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Love R. Ч Linux kernel development
Love R. Ч Linux kernel development

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Ќазвание: Linux kernel development

јвтор: Love R.


The Linux kernel is one of the most important and far-reaching open-source projects. That is why Novell Press is excited to bring you the second edition of Linux Kernel Development, Robert Love's widely acclaimed insider's look at the Linux kernel. This authoritative, practical guide will helps developers better understand the Linux kernel through updated coverage of all the major subsystems, new features associated with Linux 2.6 kernel and insider information on not-yet-released developments. You'll be able to take an in-depth look at Linux kernel from both a theoretical and an applied perspective as you cover a wide range of topics, including algorithms, system call interface, paging strategies and kernel synchronization. Get the top information right from the source in Linux Kernel Development.

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»здание: 2nd edition

√од издани€: 2005

 оличество страниц: 401

ƒобавлена в каталог: 07.02.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
/dev/random character device, output entropy      357Ч358
/dev/urandom character device, output entropy      357Ч358
ABBA deadlocks      127
Absolute time      157
Accessing system calls from user-space (C library)      72Ч73
Action modifiers (gpf_mask flags)      188Ч189
activate_task() function      53
Adding kobjects from sysfs file system      300
Addresses (memory)      251
Addresses (memory), intervals, creating      264Ч265
Addresses (memory), intervals, removing      266
Addresses (memory), memory areas      251Ч252
Addressing memory      183Ч185
address_space object, page caches      270
address_space object, page caches, a_ops field      271
address_space object, page caches, commit_write() method      272
address_space object, page caches, host field      271
address_space object, page caches, i_mmap field      271
address_space object, page caches, prepare_write() method      272
address_space object, page caches, readpage() method      272
address_space object, page caches, writepage() method      272
address_space object, radix tree, searching page caches      273
add_interrupt_randomness() function      356
add_keyboard_randomness() function      357
add_mouse_randomness() function      357
add_timer_randomness() function      357
Advisory locks      124
AIX (IBM)      2
Algorithms, asymptotic behavior      359
Algorithms, big-o notation      359Ч360
Algorithms, big-theta notation      360
Algorithms, defined      359
Algorithms, scalability      359
Algorithms, scheduling algorithm      43Ч44
Algorithms, time complexity values, dangers of      361
Algorithms, time complexity values, listing of      360Ч361
Alignment of data      328
Alignment of data, issues      328
Alignment of data, nonstandard types      329
Alignment of data, structure padding      329Ч330
Allocating, kobjects      296
allocating, memory      181 185Ч194 198Ч201
Allocating, memory descriptor      254
Allocating, memory, statically on stacks      201Ч202
Allocating, memory, which method to use      208
Allocating, process descriptors      25Ч26
alloc_page() function      185Ч186 208
anonymous mapping      264
Anticipatory I/O Scheduler, directory location      248
Anticipatory I/O Scheduler, minimized read latency      247Ч248
API (Application Programming Interface)      64
APIC timer      167
Application Programming Interface (API)      64
Arch directory, kernel source tree      12
Architectures, Linux support, word sizes      324Ч325
Architectures, page size listing      333
Arguments, system calls      65
Arrays, per-CPU data      204
Assembly instructions, inline assembly (GNU C)      18
Asserting bugs      314Ч315
Asynchronous interrupts      76
AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph)      1
Atomic operations, bitwise      134
Atomic operations, bitwise, listing of operations      135Ч136
Atomic operations, increments      131
Atomic operations, integers      132
Atomic operations, integers converting      133
Atomic operations, integers counter implementation      133
Atomic operations, integers defining      132
Atomic operations, integers listing of operations      133Ч134
Atomic operations, integers overhead advantages      134
Atomic operations, integers testing      133
Atomic operations, interfaces      131
Atomic operations, supported architectures      131
Atomicity, debugging      314
Atomicity, versus ordering      134
atomic_t data type      132
atomic_t data type (opaque)      326
atomic_t data type, converting      133
atomic_t data type, counter implementation      133
atomic_t data type, defining      132
atomic_t data type, testing      133
Attributes, sysyfs file system, conventions      302Ч303
Attributes, sysyfs file system, creating      301Ч302
Attributes, sysyfs file system, destroying      302
