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Bakst A. Ч Mathematics. Its Magic and Mystery
Bakst A. Ч Mathematics. Its Magic and Mystery

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Ќазвание: Mathematics. Its Magic and Mystery

јвтор: Bakst A.


There was a time when mathematics was regarded as an intricate subject that could be mastered only by the elite of the scholarly world. Fortunately, this day is long passed. We now know that anyone with a taste for figures and an interest in reading can find a vast enjoyment in the symmetry and harmony of basic mathematics and in the solving of mathematical problems.
This book is designed to make mathematics interesting. The science is not treated formally; abstract conceptions and uninteresting and abstruse procedures are completely avoided; yet at the same time the book is sufficiently complete so as to give a broad picture of mathematical fundamentals. Mathematics, in order to be appreciated by those who do not have a flare for the intangible must be seen in the light of its versatility in the various fields of human endeavor. This is very much the central theme of this book.

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–убрика: ћатематика/

—ери€: —делано в холле

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 1945

 оличество страниц: 802

ƒобавлена в каталог: 10.10.2012

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ѕредметный указатель
$\textbf{e}$, applications of      303Ч311 316Ч328
$\textbf{e}$, barometric pressure and elevation      316Ч320
$\textbf{e}$, calculation of      299 301
$\textbf{e}$, cooling      320Ч324
$\textbf{e}$, long distance telephoning      327
$\textbf{e}$, parachute jumping      326
$\textbf{e}$, slowing down of speeds      324 327
$\textbf{e}$, suspension bridges      328
$\textbf{e}$, value of      301
Absolute temperature      159Ч160
Absolute value of a number      159 161
Acceleration      623 629 633 635 637
Acceleration, centribetal      629 637 680 683 694
Acceleration, negative      695
Addition in various systems of numeration      19Ч20 25Ч27 29
Addition of approximate numbers      109Ч110
Addition of fractions      709
Addition of signed numbers      161
Addition, restoration of missing numerals      143 144
After, coordinate of      612
Aiming at a target      646Ч649 667Ч669 677
American Experience Mortality Table      347
Amount of motion      634Ч635 646
Angle of elevation of gun      669Ч676
Angle of vision      470
Angle, central      735
Angle, dihedral      587
Angle, exterior of a triangle      592 602
Angle, inscribed in a circle      735
Angle, measure of      402Ч403
Angle, right      398
Angle, straight      398
angles      727
Angles, vertical      495
Angular magnitude      470 472
Applications of mathematics to Astronomy      289Ч292 630Ч640
Applications of mathematics to Athletics      689Ч692
Applications of mathematics to Automobile accidents      699Ч700
Applications of mathematics to Aviation      316Ч320
Applications of mathematics to Ballistics      641Ч677
Applications of mathematics to Banking and Savings      260Ч263 283- 285 295Ч305
Applications of mathematics to Business      201Ч202 281Ч283 292-294 306Ч313
Applications of mathematics to Circus stunts      685Ч689 692Ч694 696- 699
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Code writing      79Ч101
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Instalment buying      224Ч246
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Life insurance      345Ч349
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Mechanics      609Ч640 678Ч704
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Mortgages      243Ч245
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Motoring      694Ч696
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Music      285Ч287
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Physics      285Ч292 316 324 609Ч640 678Ч704
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Small loans      240Ч243
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Surveying      420Ч455
Applications of mathematics toЧCont., Warfare      475 487Ч488 641Ч677
Approximate formulas      220Ч223 771
Approximate formulas for division      221 771
Approximate formulas for extraction of roots      223 533 771
Approximate formulas for raising to a power      771
Approximate numbers      103Ч104 106 108Ч112
Approximate numbers, nature of      107
Approximate numbers, rounding      109 111
Approximate numbers, rules for operations with addition      109Ч110
Approximate numbers, rules for operations with division      110
