Disturbance in an isotropic medium, due to a force continually acting      276
Disturbances, small, of a dynamical system due to initial (1) displacements, (2) velocities, deduced from each other      261
Earth's original fluidity, review of geodetic and gravitational evidence in favour of      120
Elastic solid, propagation of an arbitrary disturbance in an      257
Ether, constitution of the luminiferous      8
eye      see "Astigmatism"
Fresnel's formulas for the intensities of reflected and refracted light, experimental evidence of the correctness of      97
Gravity, variation of, at the surface of the earth      131
Haidinger's brushes      362
Helmholtz's propositions respecting vortex motion      47
Holtzmann's experiments on diffraction of polarized light      327
Hydrodynamics, notes on      1 36 221
Instability of motion of sphere in a perfect fluid      8
Interference bands seen in the spectrum, under peculiar conditions, explained      14
Interference fringes, fictitious displacement of      361
Irregularities of earth's surface, effect of, on local gravity      149
Lorenz's researches on diffraction of polarized light      328
Moon, effect of earth's oblateness on, independent of hypothesis of earth's original fluidity      118 132 142
Newton's rings, explanation of the perfect blackness of the central spot of      89
Newton's rings, formation of the central spot of, beyond the critical angle      56
Newton's rings, mode of disappearance of, in passing the critical angle      358
Newton's rings, sudden disappearance of central spot of, on increasing the angle of internal incidence      80
Numerical calculation of a class of definite integrals and infinite series      329
Pendulum results applicable to the determination of the earth's figure, irrespective of hypotheses respecting internal distribution of matter      140
Polarized light, direction of vibrations in, determined by experiments on diffraction      317
Precession and nutation, moment of force causing, is independent of hypotheses respecting distribution of matter in the earth      118 132 142
Railway Bridges, differential equation relating to the breaking of, discussed      178
Rarefaction a necessary accompaniment of condensation in a sound-wave propagated from a centre      88
Reflexion, metallic      360
Refraction of light beyond the critical angle      57
Reversion, application of the principle of, to the demonstration of two laws relating to the reflection of light      90
Ring, single bright, surrounding a dark centre, in connexion with Newton's rings      75
Secondary wave of light, law of disturbance in, determined      280
Semi-convergent series, establishment and application of      329
Sound, on a difficulty in the theory of      51
Sound, on some points in the received theory of      82
Sound-wave, alteration of the type of, when the motion is not small      52
Sphere, steady motion of, in a viscous fluid      10
Stanley, Capt., comparison of observations made by, on waves in open sea, with theory      239
Vortex motion, Helmholtz's propositions respecting, deduced from Cauchy's integrals      47
Wave length, determination of, corresponding with any point of the spectrum      176
Waves      221
Willis, Prof., discussion of an equation relating to experiments by      178
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