Back merging, Linus Elevator      244Ч245
Barrier operations (ordering)      134
barrier() function      155
Barriers      155
Barriers, functions      153Ч155
Barriers, ordering instructions, memory-reads (loads)      153Ч154
Barriers, ordering instructions, memory-writes (stores)      153Ч154
Bdflush daemon, flaws      276Ч277
Bell Laboratories, Unix developmental history      1
Berkeley Software Distributions (BSD)      1
BH interface (bottom halves)      95
BH interface (bottom halves), elimination of      96
BH interface (bottom halves), tasklet processing      107
bh_state flags (buffers)      237Ч239
Big Kernel Lock (BKL)      149Ч150
Big-endian ordering      330Ч332
Big-O notation      359Ч360
Big-theta notation      360
Binary searching, debugging method      320
Binary semaphores      144
Binding system calls      71Ч72
Bio structure, bi_cnt field      241
Bio structure, bi_idx field      241
Bio structure, bi_io_vecs field      241
Bio structure, bi_private field      242
Bio structure, bi_vcnt field      241
Bio structure, segments      239Ч240
Bio structure, versus buffer heads      242
Bitwise atomic operations      134Ч136
bi_cnt field (bio structure)      241
bi_idx field (bio structure)      241
bi_io_vecs field (bio structure)      241
bi_private field (bio structure)      242
bi_vcnt field (bio structure)      241
BKL (Big Kernel Lock)      149Ч150
Block device files, page caches      270
block devices      235Ч236
Block devices, buffer heads      237Ч239
Block devices, buffers      237Ч239
Block devices, clusters      236
Block devices, cylinders      236
Block devices, heads      236
Block devices, request queues      242Ч243
Block devices, sectors      236
Block I/O layer      236
Block I/O layer, bio structure, bi_idx field      241
Block I/O layer, bio structure, bi_io_vecs field      241
Block I/O layer, bio structure, bi_private field      242
Block I/O layer, bio structure, bi_vcnt field      241
Block I/O layer, bio structure, hi_cnt field      241
Block I/O layer, bio structure, segments      239Ч240
Block I/O layer, bio structure, versus buffer heads      242
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler      243
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler, Anticipatory      247Ч248
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler, Complete Fair Queuing (CFQ)      248Ч249
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler, Deadline      245Ч247
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler, disk seeks management      244
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler, Linus Elevator      244Ч245
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler, Noop      249
Block I/O layer, block I/O scheduler, selection options      249
Block I/O layer, buffer heads versus bio structure      242
Block I/O layer, request queues      242Ч243
Blocked tasks      52Ч54
BogoMIPS value      177
Booleans, kernel, building      13Ч15
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, BH interface      95Ч96
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, disabling      116Ч118
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, locking between      116
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, managing      94
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, mechanism selection criteria      115Ч116
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, softirqs      96Ч98
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, softirqs, executing      98Ч100
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, softirqs, handler registration      100Ч101
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, softirqs, index assignments      100
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, softirqs, raising      101
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, task queues      95
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets      96 101
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, declaring      104
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, disabling      105
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, ksoftirqd threads      105Ч107
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, old BH interface      107
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, removing      105
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, scheduling      102Ч105
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, structure of      102
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, tasklets, writing      104
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, version terminology      97
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, when to use      94Ч95
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, old task queues      114Ч115
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, queue creation      113Ч114
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, relationships among data structures      111