Approximate numbers, rules for operations with multiplication      108 110Ч111
Approximate numbers, rules for operations with subtraction      110Ч111
Approximate numbers, significant digits      108Ч110
Archimedes      59Ч60 513 559
Archimedes, calculation of pi $(\pi)$      513
Archimedes, number of sands in die universe      59 559
Area of circle      531Ч534
Area of parallelogram, rule for computation      527
Area of polygons      733Ч734
Area of rectangle, computation of      108
Area of rhombus      733
Area of rule for computation      526
Area of square      384
Area of surface of the earth      249
Area of trapezoid      530
Area of triangle      531
Area, concept of      524Ч525
Area, unit of measure      525
Areas of similar figures      549Ч550 558
Arithmetic mean      579Ч580 710
Arithmetic progression      224Ч245 715
Arithmetic progression, any term      234 715
Arithmetic progression, sum of      235 716
Astronomy      289Ч292 630Ч640
Axioms      371
Axis of cylinder      598
Ballistics      641Ч677
Banking and Savings      260Ч263 283Ч285 295Ч305
Before, coordinate of      612
Big numbers      57Ч58 60Ч65 73Ч75 172- 185
Big numbers, comparison of      61Ч65
Big numbers, problems with      172 173 175 177Ч179
billion      54Ч56 58
Billion times      56
Binomial expansion      337Ч339 717Ч718
Binomial expansion, coefficients of      339
Blood corpuscle, red, dimensions of      68
Boring of gun barrel      665
Calculating machines      117Ч124
Calculating machines, NapierТs rods      117Ч121
Calculating machines, Schoty      121Ч122
Calculating machines, Soroban      121
Calculating machines, Suan-pan      123Ч124
Centigrade      138
Centrifugal force      629 684
centripetal acceleration      629 637 680 683 694
Certainty      330Ч332
Chord of a circle      471
circle      394Ч396 406 409 416Ч419 457 459 471 628 734Ч737
Circle, arc      737
Circle, area      531Ч534 737
Circle, chord      471
Circle, circumference      457 459 737
Circle, diameter      471
Circle, equation of      395Ч396 406 409 416- 419
Circle, motion along      628
Circle, radius      394
Circle, sector      737
Circle, segment      737
Circle, tangent to      736
Circles, walking in      465Ч468
Classification in libraries      7Ч8
Classification in mathematics      508Ч510
Classification in other fields      510Ч511
Classification, method of      7Ч8 508Ч511
Code writing      79Ч101
Code writing, grille      89Ч98
Code writing, substitution      98Ч101
Code writing, systems of numeration      88Ч89
Code writing, transposition      78Ч85
Code writing, transposition of columns      85Ч89
Code writing, two-system of numeration      94Ч96
Coincidence, probability of      333 337 342Ч343 348Ч349
Collision of objects      696Ч700
Combinations      354Ч364
Combinations, locks      356Ч359
Component velocity      685
Compound interest      260Ч262 295Ч299
Compound interest computed      295Ч299
Compound interest computed, annually      2 95 296
Compound interest computed, daily      299
Compound interest computed, monthly      299
Compound interest computed, quarterly      298Ч299
Compound interest computed, semiannually      296Ч298
Compound interest, accumulation of capital      261Ч262 283Ч285
Compound interest, savings with regular deposits      261 262
Cone      552 582Ч584 601
Cone, generator of      601
Cone, volume      552
Congruence of triangles      421 426
Coordinate geometry, plane      365Ч376 378Ч380 386Ч387 392Ч411 413-419
Coordinate of after      612
Coordinate of before      612
Coordinate of here      612
Coordinate of time      612
coordinates      368Ч374 379 392Ч393 521 612
Coordinates in four dimensions      374
Coordinates in six dimensions      521
Coordinates in three dimensions      373
Coordinates in two dimensions      368Ч371
Coordinates, moving of origin      392Ч393
Coordinates, origin      379
Copernicus      630
Cosine law      747
Cosine ratio      403 744
Cosine ratios, table      766Ч767
Counting      1Ч2
Cube, five-dimensional      562
Cube, volume of      543
Cubed unit      541
Cubes, five-dimensional cube      562
Cubes, four-dimensional cube (cuboid)      561
Cubes, number of in volume of      561 562
Cubes, three-dimensional cube      561
Cuboid, four-dimensional cube      562
Cuboid, number in a five-dimensional cube      562
Curve of death      313Ч316
Curve of growth      313Ч316
Cylinder      545Ч546 566 594 598
Cylinder, axis of      598
Cylinder, generator of      594
Cylinder, volume      545Ч546 566
Decimal system of numeration      9Ч10 32
Depreciation      292Ч294 306Ч313
Depreciation, rate of continuous      311Ч313
