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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
53796 Reeves C.R., Rowe J.E. Genetic Algorithms: Principles and Perspectives. A Guide to GA Theory 2003ХХ
53797 Goldstein A.M. (ed.), Weiner I.B. (ed.) Handbook of psychology. Volume 11: Forensic Psychology 2003ХХ
53798  адомцев —.Ѕ. јналитическа€ геометри€ и линейна€ алгебра 2003ХХ
53824 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Strohman T.J. (ed.) ShopNotes, Issue 68 2003ХХ
53827 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Strohman T.J. (ed.) ShopNotes, Issue 69 2003ХХ
53848 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Robertson T. (ed.) ShopNotes. Issue 72 2003ХХ
53880 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Robertson T. (ed.) ShopNotes. Issue 71 2003ХХ
53884 Agranovich V., Bassani G.F. Electronic Excitations In Organic Based Nanostructures, Vol. 31 2003ХХ
53912 Peschke D.B. (pub.) ShopNotes, Issue 67 2003ХХ
53913 Beiser L. Unified Optical Scanning Technology 2003ХХ
53953 Dictionary of Earth Science 2003 ХХХ
53955 Rozakis L.E. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Grammar and Style 2003 ХХХ
53957 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Strohman T.J. (ed.) ShopNotes: Adding a Switched Outlet 2003ХХ
53961 Pocklington J., Schulz P., Zettl E. Bewerben auf Englisch: Tipps, Vorlagen und Übungen 2003ХХ
53967 Striegnitz K., Blackburn P., Burchardt A. Algorithms for Computational Linguistics 2003ХХ
53976 Booß-Bavnbek B., Høyrup J. Mathematics and War 2003ХХ
53985 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Strohman T.J. (ed.) Woodsmith, No. 148 2003ХХ
54002 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Strohman T.J. (ed.) ShopNotes, Issue 70 2003ХХ
54056 Marcja A., Toffalori C. A Guide to Classical and Modern Model Theory 2003ХХ
54061 Giambruno A. (ed.), Regev A. (ed.), Zaicev M. (ed.) Polynomial Identities and Combinatorial Methods 2003ХХ
54125 Arratia R., Barbour A.D., Tavare S. Logarithmic Combinatorial Structures: A Probabilistic Approach 2003ХХ
54141 Conway J.H., Smith D.A. On Quaternions and Octonions: Their Geometry, Arithmetic, and Symmetry 2003ХХ
54155 Green D.J. Gröbner Bases and the Computation of Group Cohomology 2003ХХ
54158 Singer M.F. Introduction to the Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations 2003ХХ
54210 Peschke D.B. (pub.), Robertson T. (ed.) ShopNotes, Contents (Issues 49-72) 2003ХХ
54225 Weyman J. Cohomology of Vector Bundles and Syzygies 2003ХХ
54243 Eydeland A., Wolyniec K. Energy and Power Risk Management: New Developments in Modeling, Pricing, and Hedging 2003ХХ
54325 Šimša J., Kucčra R., Herman J. Counting and Configurations: Problems in Combinatorics, Arithmetic, and Geometry 2003ХХ
54328 Lodish H. Molecular cell biology (Contents only) 2003 ХХХ
54439 Lodish H. Molecular cell biology (Glossary and index) 2003 ХХХ
54341 McDougall F.R., White P.R., Franke M. Integrated Solid Waste Management: a Life Cycle Inventory 2003 ХХХ
54383 Guder W.G., Narayanan S., Wisser H. Samples: From the Patient to the Laboratory: The Impact of Preanalytical Variables on the Quality of Laboratory Results 2003 ХХХ
54391 Barkin J.S. Social Construction and the Logic of Money: Financial Predominance and International Economic Leadership 2003 ХХХ
54417 Greenwald B., Stiglitz J.E. Towards a New Paradigm in Monetary Economics 2003 ХХХ
54418 Buffie E.F. Trade Policy in Developing Countries 2003ХХ
54426 Coggin T.D. (ed.), Fabozzi F.J. (ed.) Handbook of Equity Style Management 2003 ХХХ
54433 Mora T. Solving Polynomial Equation Systems I: The Kronecker-DuVal Philosophy 2003 ХХХ
54456 Roberson R. Genetics, Vol. 4 2003ХХ
54460 Badger I. English for work: Everyday Business English 2003ХХ
54537 Kaplan D.M., White C.G. Hands-on Electronics: A One-Semester Course for Class Instruction or Self-Study 2003ХХ
54543 Snider M. Compatibility Breeds Success: How to Manage Your Relationship with Your Business Partner 2003ХХ
54545 Hartman L.P. (ed.), Arnold D.G. (ed.), Wokutch R.E. (ed.) Rising above Sweatshops: Innovative Approaches to Global Labor Challenges 2003ХХ
54734 Duffie D., Singleton K.J. Credit Risk: Pricing, Measurement, and Management 2003ХХ
54739 Allcorn S. The Dynamic Workplace: Present Structure and Future Redesign 2003ХХ
54760 Bortman M. Environmental Encyclopedia 2003ХХ
54763 Healy A.F. (ed.), Proctor R.W. (ed.), Weiner I.B. (ed.) Handbook of Psychology, Vol. 4: Experimental Psychology 2003ХХ
54769 Burmester G.-R., Pezzutto A. Color Atlas of Immunology 2003ХХ
54806 Ћипницкий ё.ћ.,  расильников ј.¬., ѕокровский ј.Ќ. Ќестационарна€ аэродинамика баллистического полета 2003ХХ
54832 Tourlakis G.J. Lectures in Logic and Set Theory: Mathematical Logic 2003ХХ
54842 Tourlakis G.J. Lectures in Logic and Set Theory: Set Theory 2003ХХ

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