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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121111 Munoz G., Burgett W.S. Auxiliary Ghost Fields in Statistical Dynamics 1989ХХ
121116 Johnson E.A. Two-Temperature Hydrodynamics and Multiple Sound Modes in Disparate-Mass Gas Mixtures 1989ХХ
121122 Szabo K.G., Tel T. On the Symmetry-Breaking Bifurcation of Chaotic Attractors 1989ХХ
121130 Gielerak R. Existence of the Transfer Matrix Formalism for a Class of Classical Continuous Gases 1989ХХ
121272 ћонин ј.—., ѕолубаринова- очина ѕ.я., ’лебников ¬.».  осмологи€. √идродинамика. “урбулентность. ј.ј. ‘ридман и развитие его научного наследи€ 1989ХХ
121321 Ramshaw J.D. Phase Space Density Representations in Fluid Dynamics 1989ХХ
121338 Evans D. On the Entropy of Nonequilibrium States 1989ХХ
121342 Majewski W. Return to Equilibrium and Stability of Dynamics (Semigroup Dynamics Case) 1989ХХ
121349 Takesue S. Ergodic Properties and Thermodynamic Behavior Elementary Reversible Cellular Automata. I. Basic Properties 1989ХХ
121360 Arts E., Korst J. Simulated Annealing and Boltzmann Machines: A Stochastic Approach to Combinatorial Optimization and Neural Computing 1989ХХ
121368 Stein N.D. Oscillatory Convection and Chaos in a Lorenz-Type Model of a Rotating Fluid 1989ХХ
121369 Werner Horsthemke, Mark F. Schumaker Noise and Superfluid Turbulence in He II: Theory 1989ХХ
121378 Golovko M.F., Protsykevich I.A. Analytic Solution of the Mean Spherical Approximation for Ion-Dipole Model in a Neutralizing Background 1989ХХ
121410 Privman V. Asymptotic Degeneracy of the Transfer Matrix Spectrum for Systems with Interfaces: Relation to Surface Stiffness and Step Free Energy 1989ХХ
121411 Meunier C., Hansel D., Verga A. Information Processing in Three-State Neural Networks 1989ХХ
121421 Unnerstall T. Dynamics of the Current-Driven Josephson Junction 1989ХХ
121454 Boldrighini C., Cosimi G., Frigio S. Computer Simulation of Shock Waves in the Completely Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process 1989ХХ
121494 Omnes R. Logical Reformulation of Quantum Mechanics. IV. Projectors in Semiclassical Physics 1989ХХ
121524 Law B.M., Sengers J.V. Fluctuations in Fluids out of Thermal Equilibrium 1989ХХ
121547 Gross E.P. Ground State of a Spin-Phonon System. II. Adiabatic Limit 1989ХХ
121587 Gross E.P. Ground State of a Spin-Phonon System. I. Variational Estimates 1989ХХ
121602 Kiessling M. On the Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Isothermal Classical Self-Gravitating Matter 1989ХХ
121603 Chulaevsky V., Delyon F. Purely Absolutely Continuous Spectrum for Almost Mathieu Operators 1989ХХ
121652 Durrett R., Schonmann R.H., Tanaka N.I. Correlation Lengths for Oriented Percolation 1989ХХ
121696 Hubmer G. F., Titulaer U. M. The Kinetic Boundary Layer for the Linearized Boltzmann Equation around an Absorbing Sphere 1989ХХ
121718 Alberto Frigerio Simulated Annealing and Quantum Detailed Balance 1989ХХ
121722 Ruud van Damme, Bernard J. Geurts Complexes of Block Copolymers in Solution: A Graph-Theoretical Approach 1989ХХ
121728 Landauer R. Dissipation and Noise Immunity in Computation, Measurement, and Communication 1989ХХ
121746 Book Review: Random Fluctuations and Pattern Growth: Experiments and Models 1989ХХ
121752 Ojima I. Entropy Production and Nonequilibrium Stationarity in Quantum Dynamical Systems. Physical Meaning of van Hove Limit 1989ХХ
121797 Tough J.T. The Effects of Colored Quadratic Noise on a Turbulent Transition in Liquid 4He 1989ХХ
121806 Roberto H. Schonmann Critical Points of Two-Dimensional Bootstrap Percolation-Like Cellular Automata 1989ХХ
121808 Janssen J.A.M. The Elimination of Fast Variables in Complex Chemical Reactions. III. Mesoscopic Level (Irreducible Case) 1989ХХ
121813 Program of the 60th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1989ХХ
121828 Joseph G. Conlon An Upper Bound on the Critical Temperature for a Continuous System with Short-Range Interaction 1989ХХ
121883 Lin K.Y. Three-Spin Correlation of the Ising Model on the Generalized Checkerboard Lattice 1989ХХ
121897 van Leeuwen J.M.J. Does the Interface Experience the van der Waals Loop? 1989ХХ
121919 William Bialek, A. Zee Coding and Computation with Neural Spike Trains 1989ХХ
121933 Anton Bovier Perturbation Expansion for a One-Dimensional Anderson Model with Off-Diagonal Disorder 1989ХХ
121961 D. Loss Linear Quantum Enskog Equation. II. Inhomogeneous Quantum Fluids 1989ХХ
121971 Pellegrinotti A. Errata. Evidence for the Poisson Distribution for Quasi-Energies in the Quantum Kicked-Rotator Model 1989ХХ
121989 Program of the 61st Semiannual Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1989ХХ
122019 S. Vaienti Computing the Pressure for Axiom-A Attractors by Time Series and Large Deviations for the Lyapunov Exponent 1989ХХ
122040 Announcement 1989ХХ
122105 Binder K., Wang J.-S. Finite-Size Effects at Critical Points with Anisotropic Correlations: Phenomenological Scaling Theory and Monte Carlo Simulations 1989ХХ
122112 Xu J., Stell G. Bulk and Shear Viscosities of a Polydisperse Hard-Sphere Fluid 1989ХХ
122119 Watanabe H. Block Spin Approach to ‘^4_3 Field Theory 1989ХХ
122147 David Wick W. Hydrodynamic Limit of a Nongradient Interacting Particle Process 1989ХХ
122210 Hood L.M., Evans D.J., Hanley H.J.M. Properties of a Soft-Sphere Liquid from Non-Newtonian Molecular Dynamics 1989ХХ
122222 Dorlas T.C., van Enter A.C.D. Non-Gibbsian Limit for Large-Block Majority-Spin Transformations 1989ХХ

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