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, run_workqueue() function      110Ч111
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, thread data structures      108Ч110
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, work creation      111Ч112
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, work flushing      113
Bottom halves, interrupt handlers, work queues, work scheduling      113
Bottom halves, spin locks, softirqs      141
Bottom halves, spin locks, spin_lock_bh() function      140
Bottom halves, spin locks, tasklets      141
Bottom halves, task queues      96
Bottom halves, tasklets      97
Bottom halves, work queues      97 111
Braces (coding style)      336Ч337
Branch annotation (GNU C)      18Ч19
BSD (Berkeley Software Distributions)      1
Buffer caches      273Ч274
Buffer heads (block devices)      237Ч239
Buffer heads (block devices), versus bio structure      242
Buffers (block devices)      237Ч239
Buffers (block devices), bh_state flags      238
Buffers (block devices), relationship with sectors      236
Bug reports, submitting      341Ч342
BUG() routine      314Ч315
Bugs, asserting      314Ч315
Bugs, atomicity debugging      314
Bugs, BUG() routine      314Ч315
Bugs, dump_stack() routine      315
Bugs, information dumps      314Ч315
Bugs, manifestation of      308
Bugs, oops      311Ч313
Bugs, panic() routine      315
Bugs, range of      308
Bugs, reproducing      307Ч308
BUG_ON() routine      314Ч315
Building kernel      13
Building kernel, Booleans      13Ч15
Building kernel, noise minimization      15
Building kernel, spawning multiple jobs      15
Building kernel, tristates      13Ч15
Bumping reference counts      296
Busy looping      175Ч176
Byte ordering      332
Byte ordering, big-endian      330Ч332
Byte ordering, little-endian      330Ч332
bzip2 format, tarball distribution format      11Ч12
C library      17 64
C library, libc      16Ч17
C library, system calls, accessing from user-space      72Ч73
C++-style comments      338
C-style comments      338
Caches      269
Caches, slab layer      195
Caches, thrashing the cache      207
ccache(1) utility      15
Chain of command, hackers      341
Chain of command, kernel maintainor      341
Chain of command, maintainers      341
Char data type, signed_char      327Ч328
Char data type, unsigned_char      327Ч328
Character devices      235
Children, process family hierarchy      29Ч30
Children, processes, reparenting      37Ч38
Circular linked lists      346
Circular log buffer      310Ч311
cli() function      89Ч90
clone() system call      34
Clusters (block devices)      236
Coarse locking      130
Coding style, braces      336Ч337
Coding style, comments      338Ч339
Coding style, consistency      336
Coding style, documentation      336
Coding style, functions      337Ч338
Coding style, Hungarian notation      338
Coding style, ifdef preprocessor directives      340
Coding style, importance of      336
Coding style, indent utility      340Ч341
Coding style, indentation      336
Coding style, interfaces      339
Coding style, line size      337
Coding style, naming conventions      338
Coding style, productivity      336
Coding style, structure initializers      340
Coding style, typedefs      339
Commands, kallsyms      313
commands, ksymoops      313
Comments, C++-style      338
comments, C-style      338
Comments, coding style      338Ч339
commit_write() method, address_space object      272
Community of Linux users      335
Complete Fair Queuing (CFQ) I/O Scheduler      248Ч249
complete() function      149
Completion variables      148Ч149
Concurrency, kernel      20
Concurrency, processes      124Ч125
Concurrency, processes, interrupt-safe      125
Concurrency, processes, preempt-safe      125
Concurrency, processes, SMP-safe      125
Concurrency, threads      33
Condition variables, debugging      318
Configuration tools (kernel), make config utility      14
Configuration tools (kernel), make defconfig utility      14
Configuration tools (kernel), make gconfig utility      14
Configuration tools (kernel), make menuconfig utility      14
Configuration tools (kernel), make oldconfig utility      14
Configuration tools (kernel), make xconfig utility      14
Configuring modules (Kconfig file)      284Ч286
Contended locks      124
Contended spin locks      137
Contention (locks)      128
context switching      57Ч58
context_switch() function      57Ч58
Controlling interrupts      88Ч92
cooperative multitasking      39Ч40
Copy-on-write (COW), process creation      31
Core (operating systems)      4
Counting semaphores      144
COW (copy-on-write), process creation      31
CREDITS file      341
Critical regions, multiple threads of execution      120
Critical regions, synchronization protections, ATM processing example      120Ч122
Crypto directory, kernel source tree      12
current date and time      157 169Ч171
Cylinders (block devices)      236
D-BUS, Kernel Event Layer      304
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