Diameter of a circle      471
Diameter of the earth      104
Difference as a metkod of comparison      423
Dihedral angle      587
Directed numbers      158Ч163 706
Distance formula for four dimensions      388Ч391
Distance formula for line-world      380
Distance formula for six dimensions      521
Distance formula for three dimensions      387Ч388 390
Distance formula for two dimensions      386Ч387 390
Distance from earth to moon      63 702
Distance from earth to sun      71 104 250
Distance of target      663
Distance of vision      47 6 479 486Ч490
Distance to island universe      71
Distance, result of motion      621 625 635
Distance, shortest      583Ч608
Division in various systems of numeration      23Ч24 30
Division of approximate numbers      110
Division of fractions      709
Division of polynomials      707
Division of signed numbers      706
Division, restoration of missing numerals      146
Earth, diameter      104
Electron, weight      179 181
Electrons, number in the universe      73
Elevation above ground      489Ч490
Elevation of gun, angle      669Ч676
ellipse      406Ч411 515 518
Ellipse, drawing of      410
Ellipse, equation of      406Ч409
Ellipse, foci      411
Ellipse, relation to circle      411 515 518
Ellipsoid, equation of four-dimensional      413
Ellipsoid, equation of three-dimensional      413
English system of measures, lengths      68
Equation of a curve, method of writing      394Ч396 407Ч409 414-417
Equations      186Ч220 718Ч727
Equations in one unknown      186Ч193 195 201- 208 218Ч220 718Ч722
Equations in two unknowns      193Ч194 722Ч724
Equations, fractional      196Ч198
Equations, quadratic      674Ч675 724Ч727
Event, coordinates of      612
Exponents, laws      173Ч177 266Ч269 712- 713
Exponents, method of writing numbers      66Ч67
Extraction of roots      218Ч221 282 385- 386 711 714Ч715
Extraction of roots, approximate method      218Ч221
Extraction of roots, concept of square roots      385Ч386
Eyesight, measure of      475
Faces, four-dimensional cube (cuboid)      562
Faces, in five-dimensional cube      562
Faces, square      561
Faces, three-dimensional cube      561
Fahrenheit      138 158Ч160 320Ч324
Finger counting      113
Finger multiplication      114Ч116
Five-system of numeration      9Ч10 18 25
Fladand, description of      371Ч372 380- 383
Fladand, properties of      380Ч383 389Ч390
Forge      629 634Ч635 684 696Ч697
Forge of collision      696Ч697
Forge, centrifugal      629 684
Formula, circumference of circle      459
Formula, elevation above ground      489
Formula, guessing ages and numbers      155 157
Formula, horizon distance      483
Formula, instalments and interest      238 240
Formula, sum of arithmetic progression      235 716
Formula, sum of geometric progression      254 716
Formula, sum of interior angles of a polygon      514 515
Formulas for areas circle      534
Formulas for areas, parallelogram      528
Formulas for areas, rectangle      528
Formulas for areas, rhombus      733
Formulas for areas, square      528
Formulas for areas, trapezoid      531
Formulas for areas, trapezoidal rule      535
Formulas for areas, triangle      528
Formulas for volumes, circular cone      552
Formulas for volumes, cube      543
Formulas for volumes, prism      544 545
Formulas for volumes, pyramid      552
Formulas for volumes, rectangular prism      542Ч543
Formulas for volumes, right circular cylinder      545
Formulas for volumes, right elliptical cylinder      546
Formulas for volumes, sphere      547
Formulas for volumes, trapezoidal rule      543
Four dimensions      389
Fractions in the twelve-system      33
Fractions in various systems of numeration      29
Fractions, addition      708
Fractions, division      709
Fractions, fundamental property      708
Fractions, multiplication      709
Fractions, subtraction      708
Future, representation of      613
Galileo      633
Galileo, law of falling bodies      633 651 659
Generation of one-dimensional world      522
Generation of three-dimensional world      523 538
Generation of two-dimensional world      522
Generator of a cone      601
Generator of a cylinder      594
Geodesics      585Ч608
Geometric progression      246Ч263 716
Geometric progression any term      253 716
Geometric progression, sum of      254 716
Geometric progression, sum of decreasing terms      255Ч260 716
Geometry, coordinate, plane      365Ч376 378Ч380 386Ч387 392Ч411 413-419
Geometry, plane      420Ч430 456Ч460 468 493-537
Geometry, solid      538Ч563 585Ч608
Googol      73Ч75 401
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